tagNonHumanMedusa Ch. 04

Medusa Ch. 04


~~Warning: Romance and other icky things within.~~

Chapter 4 - Happy Days

Darien awoke slowly, eyes eventually opening as beams of sunlight lit the halls.

He sat up, wiping his eyes free of the morning's annoyance, and looked around him in curiosity. Last time he woke up, he was on a beach, and practically half dead with a barely successful escape from a sea creature. This time, he was surrounded by scales, a cage of thick limb and snake belly circling him and giving him only six feet of wiggle room. At the end of the snake body was his newest companion and only friend on the little island: Medusa, a gorgon. Beautiful and voluptuous, the sexy beast was sprawled along her coils on her back, a strange angle that had her naked breasts parting on either side of her ribs. Her arms were thrown about aimlessly across the backs of her snake length, and her head was turned to the side, snake tongue hanging out and living hair twisted and turned in a mess of knots and exhaustion. She was snoring.

It was the first morning he'd ever shared with the sexy snake, and he relished in the strange warmth of the situation. Her bed was a large collection of blankets, over a two dozen piled upon each other in a huge swirl of soft fabrics. Even with its great size, the she-demon's immense snake length was 30 feet long and enough to fill the bed with her coils and body. Still, to wake up in the middle of such a circle, Darien could not help but chuckle at the sight of the gorgeous monster before him, in a deep sleep from her multitude of orgasms the night before.

"Hey, Medusa," he whispered, reaching out to gently poke her scales. She did not respond. Grinning mischievously, he leaned forward to sit closer to her human half. Her nude form laid there, almost lifeless with the depth of her dreams, and her breathing came in slowly. Each deep breath made her massive breasts rise and fall, their heavy, soft forms pressing to her ribs and making Darien's lust boil.

"Medussssa," he whispered again, mimicking her hissing playfully. She still did not respond. Rolling his eyes, the small warrior climbed over her coils and paced around her. Did she sleep longer than humans did? Did she sleep for multiple days at a time? Did the heat of the morning need to rise before she would?

Shrugging with lack of answers, Darien looked down to her snake half until he found the tip of her tail. With a devilish grin, he got to his knees and reached out to touch the tip, poking at it to see if the great beast would awaken from her slumber. With still no response, he grew bolder and wrapped both hands around it, lifting it and pulling it into his lap. Her scales shifted and wormed about in adjustment, but otherwise did little as he toyed with her end.

"I don't see what everyone has against snakes. This feels wonderful." He lifted her tail's tip to his face and ran it along his cheek, earning a smirk as he enjoyed how the smooth, dry scales felt along his skin. They were neither soft nor hard, and moved as a net of muscle in his hand, subtle and ever-shifting. The scales on its underside were slightly bigger, understandable as the underside was what she put her weight upon, and yet its larger scales responded interestingly to his touch, pressing to his arm and slowly wrapping about it instinctively.

Like a child infatuated with a new toy, he moved further down her length, maybe five feet across it before stopping to lift her tail over his head. It was still thin here, but he could see looking ahead that at her thickest, she was maybe three feet thick where it tapered off to create her deliciously wide hips and tight waist. Maybe only 10 inches thick this close to the end of the tail though, he was free to experimentally wrap himself in its coil.

"Heheh, this is neat." He rolled onto her length, creating a loop of her snake half about his waist that hugged close to his abs. He continued to roll, getting almost five feet of length about his hips before the mass grew too thick and muscular to treat like a string. He did not expect the coil to suddenly grow tighter.

"Hey! What the, what in Tartarus... oh." Looking up over the sides of her coils, he blinked at the sight. Medusa crawled along her own length, grinning down at the little man from her superior height and position. She was moving with her hands, pulling herself across her coils like a cat on the prowl, her breasts gently swaying beneath her and her serpentine tongue reaching out to moisten her thick lips with preparation.

"A mouse has lost itself in the snake's hole, has it?" she whispered, her deep seductive voice sending chills down the man's spine. Like lifting a feather, she casually flexed her tail about him and rolled him onto his back as she crawled onto him. She planted her palms against his shoulder, smirking warmly and gazing into his eyes with her yellow snake-eyes, highlighted with a long black slit down their center. This man, this murderer, killer and monster, was as youthful and good-natured as a young man enjoying his first maiden. His love of life and play defied all odds, she thought, and it made her insides melt with warmth. He was all hers.

