Medical Exam


I'd just finished my second interview for a new job and now it was time for a physical. I was nervous, really nervous because I knew that I was going to have to have a prostate check. My biggest fear was what would happen if I got an erection during the exam? And what if it was a male doctor? All these thoughts where going through my head. I didn't want to enjoy a guy sticking his finger up my ass! But I knew that it could feel good because occasionaly I used to do it to myself when I masturbated. Well, my time was up so I walked into the examintaion room. My fears were marginally alleviated when I discovered that it was going to be a female doctor doing the exam, and she was damn fine. I was still worried about getting an erection because I didn't know what would happen if my potential employers found out I cracked a big woody during the medical. Would I still get the job? I vowed to do my best to keep my manhood under control.

"Hello Mr Johnston, please remove your clothes and slip into this gown." I hesitated. "Don't worry my name is Dr Lauren Jones, and I assure you that you don't have anything I haven't seen before."

She was incredibly clinical in her approach and some how that made her even sexier. I had images flashing through my head of bending her over the bed and fucking her, and having her beg me for it. No stop thinking that. Concentrate.

Dr Jones took my blood pressure and a few other vitals. My blood pressure was a little high but she said it was more from nerves and not anything I should be worried about. She was right I was nervous. I was tryin to think of every disgusting thing possible so I could maintain control.

"Ok Mr Johnston, hop off the bed and turn around." I did as I was instructed. This beautiful doctor seemed to have some kind of hold over me. I couldn't resist taking a peek at her ass as she turned to grab what I assumed to be a clean glove and some lube. Here it comes I thought. Concentrate now this is your career at stake.

"Now place your legs shoulder width apart and place your hands on the bed." Again, I followed her instruction to the letter without a thought to disobey. This doctor had an aura about her. She was totally in control and there was nothing I could do to break this spell she had over me.

"You may feel a bit of discomfort". She said

"I hope so" I thought. "I don't want it to feel good!" And then it happened. She inserted two fingers into my ass and I felt my cock twitch. Concentrate. I could feel her fingers moving around inside of me as she massaged my prostate. The doctor seemed to be spending an awful long time with her inspection and regardless of my best efforts I started to to feel the blood flow in my nether regions and my cock started to grow.

"I'm so sorry" I stammered as I blushed

"It's perfectly natural Mr Johnston, In fact it will make my next job easier if you just relax and let it happen. There will be something else I'm going to have to use in a minute."

I was still a bit nervous but I did as was told and before too long I had a full blown erection. Dr Jones seemed to be sliding her fingers in and out of my ass and although it felt amazing it did occur to me that maybe this was a little bit more than your average check up. I didn't think that doctors were supposed to do their inspection for so long. It was turning me on though so I didn't complain.

Her gentle strokes where picking up speed and I was starting to thrust back on her hand as she finger fucked my ass. I was really enjoying the attention when all of a sudden she withdrew her fingers. All I wanted in the world at that moment was for her to thrust them back in and to fuck me some more. I started to get up thinking the fun over but she quickly reminded me that she was not finished.

"Please remain with your hands on the bed Mr Johnston." She instructed before I'd moved very far. Ofcourse I complied. I was standing there for a couple minutes with nothing happening. Then she said "I'm about to insert someting a bit larger now so there may be a little discomfort again."

"God I hope so." I thought.

She placed this new device at the entrance to my hole. I couldn't help myself and I started to slide back onto it. My ass resisted at first but the implement was well lubricated and the lips of my anus gave way to the pressure. The tip slid gently in. It was slightly wider than her fingers but only an inch of it went inside me. Dr Jones was just holding it in place but I wanted more. Not too sure how long this device was I started to slide gently back onto it figuring that the doctor would stop me if I was doing something wrong. She didn't. This thing was long and hard and yet somehow gentle. The way it slid inside me was incredibly arousing as it hit erogenous zones I never knew I had. After getting about six or seven heavenly inches down the shaft I got the surprise of my life. Dr Jones quickly thrust forward and I was pressed against the bed. Falling forward I was completely bent over.

It only took me a moment to realise that the sexy doctor was in fact a transexual. And it was no medical device in my ass but her cock! Her big cock at that. The thing must have been at least nine inches long! I tried to turn but she had quickly grabbed my wrists and held them behind my back. I was stuck bent over with my face being forced into the bed and this hot as fuck shemale with her cock in my ass. I protested and struggled but she held me firm. Then it dawned on me. It was me that was going to get the fucking.

"Problem Mr Johnston?" I started to protest but she quickly thrust backwards and forwards in one stroke and her cock glided over my prostate and well into my ass creating a sensation so intense that I had no choice but to submit to it. Her big cock inside me felt incredible and I couldn't help but let out a moan. I fell silent until she thrust again. This time much more slowly guiding her cock gently over my prostate.

"Oh fuck" I said. I couldn't help myself. As much as my brain was telling me no, my body just craved it and melted onto the minxes nice juicy cock. It was all inside me again and I started to wriggle. Not to try and escape this time but just to feel it move inside me.

"Your a naughty little boy Mr Johnston. I know you were thinking about doing this to me earlier so I thought I'd teach you a lesson. How does it feel to be on the receiving end?" I didn't answer. She leant over me and I could feel her soft but firm breasts rubbing against my back. She slid her cock in and out of me and I could feel every merciful inch of her soft yet firm cock in my ass. It fulfilled me in a way I never knew existed. I was moaning again. Like a little bitch I was whimpering and it felt like the best thing in the world.

"I said how does it feel?" She repeated

"Please fuck me." I whispered. And she did just that. She let go of my wrists and I grabbed the other side of the bed. She placed each of her hands on my hips and It didn't take her long to get a good steam up. As her hips thrust forward she pulled back on my hips slamming her cock into me. She was pounding me like the little whore that I was.

I was begging her to fuck my ass now. It filled me to the brim as she pounded away, my ass slapping against her hips. I started to feel the rumblings of an orgasm which amazed me as my cock hadn't even been touched! My sphincter started to contract around her cock and she must have recognized it as the sign I was going to cum soon so she fucked my ass even harder as I pushed back wanting her deep inside me.

"Go on cum you little slut. Turn into that nasty little slut and cum while I fuck your ass and shoot my load into you." That sent me over the edge. My ass was contracting so tightly around her massive hot dick and my cum working its way up the shaft of my cock almost hurt, but it was a sensational feeling. Then I felt her thrust deep into me and I came.

My ass clenched again on her big cock as she fucked the life out of me. I was pounding back against her screaming "Fuck me fuck me FUCK ME" as I came. She shot her load inside of me just as I felt that exquisite release in my cock as my cum started to jet out.

We collapsed on the bed together and after a moment or two she said. "Now you're going to suck me hard again so I can fuck the shit out of you you little whore." Of course I couldn't help but comply for now I truly was her bitch.

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