Me, Mom and Mrs. Mahmoud


"You're my only girl Mom," I promised.

"I have to tell you something Rod."

"What?" I asked, my cock now throbbing in excitement.

"I was going to wait...I haven't told Sissy...Becky...I wasn't going to tell you guys until later, this summer," she stammered.... "About your dad and me."

"Huh? Dad?"

"Next fall, when you and your sister are gone...I'm going to leave your father. We're going to separate....Do you understand why?"

"Yes," I finally admitted, knowing in my heart it had been inevitable. "Are you going to go back to Boston?"

"I don't know....Both your Dad and I love you two, that'll never's just that we won't be together."

"Does Dad know? Have you..."

"Yes. We talked, agreed, we're just waiting until the summer, til you guys get organized."


"Don't tell her. I'll talk to her soon...I"

"It'll be okay mom," I promised as I hugged her, again felt my cock lift to the feel of my mother's body.

She left soon after. I dreamt of making love to Mom while Miriam watched.


The thing about having a married woman for a lover, a woman with two young children, is that you don't get that many chances to make love. Even if she lives next door. It's just not that easy. So we'd steal a couple of hours together and then not see each other for ten days.

I was in heaven but continually horny.

My new feelings for mom and Becky were driving me crazy. Guilt and hard-ons.

Becky had changed. Ever since her birthday and the sudden interest every one was taking in her breasts, the once shy tomboy who had only been interested in sports, now, at eighteen, wanted to discuss only boys and sex with her big brother. Was suddenly quite happy to display her nubile body to her always horny bro.

Since we'd been about ten we'd always had a rule about the use of the bathroom. Whoever was in the bathroom locked the connecting door of the other person. When finished, you unlocked it. In five years I don't think we'd walked in on each other more than one or two times. It had simply become force of habit.

Suddenly, since after the new year, I was walking in on her all the time. Becky sitting on the can. Brushing her teeth topless. In the shower. She wasn't locking my connecting door. She'd leave her door open after finishing in the bathroom and be standing in her underwear dressing when I entered the can.

I didn't say anything. Finally I stopped locking her door when I went into the bathroom. Started to leave my door open at all times. She didn't close it. More and more we paraded half dressed in front of the other.

We talked every night before bed. She'd crawl into bed with me. We had only two subjects. Sex, and what school would we go to next year. Becky had already decided that she was going wherever I went. I, the great procrastinator, was starting to piss her off with my indecision.

Dad of course wanted me to go to his alma mater – join the Wolfpack at NC State. Uncle Ted and most of the rest of our Georgia cousins were pushing for the University of Georgia.

"You two gotta be Dawgs," Uncle Ted insisted every time he saw Becky and I.

Ma, of course, wanted us to study up north, Ivy League, preferably Harvard, the Von Scouries families school of choice.

I couldn't decide. Besides sex, it was the one thing driving both of us crazy.


And then there was sex, and there she had a million questions:

"What's it like? Sex I mean?" she'd ask one night and then listen as I'd tentatively answer.

Or another night, "You don't mind if I see you naked, or if you see me? We are adults," she'd say as she'd stretch languidly on my bed.

Another night she asked, "Does Mrs. Mahmoud put it in her mouth? Does it fit?"

"You're rude."

"Yuk, it's dirty."

"You're a little girl, you don't understand."

Another night she took her top off and lay next to me. "Do you want to touch them?"

She moaned when my tongue became the first to lick her hard, erect nipples. "Rod," she cried fearfully when my finger rubbed her moist slit.

"Who do you think I should give my virginity to?" she asked one night as we lay entwined, her topless chest pushed eagerly into mine. I was jealous, hard against her as she ran through our classmates, my 'no, not him' my repeated angry answer.

"I want to see him, see him hard," she insisted another night as her fingers slid under the waistband of my boxers.

"Baby," I moaned as she found me.

"They say you have the biggest one at school. They all want to sleep with you. They ask me questions...whether I've seen you...who you're seeing..."

"Who do? Becky, I'll come," I groaned as her hand continued to move on me, as I attempted to remove her hand.

"I want to see your cum."

I pushed her on her back and straddled her stomach. Guided her hands as they stroked me...finally spurted my white sauce on her tits and face.

Somehow in those weeks we didn't fuck.


The last week of March, the week of Spring Break, mom and I were left alone. Becky was off down to Fort Lauderdale for the annual YMCA meet and dad was at an agricultural convention in Kansas City.

Even the Mahmouds were up in New York City for a family powwow. Miriam had told me just the week before that they might have to move back, that Gamal was needed by his uncle. I knew my days with my Arabian princess were almost over.

