tagGroup SexMeaghan Plays with the Neighbors Ch. 03

Meaghan Plays with the Neighbors Ch. 03


{This is "Meaghan Plays-part 3. Reminder, this is a slut wife/sex outside of marriage story. Don't like that theme? Please don't read it. It's free porn, move onto something you do like (if anything).}


Wow. My head was spinning when I walked downstairs to the kitchen. Meaghan wasn't in the spot I left her the night before. To remind the reader, she wanted to remain with her hands cuffed behind her back. I made her sleep on the sheets that had been stained from the fuckings she'd received. She did so submissively and willingly.

I was surprised she was up so early, though I supposed it may have had something to do with the discomfort of having to sleep like that. I turned the corner and saw her at the kitchen table, sipping her coffee. She was wearing just an old University sweatshirt of mine. I could see well up to near the ends of her thighs as she sat. Her hands were still cuffed, by they were now in front of her. She had her arms poking out the bottom and had the coffee cup clutched in both bound hands. She is quite nimble. No doubt she'd shimmied her way from having her hands behind her to in front. I've seen her do it. The fact that she just could've taken them off now as they are just held on with belt type straps wasn't lost on me. She apparently wanted to make sure I didn't still want her wearing them.

"Hi sleepyhead!" She said cheerfully. I could still see so reddish purple marks on her cheeks from when either Tom or I had slapped her there.

"Wow, hi yourself," I said. "I'm glad you made coffee, it looks like we both could use it."

"Why, I don't know what you mean," she joked.

"Such a wild night," I sighed. "It seems we're having a lot more of them lately."

"We sure have," she said, her eyes still beaming. "I am so fucking sore and tired. I feel like I've been through sexual boot camp or something."

I hadn't time to process it all yet. As we sat eyeing each other I realized that I was still conflicted. On the one hand, the sex was incredible. It seemed we'd opened a new door to Meaghan's desires. We had always had an open relationship. Now, we'd added elements like bondage, rough sex, and humiliation. It was all quite overwhelming, to me at least. On the other hand, Meaghan had now opened others into our world. Now at least Tom and Jared and his friends knew of her kinks. I had no doubt the news was spreading. It wasn't like I didn't like or want it to continue. The opposite was true. The sex play was intoxicating. My conflict was whether or not I could let my feelings of jealousy go when it came to the neighbors, she seemed to have no problem letting it go.

She had a cheery but nervous look about her. She was tapping her foot nervously. I was afraid to again broach the subject with her. I actually was wondering if I would be able to handle what might come up. I let her hands out of her cuffs while we sat quietly. She kissed me softly and brought me another cup of coffee. She paced around the table while I sat and thought.

"Why aren't you sitting?" I asked. "After the night you had, you'd think you'd need all the rest you could get," I joked, trying to lighten my own mood. Her mood seemed quite light already.

"Um, do I have to remind you?" She said with a hint of annoyance. She stared at me. I didn't have an answer.

"The boys," she said quickly. "They said they'd be over this morning for the tree stump, or have you forgotten already?"

"Fuck," I said. I'd forgotten about that, or maybe I just wanted to. Plus, I had no idea it was to be this morning. "How did that even happen?" I asked.

"You know how it happened," she said bashfully. "You had an idea to let them see me and somehow it always ends up with me promising something I hadn't planned on."

"What exactly did you promise them this time?" I wondered.

"I'm not sure," she said with embarrassment. "I don't think I promised them anything specific. I remember saying I'd make it worth their while, or something. My mind is just so out of it right now, probably because of how exhausted I am."

"Good, plenty of gray area," I said with relief. I had no more thoughts or plans in that area. We'd done so much already. I wondered if it was time to broach that subject.

I was about to bring it up when she nearly screamed, "Oh my god, they are here!"

I saw the boys filtering into the backyard. Someone knocked on the front door. It was Jared.

"Hey Mr. M," he said with an unusually smug grin. It was the , "I fucked the hell out of your wife last night and you have no idea," look. He said, "we're here for the tree stump."

I showed him into the garage for the tools. The whole time he was slyly (or so he thought) asking me about my immediate plans. No doubt he was hoping for me to have some task I had to do away from the house. His dejected look was priceless when I told him I had no plans at all. I watched from the house as he met his friends and presumably gave them the bad news.

