tagNonHumanMedusa Ch. 05

Medusa Ch. 05


~~Sorry for the delay my readers. A full time job and university classes creates little time for writing. Don't worry, Medusa is a story I plan to finish.~~

Chapter 5 - Before the Storm

Four weeks later.


Medusa unleashed her strength, springing forward with inhuman speed and wrestling the massive boar to the ground. She used her hands and claws to grip onto it, while her long snake half wrapped around it within mere seconds. The creature barely had time to squeal before she began to squeeze.

It was a horribly graphic process, and Darien could only watch in wonder from his tree perch as the lovely woman wrung the life out of the gigantic pig. Interestingly, she did not squeeze it hard enough to simply kill it; creatures could not be squeezed to death so easily. Like a true constrictor, she compressed its chest cavity, and with each breath the boar found itself with less and less room to breathe. Several uncomfortable minutes later, the boar passed out.

The next scene left Darien with gawking jaw, and he could not tear his eyes away at Medusa began to transform. The serpent within began to emerge, and the cruel, ugly face split with scales and skin pressed through her facade. Her mouth elongated, and her snake fangs grew out, exposed as her jaw unhinged. Her eyes pulled further back along her skull, and her hair flattened against her neck as the snake within took over.

Clamping her mouth upon the boar, she took her time to stretch her skin, devouring inch after inch with patience and determination. The animal was gigantic, and it took a large effort to spread her scaled skin to cover its girth. It took time, but eventually her scaled torso had devoured the beast, only to push it through her now only semi-human stomach into her snake-half.

Finally satisfied, Medusa let her human half reemerge, the skin upon her torso returning to its smooth, slightly-tanned natural state. A part of her snake-length swelled with the recent meal, and the gorgon groaned in annoyance over its obstruction. Taking a few more minutes to regain her energy, she slithered back to the brush to find her wrappings, hooking the silk fabric about her bosom, and then her waist.

"That was... powerful," Darien said, hanging from his branch before letting himself fall to the grass. So light on his feet, he barely made a sound as he landed, dressed only in some silk pants of white.

"It's not easy," she groaned in annoyance, raising her clawed hands to comb her snakes back behind her head, smoothing them out against her skin. "And now I'm very full. I need to... to lie down." Offering a labored smile to Darien, she slowly slithered her way down the slope of the grass and toward the beach.

"I'll join you." Stepping up to follow beside her, Darien blinked down at the sight next to him. He could see the swelling of her snake girth, and how her malleable muscle beneath her scales gripped around the boar she'd eaten. With hesitation, he reached out to touch a section of the bulge, quickly pulling his hand away at the feel of her scales spread out over the animal's body.

"Hey," she snarled playfully, reaching out to push at Darien's chest, "I'm sensitive about that. You know what it was like doing that for the first time? I almost starved trying to figure out how to control my form enough to do that."

"I can only imagine," he said, nudging her scaled hip with his elbow.

"It was a long time ago." Smiling down to the small warrior, she shrugged with her memories and brushed them off with a rotating of her shoulders. As they escaped the canopy of the trees, Medusa almost moaned with the overwhelming warmth of the sun pouring over her torso. As it spread over her scales, she stretched and yawned with its heat, coiling about in the sun in a large circle. Once done, she created a huge loop where her torso came to rest by her tail's tip, giving her plenty of leeway to roll her human half onto her back on the sand.

"You're just going to lay in the sun?" Darien asked, sitting down beside her, pulling his knees up to his chest and hooking his arms around them.

"I need to digest." Sighing with the joy of sunlight, she hooked her arms behind her head, lowering her jaw and stretching out her bone. When her jaw unhinged, Darien's eyes opened wide at the sight of her mouth opening to ridiculous lengths, her massive snake fangs became fully exposed. She closed her mouth with a happy sigh, hooking her jaw back into place until her thick lips sealed with a smile. With her eyes closed, she didn't see Darien fawning over her inhuman quirks.

"Hey, let me help," he joked with a soft chuckle. He slid up to her and put his hands on her shoulders, helping her sit up as he sat behind her. She offered no resistance, laying against his chest between his legs as he slid his body behind hers. Soon her head was leaning back over his shoulder, and she let her arms hang lazily beside her and over his hips, her claws in the sand.

