tagBDSMMeaghan Plays with the Neighbors Ch. 04

Meaghan Plays with the Neighbors Ch. 04


{Part four of "Meaghan Plays" I've shortened the previous title of Meaghan Plays with the neighbors"}


I love Meaghan. A lot. Yes, she's a slut, more than I'd even previously known. It isn't like we do something like in the previous stories every day. In fact, mostly our life would seem humdrum or routine to most of you. We like it that way. However, the recent discovery of the depth of Meaghan's desire to be used has increased our activity level accordingly. For her, it must be like a kid receiving that one special present on Christmas that he/she then wants to play with every waking moment of every day. Eventually it will wear off. I had no doubt that this was going to happen with Meaghan. I don't even think her body could take all of what she's done on a regular basis. Still, the toy was still shiny and new for her, at least at the moment.

I know I was a bit shocked at first, though I always got to enjoy it with her afterwards. I can't say that it didn't help me, too. I got her more often, and in ways she usually makes me wait for. Still, her activity level got me thinking about what to do when she was gone for hours and hours. I always plan on being there "after" but what about me? I still have the notoriety of being a former pro athlete. I can still have my choice of women, for the most part. I thought I really needed to get back to that. I had mostly concentrated on Meaghan's needs, her desires and put off my own. For example, there was still Suzie the cute, blonde big tittied neighbor who kept after me to repeat our liaisons from the past. I figured it was about time I paid her a visit.

Meaghan seemed put off by that. I had to laugh. "You are jealous that I might titty fuck Suzie, while you are out doing god knows what with other guys?"

She stuck her lip out in a pout. "I didn't say that. Bang that stupid slut, if that's what you wish," she said half jokingly. "I just thought the things I was doing was for both of us. You seem to get enjoyment out of them as well."

"I do," I said truthfully. "I really just feel kind of out of place when you are out on one of your "episodes," I just think it would help me take the edge off."

"But I want you after, when I come home," she whined. "Can you promise me that your cock will be ready?"

I chuckled. "I actually think it might help. It might delay my excitement a bit. I do get quite charged up, as you can see."

She smiled at that. "Then do it, go fuck that easy slut."

I grinned. "If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black."

She ignored my comment and said, "I should find something, er someone, to do myself, it's been more than two weeks now. Did you have any thoughts on the matter?"

"Say, black. That reminds me..." I began. "Remember that old black janitor guy who got to see your tits at the gym when you were out sucking off Jared's friends?"

"Yeah," she smiled. "I'm sure he still thinks about that."

I'll give you a little background on Meaghan. I think she's what I'd call a closet racist. Not the kind that would ever say a mean or disparaging thing about someone, nor would she ever act that way to someone. It's just her manner. I think she probably just think she's better than they are. For example, out of her promiscuous past, has she ever had sex with a black guy? No. Has she ever dated one? No. Even with nearly an even split of whites and blacks at the City high school she attended, they never stood a chance with her. She's upper middle class, I just think she inherited some of the arrogance. I was interested in seeing her prove me wrong.

"What do you think he'd have done if you'd have lingered?" I wondered.

"Oh, I'm sure he'd have loved getting his hands on these creamy beauties," she laughed while holding her taut breasts in her hands.

"I'm sure he'd have done more than that," I ventured.

She just gave me a look of, "ew," and scrunched up her nose.

I was about to launch into the whole, "what, he isn't good enough for you?" speech when she broke in.

"He's gotta be, what, 60ish? He's big, and I mean kinda fat, he's got a big belly, but then again everything on him is huge."

"Everything?" I kidded.

"Hush, everything I saw," she said as if irritated by my line of questioning.

"Remember how we talked about our new arrangement?" I reminded her.

She nodded.

"Remember how some of our fantasies are the same. I know we both liked you having to put out to Jared's friends. We both liked the idea of an older woman like yourself having to please 18, 19 year olds."

She smiled in agreement.

And, I remember how you and I both agreed that you with people who normally had no chance with you was also a hot idea. We discussed you having to please older men as well, as we'd both find that humiliating for you."

"Yes," she murmured nervously. " But, this guy...I mean who knows if he's even all there, you know, what if he's like...retarded or something?"

I had to laugh at that. "Really? He's a janitor in a school, he's black, so he must be retarded?"