I told her that I'd already given Jared the task. I even laughed at his presumptuous attitude, that he'd already assumed there'd be some action. I'd loved the action, no doubt, as it happened. Now, I was having to live with the repercussions. It would be like this in the future. With him, with Tom. I'd naturally have to deal with the fact that they'd pretty much owned my wife, at least for the time they fucked her. I didn't know how she was dealing with the fact that people so close to her were now sexually involved with her. I knew she loved the sex, I don't know how she felt about this new chapter, or maybe, how she felt about my part in it.

The boys did their task and left, comically dejected. I handed them some money, far more than the work had demanded and they only gave me a half hearted, "thanks," before leaving. I returned to the kitchen. Meaghan had a serious look on her face.

"Honey, we have to talk," she said softly.

I sighed, "I agree. This is all happening so fast, too fast."

"That's just it," she said with concern. "I can see how what has happened has you worried. You consider what's happened to be "too fast," me, I'm not sure..." she said as her voice trailed off.

"Well, you have to admit. It is quite a bit to take in," I said.

"It is," she agreed.

"I love the sex we've had," I said with measure. "But, now I have to deal with all this," I said leaving no doubt that I meant the entanglements now with our neighbors.

"Yes, that part is crazy. The thing is...maybe that part is the part that is getting to me the most," she said as she looked at me intently. "It is fucking totally humiliating. You know that. I've had to fuck the neighbor and his son, more than once. I've been paraded in front of their friends. I've been taken...hard."

"Yes you have," I said in agreement.

"In spite of all that," she continued as if she'd had all night to think about it and, perhaps she had. "I've had the most mind numbingly incredible sex I've had in, ever."

She saw my grimace immediately. "No, honey, not like that. I don't mean that they were better, or that you were worse. Not at all, you are still, and always will be the greatest lover I'll ever have. You have also taken me hard, used me in the most ingenious ways. The reason it has been so mind numbing for me is that very reason. You are involved in it. You have led me, you have made me do it. You made me go to Jared, you made me have to keep my promises to him, to Tom. Without you it's just two guys with nice cocks fucking me. We have certainly done all that before. It's the way I was used, via your perverted mind that has been the reason it has been so...wickedly delightful," she said with a sexy grin.

"That sounds great, but, I have to remind you. What do we do about Tom? Jared? Those boys? What do I say to them when I see them now?"

"Why say anything?" She asked. "Did you normally talk about your wife and who she was fucking before this started?"

"Of course not," I sniffed.

"Then why bring it up now? You don't owe them anything."

"Then what do I do?" I asked, the thought of it happening was agonizing. I'd have to see Tom's smug face every time I saw him, knowing he abused my slut wife in the ways he had.

"Do what you want," she said. "Go kick their asses if you want. But, be ready to deal with the cops and the embarrassment of it being open to everyone. Or, just ignore it. You own me. It was you who gave me to them, it's up to you if you want that again or not."

"So you'd avoid them forever if I said so?" I asked.

"Of course," she said firmly. "I'm not sure that that would be what either of us would want, but yes, definitely, if you couldn't handle that, then I would not risk losing you over it."

She was throwing the ball in my court. If "I" couldn't handle it. "So you are saying you'd have no problem handling it?" I asked, somewhat stung by her comment.

"Honey," she said softly, carefully. "I love you, I always will. I do not want this to come between us. Nothing is worth that. It's just that...."

"Just what?" I asked.

She sighed. I knew her response was going to be revealing, she had that "look."

She steadied herself and let it flow out of her. "When we started we agreed to allow each other the freedom to be what we are. We are two people who love sex, we love adventure. We didn't want to stifle each other or our needs. We've had wonderful experiences since then, haven't we?"

"Of course," I agreed. "But this seems different."

"You still want me to have lovers, right...?" she asked.

"Well, yes, I think it's been awesome how it's been up till now."

"...and you still want the freedom to fuck other women?" she wondered.

"Yes, I guess," I stammered. I hadn't really thought about it lately since she's been the total focus of my lust. "Yes, I guess, if the situation should arise, I guess I would, yes."

"So why is this different?" She asked.

