tagLoving WivesMeating Our Young Neighbor

Meating Our Young Neighbor


Several weeks ago my wife Jolene and I had gone out to a local jazz club for dinner, drinks, dancing and daring. If you have read our other escapades you know my beautiful wife's long tan legs and supple tits. This night her very short basic black dress barely covered her legs that were accentuated by her high-heeled sandals. Having gone bra-less her breasts were barely held in by the v-necked dress. With her hair swept up Jolene was absolutely stunning. We had had dinner and had done some dancing and were sitting at our table when out of nowhere we heard a woman call my wife's name. As it turned it out it was an old neighbor of ours and her son making their way through the club.

We hadn't seen our neighbor Susan for several years since we had moved. Susan was chatting up a storm before she got to our table as I extended my hand to her son Andrew. I had known Andrew most of his life and liked him as a kid and now saw him as a grown young man. We invited Susan and Andrew to sit at our table and enjoy a drink or two with us. Susan was a nice looking woman however she loved to talk and I knew I was in for a disappointing night with my wife, that was before Andrew slid in the booth next to my wife. As Andrew slid on the bench of the booth I followed his eyes down to my wife's lap where her neatly trimmed pussy was just out of view beneath her skirt. I knew and my wife knew that she did not have panties on, I wondered if by now Andrew knew. Andrew's gaze stopped for a second and then looking up he saw both Jolene and I smiling back at him, his face quickly became a little flushed.

Andrew's mother Susan was still talking and oblivious to just about anything that was happening around her. The waitress arrived at the table and took our drink orders before turning to leave thus allowing Susan to continue. A few more minutes into the conversation I asked Jolene if she would like to dance taking her hand and raising her from the booth. Although I could not see his face I am sure Andrew was taking a long look at Jolene's long legs as she slid her fine ass across the leather seat. This quick escape allowed us a few minutes of solitude. As we held each other and danced to the smooth music I asked Jolene what she thought about the evening. Her first words were "Andrew has sure grown into a solid young man", her sexy crooked mischievous smile beaming back at me. I agreed with her and as I pulled her closer to me whispered in her ear that Andrew though a lot of her too. As we came around the dance floor Jolene smiled and suggested we head back to the table.

Our drinks had not yet arrived and as we approached the table my wife asked Andrew if he would like to dance before they showed up. Andrew smiled as he slid around the booth to take her hand, his eyes transfixed on a beautiful woman just about his mother's age, very short skirt, long tanned legs, supple breasts, low cut neckline beckoning him with her finger. I on the other hand was doomed at the thought of sitting alone listening to Susan ramble on. Thankfully Susan did not require too much response as she talked and I watched my wife lead Andrew to the dance floor, turning and taking him to her. As the banter continued I watched Jolene and Andrew maneuver the floor, laughing and smiling as they swayed to the slow music. As they came back around toward where I was sitting in a verbal fog I noticed that Andrew's legs were locked to my wife's as they held each other. I knew Andrew was basking in my wife's fragrance and was sure her warm body drew him closer.

The drinks arrived just in time because I am pretty certain Susan was becoming thirsty as her verbal assault had not slowed down at all. As Jolene and Andrew approached hand in hand I could see my wife's large braless nipples were standing erect beneath her dress. For Andrew's part he was trying to cover the lump in his slacks before arriving at the table. I started to stand up as my wife asked me to slide around next to Susan so she could sit between two good looking men. Watching my wife slide in the booth behind me I noticed Jolene's legs parted slightly as she turned toward Andrew while moving my direction. It was almost humorous watching Andrew gaze up my wife's legs toward her sweet naked pussy. I could tell at this point he was staring right into Jolene's blonde tufted pussy and they were both enjoying the moment. My wife settled in next to me and her skirt was bunched up high enough to just give us a glimpse of her nakedness.

As Jolene and Susan chatted about various subjects Andrew and I sat attempting not to stare down my wife's dress. As Jolene talked her left strap fell from her shoulder almost completely revealing her nice tits to Andrew and I. Without blinking Jolene returned the strap to it's place and slowly crossed her legs, her dress rising and bunching at the top of her legs. As I looked up from her lap I caught our young neighbor's eyes as he was watching the show. Slowly I slid my hand up my wife's thigh until my hand was resting where her legs met her dress. Jolene uncrossed her legs as my hand moved between her thighs all the while the conversation continued. Our young friend was still watching Jolene's thighs as about this time Susan broke Andrew's and my trance as she almost yelled at him. "Andrew, Jolene is going to beauty school and needs to practice, why don't you go over to their place and let her cut your hair" I thought his neck was going to snap as he turned to look at his mother.

