Measuring My Cum Ch. 14


"That's right Jacob. In and out, not too fast and not too slow, just do what comes naturally," continued the doctor encouragingly.

I continued pistoning mom's cunt and it felt glorious. The doctor let go of holding mom's ass cheeks open as I was now well and truly in and she instead kept one hand on my ass as I thrust forwards and backwards. It kind of felt strange and nice at the same time!

The idea that I was now fucking mom in front of the doctor was really turning me on, and I was sure mom was feeling the same, although she did not let on. Her face was buried in the top edge of the sofa and her arms were partly over the sides of her face so we could not see her expression, but she let out some groans of pleasure as I continued to pump her.

"That's right Jacob, fuck your mom, stick your hard dirty cock into her juicy cunt and let all those lovely juices mix and make you better," uttered the doctor.

I continued my thrusts and then noticed the doctor had removed her hand from feeling my ass as I pumped and saw she was unclasping her bra. Fuck!

As her bra came off, I saw the doctor's large pendulous boobs from the corner of my eye as she stood next to me, and again started pushing and feeling my ass cheeks as I thrust into mom.

The doctor's tits wobbled and jiggled roughly and I noticed two large pinky-brown areoles and nipples, as I looked sideways momentarily.

"Go on fuck her hard Jacob and watch my titties at the same time." Fuck this was amazing.

The doctors tits and dirty encouraging words were fuel o my raging fire of lust now, and I increased the pace of my thrusts and even slapped month ass cheeks a few times as I gripped her love handles.

Then, incredibly the doctor left my side and shot around to the back of the sofa so she was now facing me, and placed her hands on the top of the sofa near where mom's hands were. She then bent forward ever so slightly and started moving herself from side to side so that her tit's hung down and wobbled and jiggled sideways as she did so. Mom's head was still buried in the sofa so she could not see this, but it was an incredible sight!

As I continued pumping mom, the sight of Dr Taylor's pendulous, melon like boobs jiggling and wobbling and hanging down almost like udders as she swung them, pushed me over the edge.

I knew I would not last much longer now as and after just a few more thrusts I blew my load deep into mom's pussy with a loud "Ahhhhhh.....," as I did so, followed by several grunts as I spewed inside her, each groan timing with a spurt of my cum.

Mom also groaned loudly as I came, indicating she must have at least orgasmed too.

I became light-headed and I closed my eyes, still holding onto mom's hips as the last of my cum waves eased and my dick became limp. Fuck, that had felt so good....."

To be continued...

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