tagNonHumanMedusa Ch. 10

Medusa Ch. 10


~~Sorry about the delays. Insomnia has been destroying my life, but I should be back on track.~~


"Wow. Darien is a child of the Fates? That seems awfully epic."

The little nymph girl was laying upon the minotaur's abs on her stomach, her chin in her palms, elbows on his muscles, with her feet gently rocking back and forth behind her. "I mean, I feel for the guy. No control over anything? Life at the whim of some higher power's grand plan? That must be frustrating."

"Great weight," the minotaur added. Laying upon his back on the soft grass, he looked up to the tent's canopy, hooking his arms behind his head. Built some ways from Medusa and Darien, the nymph and minotaur had no need for blankets, much more comfortable upon the forest floor.

"I know! Poor guy. Medusa said he was always a happy guy, but out here when we met him, he seemed pretty down." Kallae slid forward and sat herself up, pulling her legs underneath her to sit cross-legged upon the giant beast's chest. "I've seen what that sort of worry can do to a man. It never ends well."

"Met Fates' child before?" Vinn reached out one of his hands to rest it behind the blue nymph, massive hand almost as large as her entire torso. He ran his fingertips up and down her naked back, tilting his head to the side as he watched her.

"No... at least, I don't think so. I never knew about it before. I mean, I've seen men and wars come and go you know? I've seen the great ones with the weight of the world on their shoulders come to my river, and just... cry. It really worries me about Darien."


"Yes. I imagine it's like being chased by some unstoppable beast. All he can do is keep running." The nymph slid off the bull's chest and took a moment to stretch, reaching down to touch her toes. With only a couple of leaves to cover her nipples and privates, Vinn watched with drawn eyes. "Maybe it won't be so bad though. Medusa seems to be a really strong woman; she could be good for him."

"She hold great weight as well," the minotaur said, rolling onto his side to watch Kallae, smiling as best a bull can at her circle pacing. "Much in common."

"Yeah, that's the problem though. If that's just part of the Fates' game as well, I can really see that making the poor guy miserable. Imagine if the most precious thing in the world to you was only yours because your enemy let you have it, even forced you to have it?" She frowned as she got onto her stomach and laid next to the beast, her side against his.

Vinn nodded with her words, stroking at the fur of his chin. "Not sure... how handle that." Rolling onto his back, he slipped his hands behind his head again and starred up at the tent canopy, breath coming in slow waves. Kallae watched him with a smirk, hand reaching out to press against his massive chest.

"Well, we can help them by guiding them to that grove of mine. They should be able to find some peace there, at least for a while. Let's get some sleep." Offering the beast a small punch to his ribs, the nymph hooked her arms under her head and closed her eyes.


Kallae slowly opened her eyes, the weight of sleep still hanging at her eyelids. She blinked in confusion, looking over her shoulder to find the bull. Still there next to her, she quirked a brow and strained her ears, lifting her head as she listened.

"Darien... stop... please." Moans in the distance, the distinct sound of panting and mewls.

Kallae blushed purple as she lowered her head back to her arms, licking her lips at the sounds. The heavy breathing and mewling of the normally deep-voiced gorgon put all sorts of wicked images into the nymph's head. What was Darien doing that had her begging for him to stop? She quivered with thought, putting her forehead to her forearm beneath her.

"Please... can't...." Kallae almost melted with the sounds, images of Darien sucking on Medusa's clit and fingering her cunt to more and more forced orgasms making the nymph boil. When the gorgon actually let out a squeal, loud and obvious, Kallae sighed emphatically.

Reaching down, she slipped an arm underneath her to find her cunt, the leaf that covered it drenched in juices. She rubbed at it with need, tiny pants escaping her as she stroked at the swollen bud through the thin material. Groaning with frustration, she removed the simple covering and tossed it aside, leaving her bottom completely nude.

Taking a breath of satisfaction, Kallae spread her legs and raised her ass, finding a more comfortable position as she rubbed at the engorged clit. Softly, gently, she stroked around its contours before slipping a finger underneath it, pulling up against it as she bit her lip. Her ass rocked back and forth slightly as she grew faster, rubbing her clitoris with more and more force. Juices trickled down her thighs and belly, soaking her fingers as her orgasm approached.