Another song started and Andrew asked Jolene if she would like to dance. My wife slid directly toward him, her pussy clearly exposed by her short skirt, pausing for a moment she smoothed it down as she stood to take his hand. In a moment they were off on the dark dance floor in each other's arms. Susan and I chatted about neighborhoods and how time had gone by so fast since we last saw each other. I was distracted from the conversation watching as Jolene had melted into Andrew's embrace, her head on his shoulder and their bodies moving together. As Susan excused herself to the restroom I adjusted my erect cock in my pants thinking about watching my wife fucking our young friend Andrew. Jolene and Andrew returned to the table and now his hard dick pressing against his slacks embarrassed him. Andrew looked at me and then at Jolene before excusing himself to the restroom. Jolene and I were alone again!!

Taking my wife in my arms we took up with the next song, pressing into each other tightly. Jolene mentioned she could feel my cock against her pussy and it felt good. I asked her how good of a dancer Andrew was and she answered that his cock felt good too, she had pressed herself against him and he did not let her down. Jolene described how Andrew became hard almost immediately on body contact and it was turning her on thinking about having it. I asked her what she planned to do about it and she only smiled her sexy smile and licked her lips. The lights came up as we moved back to the table, this time I was trying to hide my bulge. Susan and Andrew had returned and as we met them at the table Suan mentioned they had to leave. Susan held out a pen and paper asking Jolene for our phone number so Andrew could call and get a haircut before going back to college. Looking directly at Andrew Jolene asked him if he was free the following weekend as she bent over the table to write out our phone number. With a smile on his face he said he would like to come by and Jolene said great as she needed as many heads as possible to practice on.

Jolene and I left shortly after our friends and by the time we reached the door we were ready to fuck. Handing the ticket to the valet with a $20.00 bill asking him to move us up to the front of the line he smiled, looked Jolene over and said right away sir. Jumping from the drivers side the young valet sprinted around the car to open the door for my wife, being treated to a wet naked pussy as she slid into the car. Once in the car my wife had my cock out before we were out of the parking lot sucking it and rolling her tongue all over its length. As she was bent over sucking me it was easy for me to reach her pussy and slide my finger slowly in and out her juicy box. It didn't take much of this before I was shooting globs of cum into my wife's mouth as we sped down the interstate toward home. Jolene sucked until I was completely soft before tucking me back in and reclining against the door of the car. I looked in her direction, her knees were up and her blonde pussy exposed, her fingers toying with her clit. Jolene asked if I had a good time tonight watching her dance with young Andrew. I confirmed that watching her expose herself and tease Andrew had me hard most of the night. As her fingers slid deeper into her pussy I asked her if she had a good time.

Jolene smiled back at me as she brought herself over the edge. Catching her breath Jolene indicated she had enjoyed herself and hoped he would come over for a private haircut. Pulling into the garage were naked before we hit the bedroom. Lying next to each other on the bed my wife asked if her 44 year old body would be acceptable for our 24 year old ex neighbor. Looking down at her 38" tits, her tanned body, long legs and beautiful pussy with a little blonde landing strip I began stroking my cock. As I brought myself back to an erection I described how Andrew was going to suck on her nipples and pinch them with his fingers. Jolene was rolling her nipples between her thumb and fingers as I described our your friend as he slid his tongue down her stomach and began licking her wet pussy.

By this time my cock was ready to burst and taking Jolene by the hips and turning her onto her stomach I told her how Andrew was going to take her in his hands and slide his hard young cock deep into her waiting pussy, fucking her doggy style while I watched. Pulling her hips up to my hard cock I slipped it into her creamy pussy, now my cock was deep in my wife as we both were turned on and fucking each other. As I pulled her hips to my with each thrust Jolene was moaning for Andrew to fuck her and fuck her hard. We collapsed on the bed, both smiling and laughing about a couple of old farts with wild fantasies. Not much was said the balance of the week although both of us from time to time would tease about Andrew doing this or doing that with Jolene.