"No!" She said, as she stomped her foot. "Not because he's black, it's just, how would I know?"

"I suppose you could find out," I laughed, upon suggesting the obvious.

Again she scrunched up her nose. I really had the idea that if it had been a 60 year old white guy it would be different. She tried to change the subject.

"So, have you thought about anything else? I mean, Tom and Jared are all over me every time I'm outside, plus they are texting and emailing me about what they'd like to do to me next."

"I see you are out in the yard a little more now," I joked. I knew she was "advertising."

"Plus, we haven't decided anything about Jared's friends. Remember that Tony wants my pussy bad," she said, sounding hopeful.

"I remember, little punks," I grinned.

"Little punks with big cocks," she said almost under her breath.

"According to our agreement you now want me in charge of deciding what it is you do," I reminded her. It had been a couple weeks of cooling off and resting, I wanted to make sure we still had the same thoughts.

"Yes, of course. Can't you see I'm fucking on edge here? It's been two weeks," she whined.

"Then you will listen and do as I say," I said smugly.

"Yes, sir," she said as her eyes flashed with excitement.

I actually had thought about it, a lot. It was something I wanted her to do. This one was more about me than her, at least for starters. I also think though, that deep down, it is also what she claims she needs. I told her to be ready the next night, a Friday. I wouldn't tell her what, though, just to keep the edge. I also wanted her worked up enough thinking about it that it would be more difficult for her to back out. She tends to allow her desires to make decisions. I wanted that. I texted Jared's friend Tony, the 19 year old from before. I pretended I was her, I blocked my number. I figured he'd not pass up this chance. As if I was her I told him exactly what I wanted him to do. Then, I promised him what he'd get if he did.

I laid her outfit on the bed on Friday. It was what I'd mentioned in the previous story. It was basically a school girl outfit, though definitely more adult. It was a plaid skirt, short, well over the knee. I laid out one of her white, silk blouses. It was sheer, but not see through. She saw it and gave me one of those, "seriously?" looks but I noticed her skin start to flush. She was getting excited.

The rest of the outfit was a frilly push up bra I'd laid out along with some really hot French cut underwear. She completed the outfit with some black leather pumps and a hair scrunchy. Yes, I wanted her to look like a hot older women trying to look like a teenager. I thought that thought alone should be humiliating to her. She was a bundle of nervous energy as she put on her makeup. She knew she was going out. She knew what "going out," meant now. She'd be put in a compromising situation and have to do what a slut would do to get out.

I'd thrown her a bone earlier and mentioned that Tony "might" be involved. For some reason she really seemed to want that. Out of all the guys she'd pleased so far, he was by far the rudest, crudest. Obviously, she was indicating that that was her preference. I wasn't sure how it would work out for him, but I knew that the possibility of it was there.

She was fidgety. She could barely contain herself. I made her have some wine first. She downed two glasses before I'd even sipped mine. I knew she was ready. I laid out the plan.

"Are you prepared to do as I say?" I asked sternly.

"Yes," she said with an excited peep.

"You are sure? You won't back out?" I said questioningly.

"No," she said with a sense of urgency. "I'm sure you will put me in a place I want to be."

"Exactly," I said. I told her my plan. It took a few minutes, to get all the possible details in. Her look was priceless. Her jaw went slack. I'm sure a thousand thoughts filled her head. She couldn't bring any to her lips, though. She stood there, gaping.

"Too much?" I grinned. "I'm sure I can think of something less interesting, if that's what you want." It was the competitive taunt she needed.

"Fuck you," she hissed. "I told you I'd do whatever...."

"Good. I don't expect you back for awhile so I made plans with Suzie and her big titties," I grinned.

She just stuck her tongue out at me in defiance. I smacked her hard on the butt. "Now, move that slut ass before the night is wasted."

I spent the next few hours with Suzie. As I've mentioned. Suzie is a cute little blond neighbor with some really nice tits. She's a tiny thing, at least to me. Her husband is more of a traditional cuckold than I am. He likes being submissive to her. She calls the shots, tells him about it after and makes him lick her clean while she berates him about how small his dick is. Hey, it's their thing, I'm all for it if that's what they like. Me, I just like spinning her on my cock.

