Medusa Ch. 01


"I have a hard time... opening up, and... I want to feel... please. I... just... want you close," she said, bringing her lips up to his and offering the tiniest of kisses, blushes breaking through her usually cold demeanor.

"Medusa, you know... I.... You can be more forward about this. I want you too. And... I've... never..." Unable to find the words to explain this feeling, he returned the vixen's kisses, slowly rolling onto his side to avoid his injury. There, they embraced each other in a gentle hold, sinking their beings into the other with a slow passion. Not rushing, not hurrying, they held onto each other for a long moment, hiding their faces in the other's neck and sighing quietly with the feeling of the other's naked skin against their own.

"More forward," she repeated after him, running the words through her mind as she felt her stomach start to flutter. Slowly but surely, she could feel the seductress in her being let out of her cage. "Then... play with me... my breasts." She said the last part with a deep moan to her voice, making Darien's wraps suddenly spring tight with a hard erection. Encouraging him, she rolled onto her back and let her arms fall to her sides, leaving nothing between the man and her mounds. They pressed to her body, conforming to fit the contours of her chest with their large mass, and yet maintaining the round, massive shape that drove Darien's blood to course.

Without a word, only a silent gaze of longing and need, he rolled with her to face her, his free hand reaching out to encase the underside of her furthest breast. Slowly, gently, enjoying the electricity of the moment, the thief let his fingers sink into the soft skin of her bosom, its size overflowing his palm. A quick inhale from the gorgon made her breast rise with the filling of her lungs, emphasizing the curve of her spine against the arch of her body.

"By the gods, you are... so beautiful," he whispered, leaning closer to plant kisses upon her shoulder. She smiled down at him, snake half aimlessly wandering and slithering about over his legs as he gradually worked his kisses down further, leaning in and bringing his kisses upon her closest breast. Her breathing grew faster as his lips moved down the arch of her bosom and closer to her nipple, her skin almost tingling with excitement with each touch. Finally, his lips found her breast's nipple, swollen with obvious hunger. He opened his mouth and made a couple broad strokes with his tongue against the hard nub before encasing it in his mouth, sinking his face into her magnificent body.

Hissing with pleasure, Medusa raised her arm closest to Darien and placed it upon his back, lifting the hand till it rested upon the man's head. She held him there against her breast, encouraging him with lust as he started to suckle upon her. His own hand opened to run its palm along the side of her other breast, fingers slipping underneath it and gently lifting its mass into his palm, before shifting to the top of her breast to find her other nipple. Trapping it between finger and thumb, he made a tiny pinch, grinning into her breast as he found her breathing growing shorter, soon turning into aroused panting.

Unable to pull himself away from her bosom, Darien raised his head only to push her further breasts towards his mouth, quickly engulfing her second nipple between his lips and suckling with need. Medusa moaned quietly with the feeling of his moistness soaking her nipples, his sucking engorging them and causing them to swell even more. She raised her other hand to also hold his head, clutching him to her like a feeding babe.

"That feels good," she sighed happily, starting to squirm underneath her lover's lips. Unable to ignore the mountain pleasure any longer, she lowered her arm furthest from him to her pussy. It glistened with moisture and begged for attention. As she placed her fingertips against her budding clit, she inhaled sharply, pushing Darien's face to her bosom as she pleasured herself. Masturbating with her lover's mouth around her breast, Medusa found her body growing hotter by the second. An arousal she had not expected to come so quickly washed over her, and soon more of her juices leaked from her snatch. A trickle of her fluids dripped from her nether lips, trailing off the side and down the scales that covered her hips.

"You're soaked already?" Darien teased as he felt her juices touch his leg. Grinning up to the blushing beauty, he slid his face across her breasts to find her other nipple once more, nibbling on it as he again trapped it between his lips. His other hand drifted down her body, finger tips dancing along her smooth skin and the dip of her naval before reaching down past her pelvis. His fingers slipped along her hairless skin, finding the moistness of her pussy on the tips of her fingers where she rubbed her folds. As she lifted her hand to make way for her lover, Darien took her wrist and placed her hand where it was, guiding her fingers back to her budding clit.

