Me, My Slutwife & Rick Ch. 02


"Uh huh!" I heard her moaning at me louder, gasping. "Baby, I'm finger-fucking myself, it's a fucking mess -- all over me -- fucking soaking the thong, it's got Rick's smell all over it now, it's fucking covering my ass and legs, I'm so fucking wet!" She panted into the cellphone, then made me an incredible offer. "Wanna hear it?"

"Yesss," I muttered, eyes closing as I listened intently. I knew what she was going to do.

Kitty held the cellphone near her crotch, and instantly, I heard the sounds of her fingers fucking her drenched-wet pussy. Slick noises, clicking noises, squishy and wet noises. There was a rapid thumping and clicking, pulsing, as she pumped two fingers in and out of her fucked little vagina, thrusting in and out of the slick, sloppy wet hole.

After a few moments of that she put the phone back to her pretty face. "Did you hear that?"

"Ohhh, yes!" I shifted again in my chair, both feet on the desk, my ass flat on the chair so I could keep rubbing my dick harder. "Is that his sperm all over you, did Rick fill your married Asian cunt with his hot cream, you fucking dirty little whore?"

"Mmm, yeah, David, he did, it's sooo good!" Kitty was masturbating furiously, frigging her fingers in and out, barely talking to me as much as she was remembering the sex with Rick from a few moments earlier. "Ohhh, shit, David, oooh fuck -- OHHHHH!" She had a little orgasm, whimpering and crying to me, while her body shook in her black VW Beetle. "Ohhh, baby, it was sooo good, soooo good!" Kitty needed a few seconds to gather her breaths, sitting quietly, panting, before speaking again. "Are you hard, David, thinking about your wife getting fucked by her hot married boyfriend?"

Rapidly pumping my hand on my cock, I felt my precum soiling my underwear, my balls aching now, wanting to cum. "Fuck yes!" I looked at my door, hoping no one would come in. "I'm so fucking hard -- you can make me cum in my pants, honey -- do you want me to, tell me more?"

My wife nestled herself into her car seat better before answering. "Mmm, yeah I do -- stroke your dick for me, honey -- you picturing me with Rick? I was sitting on his sink, my bra still on, my thong on but pulled to the side -- my legs over his arms, he's so fucking strong -- he was ramming his huge big dick into me, I was sooo fucking turned on, we were kissing hard, sucking tongues, then just panting together." She knew how to push my love buttons. "Your hot little wife was so turned on, baby, I wanted my boyfriend sooo fucking badly, begging him to fuck me, loving his huge big dick in me, I really, really wanted a big bone to stretch me out today!"

I felt my own orgasm nearing soon, really soon. "Yeah?" I was picturing it all, so turned on at what a slut she was. "Did you tell him you loved him? Did you exchange ILU's?" It was code we had between us, she knew what I meant. For some reason, the fact that she loves her boyfriends and tells them that is a turn-on for me. I suppose a psychoanalyst could have a field day on that one, but that's the bottom line.

"Uh huh!" She snickered, fully realizing the effect on me. "Yeah, your horny little wife loves her sexy boyfriend, I was panting, Rick I love you -- he told me he loved me, as he had his big cum in my little Asian pussy, baby -- mmm, it was sooo hot, it was awesome sex, just not enough of it!"

There, I lost it, my cock exploded with an orgasm. I flooded my underwear with semen, inside my pants, sweating as I leaned back on my computer chair. I'd done this before; the shit dries in about 30 minutes, and the smell isn't all that bad.

"Mmm, baby, cum for me," my wife gasped, listening to me moaning, then laughing a little at how perverted I am. She giggled at what she was hearing from my end, then Kitty's voice picked up again, more intelligibly. "God, David, I wanted to share that with you -- it was soo hot -- I'm still flustered, all horny -- I love you, baby!"

I grinned, horny as hell for hearing it, and loving that she included me in her fun for the day. "I love you too, sweetie -- so now what, you going out with him, or got another date, or what?"

"Ohhh no," she laughed. "Just one more man in my life today -- you!" Her voice turned sexy for me. "Now, get your hot cock home at a good time, so I can fuck you good and hard -- you still going on that trip this week?"

"Yeah, yeah," I told her. I was schedule to fly out on an early flight in a couple of mornings, the coming Wednesday, not to return until late Friday night. "Still gotta go -- I'm already missing you."

"Oh," she sweetly sighed, "and I you -- so, since I was gone this weekend and you'll be gone this week, it's just the two of us, tonight and tomorrow night, right? So you come home as early as you can, right?"