Suzie is very cute, even though she's probably in her early forties now. For a 40 year old she's got an incredibly tight pussy. I bounced her around on my cock for quite awhile before I let my cum shoot all over her fabulous boobs. I told her to leave the cum on there, dripping until she let her husband back in the house. She'd put him outside in the garage like a pet dog while I used her pussy up. I left with a smile, it had been too long.

I fell asleep on the couch, no doubt still grinning. I awoke at 2am when Meaghan stumbled in. Her skirt was askew, the blouse was barely buttoned and I didn't detect any of her underwear. Her hair was no longer pulled back into the hair scrunchy. Her hair looked like it was caked with something. I, of course, knew what it was.

"Well, look at what the cat finally dragged in," I smirked.

"You fucker," she hissed but with a drunken half smile. "Fuck that neighbor skank?" She said with derision.

"Oh yeah," I grinned, "though I see another skank has probably outdone her."

She blushed at that. I let her tell me the story.

Meaghan: I know you thought I couldn't, or wouldn't do what you told me to. I know what you think, that I talk a good game but when it came to something that I hadn't thought of before that I'd balk. Well, I didn't. Is that what you want to hear? I didn't balk at all. I did it, more than you even suggested, though I know you told me to follow up with any possibilities, or as you said, "do what you know a slut should do."

I did. I'm getting ahead of myself. You told me to go back to the High School and what you wanted. I didn't know how much you'd planned ahead. You mentioned Tony, I thought maybe that's who I was supposed to meet. You should've seen how I turned heads when I showed up in the gym again. Yes, you knew it, another varsity game was playing. I saw a bunch of fat women turn up their noses at me. Jealous bitches. I know they'd wish they would get the looks I get. I spotted Tony, you told me he'd want to see me. You were right, he barely let me get in the door.

"Wow, Mrs M. You look fucking amazing," he gushed.

You told me Tony would probably take the lead, I don't know how you knew that but he did. He took me behind the bleachers and kissed me deeply. He felt your wife's tits through my top. I saw some guys leaning over the bleachers, they saw your wife getting felt up by this young guy. I'm sure they wished it was them.

"Are you really going to do it?" He asked me.

You told me to say yes. I did. He practically tore my arm off when he pulled me into the hallway, the same one as before. He went back to kissing me and feeling my tits. This time he got his hands inside my bra and played with my nipples. They felt electric, it sent jolts right to my clit, I swear. His hands then got up under my short skirt and he felt your wife's ass, baby, no doubt just how you wanted it.

He was very excited, I could see his pants tenting up in front. "You know the janitor showed up last time," he panted.

"Then you'd better hurry," I giggled.

"Ok," he said excitedly. "Oh wait, I forgot," he said. He pulled out some handcuffs. I had no idea he knew I was into that kink.

"Tony," I started to protest, until I remembered that you said that Tony would know what to do and to let him. I didn't want to back out of it, I wanted to show you I wouldn't. I let him do it. He cuffed my hands over my head to that bar thingy on the gym doors that control how fast they close. He showed me the key. He popped your slut's tits out of the top. He quickly and roughly pawed them, all the while driving me crazy.

I told him he'd better hurry. He yanked my skirt down to my ankles. He saw the French cut panties.

"Wow, Mrs. M, those are hot," he gushed.

"Take them as a souvenir," I said. I was slick, ready. I knew what a nice cock he had. I couldn't wait for him to skewer me with it.

He took my panties. I was hung up on the door, nearly on my tiptoes, my tits were fully exposed and my skirt was in a puddle at my feet and my panties were in his hot little hands. He slid his pants over his ass. His cock sprung out, fully engorged. I told him to take me, as he had wanted before. His cock grazed against my opening. I tried to buck into it, to help ease it in, he backed off. He looked around. Then, just as before we heard the crashing of a cart coming. It was the janitor again.

"Fuck," I growled. "The key, uncuff me!" I said as quietly as I could. He gave me a weird smile.

"Oops," he smiled. He dropped the fucking key. It hit the ground with a metallic click. He then kicked it down the hallway, in the direction of the sound of the approaching janitor cart. It slid almost all the way to the locked gate. "I can't believe you wanted this," he shrugged, "but, if I can have that later, I'm all for it." He left me there like that, open, exposed, and now very very helpless.

"You really are twisted," Meaghan said to me before resuming her story.