It was a surprise to both of us Saturday morning when the phone rang about 9:30 AM. Jolene picked up the phone and smiled as she said "Good morning Andrew!"" I listened to her end of the conversation for a few seconds as she told him it would be great if he would stop by for a haircut and that 10:00 AM would be fine. As my wife hung up the phone she smiled coyly at me and asked if she should change into something more fitting. I looked across the couch at her lounging in baggy sweats, a long t-shirt and big slippers and told her she turned me on just the way she was. Throwing a pillow at me she said she was going to shower and change and that I should let Andrew in when he arrived and make him comfortable. I got up and poured another cup of coffee and made my way to the bathroom where Jolene was taking a bath. I watched intently as she shaved her legs and touched up her little blonde pussy.

Retreating to the living room I had enough time to read one article in the paper before the doorbell rang. Making my way to the door I swung it full open and was surprised to not only see Andrew standing there but also two other young men his age. I was startled and it took me a second to realize they were staring right past me. Turning to look behind me there stood Jolene just as startled as the rest of us wearing a very short pair of white boy shorts and a thin wife beater type tank top. Jolene did not miss a step and invited everyone in as I stood aside letting these three young men walk through the door and into the living room. It was a little awkward for a second as the four of us men stood together gazing at Jolene's long tanned legs, tight fitting shorts and tank top and her very sexy smile. Turning and walking away she said something about meeting us in the backyard. The four of us watched as my wife walked away, her tight ass just showing out the bottom of those tight white shorts as she slipped out of sight.

I led the three young men to the backyard, showing them the pool and Jacuzzi areas and sunning area also. Andrew introduced me to his friends Carl and Ron who he played soccer with. All three young men were athletic and seemed to be pretty good guys. I asked Andrew if he came for his haircut and he said sure and also to see Jolene and I again. I knew he was here to see more of Jolene than he was to see me. About this time my wife came striding into the pool area carrying five long neck beers in her hands by their necks. As her soft feet padded across the concrete deck I took in my wife who was still knocking me dead after many years of marriage. I heard Carl gasp "Oh shit, look at those tits" as Jolene's supple tits bounced with her strides, her short white pants framing her near naked pussy at the top of those long legs. As Jolene handed the beers to our company their eyes were roving her body. Raising our ice-cold beers to the center of the ring we had casually formed we all toasted to a great afternoon and tipped our heads back. As my wife brought her beer down I think she intentionally let a little slip from her lips and fall to her lovely chest. As Jolene turned to head for the house she asked if anyone was interested in a haircut.

Carl was the first to step forward with his eyes glued to my wife's firm ass cheeks proudly peeking from the bottom of her tight white boy shorts. Ron scrambled behind Carl followed by Andrew and me as my wife lead on toward the patio. Jolene motioned Carl into the chair and told him to take off his shirt. Carl told my wife he would remove his if she removed hers to which Jolene just smiled and told him to have patience while letting her hands trail across her hard nipples. In a second Carl was sitting half naked in a chair on our patio, as my wife was about to cut his hair. Ron asked if he could go swimming as he pulled his shirt over his head. I told Ron go ahead and swim, no suit required, as I pulled up a chair alongside of Andrew to watch my wife cut Carl's hair. Jolene started by rubbing water over Carl's head being sure to splash sufficient water on her chest to make portions of her tank top transparent. Leaning in to cut Carl's hair my wife's braless tits were barely inches from his face. Andrew and I watched as Carl began moving his hands up my wife's long tanned legs while staring at her hardening nipples. Jolene playfully slapped his hands away while calling him a nasty little boy.

Turning to Andrew I asked him if he would like to fuck my wife. Andrew was a little shocked and rocked back in his chair and responded with the question "What?" I leaned toward our young ex-neighbor and told him it was ok, Jolene and I had talked about it and I was sure Jolene wanted to fuck him too. As we watched my wife lean against Carl and maneuver her body around his I could tell Andrew was considering the offer. Jolene was standing with her legs parted pressing her hot pussy against Carl's thigh, one leg on either side of his. Moving to Carl's side her chest pressed against his arm as she was cutting his hair, with his opposite hand Carl attempted to fondle her breasts and again was met with her playful slap away. Andrew looked at me and asked me exactly what I meant. I told him I was offering him my wife, as I was sure she wanted to be with him, no strings attached. Now Jolene was standing behind Carl brushing his hair back while looking directly at Andrew and smiling. Andrew turned to me and said he was ready and actually had fantasized about fucking my wife for most of his young life. I asked if he had masturbated while thinking of my wife and after a short silence he said he sometimes still did. He told me that he had caught glimpses of Jolene several times either naked in our backyard or through the windows and blinds of our home.

