tagNonHumanMedusa Ch. 07

Medusa Ch. 07


~~Bet you guys didn't think I'd get this update out this fast, did you? Also, this chapter explores some slightly kinkier sex with some new additions to the story. Feel free to tell me if you like it or prefer the tamer sex scenes I wrote in the earlier chapters.~~

Chapter 7 - Two Becomes Four

The minotaur groaned with frustration as he dashed through the woods.

Leaving a trail of blood behind him, the massive beast of nine feet moved swiftly through the brush, causing minimal damage to the wildlife. Arrows pierced his hide, several in his right arm and another in his stomach, tearing his muscle and skin with each step. Drops of blood trickled from his limbs, disappearing into the forest grass as he ran.

The massive brute was dressed in nothing more than a brown fur that wrapped around his pelvis, hiding his privates but otherwise leaving him unarmored. As more arrows hailed against the canopy, a few snuck through and one struck him through his thigh, forcing him to a knee. He kept quiet, ignoring the pain as he forced himself into a run, leaving amazingly little trail behind him as he flew through the brush. Only the droplets of red and snapped twigs gave away his route.

Finally coming to a river, the giant bull fell to his palms, half of him buried in water as he panted in exhaustion. Mercilessly, without hesitation or thought, he wrapped his thick digits around the arrows and ripped them from his flesh, tearing more muscle and splattering blood. He collected them in one hand as he removed them, clenching his teeth tightly until they were all finally free of his body. Standing, he threw them upstream while he turned and headed the opposite way, what blood he lost disappearing into the water.

The sun was starting to set behind the tree line, and he finally slowed to a jog as twilight gave him the shadow he needed. His vision started to blur, and his lungs burned with overexertion. No one followed behind him but he dared not slow down, even as more blood leaked from his lesions. His powerful beating heart worked against him, causing more pints of blood to flow from his wounds.

Unable to continue any further, the mighty beast fell to his knees. He crawled his way onto the shore and rolled onto his back, massive horns pointing up to the sky as he struggled to get air into his lungs.

"Vinn!" A high-pitched voice startled him, and he sat up wide eyes. Upon seeing the nymph, he collapsed in a mix of relief and pain, his cuts bleeding profusely.

"Oh gods, Vinn. What happened to you?" The tiny woman climbed onto the shore to join her friend, looking down at him with worry.

The nymph was only five feet tall, thin and exotic with the youthful body of an athletic woman. Her ears were pointed at the tips, and her skin was pale with curving lines of gentle water blue. Her hair was long and navy, and her lips and eyes were navy as well. Tiny leaves covered her privates and breasts, held on as if by magical whim.

"Arrows... Athens...." The brute managed to speak through his bull snout. His voice was deep and powerful, rumbling in his chest like a drum.

The tiny nymph rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips, frowning down at the monster. "You went to Athens? What's the matter with you!" She got down on her knees beside Vinn and placed her hands upon his wounds, pressing them against the bloody holes until red crept through her fingers.

"Kallae," the minotaur whispered, a hand reaching up to touch her face. Her entire head fit into his palm, and she rubbed her cheek against his hand as she worked her wonders.

A subtle glow of swirling green filled her fingers. She closed her eyes as she concentrated, taking a deep breath and pouring her energy into her efforts. Blood turned thin and melted away. Skin grew over the wounds and resealed the flesh. Bruises beneath the fur faded and oxygen no longer burned Vinn's lungs, life coming back to his drained form as the nymph healed his wounds.

Slowly, the gigantic bull pushed himself up until he was sitting, blinking his small eyes at the beautiful creature. He reached out for her and pulled her to him, placing his head upon hers and breathing deeply with relief.

"Kallae," he said again, the rumble of his voice almost making her vibrate.

"Come on you stupid oaf. If you keep getting caught, one day you're going to die before I can save you." The tiny woman pulled away to punch the huge beast in the chest, her fist not even able to budge him an inch. He only pulled her back in for a tighter hug, squeezing the air out of her.

"Soldiers... find me." The minotaur forced himself to his feet, strength renewed and a life returned bringing back the power to move. "Found me."

"You can't stay here Vinn. This is twice now. They'll be hunting you; we've got to get you out of here." Sighing in relief at his returning liveliness, she pushed at him until he was moving again. She grabbed his hand with both of hers, barely able to get her grip around his fingers as she pulled on him.