Meaghan: So, I was basically just hanging there. I knew there was nothing I could do. I saw him before he saw me. His eyes lit up.

"What the fuck," he bellowed. He came right at me. I must've looked like I was sobbing. He asked me over and over if I was all right.

"Yes," I said, incredibly embarrassed now. My tits were heaving from my panting and I'm sure he could smell my excitement from before, my pussy was fully exposed to him.

"Lady, are you sure you are ok?" He asked in awe. "I remember you, from two weeks ago," he said, his eyes squarely on my tits. He'd remembered those, for sure.

I insisted I was, that I wasn't being raped, that it was just a game between me and my husband. He gave me a strange look. I'm sure he knew I was lying. He'd seen Tony, I'm sure of it. I'm sure he realized the age difference. I was truly sobbing now, but totally from the embarrassment of it. You knew it, you cruel fucker. You knew how embarrassing that would be to me to be caught like that. I know it is what you wanted, after the last time. You told me you wondered what would've happened if he'd caught me last time, you wanted to make sure it happened this time. Well it did. He had your wife nearly totally naked and hanging. I realized by this time that he wasn't retarded. He had a very wicked smile.

"So you put yourself in this position on purpose?" He asked. He was going to make me explain myself. I'm sure you know how humiliating that must've been for me.

I told him that my lover and I were just exploring some kink. I told him that we just kind of like it like this. I realized I hadn't even asked him yet to let me go. It wasn't lost on him.

"Um, could you let me go now, sir? I promise we won't bother you again."

I showed him where the key was, way down the hall. He just nodded. "Are you sure that's what you really want?" He asked me in that deep basso.

"Of course, sir," I said as politely as I could. I mean it is one thing to have Tony have me helpless, but him, a complete stranger? I wasn't sure what he'd do. I started to beg. He seemed to enjoy it. He was watching me twist and turn away from him, trying to hide as much of my nudity as I could. He just kept swinging me back to face him.

"Fuck, please, sir, really. I'm serious," I begged.

"You know I will," he said. "But first, tell me this. Two weeks ago I saw you topless, obviously after you'd done something with that young punk. You hadn't even time to fully dress. God knows what you did with him under the bleachers, but that's not the problem. So, even after you saw me, you didn't bother to put your top on."

I remembered, I also remembered the look of lust he had. It was now back in those deep brown eyes of his.

"So, you could've covered up, you could have run, you could've thrown me some lie or told me to mind my own fucking business. Instead, you just teased me by walking out of here, swaying that hot ass for me. On purpose, you did it on purpose. Now, I find you like this, again, this time in even more of a compromising situation. What's a man supposed to think?"

I told him I was sorry, that I'd never do it again, that it was just a game between two lovers that got out of hand.

He eyed me intently. He hadn't even touched me or attempted to. "That's your story?" He asked.

I told him it was. I was begging.

"Fine," he said. He walked off down the hall. I saw him bend and pick up the key. He walked back slowly. He was taking me in as he approached. He had a look of pity in his eyes.

I remembered our discussion earlier. I remember how you taunted me. I think you wanted something like this. I took a deep breath. I am no chicken. He started to unlock me.

"Wait, wait," I said quickly. He stopped.

"Look," I said. I wasn't even sure what I was going to say, or do. I think you love that about me, that I'm forced to be what I am, on the spot, spontaneously. Whatever, it works. "You've been so nice, both times you've caught me, before you unlock me, don't you want to...you know...at least touch me?" I asked. I think I was whispering, I don't even know if I said it aloud. My brain was screaming.

He heard. "Touch you? Are you serious?"

"Yesss," I whispered again. "Do it," I said, "as a reward for not turning me in." My heart was flipping, my pussy was suddenly slick.

He put his big hands on my open titties. He felt your slut wife's titties, baby. Then, he pulled away with concern.

"I don't feel right about doing this," he said. He started to reach up to let me out again.

I knew what you wanted me to do now, it was so clear, you wanted me to debase myself to this guy, this old guy, the old black janitor. I begged him to continue. He hesitated.

"Listen, I get it, you like some kinky sex, maybe even risky, but I can't risk my job, even for something as incredible as this, I have grandkids and a house to pay for," he said as he twisted my nipple deftly. I felt my pussy light up like a Christmas tree as the jolt shot through me.

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