tagLetters & TranscriptsMe & My Mistress

Me & My Mistress


Mistress: Omg so hot my slutty black whore

Slut: Mmmm my sexy white mistress

Mistress: Have you cum a 2nd time fucking you slower playing with your ass

Slut: Mmmmmmmm I came once hard

Mistress: My hubby is at my side kissing me

Slut: Mmmmmmm

Mistress: "Please Sir, jerk off on my sluts face as I fuck her more"

Slut: Oh fuck yes I'm the slut fuck me and cum on me

Mistress: He begins to fuck your face as I fuck your nasty black cunt you can look out of the corner of your eye and see us using you

Slut: Mmmmmmmmm

Mistress: You are going to learn how to lick my cunt clean of his cum

Slut: Yes... being a black slut for white cock

Mistress: And white pussy

Slut: And white pussy

Slut: Mmmmmm that's another fantasy for me

Slut: To be used by both

Mistress: And to have a white man's baby

Mistress: Full of his cum full of his cum

Mistress: And I will fuck it deeper into you

Slut: Mmmmm yes fuck me

Mistress: Love to know he fucked you and filled you with his cum

Slut: U want me to have his baby mistress?

Mistress: Yes I do

Mistress: I want to push the cum in you as if I were fucking and impregnating you

Mistress: When you are pregnant have you licking my superior white cunt

Slut: Oh mistress

Mistress: You knowing you are a slave to me

Mistress: My tits still bigger and fuller than yours

Slut: Mmmmmm yes they are

Mistress: Better than your milk filled tits

Slut: Oh fuck yes

Slut: Yes mistress you're better than me

Mistress: Fucking you into master's cock

Mistress: We are both going to cum

Slut: Yes mistress. I'm a black whore for you and master

Mistress: Master is on his back mount that big white cock whore

Mistress: Yes sit on it s slut

Slut: Sitting on that big white cock

Mistress: Look in the mirror as you ride that

Slut: Oh fuck

Mistress: I'm going to fuck your ass with my dildo

Slut: Mmmmmmm there's a big white cock in my pussy

Slut: Yes mistress

Slut: Holding my ass open

Mistress: And a pink dildo in your ass

Mistress: Pushing it in

Mistress: Double fucked

Slut: Oh fuck yes

Mistress: Reverse oreo slut

Slut: Double fuck me

Mistress: Want you drooling and moaning like a good whore

Slut: Mmmmmmmm it feels so good

Slut: Looking in the mirror watching you stuff my holes

Slut: Moaning and panting

Mistress: Will pierce and brand you as ours and breed you

Mistress: Whore you out to friends

Slut: I'm your black whore mistress sell me and rent me

Mistress: I shall slut go on cum on us now

Slut: Yes mistress I'm gonna cum

Slut: Watching is making me so fucking hot

Mistress: Master will cum in you and I am going to cum on my dildo

Mistress: Ready to cum?

Slut: Oh mistress yes, YES

Mistress: Cum now whore

Slut: Fuck mistress


Mistress: Soak your sheets whore

Mistress: Cum hard now

Slut: I'm so wet mistress

Mistress: Master fucks you as I sit on your face kissing him

Slut: Tonguing your pussy while you sit on my face

Slut: Yes mistress use me

Slut: Just fuck me and use my body

Mistress: We are

Mistress: You are such a useless whore

Slut: Mmmm

Mistress: Yes moan into my pussy as he cums in you

Mistress: He is going to shoot into you

Slut: Mmmm feeling his cum up my pussy

Slut: Oh god mistress

Slut: I'm not on the pill

Slut: I'm gonna get pregnant

Mistress: Its ok, we own you will take care of you

Slut: Yes mistress

Mistress: Welcome his cum into you now

Slut: Yes mistress I want master's cum

Mistress: Talk to his cock and balls tell him what you need

Mistress: Be a total slut say what you want so much

Mistress: Cumming on your face now gushing omg

Slut: Mmmmmmmmmmmm I want to be a black whore for white cock and pussy

Slut: I wanna be your sex slut and get fucked

Mistress: Good

Mistress: More

Slut: I want your cum

Mistress: Scream it and cum


Mistress: Our fucking slave and fuck slut

Mistress: Say it and cum



Mistress: He cums in you hard

Slut: Mmmmmmmm fuck

Mistress: Did you cum I just did

Mistress: Big again

Slut: Yes mistress yes

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