"Kallae come too?" As if she were a feather, the bull scooped up the water nymph into his grip and placed her upon his shoulder. Nine feet tall while slouched left him a massive shoulder of muscle and power for her to sit on, and she giggled happily as she took one of his horns into her grip to keep balance.

"Alright alright. For now. Keep to the river and head downstream. In 10 days we should come across a split in the river, and we'll reach a grove. We'll be safe there until we can figure out what to do with you." She leaned onto his head and rested her elbow atop his skull, planting her chin in her palm.


A couple days later.

The minotaur and nymph chattered amongst themselves quietly, even laughing as they walked the river shore. Free of the hunters and their dogs, the two settled into a warm routine built from years of playful encounters. The beast was twice as tall as her when he stood straight, putting him easily over 10 times her total size, yet the two talked as if they were best friends. She reached out and took his hand, hiding almost her entire forearm in the cleft of his palm, swinging his arm back and forth as they moved.

The beast's ears twitched with notice, and he quickly lowered himself to the ground and got onto all fours, sniffing at the air.

"What's wrong?" the little nymph asked quietly, taking the hint and getting low to the wet rocks.

"People ahead... two...." Tilting his head to the side, the minotaur moved forward with a careful pace, each step almost silent even as his hooves moved rock and twig against the mud and grass of the river shore. The nymph followed after him, both terribly excited and interested by what could be waiting. This far from the city and with no village she knew of nearby, the chances of coming across two people was rare indeed.

They snuck up the bank and into the forest, finding cover under the canopy and through the tight brush. It always amazed her how well the gigantic beast could move through such forestry, but the wildlife was his home, while the water was hers. She could hide in the water without fear, but she wanted to stay with Vinn; everywhere he went, excitement was sure to follow.

Painfully slowly, Vinn came to a gentle stop over a ridge of rock, some brush and tree breaking his shadow as he got to his stomach and peeked out over the rim. Kallae came beside him and laid upon the hard surface, shifting to get comfortable as she looked over the edge.

Below them and within the calm river, a massive snake encircled a small man, squeezing the life out of him.

"Oh my gods," the little nymph whispered, blinking her big blue eyes down at the act of nature. It wasn't just a man, but a woman too, surrounded and slowly being devoured. "I should save them!" The tiny creature made to stand, as if the very act of such animal power in her river was not allowed.

The minotaur reached out and pulled her back down, holding her to him as he kept her against the stone. "Wait." He motioned out to the doomed pair, eyes squinting to make them out at the distance.

Groaning with frustration, the tiny blue woman looked out to watch the horror, bringing up her hands to cover up her eyes, only to peek through her fingers. To her surprise, the two bodies were not devoured. In fact, squinting to get greater detail, she thought the snake and woman were the same entity.

"... Medusa?" she said, blinking. "Oh Poseidon can't be happy. That's Medusa!" She reached out and shook the minotaur by one of his titanic horns. "Medusa! She's eating him!"

"Kissing," the minotaur whispered, reaching out a hand to cover the nymph's mouth.

"Kissing? What do you mean kissing? She can't be, she's... oh wow." Growing silent, she leaned in closer as she finally realized what was going on. The serpent woman wasn't eating the man, she was kissing him.

Medusa pulled away and slowly uncoiled the human, slithering about in the water and pushing at him playfully. The small warrior pushed her back, reaching out wrestle her to the ground, only for the snake to easily best him with her far superior size. She scooped him up and laid him in the water, caging him between her arms as she placed her palms into the stream.

"Oh my...." The nymph stared in wonder, watching the two naked beings frolic in the water. "... her breasts are huge!" Kallae frowned as he looked down her chest at her own perky, small breasts, covered in a few leaves. She could see Medusa's breasts overwhelming her man's chest, practically burying him as she laid upon him, her lips finding his forehead.

"What's Medusa doing off of Athena's island? I can't see how she could have gotten off of it... maybe that man helped her? They certainly seem in love. Awh, look at them." She blushed happily as she put her elbows against the rock and her hands up, chin resting in her palms. Watching, she tilted her head to the side and sighed dreamily.