"I am so full," she groaned, nudging her cheek against warrior's jawline. Her snake hair explored over his shoulders and neck, nudging and smelling him with flickering tongues.

"You might be getting fat." His joke earned him an elbow in the ribs, and he coughed a little with the jolt of paint.

They sat upon the beach in silence, both of them looking out over the sea and onto the horizon with the morning sun warming them from overhead.

As time went on, the small warrior could not help but glance down over the woman's body. Her wraps, almost see-through and barely containing her massive bosom, were stretched and taught with the weight of her breasts. Her stomach was smooth and slightly marked with abs, and her slender neck was emphasized as her head hung over his shoulder. He couldn't help but groan openly at the sight of her.

Unable to control himself anymore, Darien slipped his hands underneath her chest's wrap, and with devious fingers, he sneaked his palms underneath each of her breasts.

"Hey... too tired..." she moaned softly, leaning into his neck to offer his jaw a few licks of her serpent tongue.

"I'll let you rest. You just lay there and enjoy yourself," the warrior replied soothingly, smiling down at her.

"Ooh, a massage in the sun? Sounds pleasant." She shrugged with submission, reaching behind her neck to undo the knot of her wrap. "Though we both really know you just want my breasts." Having grown far more comfortable with her man, she slid the silk from her body and tossed it aside, exposing her naked bosom for Darien to play with.

"You don't like that I love your breasts?" he asked curiously, his palms cupping the weight of her massive pillows and pushing them towards her center with a massaging rotation, creating moments of cleavage where her breasts pressed against the other. Heavy and almost ridiculously large, the feel of their weight and volume spilling over his hands never ceased to enrapture the male.

Medusa let out a tiny, almost inaudible mewl at the feel of his massaging. He knew just how to send shivers down her body, his fingers kneading her soft skin with gentle, exploring palms, only to rise and find her nipples. Her areola were puffy and large in size, and her nipples jutted out with arousal, even if it had only been a couple minutes since she'd removed her garment.

"I..." Her voice trailed off as she relaxed against his body, letting her head lean back and drape over his shoulder. She could feel his erection poking against her back, and that only made her lust skyrocket, her breathing growing thicker as her lover played with her bosom. "You... you just like them because they're big."

"They are big," he whispered hotly, leaning his head against her own to whisper to her. "Very, very big." His left hand slid underneath the fold of her left breast, and with playful kneading fingers, he pushed the large weight up to her neck. He couldn't help but smile as the huge pillow easily reached her chin, and he rubbed his cheek to hers with gentle kisses as lowered it. For her to let him so blatantly play with her body aroused him to no end, and he slid his fingers up to her ripe nipples to tease her areola, tickling them with exploring fingertips.

"They're so soft, and round... and your nipples are so swollen." Teasing, he offered her nipples a tiny pinch, earning a surprised moan from the gorgon before his touch grew soft again, kneading her soft breasts with enveloping palms.

"Hey! Hey, that... that tingles... inside..." Blushing horribly, she turned to hide her face in her lover's neck. Sighing warmly with the pleasant sensation of his fingers working into her malleable mounds, she relaxed against his body again, her arms hanging lazily from her shoulders and into the sand.

"They're so sensitive too," he said with a small groan, sinking his fingers into her breasts to enjoy how their volume overwhelmed his digits. "You can cum with just your nipples." As if to solidify his point, his fingers took her nipples again and gave them gentle twists, tiny turns of their pointed length that forced an embarrassed moan from the voluptuous goddess. He pinched them as he let them return to their normal spot, forcing more blood to engorge them before he grew gentler, fingertips drifting outward to tickle along her swollen areola.

"Is... is that weird?" she asked, her normally deep, seductive voice showing a hint of concern mixed with quivering pleasure. She cared what he thought, he noted with a kind chuckle.

"It is." Knowing she'd blush with his bluntness, he leaned down to nudge his face against hers, grinning to her as he continued to massage her enormous breasts, occasionally pushing them together to create mountainous cleavage. "I love it."

"Oh?" she said, turning her face to look to him, snake eyes of yellow almost shining with sunlight. The long, black slit down their centers from top to bottom sent shivers down his spine every time he saw them.