I couldn't answer. She did it for me. "The reason it is different is because it is Jared and Tom," she said, emphasizing his name. She saw my questioning look. "This is all about your ego," she said. "You just haven't been able to deal with the fact that it is Tom that has had me. I know you two are a lot alike. You are both alpha males, and you both are competitive about it."

She was touching a sore spot. "It's about my ego and not about you being a complete slut for the neighbors?" I said coldly.

She sat down with a dejected look on her face. I went to comfort her, in an almost instinctual way. She pushed my hand away and stared up at me.

"I am a slut," she said. "And, up until now you've loved every minute of it. That's what this is about, really. Do you want to know the truth, the real me? This is it. When you sent me down to Jared in just the coat and lingerie it sent chills down my spine. It was so fucking humiliating, the fact that my man, my own husband, would send me down to some 19 year old and let him have me. Worse, it wasn't like I could just get some, and come home. No, you had "rules" I had to follow, it allowed him to take full advantage of me. You knew it, but allowed it to happen..." she said as it came out of her like a flood.

"Then, you made me pay for my teasing Tom by allowing him to take my ass. Do you know how humiliating that was, to show up at his house after he pawed me? He had that mocking look like he knew exactly what kind of slut I was and he knew I'd be right down to his house. Worse, I had to beg him not to fuck my pussy, I knew you wanted him in my ass. I begged him, honey, I begged for it to be in my ass. It was the first time we were together and I let him ass fuck me. He knows only a certain kind of slut would do that. I'm that kind of slut, for you."

"I know, baby," I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to be like this."

"Yes you did," she said as tears filled her eyes. "We both did. "Then, the whole "game" yesterday with Jared and his friends. It was all orchestrated by you, for me, for us. I've never told you this, but..." she said as she softly sobbed. "My ex was cruel, you knew that. But, you never knew that he used to share me too, just like you did with the neighbors. Most often, I was bound, like last night. Sometimes he'd invite a friend over to rape me while I was like that."

"Wow," I said. "No, I never knew."

"I didn't know how to tell you."

"I'd have never agreed to any of it if I knew that about you," I said honestly.

"You don't understand," she said as she dabbed tears from her eyes. "Times like with my ex, or last night...when Jared first cuffed me and I was helpless....all those thoughts flooded back to me about how I was used....then, when Tom came in and found me and I couldn't fight him off....it was just like before."

"Wow," I could only mutter. "You didn't seem upset last night though."

"That's the point!" She said sharply as she raised her head to look me in the eye.

"I fucking loved it. When Tom had my nipples and he was pulling them until I screamed, I loved it. I told him to do it, I wanted him to let me find the breaking point. When my ex let someone have me they left each time with my juices drenching their legs it got me so hot. Being paraded around, being used like that, it's humiliating, it's embarrassing, it's....overpowering. And, you brought that back out in me. I tried to hide it but I couldn't, I didn't want to. I want that."

I sat in silence. She took that as rejection and she stormed off. I sat at that table for an hour. Truthfully, I'd loved it all too. The real issue was how I'd handle what she wanted. She was right, it was an ego thing. I was letting my male ego get in the way of what she wanted, something we'd both agreed I wouldn't do before we married. Of course, we'd never discussed this, something to this extent. Still, it was the same principle. Did I want her to indulge herself in her fantasies or did I not? And, was I ready for it all? Was I ready to completely step in and take control of it? I already knew the answer. I walked upstairs.

I found her asleep on the bed. The sweatshirt was pulled down but didn't cover most of her ass, her leg was crooked up. I could see the many bruises that she'd earned the night before. Her pussy lips still looked red and puffy. I could see her face, her cheeks were still tear stained, tissues were wadded up beside her.

"Honey?" I said, softly waking her up.

"Yes?" She asked in a daze.

"I am so sorry," I said.

"For what?" she asked softly.

"For calling you a slut."

"But honey, I am a slut. That's the problem."

"No, I'm sorry for calling you that and meaning it as a bad thing. I love you. I love everything about you. You were right, this is about me. I have to handle it."

"What does that mean, for us?" She asked, still groggy.

"It means I have to know everything about my wife, her needs and what she wants exactly. Then, I have to make damned sure that she is happy."