"Why are you so glum?" mom asked me after I'd sat moodily through dinner the day everyone had left. After doing the dishes we'd gone upstairs and settled restlessly on the big sofa in front of the TV. "Is a dinner alone with your mom so bad? Do you want me to leave?"

"No, sorry ma, I'm just tired."

"You knew it couldn't last," she started tentatively as she put an arm around me.

"It's not just that. I knew that we weren't going to live together or anything...I know she'd never leave's...oh, I still can't decide...its and dad...senior"

"What about Becky and me?"

"Do you dream of sex every night ma?"

"ROD! What a question to ask your mother."

"I do. Every day. I can make love with Miriam all afternoon...come three, four, five times...I mean I should be satisfied no? But I'm not. I wake up in the middle of the night spurting, dreaming of..."

"You're young. You're a boy. Its normal honey."

"I dream of Becky ma...and of you...your bodies," I stammered.

Her fingers, which she'd been softly running through my hair, suddenly stopped, then after long seconds, slowly started again as she spoke, "we're the women in your life, the people who love you...of course you dream of us....Besides, boys are strange," she said with a laugh as she tousled my hair, clearly trying to lighten the mood.

"Not as strange as girls," I said as I playfully shoved her backwards on the couch.

She came to rest on her back, her head supported by the armrest at the other end of the sofa, her feet in my lap. "Think you're tough mister?" she laughed.

"Yes I am," I growled with a grin as I turned and moved up her body.

My face was only inches from hers when she whispered, "Roddy?"

"I dream of doing this," I murmured just before our lips collided.

Immediately there was an urgency to our actions, almost as though we both wanted to consummate this taboo coupling before we had time to talk ourselves out of it.

Even as our tongues dueled my hands were racing over mom's body, one struggling to undo the buttons on her blouse while the other groped under her skirt, ripping her thin panties in my rush to penetrate her.

I felt her fingers at my waist, felt them push in and seize my rampaging cock, her other hand struggled to push my pants down over my ass.

"Hurry! Help me," she groaned as I squeezed two fingers into her slippery cunt. "No, your cock...please baby..."

Quickly stripping off my pants, I grabbed my prick as I pushed her knees apart, thrust once, hard... filled the cunt that bore me...felt mom's ankles lock around my back...thrust again...again...again...faster...could feel her pussy clenching...felt her sticky moisture lubricate me...felt her finger push into my ass as we both exploded in a flood of cum.

We said nothing as we lay panting after falling apart, my still hard cock, sticky with our juices, waving between us.

I pulled mom on top of me, felt her moist slit as it slid down my stomach, grabbed her ass, spreading her as my cum tipped cockhead slowly buried itself deep within her. Slowly she rose and fell, groaning each time she impaled herself on my thick shaft.

"Baby...ohhhhhh baby," she moaned as I felt the first spasmic trembling of her orgasm. "Fill me sweetie, fill mama," she begged as I jerked again and again, my hot, thick cream filling her.

I carried her to my bed, fucked her hard twice more before we fell asleep in each others arms.


"Morning," she whispered gently when I finally awoke.

"Hi." We kissed gently, savoring the tender feel of the others lips. "You're beautiful mom," I whispered as I let my fingers trail down her cheek and over her lush, still firm hills.

"So are you," she said smiling. "Touch me Roddy, caress mommy baby," she crooned as she lay back and spread herself open for me.

My tongue chased my fingers around her body, touching, tasting, sampling...wanting... Ma moaned when my mouth caught her nipple, drew it in, sucked hungrily as if I was her baby again... Cried when my tongue curled lightly over her quivering clitoris, trembled as I licked... Grabbed my cock and pulled it to her distended pussy lips... Screamed as her first orgasm exploded... Took my cum covered cock into her mouth... Cleaned me with her lips, sucked me down her throat...

We showered together, soaped each others body and then fucked under the beating water. Sat hugging each other, smiling, laughing

We lived as man and wife for five days. We enjoyed each other physically while both of us ignored the questions, the issues that hovered at the edge of our happiness. Finally the last morning, just hours before Dad's return, we talked as we lay entangled in another post coital embrace.

It's been perfect honey," started mom, using a tone of voice that just promised a 'but'. "We can't...I mean with Becky and dad's wrong...I'm too'll be going to'll have girlfriends..."

"Is that everything?"


"All of your excuses for not being happy," I asked grinning.


"I'm going to live with and Becky...always," I said with a raw ferocity. "You'll be my lover...have my you understand?"

We kissed.