It was a deal. God, I love my wife.

* * * *

The excellent but brief fucking left Kitty in an overly horny mood. With a few hours to kill that afternoon after she returned home from fucking Rick, she wound up naked in front of the basement computer, looking for some good cybersex or webcam sex.

Kitty has several places she frequents online, different ways of finding boyfriends and dates -- both in person and on the computer. In her extra-horny moods, she goes to chatroom for local singles, where she can find men who might want to fuck her for real. Kitty is not one to do a one-night stand with a guy she doesn't know well; she prefers to really like a guy, so she can take satisfaction in pleasuring him with her body and lust. Thus, the chatrooms for singles haven't ever produced an actual date, if you don't count cybersex or phonesex. That's not a rule of hers, it's just how it worked out.

Still, the lure of finding some hung, horny male who lived near us was pretty intense, particularly when she was extremely horny like that afternoon. Spreading some of Rick's sexy semen around her thighs and pussy while she sat back at the computer, she logged into the chatroom as a cheating married woman named Jill -- one of her profiles for that particular website -- and looked over the inventory of chatters.

One caught her eye. "HotStud4Slut," or something like that, was his screen name. She hadn't seen it before, so she clicked on his profile. It took her breath away, it was not what she expected. "HotStud4Slut" was named Keith, or so he said, and he wrote the profile very specifically for that very afternoon. It said he lived in a distant city about a three hour flight away, and he was coming into our area tomorrow for a business meeting, and would be staying at a specific hotel near the airport. He was seeking, again very specifically, any horny sluts who might want to come to his hotel the night he arrived -- Tuesday night, it would be -- for no-strings-attached sex.

He also attached a picture of his penis. It was fabulous: probably eight inches, thick, hard as steel, pointy at the top and prodigiously thick at the base, with a fat thatch of dark pubic hair around it. The guy's skin was white, he said he was a married white male in his 30's.

The moment she saw that prick, she wanted to fuck it.

But, Kitty wasn't "that kind of girl," at least, not usually. (Get her into a bar, dressed like a slut, with lots of male attention, and a motel room key in her pocket -- well, then she might be.) She immediately contacted him, but first to find out a few things -- and see if he'd even be interested. Kitty still harbored, to that day, the unnatural belief that some males didn't find her sexy or attractive. She had yet to actually meet such a male, but in theory they might exist.

Kitty sent him a private message, the equivalent of an IM. It said something like, "I love your dick, I'm a married slut not all that far from the airport, do you like petite asian chicks?" Her profile had pictures of her body in a string bikini, but not her face, so she figured she'd know if he was turned on by her.

Bingo, target hit. The guy's reply message was almost instantaneous. "Fuck you're sexy! Yeah I love asian chicks -- especially horny married ones!" Then he linked her to his personal photos, and she pulled them up to see he was pretty sexy -- short-cut blonde hair, triangular face, hazel eyes, broad smile; an athletic body that wasn't muscular but very fit, hardly any flab or fat, and of course that awesome penis sticking out of his pelvis.

Kitty was in love immediately when she saw his face and his body together. So she engaged him in some teasing banter, meant to draw out his personality. She said he was extremely handsome, so was he good with the ladies? Keith admitted he was, having "friends with benefits" in most cities he visited. But he didn't have one in our area; it would be his first trip out here, and frankly, probably his last one for a very long time. He didn't need a friend, he needed a horny slut who wanted to fuck. Kitty didn't immediately identify herself as that horny slut, but instead asked him more about himself -- was he married, what kind of sex did he like, and so forth.

All of his answers were pretty much what she would have wanted to hear. Yes, he was married, but he wasn't getting good sex in his marriage, and frankly felt unappreciated. That's why he always tried to get some action on his trips. He was some kind of sales guy in the telecom industry, something to do with big expensive machines. He met a lot of geeky women on his trips -- quite a few were easy to fuck. No, he didn't think Kitty was "geeky," just sexy as hell.

The guy put up with a good ten or fifteen minutes of banter with Kitty, before getting down to business. "So, are you the kinda girl to meet a horny guy at his hotel for a night of pure adult fun?"

Sitting nude in front of her computer, her twat still leaking Rick's sperm, my lusting wife tried to restrain herself but she couldn't. "I definitely am!" she typed, but then added the important qualifier: "However, I'm not available tomorrow night -- are you still here Wednesday or Thursday nights?"

