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Meeting a Friend


He sat in the hotel and read his book, quietly, as he waited for the lunch time to arrive. This was his first trip to Texas, his first trip to see his friend for over a year. The two have conversed, both online and on the phone, and have found a special friendship, one based not on sex but on mutual intellectual stimulation. They liked each other for their mind, an unusual occurrence these days on the Internet.

Although he had seen her pictures, he wondered what she looked like: did her pictures do her justice? "I should not be thinking these things," he said to himself as he put his book down and readied himself to travel the few miles to the park for his picnic meeting with his friend and her family.

"Relax Justin," he said to himself as he felt his heart begin to pound. He was nervous.

"Well, let's go," he said as he fixed his hair one more time and walked out the door. As he locked the door, his phone rang. Quickly, he ran back inside to answer it.

"Hello," he said breathlessly. It was Jennifer, his friend. "What's the matter?" he asked.

"Nothing is wrong. I just wanted to tell you my husband and daughters won't be joining us," she told him. His nervousness, once under control, was now returning and in a greater amount.

"How come?" he asked. He wanted her family there, he wanted to meet them.

"My husband had some tickets for a magic show and is bringing the girls with him," she answered. He wondered to himself why she did not know he had that planned before they were to meet but let it go.

"I'll still see you in ten minutes?" he asked, his voice almost cracking from nerves.

"Yes, hon," she answered directly. If she could tell he was anxious and shy, she did not let on. He felt more at ease with this call. "Kiss and hugs dear," she said before they ended their conversation.

He sighed heavily as he put the phone down and thought of what was to come.

Justin Rochateau, a stay-at-home dad, was just an information maniac when he was introduced to the Internet three years ago. Now as an inspiring writer, he was grateful for the knowledge he had gathered on the net and for the friends he has made, Jennifer Owens one of them. As he pulled into the park, his breath became labored.

"Why am I having an anxiety attack?" he thought to himself as he found an open spot and turned off the rental car. For a few moments, he sat and, with his eyes closed, he tried to gather his thoughts and emotions. After all, this was not the first meeting he has had with online friends, and certainly not his last, but there was something different with her. Something that made his emotions made him behave like a 15-year-old on his first date. His palms were sweaty, his heart rate was increased, and his thoughts were of her not liking him.

"We are both married," he kept telling himself as he tried to calm himself. He smiled as he realized there was no need for all the emotions. "We are just friends," he said as he got out of the car and locked it. Justin smiled broadly as he thought of what kind of fool he was for all the worry over Jennifer.

"Excuse me?" a tall, beautiful woman asked him as he leaned against the rental. It took him a few moments to recognize her: it was Jennifer.

"My God, your pictures do no do you justice," he said with both surprise and excitement. His mouth and eyes were wide open as he looked at his friend.

"Oh stop," she said as she blushed. She never thought her pictures were good, but she never thought she was stunning in real life either.

"No, I mean it," he added as he put his arms around her and hugged her. She put hers tightly around him and held Justin tightly. The embrace between two friends lasted three minutes or so, broken only when Jennifer realized she left the picnic basket in her car.

"Come help me get the picnic basket out of my car," she said to him as they instinctively reached for and held each other's hand. When they arrived at the car, she opened the door and pointed out for him to take both the whicker basket and red and black plaid blanket. She took out two bottles of wine and two long stemmed wine glasses from the other side.

"I think you'll enjoy this," she said as raised a bottle. She was an excellent judge of wines and he had full confidence in her choice. He smiled and nodded.

"I know I will," he said as he closed the door and began to walk to met her. She took his arm and they began to walk as the sun, which had been ducking behind clouds all day, finally disappeared and threw them into a grayish light.

"You'll like what I brought," she told him as they walked on the path which led to a patch of grass locals use as a picnic lawn. She put the glasses and bottles down and was about to spread the blanket out when a few rain drops began to fall. She turned to her guest and gave him a crestfallen look.

"Damn," she said as she folded the blanket back up and tried to hold her emotions. Justin reached out to her to give her a hug. As she approached him, her feelings got the best of her and she began to cry.