"Hide till gone." The minotaur sneaked away without a sound, making his way back through the brush. The nymph stared at the happy couple with smiling eyes, awakened only by the minotaur reaching out to pull on her leg.

"I'm coming I'm coming." Groaning over being forced to miss such a rarity, she followed after the beast.

The two of them disappeared into a nearby grove, protected by massive trees and thick bushes. The minotaur sat upon a fallen tree covered in moss, looking around curiously at the new environment. Kallae stepped over to join him, standing in front of him and placing her hands on his knee.

"Is there anyone nearby?" she asked quietly, nudging her hip against him.

"No. Safe." The giant beast happily put a huge hand on the girl's back, covering up most of her torso. He was so huge but so gentle with her, and to have her body disappear within his grip made her grow warm.

"So Vinn. What have you been up to? Meet any sexy cows?" She rubbed her cheek against his thumb, giggling as she pulled herself onto his leg to sit, feet dangling.

"No." The massive minotaur shook his head as he looked around, scanning the new area for landmarks he may recognize. "Alone."

"Alone? No one? Not even a fellow minotaur?" She slid across his leg until she was pressed up against his side, bulging abs and serratus muscles her new pillow.

"No... hide in cave. No one." He sighed a little with his admittance, and hugged the tiny nymph close to him as he looked down, sadness in his eyes.

"That's horrible. You hide in a cave and the soldiers still find you?" She ran her hand up and down his chest soothingly before reaching up to scratch at the underside of his jaw. He almost purred with her attention, rumbling deep in his chest.

"Hungry. Saw village. Tried to talk...." He shrugged with the hopelessness of his situation, the results of his efforts painted clearly on his face.

"... How many did you kill?" she asked quietly, trying to not hurt his sensitive core.

"Two. They ran at me, sticks, swords, had to fight...." He lowered his head to rub his chin into her blue hair, sighing with lasting frustration.

"That's horrible... two dead? No wonder they chased you this far. I'm sorry." She rubbed his chest more, trying to keep her mind afloat, but each time her hand dipped into the crevices of muscle on his body, her mind went under. She blushed purple as she pressed her face against his serratus muscles under his arm, sighing at the feeling of their power on her cheek. To be so close to his body was arousing her, whether she wanted it to or not.

"You going to stay at the grove when we get there?" she asked, poking at his abs playfully.

"If Kallae stay too," the brute responded, smiling down at her as well as a minotaur could. He rubbed the base of his snout against her hair, making her giggle as she reached up to scratch at his chin.

Her imagination drifted to the memory of Medusa and the stranger, rolling around naked in her river. She blushed with the thought of the woman, amazed at how massive her breasts were, especially on such an athletic body. Her body tingled as she remembered how comfortable she was with the stranger, his naked body under hers, trapped as the serpent pressed her bosom onto him....

Grinning up at the monster, she slowly peeled the few leaves that covered her breasts and privates, exposing her nude body. "Hey, Vinn... play with me. Watching those two got me jealous." She took the brute's gargantuan hand and slid it down her body before bringing it between her legs. While her skin was pale with blue lines, her lips, nipples, and even the folds of her pussy were a dark navy, and the minotaur's eyes couldn't help but drift up and down her youthful, tiny body.

The lumbering giant drank in the sight of the nymph's naked beauty, a lust awakening inside him. With the petite woman guiding his hand to her cunt, he couldn't help but groan deeply, a powerful rumbling in his chest as his fingertip ran back and forth along her folds.

"Soft," he whispered quietly, leaning forward to nudge his forehead against hers. His massive bull skull covered her in shadow, and she giggled and pushed back against him. He was so huge, covered in so many massive muscles that she quivered at the sight of him . For someone easily able to rip her to bits with but a shrug of his hand, he was so gentle with her, treating her like a delicate flower as he ran his finger back and forth along her cunt.

The nymph started to mewl as her body quickly rose to the occasion, nipples pointing from her perky breasts as drops of her warm juices started to coat the monster's finger before rolling onto his leg. She placed her hands on either side of his wrist and slid her hips back and forth, leaving a trail of lubricant on his digit. Each finger was almost as thick as her wrist, and her labia spread over its girth as she let her weight rest upon him.

