tagIncest/TabooLeggy Mom and Leggy Daughter Ch. 01

Leggy Mom and Leggy Daughter Ch. 01


Note: If you're looking for dirty hardcore sex, this is NOT the page for you. Some scenes in this story were actually based on personal life experience. Leg lovers, I hope you enjoy!

Hi my name is Katherine, a 39 year old housewife and mom from Florida. I'm 5'11 tall, 34b, with slender built, and dirty blonde hair. My long smooth legs are my best feature, and I enjoy showing them off to anybody who appreciates.


This story is about a time me and my 19 year old daughter Kelly spent the day out together. Kelly is a tall girl like I am. She is about 5'10, also with slender built, with long blonde hair. Some people we know say that we look like twin sisters. I think she likes showing off her long legs too, based on her usual outfits.

Kelly was wearing a short pink flowery sundress with spaghetti straps, underwear, and a pair of high heeled sandals. I wore a beige blouse, black skirt, underwear, and also high heeled sandals.

We planned on seeing a movie together, so I drove us to the theater. While I was driving, I noticed Kelly's dress and my skirt had ridden up our thighs. I think she noticed that too. I guess she is used to it aswell as I am. So everything was just normal for us.

When we reached the theater, we got out of the car, and walked towards the cinema. Guys, girls, couples, and almost everyone were looking at us as we entered. Most of them were looking at our long legs. We stood very tall in our high heels.

So we went inside as soon as I got us our tickets. The cinema was almost full. We had to take the back row, center seats between both isles, since they were the best seats available we could have.

We entered the row to our seats. Our bare legs rubbed against some of the knees of the guys seated. I thought I even felt a hand brushed my thigh. Well, that happens, so it was fine.

Finally we were seated. Kelly was seated next to a man who seemed to be around 50 years old. I think they were a group of businessmen on Kelly's left side. I was on her right. Then on my right side, were like college guys. I remember the boy seated next to me was wearing a baseball cap.

The movie was interesting. Kelly and I concentrated on watching, until I noticed the guys on our sides are simply just staring at our exposed legs. We both had our legs crossed but her dress and my skirt were riding up high on our bare thighs.

Kelly was not aware of the man next to her staring at her legs. She kept moving, uncrossing and crossing her legs as she watched the film. She didn't know that her dress was riding all the way up, exposing the full length of her legs to everyone in our row.

I think the man next to her thought that Kelly didn't mind anything at all. He casually put his hand on Kelly's knee, and to my surprise, she really didn't mind at all. Her eyes were on the screen the whole time, while the man was moving his hand up on her smooth thighs. The man was rubbing her thighs higher and higher, which made her dress to rise up even more, exposing her panties already.

The man caressed my daughter's bare smooth thighs all over. I saw him move his hand on her inner thigh. Brushing his hand on her panty covered pussy. That's when Kelly finally noticed what was going on. She looked down on her lap, and all she did was uncrossed then crossed her legs the other way just to make it hard for the man to reach her pussy. So I guess it was ok for her to let a stranger feel up her legs and thighs, as long as it didn't go too far up her panties.

Kelly's legs were crossed very high, and the man seated next to her seemed to be happy touching them. He didn't stop at all. Specially after he knew that my daughter was ok with it.

Most guys around us were enjoying the view of Kelly's sexy legs being rubbed by an older stranger.

Even the boys on my side were aware too. I think it's the reason why the boy next to me managed to have his hand on my thigh too. He probably thought it was ok for me, since it was ok for my daughter.

He caressed my bare smooth thighs all over too. He tried to pull my skirt up as much as he could. I tried to stop his hand once in a while, but it didn't work. Eventually, I also had the full length of my long legs on display for everyone there to see.

Both our sexy long legs were exposed for everyone around us to see, and for the guys beside us to caress.

I overheard the other college boy whisper to the boy next to me. "She's so hot. Finger her pussy dude!"

Since then, the boy next to me tried his best to get his hand inside my panties, but I stopped him everytime his hand moved up to high. He kept rubbing my thighs all over, until my skirt was hiked up around my waist already. I felt helpless and gave up on stopping him. He managed to pull my panties down to my knees. I was so embarassed, I turned my position sideways to face my daughter. The boy pushed 2 fingers inside my pussy from behind as soon as I turned to my left.

I was surprised the moment I faced Kelly. The man already had her panties down to her knees too. She was seated facing me, while the man next to her was fingering her pussy from behind aswell. I saw her eyes were watery, as she bit her lower lip to prevent her from moaning.

I was seated face to face with my daughter. Her dress and my skirt were bunched up our waists, and both our panties were down our knees.

We tried to stop ourselves from moaning, as the guys kept on fingering our pussies from behind. Our faces were too close to each other. We were moaning softly on each others faces. She watched her mom's face while I was being fingered, and I watched my daughter's face while she was being fingered.

Our faces touched each other once in a while. Until my lips touched hers. We started kissing.

I think the guys fingering us liked the view, mother and daughter kissing. That made them finger fuck our pussies even harder and deeper. Kelly and I were moaning on each others mouths.

I even felt a finger pushed inside my ass. I think it was the boy seated next to the one beside me. I was moaning at my daughters mouth while she had her tongue between my lips. She was moaning too. I think it's because how deep the man was fingering her.

I thought the worst was over, until a very big hard cock slipped between me and my daughter's mouths while we were kissing. We were seated at the back row. So it could have been anyone standing behind us. The cock was so big and was the only thing between our lips.

We slid our lips from the base of his cock, sideways, slowly to the head of his cock. That's where our tongue's touch again. My daughter and I kissed each other at the tip of his cock, until we slid our lips back on the sides of his shaft, to his balls.

By that time, I think I had 3 fingers in my pussy and 2 fingers in my ass. I don't know how many fingers that man had inside my daughter.

We were both moaning while kissing the cock between our lips. Kelly moved her lips back to the head of the cock and started to suck the head. I stayed on his hairy balls and started licking both, one time after the other.

The man with the cock ovbiously liked the way my daughter moved her head up and down his hard cock, while I licked his balls gently. It didn't take long, he shot his cum in Kelly's mouth, as I continued to lick his balls.

He pulled his cock out from Kelly's mouth after he was done, then had me clean his cock up with my tongue. He pulled away and left me and my daughter face to face again.

Kelly moved her lips close to mine and started to kiss me again. I was surprised. The moment I parted my lips, she let the cum from her mouth drip into mine. I didn't know she still had it. I thought she might have swallowed or spitted it.

We were being fingered hard and fast from behind, while we play with that guys cum in our mouths. Kelly's let some drip on my face, then she licked it off again.

I always loved hot creamy cum. I just found out my daughter does too. We swapped cum on our mouths and tongues. We both moaned outloud, until I realized that me and my daughter were cumming together at the same time. We swallowed about equal amount of that guy's cum after we enjoyed it.

The fingers were pulled out from us after we both came all over them. We both straightened ourselves up, while men on Kelly's side made her lick their fingers dry. Same thing with the boys from my side, they made me suck and lick their fingers dry too. Some fingers I licked had male cum on them. I think they might have been jerking off too while they fingered us.

I guess we made everyone around us happy. We didn't finish the movie. We fixed ourselves up, licked each others cum on our lips, then went right out of the cinema.

As we walked out from the theater to our car, there were more guys outside staring at our sexy long legs, exposed in our short outfits and high heels...

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by clitlicker4u06/26/17

So fucking hot

I love long legs and short skirts. Just the thought of watching 2 women being fingered is hot as fuck

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