Slower, slower she rubbed her fingers, dancing on the edge of orgasm as her cunt clenched in desperation. Her silky folds dripped of juices, drops of her desire on her thighs and reaching her knees. Deeper she sank her fingers, two rubbing at the swollen flesh within her snatch, fingertips prodding and rubbing her g-spot. It was warm and tight, gripping her fingers desperately as she grew rougher again, and rougher.

Waves of pleasure crashed into her, knocking the nymph flat onto her belly as she squirmed, a couple squirts of her clear cum shooting into the grass underneath her as she panted. Biting her lip, she tried to keep quiet lest she wake the minotaur, tiny mewls escaping her as she quivered with pleasure. Each spasm of her cunt forced little pants from her, more of her fluids trickling from her aching flesh as she laid there in bliss.

She turned to look at Vinn, biting her lip as she squirmed in orgasm. A tiny gasp escaped her as his eyes opened, plainly awake and smirking at her.

"Nn... Vinn...." Whining and whimpering with the aftershocks of pleasure, she slid in closer and pressed her side against his massive valley of muscles, absorbing his warmth as she let the pleasure tremors work up and down her legs.

"Why so aroused?" Vinn said, reaching out to stroke at the girl's naked spine.

"I can hear them... and now I'm all jealous and...." Pouting, she reached out and poked at Vinn's ribs, fingers barely indenting the layers of muscle beneath the short fur. "Hey, I need help getting back to sleep. Play with me."

The minotaur gazed over the sight of her body, a rumble in his chest. She was such a tiny thing, a woman so short and thin and barely able to fill his palm. Tiny groans escaped him as he watched her naked form quiver with pleasure-laden whimpers, driving his shaft to swell and push against his loincloth. He reached down and slid it from his body, exposing his nude form for Kallae to admire.

The sight of the beast naked made her shiver with excitement. So massive, so huge, torso wide and thick with muscle, and waist hard with layers of rock and tone. His shaft was a soft pink color from tip to bottom, veins lining its girth as it grew longer and longer with desire. As it reached its full length of over 10 inches, she chewed on her lips with eyes transfixed, unable to look away from the huge appendage slightly bent over Vinn's leg from its own weight.

"I can't wait anymore. Get on me." Moaning, almost delirious with need, she laid herself out flat on her belly, motioning for the beast to mount her. She could still hear the serpent and human in the distance, eyes rolling up inside her skull as Medusa let out another whimper.

Vinn kneeled over her body, hands reaching down to press her legs together. With Kallae flat on her belly, the minotaur couldn't help but rumble with delight over the shape of her ass, tiny yet round with delightful curves. He reached down to squeeze it playfully, cupping the soft mounds in his massive palms.

"Soft," he rumbled quietly, kneading her ass slowly with his giant fingers.

"You like my ass?" Chuckling and looking over her shoulder, she chewed on her bottom lip as she watched him, a tiny groan escaping her as Vinn let his gargantuan cock rest upon her butt. The sight of his erection, as thick as her wrist and nearly a foot in length, made her insides tingle with familiar anticipation.

"Soft. Firm." Raising a hand to grab his member, he aimed it toward her as he leaned forward, lowering himself upon the tiny nymph.

Turning her head again to look forward, Kallae panted with expectation, unable to hold still as she awaited the inevitable penetration. Her insides boiled with aching need, cunt soaked and dripping with her juices. Looking around, she noticed that more and more of her was disappearing underneath the monster as he lowered himself over her, laying himself above her even as he kept his weight on his knees, lest he crush her. To be beneath him, easily a thousand pounds of muscle and power, had her quivering with excitement.

A touch. She mewled delightfully with the first touch of his cock, the flared tip of the over 10-inch shaft prodding at her closed entrance. With her legs together, the thick erection was left gently probing at her cunt's dripping petals, earning a couple whimpers from the nymph. He was so thick.

"Force it in," she groaned huskily, both her hands reaching behind her to spread her cheeks.

The sight of the little woman, squirming and wriggling beneath him with her hands spreading herself for him, was well beyond arousing. Almost desperately, the minotaur managed to get a good angle with shaft in hand, and with some guidance, managed to spread her pussy's walls.

"Oh gods.... So... thick...." She put her arms underneath her head and rested her neck, eyes closing as she basked in the sensation. Each delectable inch of his engorged member spread her open far enough to almost hurt, inches upon inches of girth opening her wide. She was reduced to pants as she trembled, cunt clamping down on him, desperate to pull more of his monster length into her.