"Don't stop," he whispered, smiling up to her as he slid his hand a couple of inches lower. She was dripping wet, causing Darien to almost growl into her ripe breast as he started to prod the tight, clenching entrance of her cunt. He could feel her moans through her chest, and the tips of her fingers against his hand as she grew faster and faster, rubbing at her clitoris with a rising desire. Her mouth opened slightly and her tongue slipped from between her snake fangs, long and serpentine, licking at her luscious lips with increasing hunger.

"Darien, please, I... I need it... don't tease me." Her quiet moans were replaced with husky groans of bliss as Darien finally pushed the two center fingers of his hand deep into her pussy. With his palm pointed upwards and towards her, his fingers were free to curl against her swollen g-spot, making her back arch all the more as she pushed her snatch onto his hand. Her other hand remained on his head, holding him to her breast dare he pull away from her engorged nipples. His forceful suckling sent tingles of pleasure through her core, making her limbs grow weak and her cunt clench down on the invading fingers with need. She growled openly, deep, feminine voice coming out in loud moans as Darien fingered her cunt with more and more aggressiveness.

It was too much for the gorgon. Locking her lips tightly and body going rigid with a sudden onslaught of pleasure, Medusa erupted in orgasm, letting out a rough moan as she started to push her cunt onto Darien's awaiting fingers. Warm jets of her cum shot out from between her folds, soaking the man's hand as he continued to rub his fingers along her g-spot. Her body acted on its own, some of her snake length coiling about his legs and gripping tightly as she convulsed; he didn't mind. Her breathing came out in quick pants and she pressed him to her breast, encouraging his suckling as her sensitive breasts sent tingling pleasure ripples throughout her core.

Slowly and with a teasing stroke of his fingers, he let her body come down from its waves of pleasure, dipping his fingers deep into her clenching walls to gently run them along her g-spot on the way out, only to push them in once more. Tightening muscles and spasms caused another tiny spurt of her warm, dripping cum to leak out onto his fingers, making him groan into her breasts and bite into her nipple with enough force to hurt. The sudden spark into her engorged breasts, with her body still quivering with orgasm aftershocks and growing extremely sensitive, made her squeal and clench down onto her lover's fingers all the more. She tried to pull away his hand as he pumped up against her tightening insides, but he ignored her pleas and forced more of her cum to squirt, making a sloshing sound of splashing liquid as she soaked his arm and her waist in her juices. He continued for almost a full minute, making the poor snake woman squeal and whimper like a child as he fingered her tender insides mercilessly until at last the final trickles of her cum squirted onto his palm.

"Oh! No more, no more. I need a moment to breathe," she hissed softly, almost ready to faint, hands raising to take her lover's head and gently pull him away from her bosom. Smiling to the man with the gloriousness of her orgasms, she pulled him to her lips, his torso coming to rest between the valley of her massive breasts as she kissed him. With devious hands she slipped her fingers into the cloth about his waist, undoing the binds to let the fabric fall free and expose Darien's erection.

Grinning and licking her lips with forked tongue, she wrapped a hand about the thick member of her lover, a soft sigh escaping her as she felt it pulse in her hand and wet her skin with its precum. For a small guy, Darien was well endowed, his penis somewhat longer and thicker than your average man, only to seem even larger against his tiny frame. She guessed it had something to do with his hidden background, not that she minded. The feel of its veined heat in her palm made her shiver with anticipation; it had been some time since they had a night to enjoy together, and she could feel her body's lust renew and grow almost palpable as she squeezed his cock.

"That feels good," he whispered between kisses, pulling away only to nuzzle his face into her neck.

"Hey now, roll over. It's my turn." She pushed him onto his side playfully, careful of his wound as she guided his body until he was on his back. Unable to contain her smile, she snuggled up against his hard chest, leaning over him just as he did before. She set her large breasts to rest atop his torso as she brought her face over his own, her long serpentine tongue reaching out to lick his lips before leaning in once more.