"FUCK," he wrote back, "no I'm flying out Wednesday afternoon straight after my meeting." Instead, immediately he offered a compromise. "But if you're free tomorrow afternoon," he wrote, "I can catch an earlier flight, and check in early to the hotel, I'd be there by like 2 I'm sure."

Now, that she could do.

Simmering in lusty thoughts for the sexy man, Kitty sat there, pausing at the idea of making a fuck date in a hotel with a man she'd never met before, online or otherwise. But, in her extremely horny state, staring at his gorgeous body, she was completely aroused. The idea of fucking his cock was making her madly horny for him.

"Yeah I can do that," she typed, her fingers almost shaking as she put the words on his screen, "if you think you'd wanna fuck me baby, I'd like you to -- you're hot!" Her pussy started to ache really bad as she typed it, hardly believing that in about 24 hours she'd be having sex with that very handsome, friendly man -- a completely stranger, basically, but one she really wanted to spread for.

Something of an expert at online dating, Keith didn't want to be led on. He asked if she could talk on the phone. Kitty responded right away with just the ten digits of the phone number of our second line at the house, used just for her phonesex and other sexual escapades. He called it like ten seconds later, and she found herself talking to a sweet but horny man, hungry for unbridled sex with a hot slut. Kitty promised him, that's what she was.

The conversation didn't last long, he had to go to a meeting for work. But she gave him her cellphone, and she received his, and they agreed to meet at 2 p.m. the next day for a few hours of sex.

"I promise, you're gonna fucking love it," her new friend told her.

Kitty moaned into the phone, her fingers rubbing her clit as they talked. "Mmm, so will you, baby!"

* * * *

"Mmm, fuck yes baby!" Kitty lifted her head, her sore neck straining after almost three hours of sex. Staring down the hunky male's fit, naked body, her brown eyes fixated on the guy's fat, long penis disappearing into her body, past the soft mound of her pussy. "God fuck me," she panted, out of breath, lungs sore from the afternoon's long workout, "fuck your little slut!"

Keith had already shot three loads of cum into her vagina plus the original one all over her titties, and she marveled that he had anything more to give her. But making out with intense kissing after his fourth orgasm brought his fabulous cock back to life, and there they were, going at it again for their fifth round. He was a demon, banging her relentlessly, his body never slowing down. No wonder he was in such good shape, hardly a drop of fat on his entire six-foot frame, with a runner's shapely, hairy thighs and a tennis player's wiry, muscled biceps and pecks.

She flattened her petite palms and pressed them hard against his sweaty, pumping torso, feeling his body moving over her while she squirmed on the hotel bed, the bed sheet soaking underneath her back and butt. Kitty kept her knees pulled to the sides, flattening out her slender Asian body, allowing her new friend to piledrive his erection in and out of her aching waterfall of a pussy.

"Mmm, yeah -- yeah, fuckkk!" She couldn't keep her head up any longer, letting it fall back onto the comfortable bed, just allowing her body to relax for a moment while the out-of-town traveler did all the work. "Oooh -- oooh -- ooh yeah, fuck me, fuck me!"

He was perspiring all over, literally beads of sweat dripping onto her smaller body while his 180-pound frame violently crashed into her body over and over. "Fuck yeah, Kitty," the married stud grunted, "you're so fucking hot, so fucking gorgeous, you've got me so hard!"

"Mmm -- OOOH!" My wife screamed to another orgasm, she'd lost count of how many; her little back arched upwards and her smallish breasts jiggled on her flat chest, as her eyes closed and jaw opened to let out a pleasured howl. "Uhhhh fuckkk! Ohhh, gawwwd!" Her hands were clenching his chest, fingers gripping his curly blonde chest hairs, all slick with sweat. He was a gorgeous beast of a man, she loved feeling his dick in her. "Uhhh fuck -- yeah, oooh yeah!"

His dick was pumping steadily, all the way into her, driving a full eight inches inside her vagina, then withdrawing until only the fat head was left between her sloppy-wet pussylips. The shaft was so well lubricated and Kitty was so loose from the hours of sex, he had no problem shoving it back inside rapidly, then withdrawing, then back and forth, in and out, screwing the married Asian slut relentlessly. His eyes remained down on her body, where they'd been the entire afternoon, watching her petite chest and perfectly-proportioned boobies, or her slim hips and slick shaved vagina, or her slender smooth thighs, all a creamy Asian color.