"Why are you crying, Jen?" he said as he put her head on his chest. She tried to tell him, but the rain began to fall much harder. They needed to get out of the weather and to their cars. "Come, let's get to your car," he said as he picked up the basket, wine, and glasses. He pulled her to her car.

Jennifer unlocked the door and unlocked the passenger side. As Justin put the food and wine in the back seat, Jennifer sighed heavily. She wiped the tears from her face.

"Now what?" she asked as Justin sat.

"We could go back to my room and have an indoor picnic," he suggested. She giggled like a school girl and smiled, a smile she thought she could not do.

"Okay," she said. Jennifer started her car and drove it to his. "I'll follow you," she called out to him as he switched cars. He gave her a thumb's up as he opened the rental's door. Quickly, he started the Pontiac and put the headlights, wipers, and radio on, and pulled out of the lot.

The short drive back to the hotel was made even shorter as he thought of her. She was beautiful, he thought. Nothing like what she described herself to him over the months they talked.

"I hope she likes me," he said to himself as he pulled into the hotel's parking lot. He looked in his rear view mirror and saw her smile. All fears melted away with every raindrop that fell.

They found two empty parking spots and parked as the rain began to fall even harder. He looked out the side window and rolled down the window.

"Let me get the blanket," he screamed to her over the pounding raindrops. She agreed, knowing what he wanted to do. With quick movements, he stepped out of his car and to the backseat of hers. He unfolded the blanket and stepped back out, walking to her door and holding the blanket high to cover her head. The two then jogged to the hotel entrance.

"Stay here, I'll get the basket and wine," Justin told her as he ran back to her car. Grabbing the glasses, he put them in the basket. He took the bottles and basket and looked out at the weather. If it was possible, it was raining harder.

"Damn," he screamed as he readied himself to run back to the hotel. Shouting an explicative the entire distance, Justin reached her without spilling any of the basket's contents.

"I'm impressed," she told him through a broad and bright smile. Without thinking, he kissed her check, catching her by surprise.

"Thank you," he said as he held out his arm for her to grab. "Let's get out of this," he said as she took his arm and the two walked into the hotel.

There was no line at the elevator, but they still had to wait for its arrival. Jennifer took this time to tell Justin she was nervous about meeting him.

"You are the first person from online that I have met that has made me feel like a school girl," she said as a blush came to her face. Justin smiled and blushed as he thought to himself what he went through earlier: feeling like a teenager himself.

"But why me?" he asked in surprise. He was not expecting an answer but the question needed to be asked.

"You excite my mind, you have this ability to make me feel good about myself, you make me laugh," she said as the elevator doors opened and allowed them to walk in. Justin pressed the button to his floor and looked straight ahead. He knew if he looked over at Jennifer he would not only blush but most likely smile uncontrollably.

"Shall I go on?" she asked as the doors closed.

"No, you've embarrassed me enough," he answered. It was not that he was embarrassed, it was that he went into this meeting to seeing a friend for the first time, and she was making it difficult for him not to have romantic feelings.

The elevator reached his floor and they got out, walking quickly to his room. Nervously, he put the key card in the slot and opened the door. He stepped to the side and let her walk in first. She walked to a chair and draped the blanket, letting it dry.

"Now what?" she asked Justin.

"Take the bedspread and put that on the floor," he answered as he closed the door. She nodded her head and pulled the spread off. Before she could put it on the floor, they needed to move a few things, like a table and some chairs.

He smiled as he moved the furniture and she neatly throw down the bedspread. She walked over and took the basket.

"I'm going to get some ice," Justin said as he took the bucket and key card. She nodded in agreement as she took out some bread, a knife, and a few dishes. He gave her one final look before he closed the door behind him.

Justin stood for a moment trying to calm his excitement, because there was no reason for him to feel this way. His heart was pounding, he was sweating, he was smiling widely. He truly felt like a teenager on a date.

"Stop it," he said to himself as he approached the ice machine. "We are both married. We both love our spouses. I should not think of this as anything other than a meeting between two friends," he mumbled as he filled the ice bucket. With it full, he turned and walked back to the hotel.