"Your breasts are huge," he managed to slip out between kisses, one hand sneaking behind her back to tickle along her spine, making her shiver as her lips slinked below his beard to nibble at his exposed jugular playfully. She wrapped her hand around his hard erection, squeezing it and making her lover groan, his throat vibrating in her mouth as she suckled on his neck, mouth open almost wide enough to pierce him with her fangs.

"Is that the only reason you like me?" she mewled happily, raising her head to put her forehead to his own. Gently, teasingly, she slid her hand up and down his hard length, bringing her fingertips to the head of his cock and spreading around the rising precum. The warrior gulped with the sensation, other hand slipping into Medusa's hair of snakes to run his fingers along their smooth, scaled forms.

"No," he said as lifted his head up to lock lips with the gorgon once more, "I really like snakes."

Blushing with his comment, Medusa slid further down his body, letting her huge breasts run along skin as she leaned in to plant kisses along his abs. Her hand slipped further down his cock, giving him a tight squeeze at the base that earned another groan before her hand slid down to wrap around his testicles. Supple and weighty in her palms, she shifted them back and forth in a massaging roll as her kisses got closer and closer to his pelvis. She fawned over his abs, their hardness and definition, her kisses sliding down his muscles until finally, she brought her mouth down to the underside of the head of his member. Smiling with a huge blush that turned her bright red, she kissed the glans of his cock, letting her succulent lips slowly envelop the moist, soft skin, her tongue snaking out to run along it.

"A... you're... going to make me cum," he said quietly, both hands knitting into her hair, the net of snakes wrapping about his fingers and wrists in warm hugs. They slithered and gripped through his hands, holding on only long enough to shift position as his palms ran back and forth along their gentle scales.

"I know. I want it," she moaned, the shift of power making her grow brave and lewd as she dipped her head down further, casually and easily slipping his large member deep into her mouth and into her throat. It was a smooth motion, with no gagging or coughing, clean and gentle, effortlessly devouring his cock till her thick lips gripped around the base. Slowly, with lingering tongue that ran up and down his length, she lifted her head, making Darien groan yet again as she suckled upon his dick with a tight kiss, only to deepthroat him again and hold him balls deep inside her tight, gripping throat. Finally breaking contact, she wrapped her other hand about the lower half of his shaft, squeezing and leisurely jerking him, her other hand massaging his testicles with a lover's attention.

Growing silent with the rising pleasure, Darien started to gently push his hips upward to Medusa's mouth, his member flexing in her hands as his seed started to boil inside him. His breathing grew labored and his muscles tightened, the rush of his cum into his cock making him hold onto his lover's head as the warm fluid gushed from his length. The gorgon moaned softly with the feel of his essence filling her mouth, only to move the hand away from the base of his cock so she could again slide his entirety into her throat in one swift motion. His orgasm continued, more of his cum rushing from his hard erection into her body, her tight throat gripping and massaging his length and making his muscles spasm with bliss.

"Hades take me," he finally managed too gasp, hands slipping away from her snake hair to net into his own as the final waves of his seed pooled up from his erection. Medusa smiled up to him from his waist, keeping him balls deep and shifting her head left and right, grinning around his girth as she kneaded his testicles. She loved the feel of his cum pouring up the underside of his cock against her tongue until it erupted deep inside her. As the warm, soft walls of her throat milked the last bits of his cum into her body, she lifted her head again with closed lips, sucking on him and making him squirm with the oversensitivity of his glans as her lips finally slipped and pulled away from his cock. Not a drop of his fluid was to be seen.

"You're still hard," she grinned to him, snake tongue sneaking out to lick her lips lusciously. She slithered up onto Darien's body, laying atop his small frame of hard muscle and pressing her large breasts into his chest. With his cock still wet from her mouth pressing against her flat stomach, her snake half shifted across the floor and flowed about them. She pulled her lover into her arms as her long, snake body wrapped around them in a large circle, coiling about them both and creating a small cage that trapped the both of them together.

"Are you going to eat me?" Darien asked with a chuckle, relaxing in his new sitting position with his back resting against the rows of her snake half that circled them.

She chuckled back to him, slowly lowering herself onto his body, hands taking his shoulders as she guided her soaking wet nether lips onto the swollen head of his cock. Darien opened his legs to let her waist to slip between them, the strange position allowing her to gently, gradually let her weight push forward and slide his cock deep into her quivering cunt.