"Did you play with them?" he asked with a mischievous tone to his voice, his fingers gripping about her nipples again to offer mischievous tweaks, "when you used to masturbate?"

His words immediately lit a fire in her, his teasing about her sensitive form only reminding her of the countless orgasms he'd given her in just four weeks. She sighed with embarrassed contentment and hid her face in his neck again, her claws drifting through the sand as her long, coiling tail slithered about. For all her attempts to hide her arousal, she could feel her cunt growing wet, soaking into the wrap about her waist and rendering it moot.

".... yes," she finally admitted, pushing herself along the sand to slide higher up onto his body and let her head fall back against his shoulder.

"Could... could you show me?" His question was soft, hushed and filled with heavy lust, mixed with a barely audible groan that sent shivers through her. She could feel his erection, hard and hot against her back, as if the man were already about to explode. That he contained himself to continue playing with her, letting her lust rise to boil to join his own, was enough to make her cave with want.

"You already know how to... to do things to me," she confessed with a playful moan. Raising her hands to find his, she slipped her clawed fingers between his own and guided his grip, sliding his hands down to the underside of each breast. They pulled to the sides of her ribs with their weight, their volume giving them a round shape despite how gravity flattened them against her body with their softness.

"I like... I like the feel of them in hands, your hands." She looked to him with a smile, the seductress within escaping as she grew comfortable in her lover's arms. She squeezed her breasts, causing their weight to spill over her fingers against Darien's grip, as she kept his digits entwined with her own. "I know they're big and weigh a lot, and... and it feels nice, feeling that heaviness in my palms." She almost laughed as she felt Darien quiver around her; to know the touch of her skin had him ready to cum made her delirious with need.

"It feels great, but what I... I need to cum, are my... nipples," she moaned deeply, growing more playful and drawing out her words with teasing. Taking a quick glance to the man around her, she grinned with joy as she found his mouth half open and almost drooling, as if mesmerized. "They get really sensitive when they're hard, like they are now." Guiding him, she moved his fingertips to each of her nipples, only to move them about in circles around her swollen, ripe areola. "It... it tingles when you touch here. I can feel it, like little fires that make... makes me shiver, and...." Unable to control herself any longer, she gripped her nipples between her fingers and grew rough with them, pulling on them slightly before pinching them with labored moans. "... and... I can feel... deep inside." Panting, moaning, and teetering on the edge of orgasm, she pressed her back against Darien's chest, turning her face to hide in his neck as she masturbated with her breasts.

Darien was hopelessly hypnotized. Unable to look away at the sight before him, her large breasts of silk skin trembling with her play, he lowered his palms to cup their weight within them. Offering gentle squeezes and groaning over how her quivering breasts overwhelmed his hands, he could only watch as Medusa came.

The poor snake could only mewl quietly as she brought herself to orgasm between her lover's arms, hands pressing down against her bosom with nipples trapped underneath her palms as she started to tremble. The rippling waves of pleasure forced her to pants, and she nuzzled her face in Darien's neck as her bliss left her vulnerable. Hiding in his arms, she let out tiny squeals of orgasmic delight as she came, more of her juices soaking through the wrap about her waist. To be so open and vulnerable sent her heart fluttering, and she sank into Darien's body with abandon.

As her body quivered with heavenly ripples, Darien nestled his face into her hair of snakes, finding her ear and chewing on it teasingly. He kept his hands upon her breasts, letting their natural heaviness weigh into his palms, her silky skin conforming to his grip and encouraging him to knead their weight with tender squeezes.

Slowly but surely, her spasms grew fewer and shorter, and as her pants became controlled breaths, he whispered into her ear. "Did you always cum so easily?" With genuine intrigue, he nibbled on her ear, smiling as her snake hair wrapped around his neck in vulnerable hugs.

"It... it didn't used to be... like this," she managed to reply, finally getting control of her voice. As tiny orgasm tremors continued to dance through her core and tingle along her breasts, she reached for Darien's hands and guided them back to her hard nipples. The feel of his fingers on their pointed form made her mewl warmly, and she nuzzled against her lover as his touch brought her to quivers.