He put the key card into the lock and push in the door when he heard the click. As the door opened, he saw Jennifer had the picnic food spread out on the bedspread, the wine breathing, and her glass half filled.

"Welcome back," she said to him with a toast of her glass. He giggled.

"Cute," he said as he took the ice over to the indoor picnic. As he was sitting, she handed him a glass and poured him some wine.

"I think you will like this," she said, stopping when the glass was half filled. He took the glass to his nose and smell. With the glass at his lips, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the full aroma and taste of the red fermented liquid. He let the wine flow over his tongue and tasted the libation.

"You're right, I like this," he said as he smiled and gave her a wink. She smiled back and placed her hand on his knee in an innocent gesture. He placed his hand on top of hers and squeezed gently.

For an awkward moment the two stared into each other's eyes, not sure what to do. Justin felt something, something her touch released. His heart began to race once more, his mouth became wetter, his breathing labored.

"What are we doing?" he whispered more to himself as she moved her hand forward and he leaned into her.

"I have no idea," she whispered back as she closed her eyes. Their lips met, and for a brief moment, they forgot who they were.

An electric sensation permeated his body, causing his already rapid heart rate to increase. His breathing, labored before, became almost impossible. He felt tiny beads of sweat begin on his forehead. As he opened his mouth as they kissed, he felt her tongue searching, searching for his. He reached out and put his arms around her, pulling her closer.

"No, we shouldn't," she said as she pushed him away. He knew she was right, they should not be kissing. Nothing more than friendship should happen.

"I'm sorry for any trouble I've caused," he said as he stood up. He began to clear the picnic.

"What are you doing?" she asked, her face showing her lack of understanding.

"I thought we should end this," he said almost apologetically.

"No, please, you should know me better," she said as she helped him place the food back. Their hands once again brushed against each other. They looked into each other's eyes.

"Jennifer," was all he said before they dropped what they were carrying and embraced tightly. He pressed his soft, tender, full lips against hers. She responded by putting her hands on his back and pulling him closer. She could feel him, feel his heart beat, feel his growing desire.

"What are we doing?" she whispered in between kisses. She could feel herself unconsciously undressing him, covering him with kisses as each article of clothing was removed.

"Oh yes," she whispered as she felt him removing her clothing as well. His lips were warm against her bare skin as he kissed her naked breast. Neither thought their innocent meeting, one that was to involve her family, would turn as it has.

He took her by the hand and lead her to the bed. He sat on the edge and pulled her lovely body to his. He placed kisses on her stomach, causing her to giggle like a school girl. Not knowing whether to stop or go, Justin kept kissing. She made her wants clear: she pushed him down onto the bed and got on top of him.

"Kiss me," she said, straddling him. She leaned down and met his lips. They were warm to his touch. Her body was soft, her body was sensual, her body was something he wanted. He felt his desire grow as she left his lips and kissed his neck. Her hands moved up and down his body, stopping when she found his chest hair.

Jennifer moaned as she moved a hand down his body and reached for his hard cock. He felt her soft hand move up and down his shaft as she resumed her kissing trek down his body. As she approached his stomach, he put a hand on her head, playing with the hair.

He could feel her breasts, soft and very womanly, against his body. They were large, they were beautiful. He knew they should not have been against his body, but as they were now, he wanted to enjoy them. He reached up with his right hand and gently caressed the left one. She responded by grinding herself onto his leg.

Quickly, she moved her mouth down his body, dragging her tongue down his body. He let out soft moans as she reached his shaft. Jennifer slipped her hand to the base of his cock and held tight. She gave him one last look before she placed her mouth on the head of his hardness.

As her hot and wet mouth moved onto his manhood, Justin forgot why he was originally here, forgot they were just friends, nothing more than a friendly meeting. None of that mattered. They were enjoying each other.

"God that is so great," he whispered as she swallowed his cock and sucked hard. She looked up at him and smiled as she released her gripe. She began to stroke it as she leaned into him. She kissed his stomach, then his chest, then his neck. He rolled his hands down her back, then pulled her to his lips. He wanted to taste her some more. He needed to feel her passion, he needed to show her his passion and desire for her.