"Un... ah... you're huge," she moaned openly, large breasts swaying left and right in front of Darien's face as she let herself push down far enough to devour a few inches of his length, only to push back up so the gripping lips of her pussy massaged the head of his cock. Leaning toward Medusa's chest, Darien couldn't help but grip her breasts in his hands, making her squeal as he pinched her nipples and pulled them into his mouth, suckling with force and lust. "Hey... wait... If you do that..." Unable to ignore the rippling pleasure waves that spread from her bosom, Medusa gave into her need and let her body sink completely onto her trapped lover's member. She whimpered with satisfaction as the long, thick cock stretched her insides, pushing deep into her trembling flesh and making her back arch, her breasts thrusting into Darien's face. He happily obliged her shaking body, hands sneaking out from her bosom to wrap around her back, pulling her to him as he fed on her trembling body.

To the snake woman's surprise, the forceful desire of her lover's suckling upon her engorged breasts was more than she expected. Her sensitive nipples, pointed to diamonds with arousal and blood, sent sparks of pleasure into her core that spread through her body. Her snatch tightened with desperation, and her breathing turned to labored moans as an unexpected orgasm coursed into her. Shaking with muscle spasms, she gripped Darien's hair and pushed him to her breast, cum leaking from her pussy and soaking his cock with her juices as she whimpered. She finally managed to bring her head forward, pulling Darien from her swollen nipples and lifting him so she could bring her lips against his, little mewls escaping her and into his mouth as she quivered with delight.

Buried in the kiss, Darien smiled with joy over how sensitive and sexual Medusa's body had become. A little thrust from his hips was all it took to make her outright squeal into the kiss, orgasm aftershocks making her insides milk him in bliss.

"Too deep, you're too deep," she moaned, her human half falling forward against her love and squishing him against the snake coils that surrounded them.

"Your insides are too tight," he groaned back, hands sliding down her back to eventually grab the scale-covered roundness of where her ass turned snake. With a devious grin into her kissing, he shoved her hips against him, making her mewl as his thick cock pressed up into her flesh and rubbed against her deepspot.

"Wait, wait, stop," she pleaded, pulling away from his kiss to stare at him with begging eyes, only for them to close as he shoved into her gripping cunt yet again. Unable to control herself anymore, she simply sprawled herself against his chest, letting her arms hang over the shoulders of his smaller body as he pushed his hips forward into her, using his hands and muscles to drive her hips back against him between his thighs. Her huge breasts conformed against the hardness of his chest, and her head fell into his neck with snake hair falling helplessly as Darien mercilessly fucked her oversensitive insides.

"Stop - wait - please - too - much," she squealed between each thrust, body convulsing against his muscles as yet another orgasm tore through her. She went limp against him, quivering muscles milking him and leaking cum till it trickled from his testicles, soaking him in her warm juices.

With her stretched muscles wrapping so tightly around his cock, Darien could not help himself. Pulling her hips forward hard enough to make her squeal as her tender insides were driven in, he started to orgasm. As cum poured from him, sending pleasure sparks down his cock and along the flesh between his legs, he slid his hands up to her back again and hugged her close, his hips moving back and forth slowly as her muscle spasms sucked his seed from him in pulses.

"Sorry," he whispered into her ear, nudging his head against her hair of snakes as he came inside her, "you're just... so tight... and beautiful." He nuzzled against her, tickling her naked spine and kissing her earlobe as her muscle spasms squeezed out his cum with desire.

Medusa practically swooned with the praise, letting her trembling body slowly relax and settle, orgasm aftershocks making her body quiver as she rubbed her cheek against his own. She continued to push her body between his legs, running her form up and down against his skin as she gently fucked him, earning those final groans from him as the last sparks of his orgasm faded.

"I love you," she whispered to him, her body instinctively coiling tighter about them both in a ring of snake-length. He didn't mind. He sighed happily into her ear, massaging her shoulder blades as finally their sexual lust lessened, replaced with only a desire to hold each other.

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