"Mouse? I resent that! I'm a rat at least, maybe a weasel," he grumbled playfully, struggling inside her grip. She was surprisingly strong, and while he made no serious effort to escape her grasp, he could tell even his unusual strength would not be enough to break free of her grip if she truly wanted to hold him.

"Oooh, a tasty weasel you are." Hissing enticingly, lightheartedly, she dipped down and nudged her lips against his nose, her snake hair unraveling itself from its nightly mess and reaching out to touch his face. He offered one of her hair's snakeheads a little kiss, making the gorgon swoon happily with her new friend's love for her features. She rewarded him with a kiss of her own, taking his upper lip between her lips in a gentle nibble before enveloping him in her passion. Her tongue sneaked in enough to find his own, poking at it before retreating back between her snake fangs.

"You seem to be in a good mood this morning. I'm surprised, I should know better than to wake a woman," he chuckled. His chuckling stopped as the Medusa sat up and lifted the man into the air before her, only to turn him upside down and lift him higher until they were face to face. Darien could only grin to her, feet drifting back and forth above him.

"Yes you should Darien. Be happy I didn't devour you." She offered him another kiss, the strange angle making her giggle warmly as she licked his upper lip. "I normally wait for the sun to warm the air. Getting up this early is hard; my joints are stiff." She set the man back down as she turned, reaching down to scoop up a white, silk wrap. Hooking it behind her neck, she crossed it at the front dip of her collar and spread the fabric to engulf the girth of breasts, pressing them to her and taking a moment to set them comfortably before she tied the wrap behind her back. Another tiny wrap was tied about her waist, its size dipping down just enough to cover her labia from view. When she turned, she blushed horribly at Darien, who was starring with enrapture.

"Why'd you get dressed? I'd love to watch you in all your naked glory," he groaned with remorse, walking forward and wrapping his arms about her stomach from behind.

"I can't move around easily with these bouncing uncontrolled," she chuckled, her hands falling to cup her breasts, now held tight to her body with her wrap.

"I'll hold them for you." Darien's hands roamed up her exposed, flat belly, devious fingers sneaking underneath her wrap to find the soft, delicate skin of her breasts. He moved his fingers into her own, netting them between his as he lifted the weight of her bosom in his hands.

"Oh, Darien, stop that. I'm still sore from last night," she moaned, doing her best to suppress her tingling sensations and take the man's wrists in her grip, pushing his hands free from her wrap. She readjusted the clothing to firmly cup her bosom once more before turning to her lover, frowning at him playfully. "And you! You came three times last night, once in your room and twice in mine, lest you forget. How can you still want more?"

Darien shrugged with a lopsided grin, turning to look around for his own wrap. "Well, when you see the most beautiful woman you've ever seen, and she freely offers to you a night of unbridled passion, what man wouldn't?" He tripped over himself as he stumbled around, twisting and turning in futility as he looked for his wrap.

Medusa just blinked at the man, tilting her head to the side as she smiled. This killer had, in a single day, become a goofy young boy with an unstoppable craving for joy. He casually waddled around nude, searching through her blankets for his wrap she knew he had forgotten in his room, not hers. The whole situation was deliciously hilarious, and Medusa laughed happily before slithering up behind the small warrior. She scooped him up into her arms, lifting him and pressing his back into her breasts as she buried her face in his neck.

"Hey, hey, this is awfully emasculating," Darien chuckled with feet dangling in the air, looking over his shoulder at the snake woman. His laughter stopped as he saw the look in her eyes; she had tears on her cheeks. She tried to hide her emotions, but as she lowered her closed eyes into his neck, he could feel the tears on his skin. "You... you alright?"

"Yes. Yes just... thank you. It's been so long since I've been able to laugh." Reduced to a child, Medusa held her lover like a security blanket, hiding her face and breathing deep to suppress her tears. Slowly, as she recomposed herself, she put Darien down and raised her fingers to her eyes to wipe away the little moisture that had escaped.