"What kinda hat is that honey," Uncle Ted asked Becky when she arrived at the farm on Sunday afternoon, just back from her week in Fort Lauderdale.

"That's the hat of my new university unc," Becky announced, more to mom and I than to the rest of the clan.

"WHAT!" I exclaimed, stunned.

My protest was lost in the explosion of sound that seemed to come from every Malloy mouth on the property.

"That ain't no Georgia hat," cousin Billy complained.

"University of Miami, Billy, your cousin's going to be swimming for the Hurricanes," Becky announced, her eyes never leaving mine.

"Miami, Florida!" grumbled Uncle Ted, "they don't even speak American down there. Drug dealers and spics, rafts full of drugs and Cubans. What the hell you thinking girl? Does your Daddy know?"

Becky ignored me as she defended her decision to one and all and it was only when we got home late that night that I was able to corner her.

"Can I come in?" I asked as I rapped lightly on her half open door.


She was standing, just wearing one of my old shirts, unbuttoned, over a skimpy pair of panties, her Hurricane hat at a jaunty angle on her head.

"I thought we were going to agree together on a school before," I started belligerently.

"I got tired waiting for you," she interrupted.


"I'm getting tired of waiting for a lot of things from you."

"What's that mean?"

"It means that if you don't do something soon I'm going to lose my virginity in the back seat of somebody's car or on a blanket down at the quarry," she said angrily as she shrugged her shoulders and let the shirt slipped off her shoulder.

"I'm your brother..."

"I love you!"

"You're so beautiful...I love you Becky, but," I started, then watched open mouthed as she pushed her panties slowly down.

"You or one of your classmates?" she demanded as she proudly posed nude in front of me.

"ME!" I hissed as I pulled her to me.

She was like a wild cat.

"Slow down Becky," I ordered as I held her.

"Hurry...I want you inside me," she urged, her hand insistent on my hard cock.

"We have all night."

"FUCK ME!" she ordered as she pulled me down to the bed.

"I don't want to hurt's your first time," I said, wanting to kiss her, to slowly caress her, to gradually prepare her...

"Now Roddy....please...hurry."

I knelt between her legs, spreading her as I aligned my thick shaft, as I brought my heart shaped, now purple cockhead to her distended crack. Pushed in, felt the incredible tightness, felt her insides stretch to accept me, felt her virgin barrier blocking me...

"It's big," she whimpered, her eyes staring at the monster waiting to invade her depths. "It won't all fit...I don't think....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she shrieked as I smashed through her last barrier, driving half my length into her, releasing a flow of hot blood over my throbbing cock.

"Is it all in?"

"Almost honey, almost all," I promised even as I thrust again. With Becky now broken, I took my time, trying to turn her momentary pain into orgasmic pleasure.

Her whimpers slowly turned to purrs of pleasure, then to cries of ecstasy when I finally pumped inside of her, my spermy spurts met by her female spewing.

We fell apart panting. "I'm sore," she finally gasped, a satisfied smile lighting her face. "I don't think I can do it again"

"We have lots of time," I promised, and then after grabbing and putting on the Miami cap, said, "we will have lots of time at school."

"You're not mad? About Miami?"

"Will you marry me some day?"

"Only you my love."


I lay awake even when I heard Becky's breathing slow into the relaxed cadence of sleep. The pungent smell of Becky's virgin blood lay heavy in the air as I turned on my side and looked at my love.

Saw her sexual fulfillment reflected on her beautiful face as it lay in repose. I bent and lightly kissed her forehead once, happy, knowing that I'd be waking to this lovely woman in my bed for the next ten thousand days.

I lowered my lips to her fat nipple, kissed it, then sucked the hard bud, thinking that this nipple would be nourishing my children in the future.

Thought for a minute how much I'd miss Miriam and her olive skinned lush body.

Knew suddenly that both mom and Becky would accept the threesome we were destined to become. Knew that soon we'd all be together in Miami....



Please let me know how you liked the story. It's your thoughts that make writing the story fun. E-mail me or IM me or post a public comment below; anonymously or openly. I will answer back to all who leave a contact address.

At the least, please take the time to vote. I prefer 5's but am happy with any vote. Any feedback is better than none. Thanks.

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by Anonymous01/29/18

Very good.

You show the American ability to learn, even when others around act foolish. Sex is sex , but love and sincere dedication lasts forever.

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by Anonymous12/31/17

Me, Mom and Mrs. Mahmoud

I thought it was well written, I liked the stories plot and also how Roddy finally seduced his neighbor. I also liked the idea of son/mother living /loving relationship,as for the it mightmore...

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