Soon she could feel his body heat directly above her, the minotaur lowering himself further and further and burying her beneath him. More and more of his cock sank into her awaiting body, skewering her deep and stretching her to the limit. The nymph turned her head to the side, resting her cheek upon her wrist as she watched above her, groaning over the sight of the bull descending onto her. Not a single bit of her was out from his shadow.

"Deep... deep," she whimpered, eyes rolling up in their sockets as the pressure of his girth proved overwhelming. The bull's painfully slow descent into her cunt had her quivering with need; a full minute of an unhurried, teasing penetration of her tiny body bringing her to a boil. As the monster finally sank over 10 inches of his erection into her pussy, the nymph succumbed to orgasm.

The minotaur's testicles were soon drenched in her cum, the large spheres pressed against her clit dripping with juices as her orgasm brought her to squirting. Her voice rose to a loud moan, body convulsing beneath the minotaur as he buried his cock balls deep into her writhing flesh. Her fluids dripped from him, soaking the earth beneath them as he ground his hips down upon her, pushing her to the soft grass and forcing the tip of his shaft to grind against her deepest spot. She gasped with surprise of her sensitivity, trembling with shaking legs over the power of such an early orgasm. So deep, the pain of his massive shaft against her cervix inside her stretched pussy was buried in the waves of orgasmic pleasure.

"Kallae... tight," Vinn groaned, lifting his hips to pull his cock from her. Inch after inch of his drenched member slipped from her cunt, her folds gripping tightly to try and prevent his escape.

"No, get back in there," she mewled, wiggling her ass and pushing it up against the beast. Vinn rumbled at the sensation, looking to her tiny, round ass, watching it wriggle back and forth. She shifted it left and right, flexing her legs in opposite rhythm as she clenched on his length. "Please." Her muscles squeezed him like a vice, forcing some of her juices to drip onto the grass as she tried to devour him.

Groaning, the minotaur happily sank his cock back into her, earning a little squeal as he drove himself balls deep into her body. A splash of juices coated his testicles again, enticing Vinn to pull out a few more inches before shoving his massive shaft into her stretched-open cunt.

Kallae was on fire. To know Medusa and Darien could hear her, squealing and mewling and moaning, made her blood boil and insides scream with need. She came again, little squirts of her juices soaking her thighs as the beast sank his meat into her. The downward angle forced the massive girth against her g-spot, sending her into spasms beneath him as he pushed nearly a foot of length into her. His thickness created a bump over her navel, the tip of his huge cock pressing against her deepspot as he stretched her open and deep.

"Vinn... you're getting rough," she whispered, head turned to the side to look up at the titan over her.

"Sorry." He slowed to a crawl with her words, blinking down at her with worry.

"No... faster... harder." Her voice came out as labored pants, eyes drifting upward as she chewed on her lip. "Come on, fuck me. Please...." She squirmed underneath him, struggling to catch her breath as he kept himself buried within her, insane girth keeping her spread open till she felt ready to burst. His shaft, while not as hard or as rigid as a humans, was long enough to leave her out of breath, the flared tip pressing against her deepest spot and robbing her of her strength.

The sight of the little girl, writhing and wriggling, begging for him to give into his bestial urges, was enough to make the bull's blood run hot. He lifted his hips quickly, only to sink himself back into her hard enough to make her squeak, body shifting forward an inch along the grass.

"Oh gods," she whimpered, hand to her lips and teeth wrapped around a knuckle. "More...."

The beast began to pump into her tiny body with enthusiasm, grunts escaping him as he drove his thick cock into her body. Kallae was forced to grip onto the grass with her hands, squeals growing louder as the bull fucked her. She pushed her hips back to meet him, doing her best to join in the task before succumbing to him, unable to lift her ass anymore as the beast pushed her into the ground, grinding himself balls deep into her awaiting cunt.

Kallae was reduced to a writhing mess of limbs and sweat, legs trying to spread as the orgasm ripped the breath from her. Her thighs were trapped together as Vinn kept his legs on either side of her legs, his body pressing down on her and burying her underneath him. She was completely hidden, only her feet visible as they stuck up from between his knees, kicking at the grass a couple times while the bull's thrusts knocked the wind from her.