Darien turned to face her, sighing and scratching at the back of his neck. He found himself in an awkward position, thrust into the role of savior to this creature of solitude. He didn't want to run from it; and yet, the overwhelming emotion of the entity before him, her life crushed with 40 years of repression and anger suddenly cracked at the foundation by his presence, was almost too much for him to handle. Standing there, looking at her and her embarrassment, he found himself buried in the pressure of the moment, as if suddenly cast into a long term relationship with a sharing of 'I love you' for the first time. Every male instinct told him to run.

He stepped forward and embraced her, smiling up to her as he wrapped his arms around her waist. She stood tall to the point his hands were wrapping around the scales of her waist, but he didn't mind. The difference of their size meant nothing to him, and he squeezed her hard enough to make her squirm with a chuckle.

"Why?" she asked, blinking down at the warrior about her waste.

"Cause I like you," he said, shrugging as he let go. "Call me a fool, but... well, I know you've been through Tartarus living here, and... I want to help." He gave her a tiny shove, his efforts proving futile as her slithering body swayed like a bending ribbon before flowing back into place.

"Hey!" She pushed him back, forcing him down onto the blankets and slithering down onto him, pinning him down and burying him in kisses. For him to come forward to her so openly made her stomach fill with butterflies, and she couldn't help but lock her lips with him. The poor man could only struggle meekly underneath her, naked body wriggling with her bosom pressing into him. Her hands captured his wrists, and her waist slipped in between his legs.

"Whoa! Being awfully aggressive," he slipped in between kisses, smiling into her lips and offering tiny licks to her own exploring tongue. He couldn't help but grow aroused with her sudden forwardness, member hardening and pressing up against her flat stomach.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she whispered to him, licking his jugular possessively, "I thought you said you like it when women are blunt." Something about the warrior being trapped by her, hopelessly unable to escape her even with his inhuman strength, something about his squirming like a worm on a hook unable to break free of her grasp turned her on. She had never experienced such a unique thrill before, but for the man to become aroused by the role reversal of dominant to dominated between man and woman, it excited her. He liked being caught by her, a mouse in the snake's grasp. She liked being that snake, she quickly realized.

"Hey now, none of that," she groaned deeply into his ear, pushing off of him and pointing down at his raised erection. "Come. We're still dirty from last night; we could use a bath."

"A bath? You bath every day?" he asked, quirking a brow at the oddity of it. Bathing once a month was a luxury as a prisoner.

"Yes. There's little else to do on this island, and I do think we need one after what we did last night." She blushed openly, licking her lips with her long, serpentine tongue provocatively as she looked down at the man's hard cock. It twitched with her flirting, making her almost giggle with giddiness; the rush of fresh romance was still pumping through her veins. "After that, we'll need to get you some food. What little I had for you last night was brought here by soldiers in the past. I... I don't eat like you, so we'll need to get you something." With that, she slithered off and out the door, heading to Darien's room.

"You don't eat like me? ... oh! Do you eat like a snake does?" Darien asked curiously, getting to his feet and stepping out the door to watch, looking down the hall after the woman.

Medusa hesitated. It was yet another thing she instinctively felt bad about, and had routinely insulted herself to tears over the animalistic way she dined. Images of Darien embracing her serpent nature confronted the self loathing reflex, and the gorgon found herself smiling. All the things she hated herself for suddenly found themselves challenged, and she managed to think about them without wanting to vomit with rage.

"I-I do," she stammered. Thinking powerful thoughts and saying their result were two different things, and forcing her mouth to talk about such dark secrets was not easy. "It's not pretty, and can be stressful. I need only eat once a week though." Soon, she returned from Darien's room with his clothes in hand, her yellow snake eyes blinking down at them. "Your clothes are absolutely filthy." She reached out and handed to the man his garments, frowning at the sight as he slipped on his wraps and pants, still without a shirt.

"Once a week? That's... convenient," he considered, following after the gorgon as she started to head down the hall. Walking a few feet behind her human half, he watched her tail with wonder. It slithered in arcs, one arc pushing against the floor as another arc would rise up on its opposite side only to resume the work the other would abandon to push her forward. It was a smooth motion and hypnotizing to watch, a strange mix of flowing scale and sliding body that left him utterly absorbed.

