Measuring Up


My name is Alex. I am a forty-eight year old man, and I would like to tell you about a recent experience I had. I recently decided to join a health club. I'm in pretty good shape, but I had decided I wanted to firm up a little more. I had made my initial visit to the club I had decided on, and signed the contract, and now I was arriving for my first workout.

Upon entering, I was asked by the woman behind the desk to sign in and she would be right with me. She was a very pretty blonde wearing some very tight exercise shorts and sports bra that was having a hard time containing her breast.

After a few minutes she asked me to follow her. I followed her down a hallway where we entered a room occupied by only a scale and desk.

"Hi," she said holding her hand out to me, "I'm Julie, and what we are going to do is take your measurements before turning you over to your trainer. We take the measurements to use as a starting point for your exercise program, and then we will follow-up monthly to track your progress. How does that sound?"

"Sounds great," I replied.

Julie took out a tape measure, and proceeded to take my measurements. Starting with my neck, she would measure and then record the number on a card that would be filed. She measured each bicep and forearm, and then told me she was going to measure my chest and abdomen.

"Okay, I'm going to need you to remove your shirt to get an accurate measurement," she said.

I smiled and pulled my shirt over my head, and put it on the desk. She then wrapped her arms around me and pulled the tape measure snug around my chest. Doing this brought her breasts up against my chest for a moment, and I felt my cock twitch from the contact. It worried me a little, because I never wear underwear, and was currently wearing a pair of sweat pants that would do nothing to conceal a hard on.

Julie moved on to my abdomen. This contact was having was really having an effect on me, and I was becoming semi erect. She then moved down to measure my calves and asked me to pull my sweats up so she could get a good measurement. I did, and she wrote it down on the card. She then looked up at me past the forming bulge in my sweats.

"I need to get a measurement of your thighs, and your waist," she said. "So, can you remove your sweats, and then we will be finished."

I looked at her and smiled.

"What is it," she asked.

"Well," I said, "I don't wear underwear."

Julie paused for a moment, and then said, "Well just slide them down; it will only take a minute to measure."

"Okay," I said, and slide down my sweat to my ankles. The movement of the sweats over my cock and the fact that I was exposing myself to this very pretty woman made me cock grow hard, and it sprang up pretty quickly.

Julie looked down and I could hear her catch her breath. She tried to remain professional, and wrapped the tape measure around my waist. My cock being eight inches in length was standing up right between us. She wrote down the number. The kneeling down in front of me she wrapped the tape measure around my right thigh. I looked down at her, and the sight made my cock start to twitch and throb. Julie then moved to my left thigh, and measured. As she recorded the number someone called her name.

The door to the room which was only pushed to, and not all the way closed was pushed open, and a beautiful black woman walked in the room.

"Julie," she said, and then stopped. "Oh my," she said, looking straight at my cock. "What is going on in here," she asked.

"I had to get his thigh measurements," Julie said, "and well he doesn't wear underwear."

The black woman walked up to me and held out her hand. "Hi, I'm Tracy, welcome to our club."

She looked at Julie, and asked, "did you get all the measurements?"

"Yes," Julie answered.

Tracy took the card from Julie, and read it. I was wondering how long they were going to let me stand nude in front of them.

I let my eyes run over Tracy. She was wearing a bikini top which barely held her breasts. Her dark skin was very erotic, and her stomach was flat and I followed it down to her bikini bottoms. If I thought my cock was hard before, well it got even harder and tighter. Tracy noticed and smiled at me.

She looked and Julie and asked, "aren't you the least bit curious about the measurement of that," and she pointed to my cock.

Julie smiled. "Well, yes I was wondering.

"Then let's find out." Tracy closed the door all the way, and then told Julie to go ahead. Julie took the tape measure and placed the end at the base of my cock and stretched it out the length of my cock. When she reached the head some precum got on her finger.

She looked at Tracy, and said, "almost nine inches.

"Umm," Tracy replied, "let me see," and she took the tape measure from Julie.

She then ran the tape from the base again to the head, and confirmed Julie's results.

Tracy put her hand on my chest, and ran it down over my abdomen, and did not stop there. Her hand landed on the base of my cock and she wrapped her fingers around it.

"Do you like what you see," she asked me.

"Yes," I replied, "but it is not quite fair that I am nude, and you are not.

Tracy reached behind her back and untied her top. Her breasts were perfect, and her nipples were hard. She then untied the sides of her bottoms, and let them drop to the floor. Her pussy was smoothly shaven. She moved from in front of me and sat up on the desk and slowly spread her legs before me.

Tracy then looked at Julie. "How about you," she asked.

Julie reached back and removed her sports bra, and out came her breasts. Not quite as large as Tracy's but very firm. She slowly pushed down her shorts revealing she wore no underwear either. She had a little blonde patch just above her slit. I pulled her closer to us, and her hand gripped my cock, while her other hand ran up Tracy's thigh. I watched her hand until it reached Tracy's smooth pussy. Tracy moaned, and I could see her wetness begin to run down her ass. With her hand still around my cock, she pulled me between Tracy's legs and guided me inside of her wet pussy. I fell forward and began kissing Tracy, and running my hands all over her body, feeling her ass, and squeezing and sucking her breasts.

Our rhythm picked up, and Julie and Tracy began kissing. This made me swell even more. Tracy felt and reached down and squeezed the base of my cock, and then she began to cum. As she regained herself, she pulled Julie up onto the desk, and pulled me out of her, and then guided me into Julie's wet pussy. Julie came almost immediately after a few strokes. I continued to fuck her, and she came again. I kissed and sucked her breast, and felt myself growing close. But, I wanted to cum in Tracy, so I pulled out and pulled Tracy to me. I turned her around and leaned her over the desk and slid in from behind. Julie was still on the desk, and Tracy pulled her to her, and buried her face in her pussy.

What a beautiful sight. As I pumped Tracy, she licked Julie to another orgasm, and when she felt me swell again, she stood up and then kneeled down in front of me. Julie joined her, and the both sucked me. It didn't take long, and I came all over them. They tried to suck all my cum up, but they had brought so much put of me. They continued to suck until I they got it all out of me.

We sat for a few minutes, and then began to get dressed.

I was spent, and felt my exercise was done for the day.

"Ladies," I said, "I believe I will have to make my first exercise day tomorrow. I am ready for the showers."

They both laughed.

"Anytime you want to exercise with me again, you let me know," Tracy said.

"And make sure you call me," said Julie.

Dressed now, they both left the room, and I headed home.

You can imagine I look forward to all my visit to this health club.

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