"You did something to me." Kissing his neck with turned head, she let her long, serpentine tongue sneak out to lick along his jugular, sending shivers up Darien's spine as her inhuman appendage tickled his throat. "You made me this way. It used to take a while, but now... I'm always craving it. Just a little touch and I get wet." Sighing and hiding her face with beneath his jaw, she reached down and undid the knot of her wrap, tossing it aside to reveal her pussy. Hairless and pink, it was the last human part before her body was devoured in scales. It was also absolutely drenched, and every time she clenched, a tiny pool of her juices rose to its surface to trickle off the side of her pelvis.

"My apologies," the warrior groaned quietly, his voice caught in his throat over the sight of her bare cunt. "Could you...." He paused with thought, leaning into her hair to find her ear again and place his lips upon it. "Could you masturbate again? But this time," he said, taking her right hand and guiding it down her smooth belly to the mound of her cunt, "use this." He could practically feel her blush against him, but he knew the sexual beast within her, dormant save for the few chance reemergence, was dying to get out.

"... ok." With a long sigh that failed to hide her willingness to oblige, she lowered her finger until it found the swollen nub of her clitoris. The touch of it made her heart race and her body tremble lightly, as her breast orgasm of before continued to make her body sensitive to touch.

"Tell me... tell me what you're doing too, what you like, how it feels... when you're going to cum," he asked with a playful growl, determined to bring out the seductress he knew remained hidden inside her.

"Darien you pervert, you're... oh fine," she agreed, feigning annoyance with a huff. "I... I like to start with my clit. It's... very sensitive now, but usually I would... rub it for a little while, gently." She couldn't help but moan between breaths, her touch on her engorged nub sending powerful waves of stimulation through her cunt and pelvis.

"Do you like to cum with your clit?" Growing more aroused, Darien renewed his grip about her breasts, only to slide his hands to her nipples and trap them between his fingers. The poor gorgon mewled in defeat, rubbing her face against his neck as a sudden pinch to her nipples caught her off guard.

"I... I... yes... at first. It gets me wet, and makes my insides... hot and ready." Slowly but surely, the sexual demon within her emerged, throwing caution and embarrassment to the wind as an ever rising lust built inside her. "I can't reach inside though, my claws would hurt if I got rough. I have to use... something." Reaching out, she grasped the end of her tail and pulled it up to her flat stomach, holding onto its thick tip.

"Your tail?" Darien asked with curiosity, nuzzling his lips against her ear as he watched, voice thick with arousal.

"Yes. There's no other... object this shape that I could use... you know, before you showed up." Smiling into his neck, she turned to gaze down her body. With a guiding hand, she moved her tail's tip to the clenching, soaked entrance of pussy. "It feels great to slide it in... slowly. There's... this spot...," she moaned, one hand spreading her labia apart as the other pushed her tail in a couple inches, "right... here...." Now with free hands, she kept one planted upon her clit, rubbing it in gentle strokes as her other took Darien's hand. She placed it an inch above her labia, and pressed down on his fingers to push against her pelvis. The pressure trapped her tail's tip against her g-spot, making her clenching muscles force more of her juices out onto her tail.

"If you push... there... you get it just... right," she panted, hiding her face in the man's neck again as she grabbed onto his wrist. With her other hand molesting her clit and his fingers forcing her g-spot down against her tail, she could not help but begin to push her appendage deep into her cunt. Using the powerful muscles of her snake half, she started to masturbate with fervor, forgoing embarrassment for sheer pleasure as she drove the thick, hard tip of her tail into her body.

"Hey, slow down," Darien whispered into her ear, one of his hands gripping around her breast as the other rubbed back and forth along her pelvis, ensuring he squashed her g-spot against her tail.

Obliging, she slowed down and relaxed into his grip, leaning her face into his jaw as she sank against his chest. "And... and I really... really like it... deep. Where your... your cock hits when you... push in all the way." Guiding his hand again, she slid his fingers a couple inches higher to where the tip of her tail penetrated deep into her walls. She wriggled the tip about, pushing it up against her pelvis from inside her cunt, making a tiny bump appear along her abs and nudge against the man's fingers, encouraging him to press down. With her tail bending and writhing inside her, she could put a massaging, hard pressure against her deepspot, now trapped against Darien's fingers.

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