"The island is small. I can't go killing and stocking food, or I might find myself with no meat years in the future," she explained, looking over her shoulder to smile at the small warrior. "Now that you're here too, we'll have to be careful or we'll be starved off the island."

"Starved off... did you want to stay forever?" He sped a few paces to come next to her human half, squinting as they came into the sun. The path behind the temple would lead them to the pool of the day before, but it was a fair distance to walk and he was curious of her plans.

"It's not a question of want," she shrugged, running her fingers down one of the snakes of her hair as it sneaked out to rest between her breasts. "I cannot leave. You knew who I was before you even saw me; it will be the same everywhere. I will be hunted. At least on this island, I only have to deal with would-be heroes." She groaned with annoyance, memories drifting back to her years of struggling, and to the dozens of soldiers and adventurers she'd killed.

"Yes, that is true," he sighed sadly, scratching at the back of his neck and looking around with thought. "That is very true, but that doesn't mean we can't deal with it. We could sneak out of here, and find places that won't hate us, you, and find happier lives."

Medusa stopped with his words, tilting her head to the side with wide eyes. "... leave the island? But... but... you don't like it here?" she stuttered, wrapping her hands around her stomach with vulnerability. Despite herself, her once proud demeanor quickly crumbled around this man; she could not figure out why.

"It's not the place I love. Much as I like being here, it's you I like being around," he said, smiling to her as he stopped to turn and face her. He could see fear in her eyes, and realized he may have proposed something a bit too large. "Nothing soon, nothing soon! I mean... just think about it, ok? For now, I'd like to get to know you, come on." Reaching out, he took her clawed hand into his own, and gently tugged on her till she started to move. He could still see panic in her eyes, and her free hand rose to press against her lip with worry.

"I'd be... very afraid to leave," she confessed, looking down to the warrior at her left, her left hand within his right. She blinked down at the connection, taken aback by something so simple and straightforward: holding hands. Finding herself calmed, she managed a warm smile to the man.

"I am too. It's a dangerous place for me, let alone you, but you know what? We can both handle ourselves. I think we'll be able to deal with anyone who might want to hurt us," he encouraged, lifting her hand up to kiss her knuckles and earn another smile from her. "Not yet though. It's up to you, but I'd love to spend time here, for a while at least, and just enjoy some happy days."

"Happy days sound nice," she agreed, resuming her slithering. "I suppose we should get to know each other, if we're going to be spending so much time.... Darien," she said, turning about to look at the snake length behind her. The small warrior had casually sat himself upon her thick length, holding onto her snake sides to stay balanced as she slithered. She stopped though, frowning down at him. "You are a strange little man. What happened to the killer who destroyed a soldier with his bare hands to save me?" She gave her tail a little sweep, forcing him to fall to his side. He landed with a comical oof, blinking up at the sun.

"Ah! Hey, I'm not always like that. Would you prefer I be some dark, brooding hero who constantly weighs the world on his shoulders? I could whine about my unfortunate fate, the darkness of my soul, and eternal damnation and strife?" he joked, getting back to his feet and resuming his stride, walking next to the gorgon as they headed towards the pool.

"No, but... you have this love of life that surprises me. You've had a hard life too you know." She reached out and touched his shoulder, sighing quietly with the feel of his hard muscle against her fingers. Despite his short stature of five and a half feet, his entire frame was wired with thin, firm muscle, and she found herself fawning over him. She had no idea she could be so easily aroused by such a sight, and yet every time she saw him, tingles rippled through her core.

"It'd be even harder if I let it weigh on me, right? You just have to let it go, if you want to be happy," he replied, nudging her scaled hip happily as they walked along. "If you spend all your time worrying about things you can't change, you'll destroy yourself. Instead, focus on what things you can do, and on enjoying the things you have. That's what I try to do anyway."

Medusa smiled at her lover, leaning down to kiss his cheek with encouragement. Maybe 40 years of solitude had made her sensitive to such talk, she thought, but his joyous approach to living was giving her a strange energy she hadn't felt since she was human.

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