Jolene brushed Carl's shoulders off and said "Next!" as she looked directly into Andrew's eyes. Andrew looked at me and I told him to enjoy the haircut and my wife as it was okay with me and with her. As Carl stood from the chair his hard cock was very obvious to all as he tried to straighten it while walking away looking a little embarrassed. Carl took Andrew's place in the chair next to me as Andrew took off his shirt and tossed it our direction while heading toward my wife who was beckoning him with her finger. Carl turned to me and said "Mr. Shaw you have one hot wife, do you know that?" I smiled at Carl and told him he didn't know the half of it. Ron now popped out of the pool and joined us on the patio. I asked Jolene if she would like another drink as I headed for the kitchen to grab us all another beer. Jolene asked for a White Russian instead of a beer. I know a couple of White Russians always makes her horny and at that point anything can happen. As I left the patio Jolene was standing in front of our young neighbor running her hands through his hair, her tits just inches from his face as she had taken a position between his legs pressing his legs apart with hers. Jolene was positioned so that Carl and Ron had a nice view of her barely covered ass.

As I returned from the kitchen with Jolene's drink and more beers I stopped to watch as Andrew was running his hands up and down the back of my wife's thighs and with each stop at her ass was moving her boy shorts higher on her cheeks. It was only a few more strokes of his hands before he hooked the bottoms of her shorts and pulled them tight up her ass fully exposing her tanned ass to his two friends. As I entered the patio Jolene turned to take her drink from me, her nipples were hard and pressing the thin material of her shirt. My wife met me with a lingering kiss as I let one of my hands roam down over her exposed ass cheek. My wife drank almost half of the White Russian with one drink as she smiled through the glass at me, giving me one of her sexy winks. As Jolene moved around Andrew I took my seat near Ron and Carl, both of them transfixed by my wife and unsure about the scene unfolding in front of them. We three watched as Jolene moved around Andrew cutting his hair, making no attempt to adjust her boy shorts and giving us all a clear view of her charms.

Jolene had finished her drink and asked me to fix her another one as she finished up with Andrew. When I returned Jolene was standing in front of our young neighbor, her tank top almost completely wet and transparent. Andrew's hands were caressing her nipples as she ran her fingers through his hair. Jolene took the drink from me as Andrew embarrassed at being caught removed his hands from my wife's tits. My cock was hard and I made no attempt to conceal it as I knew the three young men were in the same state. Jolene looked down at my cock pressing against my thin shorts, smiling at me she snaked her hand down to feel my hardness and asked if I liked what I saw. Taking her in my arms I planted a long kiss while taking her ass cheeks in my large hands and giving them a squeeze. My wife playfully pushed me away and said she had business to take care of.

Jolene finished Andrew's haircut while standing behind him, facing the three of us who were watching the show. Slowly my wife's hands moved across Andrew's shoulders and down his young chest until she had a nipple between her fingers in each hand. Looking directly at the three voyeurs in front of her she slipped her tongue in Andrew's ear while beginning to pinch his nipples. Sliding around in front of Andrew Jolene again moved between his legs and pressed her body close to his. While standing in front of Andrew Jolene hooked the sides of her boy shorts and slowly slid them over her ass and down her long legs leaving them in a pile around her feet. Her next move was to pull her tank top over her head exposing her large supple tits to our young friend. Instinctively Andrew's hands moved to her chest and began fondling her tits and rubbing her erect nipples between his fingers. As my wife spread her legs slightly we could see Andrew's fingers slipping around her pussy and sliding deep into her fuck hole. Jolene stepped back just enough to loosen her young lover's pants and pull out his very hard cock. We watched as my wife lowered herself to her knees and took Andrew's cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head and licking up and down the shaft.

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