Slowly, carefully, she arched her hips and took his finger, pointing it up to let her snatch sink onto it. She gasped with its thickness, looking up at the minotaur with hungry eyes as inch after inch of him slipped deeper into her warm, soaked flesh. She groaned as he stretched her, spreading her open till she almost ached with fullness. Leaning back, her weight fell into the palm of his other hand behind her, the first hand pushing deeper and deeper into her cunt as she balanced on his leg.

"Gods you're so big," she sighed with a whimper, voice turning to pants as her insides started to tingle. She used both her hands to pull on his massive wrist, almost begging him as she forced the thick six inches of his huge finger into her tiny pussy. She pushed her hips forward, more mewls escaping her as drops of her juices trickled down his knuckles.

Rumbling over the little nymph reduced to moans on his finger, he pressed another finger against her wet labia, trying to spread her open to force it into her.

"Oh wait, wait...." Opening her legs as wide as they'd go, she reached down and spread her cunt apart, giving the minotaur just enough room to force in another finger. He went slow, holding her as he gently worked in both his middle and ring finger, palm pointed up. With his other hand on her back, she was at his mercy, trapped in his grip as he forced six inches of two insanely thick fingers into her burning insides.

"Vinn! So much...." She grinded her hips forward, one hand reaching down to rub her clit with growing fervor. The minotaur's erection bulged painfully against his wrap as he started to actively finger the little woman, forcing his fingers upward against her belly. A tiny bump appeared beneath the navel of her flat abdomen as he gently pumped her pussy, causing some of her juices to splash.

The nymph was insatiable, only growing rougher with her clit as more of her juices dripped from her snatch. The minotaur became infatuated, unable to tear his eyes away from her smooth body as he probed her deepest recesses, a tiny bush of blue hair above her cunt getting soaked her fluids as he pumped faster.

When she started to cum, she leaned forward and grabbed the beast's wrist, eyes closing and cunt clamping down like a vice as she tightened in bliss. Powerful waves of pleasure ripped through her, causing her to spasm and convulse, holding tightly onto the huge wrist in front of her lest she fall from his leg. Gushes of her warm cum splashed against his palm, each clench of her tight flesh around his fingers causing a squirt of the clear fluid to land in his hand.

As the sudden orgasm died down, she leaned back into the massive palm behind her and lifted her hands to her breasts. She cupped their small mass in her palms and squeezed them tenderly, pulling small whimpers from herself as she pinched her nipples. Apparently unsatisfied, she ground her hips forward, trying her best to hump his fingers as her cunt quivered with orgasm aftershocks.

"More," she whimpered, a couple of tears in her eyes from the power of the orgasm. So sensitive and yet so voracious, one of her hands fell back to her clit and gently rubbed its swollen girth, forcing her cunt to clamp down on the monster.

Groaning with barely contained arousal over her lust, the minotaur started to pump her pussy with greater force, causing the nymph's hips to raise off his leg as he forced his fingers upward and deep into her. Her mouth hung open as the stimulation proved overwhelming, whimpers and mewls escaping her shaking body as she immediately rose to another orgasm.

Her breath was ripped from her in labored pants, moans growing quiet with lack of oxygen. She quaked in the minotaur's grip, hands reaching to grab onto the leg she sat on as her hips rose higher, the force of the beast's fingering lifting her. Her ass bounced against his leg as the minotaur pressed up against her g-spot and deepspot both, his fingers so thick and long that no inch of her tiny snatch was left untouched.

Riding her orgasm like a wave, she couldn't help but go limp, leaning back and falling into his palm, hands outstretched and holding onto his fingers. Laying in his grip, she was helpless, eyes glazed over as her little cunt continued to splash juices onto his palm, more of her clear cum squirting against him. It pooled in his hand before trickling down his fingers, running down her legs and onto his.

Realizing he perhaps overdid it, the minotaur finally stopped fingering the limp little woman. He blinked down at her, a little groan of arousal escaping him as he admired the sight of her cumming body. Her nipples looked as hard as diamonds, and her cunt squeezed tightly around his digits in spasms, her squirting orgasm slowly coming to a halt. Her hands drifted around as if in a dream, and she tried to lift herself into a sitting position.

She stumbled a little before eventually giving in to gravity again, content to simply lay back in the beast's grip as orgasm aftershocks made her legs twitch. Her smile practically glowed, and her heart beat like a drum as she forced deep breaths into her.

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