"Wow," she said lovingly. "That sounds wonderful."

I gave her a task. I told her to write down her thoughts. I told her to hold nothing back. Tell me what she wants from me, from others. She smiled shyly and agreed. I told her not to come downstairs until she had it done. She came down the stairs about two hours later.

She handed me the paper. It was neatly written, everything she writes is neat, I found it amusing that even her sluttiest thoughts were written out so clean and clear. She disappeared back upstairs so I could read it without her hovering over me.

"Honey, here are my thoughts:

1) I want you to own me. I know you already think you do, but, you need to own me completely. Tell me, show me, make me do things. It is far more intense when it is you in control, it's all increased when you, my loving husband, are behind it.

2) I've found humiliation to increase the intensity exponentially. The way you sent me to Jared and then Tom, for that matter, made me as hot as I can remember. Being paraded around the pool in my sluttiest lingerie for the boys, things like that make me so horny I'm ready for anyone, or anything. I need you to find things like that for me. I'm not good at thinking of them myself, usually. I find them coming from you to be extra exciting, since I usually don't know what's cumming, er coming, tee hee.

3) I want to be able to continue to tease you sexually as I did before. I want this because I can see it opened up something in you as well. Sometimes I want the freedom to do things, sexual and wild things, on my own. I want you to trust me that they are for the benefit of both of us. When I basically showed Tom my tits at the party and then teased you with it and threatened to fuck him anyway I could see how much it drove you crazy, in a good way. I want to be able to do that for both of us, then, I want you to make me pay for it in the most humiliating and wonderful ways.

4) I want, and need instruction on what to do from now on when it comes to Tom, Jared and those three boys. You know I'm going to see them in the neighborhood and in public. What do you want me to do? What do you want me to say? I am open to whatever you decide, remember, you own me. It is up to me to perform whatever duty it is you decide upon.

5) Punishment drives me crazy. Spank me. Wear my ass out. The way you slapped my face made me remember how my ex did it. You do it with love, with purpose, that's so much hotter. Punish me for failing to live up to any obligations I might have. Use your hand, a belt, whatever you deem necessary to keep me in line, punish my ass, my tits, my face. I want to please you, if I fail, make sure I'm properly chastised for it.

6) I don't want this to be all about me. I know you said you wanted my thoughts but it is about you too. Do what you want, do what you enjoy. I will derive pleasure in pleasing you, and others, if that's what you wish. I remember that fantasy of yours where you wanted to send my naked pictures to that adult dating site so that you could have fun sorting through the hundreds (hopefully) of responses. You said it would turn you on to hear what they'd like to do to, or with me, and that maybe further correspondence would lead to something else. That always thrilled me too, even though I never gave you the ok to do it.

7) Wear my mouth out. Seriously. Cock sucking drives me wild to no end. Make me spend my days on my knees, servicing cock that way. I must have an oral fetish. Make me pay for that.

As proof of my submission to you and to your desires, not just my own I've done something for you. As you are reading this I'm on that site. I've created a screen name for you, a profile. It explains how you have a slut wife who likes humiliation, bondage, being used roughly etc. I've published dozens of pictures of me, including many of the ones Jared took. There's me in my slut lingerie. There are some of me, naked on my knees with cum on my lips. There are some of my red striped ass. You haven't seen these but I also added the ones Tom took of me with my hands bound on the bed and all the marks on me and the three loads of cum dripping out of me. As you've mentioned to me before, you always wanted the men to see me, to see my face. They include those too, honey, as you've wished. I never let you have that fantasy, now you can."

I smiled broadly. I hadn't thought of that fantasy in a long while. I knew the site was an alternative site, full of kinksters, many with our same type fetishes. After viewing her I knew I'd have an inbox full of comments and suggestions by morning.

Her letter concluded:

"8) I fully expect to be used beyond anything I've experience before. I'd expect nothing less from you. You are the most creative and wicked man I've ever known, which is why I want this all for you, for us. Let's make this happen. I love your games, I love the "I can't say no" game or to be put into situations where I can't stop things from happening. I want you to make sure I have to always "put out" when I am obligated to, make me fulfill all my slutty promises, make me pay for teasing. I offer myself to you, sir. Make me."

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