Keith's big hand slid under her head, cradling it, while his eyes fucked her skull with a penetrating stare. "God, Kitty," the hot male exhaled, nearing exhaustion, "you bring the best out of me -- you're fucking amazing!" He smashed his lips into her, for their umpteen millionth kiss, not waiting to push his tongue into her mouth. She opened her jaw and allowed the stranger to stick his tongue inside, where her smaller tongue met it and licked it, danced with it, her lips closing to suck more into her mouth. Their mouths moaned and deformed, teeth clashed together, faces turning to allow their tongues to drive deeper into the other lover's throat.

Her smallish hands wandered down his back now, over his muscular hairy butt, grabbing it tightly and pulling his dick into her well-fucked cunt even deeper. Now he wasn't pumping in and out, he just mashed his body into hers, grinding his hips into Kitty's pelvis, his erection buried all the way back inside her twat. As his ass still undulated back and forth, her pelvis circled and gyrated wildly, their male and female bodies grinding together and his cock impaled inside her twat. She pulled her legs even farther back -- her thighs, so sore from all the sex that day -- and really yanked his body hard into hers, sealing her stretched cuntlips around the enormously fat base of his cock, sticking Keith's amazing penis as deep into her married cunt as it could stretch.

She felt pressure so deep inside her, like his cock was in her throat. Kitty wiggled her pelvis to grind against his body on top of her, with that fat dong stuffed into her twat, and she moaned to yet another cum. "Uhhh -- FUUUCK! Ohhhh yesss, ohhhh fuck yessss!" The hotel room darkened, her eyes grew dizzy as every muscle in her body tingled with electricity. "Gawwd -- fuckkk! Ohhh, baby, fuckkk!"

His hands now grabbed her knees, yanking them apart, pushing them hard against her chest. Her tired muscles couldn't resist, she was a ragdoll in his manly grip. Exposing her red-hot, drenched-wet cunt to his pecker, Keith banged and humped his new mistress furiously, grunting, screwing her wet hole until he felt yet another orgasm building in his balls.

"Shit!" he screamed literally in pain, eyes shutting, neck straining, as the head of his cock felt like a pin or knife was being inserted into it. Whatever cum was in his balls poured out into Kitty's cunt, every last drop, his orgasm making him howl like a wounded animal. "Ahhhhghh, fuck!"

Suddenly, three hours of sex and loving was over, the two virtual strangers panting against each other, sweat covering each other's bodies, mouths open and weary eyes staring at each other. They kissed, softly, sucking air from one another's lungs, while he slipped his dick out of her disturbed pussy. All sorts of juices followed it, flowing out onto the hotel bed sheets, while the lovebirds continued to make out, kissing hard, her hands wandering all over the steely muscles of his back and buttcheeks.

"God -- goddamned," Keith blurted in shock, rolling onto his side right next to her, keeping her little body against his with an arm draped over her, "fuck, baby, you're amazing, whew!" He literally was trying to breath correctly, and not pass out from lack of oxygen. "Shit, Kitty, you bring out the animal in me, you're fucking unbelievable."

She, too, was rolling in ecstasy. "Nah -- Keith, honey, you were incredible!" Her eyes wandered over the sight of his handsome, strong face, his powerful jaw and neck, his hairy and muscular chest. It was fabulous to know she pleased a man as sexy as that. "I can see why you have a girl in every city -- you're fucking awesome!"

"No, you're awesome," he argued, followed immediately by a kiss that lasted quite some time. They moaned into each other's mouths, before they both had to catch a breath. That made each of them giggle as their lips parted, realizing that once they started making out, they just automatically snowballed from there into sex.

"Ah, shit!" Keith pulled his arm from her body, flopping onto his back on the bed sheets, staring up at the hotel room's ceiling. "Fuck, Kitty -- probably really fucking good you don't live near me -- or I'd be trying to get you in bed every fucking day!"

"Mmmm?" She liked the sound of that, it was sexy, and it made her feel good about herself. "Promise?" It was her turn to roll onto her side, scooting next to his body, which was still heaving with heavy breaths from the workout, as was hers. "Your little wife wouldn't mind, you having a nasty little toy slut to play with every day, hmm?" Giggling, knowing his family situation was just like most of her lovers, she placed a soft kiss on his sweaty shoulder -- his broad, muscled, smooth, powerful shoulder. Wow, he was a sexy man. "It'd be pretty awesome, wouldn't it?"

Keith looked at her, wondering why she was teasing him with the notion, then he relaxed and laughed with her. "Yeah, except, I'd probably chain you to me, so we could do this nonstop!" After a deep breath again, he put the question to her. "Well, I doubt I'll be back here, but if I can get an excuse to come her, you know I will -- in the meantime, you like fucking on the computer and phone, cyber and phone and stuff?"

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