"Vinn," she managed to gasp, a tear in her eye as she looked up to the beast. "Gods... haven't you... cum yet?" She wriggled as she tried to alleviate some of the pressure, pulling at the grass to sneak forward a couple of inches. Her attempts were futile as the bull pinned her down with his body, driving his shaft almost a foot deep into her drenched cunt again, and again, and again. Kallae was utterly trapped, rendered helpless as yet more of her cum squirted, splashing and soaking her thighs with each shove of the minotaur.

Finally, the bull drove himself into the girl, hard, burying his entire length into her. His sudden forcefulness earned a squeal from Kallae, her body abruptly pinned underneath the beast as he held himself deep within. A quiet rumble from him announced his orgasm, his cock flexing inside her before a sudden gush of his warm cum poured into her.

"Nnn... Vinn," she whispered, finally managing to get her breath back as the minotaur held still, his orgasm obviously hitting him with pleasure waves. A snicker escaped her as she looked over her shoulder up at him, cunt clamping down and squeezing on him as yet another wave of his fluid poured into her. With no room left in her, the white fluid spilled outward from their connection, pooling between her thighs as it poured from her.

"Gods Vinn. So much cum." Winking at the beast, she started to shake her ass for him, dipping it left and right and squeezing her pussy around him. She pushed her ass back against him, devouring every morsel she could as she laid there, contented sighs on her lips as yet more of the beast's liquid gushed into her body. Herself no longer in orgasm, she enjoyed the gentle waves of pleasure aftershocks, all the while wriggling her hips for the beast who skewered her. He gave her another tiny push, earning a panted giggle as yet more of his seed overwhelmed her insides before leaking out onto the grass.

Vinn pushed his hands against the grass to lift his torso, sliding his knees forward to place them on either side of Kallae. Now kneeling over her, his ass lowered and cock still penetrating her, he took a deep breath as he let out a quiet rumble of bliss. She was dancing for him, her ass dipping about in a figure-eight, squeezing and clenching and massaging his shaft to pull more waves of cum from him.

Finally finished, Vinn gently pulled his hips back to slide his massive shaft from her, her tight muscles gripping him to squeeze the last drops of his seed free. She managed to pull another groan from him before he escaped, laying his still hard cock along the crack of her ass as he kneeled there.

"Kallae... so pretty." The beast lowered his hands and spread her ass apart, massive hands kneading her firm buttocks teasingly. As his soaked erection slipped between her cheeks, he shifted his hips back and forth slowly, enjoying the sensation of her tight little butt gripping his girth.

"Oooh, that feels... warm," she mewled, looking over her shoulder. Her ass, petite and round, smooth and curvy, was now soaked in cum, the titan's tool laying along its crevice. She looked to her left and right, considering the bull's new position. He was kneeling around her, her body trapped between his legs. "Oh, I like this position. You must really like my ass, hmm Vinn?" Smiling at him with a wicked grin, she reached out and wrapped her fingers around his girth, shivering at the feel of his warm cum on her fingers. Winking at him, she guided the tip of his cock to her ass's rose opening.

"... Vinn hurt Kallae?" he asked, blinking down at the paradise before him.

"Just go slow... at first. Come on, you know you want it." She raised her blue butt upward, hands reaching behind her to caress her cheeks and squeeze the tip of his shaft between them. Lowering herself back down, she got comfortable on the grass, resting her face on her arm as she dipped her hips left and right in a subtle dance, belly rubbing against the soft grass. The little nymph had the gigantic bull in the palm of her hand.

A slave to the arousal within, the beast couldn't help but gaze upon her body, how her lithe form squirmed and quivered beneath him. Rumbling with need, he took one hand and wrapped it around his girth, guiding it and aiming it against her sphincter. Soaked with both his and her cum, the lubricated shaft nudged against the tiny hole, slowly, leisurely spreading the gripping flesh open.

"Tight," the beast groaned, thumbs pressing into her cheeks to help spread herself open for him. With a little nudge of weight, he managed to slip the tip of his massive shaft into her ass, soft mewls of defeat escaping the nymph as inches of meat spread her apart. She thanked the stars Vinn's shaft, for all its size, was never rock hard. It's slightly softer, more malleable body allowed her flesh to stretch and mold to him, muscles gripping and squeezing the gargantuan intrusion.

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