"Sweetheart, what are we doing?" Jennifer said as she broke the embrace. He knew they should not be doing this, they should be just friends.

"Sorry," he said as he started to leave the bed and retrieve their clothing. She grabbed his hand and pulled him down.

"No need to be sorry, darling," she said as she looked deep into his eyes. "I just want to know that you are not doing this because you feel you have to," she asked. He was caught by surprise.

"Oh my God, sweetheart, not at all," he said, searching her eyes, searching to show her his desire was true. "I want this. I want to make mad, passionate love with you." His answer made her happy: she smiled and planted a kiss on his lips, making him lose his breath.

He reached with a hand and pulled her closer to him. His hand brushed her ass, causing her breathing to change. She inhaled quickly as she released her embrace.

"Mmm, baby," she whispered into his ear as she sucked in his earlobe. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. She reached down and took his engorged manhood in her hand. Slowly she stroked it, her grip getting tighter with each stroke up. He rolled onto his back as the feeling increased in intensity. She followed.

"Yes, yes," he whispered out as he felt something stirring deep within his loins. She reached under with her free hand and gently rolled his balls.

He loved this, he could feel an orgasm began. He sat up and moved her hands from his body. She protested some, tried to put her hands back on him, but he held firm.

"Justin, I," was all she could say before he placed his mouth on her left breast. The feeling to her was almost overwhelming. Instinctively, she put her hands on the back of his head and pulled him closer. He sucked harder on her breast.

"Oh my God, yes," she cried out as his tongue circled her erect nipple. He released his breast embrace and kissed her chest, moving slowly to her other breast. She anticipated, holding it for him to take into his mouth.

"Oh baby," she whispered as he sucked hard. She held his hard there, wanting it not to end. She loved the sensation, loved the feel of his hot breath, his hot moist lips on her flesh. She closed her eyes and let the feeling rush over her body.

Justin reached around her body and grabbed her butt, squeezing gently at first, then tightening the grip when he heard her moan. She began to move her hips as his touch moved to her thighs. Another slight moan was heard as she began to grind on his body: she was excited.

"God, Justin," she cried out as she felt her sensitive button touch his body. "I never thought this would ever happen," she said as she closed her eyes and felt the beginning waves of an orgasm. "Kiss me," she demanded as she leaned down and took his face in her hands, pulling him closer. The two met, their lips exchanging the passion they held.

He breathed heavily as they embraced. He never thought, in his dreams, in his fantasies, this would happen. She was beautiful, she was sensual, she was sexy. But she was married, as was he. Justin never thought of having an affair.

"What are you thinking?" she asked surprisingly. He looked up at her and smiled.

"Just how incredible you are," he said as he flipped her on her back. She laughed evilly and smiled. He leaned into her once more and kissed her lips. She parted her mouth and their tongues met. He backed off and kissed her neck. She moaned softly as his moist lips touched the skin of her neck.

He moved his lips down her body as she wiggled under his touch. He could feel her excitement as he reached her tummy: she moved her hips with each moment he touched her skin. He circled her belly button with his tongue. She giggled schoolgirl-like as he raised some goose bump. He smiled and looked up at her eyes: they were closed.

He trailed down her body with his tongue, from her stomach to the edge of her pubic mound. He could smell her arousal as he moved back for a moment to swallow hard. This was the moment of truth, a step over the threshold he never thought he would ever cross. As he moved closer to her lips, she parted her legs more. He slipped his hands under her body, made easier as she lifted her butt off the bed. He reached out his tongue and gently touched her labia.

Her body trembled as he tasted her salty sweetness. He leaned forward more, pushing his tongue inside her. She responded by thrusting her hips forward. She let out a loud sigh and pulled on his hair. He slowly moved his tongue back as she let her hips fall back to the bed.

Justin reached Jennifer's hips from the underside and pulled her closer to him as he plunged his tongue deep, deep inside of her now wet pussy. She met his action by pushing her pussy into his face. She leaned back and moaned loudly as she delighted in his action.

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