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Meeting a German Family


This is my first submission. Please feel free to comment.


A few years ago I was assigned to a project in Germany. We were having a lot of technical problems developing a prototype and were working almost 24/7. I used to fall into hotel bed in the early hours of the morning and struggle back to the lab in the morning. We finally had a breakthrough and the project leader gave us all the weekend off and treated us to drinks on Friday afternoon to celebrate.

I went along and relaxed with the team but they all wanted to get home to their families who they hadn't seen much of for the previous few weeks. The bar turned out to be a regular after work hangout and there were several groups coming and going. Most knew of our partial success and came over to congratulate us. I was introduced to most of them including some interesting women. I enjoyed a few beers but after a while the bar seems to empty as everybody remembered they had families. There were a few young women still about and one who was introduced to me earlier came over to chat to me. Her name was Gisele and wanted to practice her English. I found out she was 20 years my junior at 25 and lived with her mother and sister. We chatted for an hour or so and seem to be hitting it off very well. By this time we were the only customers in the bar as her friends had left. She told me the bar would get busier again but not for a few hours. I was getting peckish and suggested we get some food. She said she had make a call first. She returned a few minutes later with a smile and said yes to a meal but no to a restaurant. He mother insisted that we go to her house to eat proper local food. It was only a half hour walk and we stopped to get some beers on the way.

Giselle's mother, Hilde looked more like what a sister should be. Both had slim figures but Hilde showed her age with a generous sized ass. She had gone a little pear shaped as the expression goes but then I enjoy a large bum. Giselle had nice C cup breast s but Hilde's seemed larger but not as prominent. Introductions were made and we enjoyed a beer while waiting for the sister to arrive home. They had a nice open plan apartment so Hilde could check the food while we sat in the lounge. We did not have to wait long. Rene was younger but could be taken for a twin if she had not dyed her hair. She had the same slim figure and prominent breasts.

I was wondering if I would have any chance of getting Giselle back to my hotel. But since she was already home I did not think it likely and was planning on possibly meeting her another night. Anyway after the meal, I was told to relax in the lounge and enjoy my beer while they tidied up. I happily complied and was dozing on the couch when I felt weight on my legs. Giselle had straddled me and leaned forward to kiss. I responded and we were in a deep embrace with her tongue probing my mouth. We broke apart and to my surprise she opened her blouse and the front clasp of her bra to give me free access to her breasts. I was not objecting but her mother and sister were on the other side of the room with a clear view of our activities. Giselle noticed my hesitation but just pulled my face into her exposed cleavage and I started treating this wonderful pair of breasts the attention they deserved. I licked and nuzzled each of her nipples in turn which seem to excite her as she started grinding her crotch against my hardening dick.

I felt movement on the couch and from the voices realised her sister had sat down next to us. Giselle pulled away and knelt down to open my belt and pants while Rene leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. I looked towards the kitchen to see their mother watching us. I turned to kiss Rene again but she stopped me. I thought she was objecting but it was only to give her a chance to remove her top and bra. I started to give Rene's breasts simmilar attention while Giselle had freed my rock hard dick from it confines and was sucking the tip enthusiastically. She would lick the bell end before taking it into her mouth and sucking gently while she pulled her head back until it popped out, then taking into her mouth again. Rene also took hold of my cock and started stroking me gently while Giselle sucked on it.

It was a bit surreal getting a blowjob from one sister and fondling the tits of another while we were in the same room as their mother. I thought she would be objecting. In fact she did complain but not in the way I imagined. She decided Giselle's blowjob technique was too sloppy and proceeded to show her how to do it properly. Now there is no such thing as a bad blowjob but the difference between mother and daughter was like chalk and cheese. Hilde took my entire dick into her mouth until her nose was nestled in my pubic hair. She pulled back slowly while keeping suction until only the tip was still inside. She then took the entire length inside again. This was repeated getting quicker each time. The sensation was exquisite and I didn't think I would last too long with this attention but she stopped and got Giselle and then Rene to take turns to perform the same. They also licked my sac and sucked on my balls, while the other was sucking my dick. Hilde was watching my reaction and stopped the girls when I was close to cumming. She also took turns herself to show the girls how to refine their technique.

During this time Hilde and the girls stripped and me until we were all naked. Finally I was made lay on the floor and Hilde climbed on top and slipped her bald pussy over my dick. She rode me like there was no tomorrow shuddering with her own orgasm. Giselle and Rene took turns sitting on my face while I lapped at their nicely trimmed pussies. Needless to say I did not last too long and shot buckets of cum into Hilde pussy. Hilde kept on milking me with her pussy until my dick deflated. The girls orgasmed in turns with my pussy licking and lay down spent next to us. Hilde climbed off and took my dick in her mouth to lick me clean of my cum and her own pussy juice. Nobody moved for about half an hour but we relaxed in the afterglow.

Giselle was first to move and dragged me off to the shower. We soaped each other all over paying particular attention to her pussy and tits while she made sure my dick was spotless. Rene joined us and I was sandwiched between these two lovely girls rubbing themselves against me. My dick started to come alive again and was soon ready for action. We quickly towelled off and moved to the bedroom. Both girls took turns sucking my dick to make sure it did not lose its vigour and sometimes together. I responded by licking their pussies. Giselle decided that since she brought me home she was going to get my dick in her pussy. Who was I to object? She got on all fours and I moved behind her. Rene guided my dick to the wet pussy and it slipped in to the hilt. We started a good humping rhythm pulling out to the tip and ramming back to the hilt. Rene moved behind me and pressed her tits into my back while moving with us. I could feel her knuckles against my ass as she frigged herself. I lasted a lot longer this time but felt the pressure building and picked up the pace. Giselle had orgasmed once already but was building to second at the same time. Rene started fondling my balls which was enough to put me over the top and I filled Giselle's pussy with cum. We stayed connected until my dick softened and I slipped out rolling onto my back. Both girls made a point of licking all the cum and pussy juice off my dick and balls. There was a little stirring with this attention but I could not rise a third time. Rene did make sure her sister pussy was licked clean too, before we cuddled up for a night's sleep. I was spooned up against Giselle with Rene behind me.

I woke the next morning with a warm mouth on my dick. Giselle was practicing what she had been taught the previous evening and I was rock hard. I wanted to stick my dick in her pussy but she turned me over towards Rene who was now awake and guided my dick into her pussy. Rene had been frigging herself while watching me getting blown and was sopping wet. I fucked her from behind for a while and then she got me to lay back and she climbed on top. I was able to play and suck on her tittles while she bounced on top of me. Giselle not to be left out would stick her tits in my face to be sucked. Rene was definitely in the driving seat and brought herself to several orgasms before I shot my wad. As before both girls licked me clean. I dozed for a bit while the girls got up.

Hilde came and called me for breakfast. She was naked and when I went looking for my boxers she told me not to bother. I followed her wobbly ass to the kitchen and found the girls drinking coffee, also naked. In fact we spent the entire weekend in their apartment naked. I fucked both girls several times but Hilde had the biggest appetite. She would try to get some life out of my dick any chance she could. As soon as I came in one of the daughters she would be bringing me back to life anyway she could, usually a blowjob. They also orally satisfied each other when my dick was out of action or was busy elsewhere.

It was fantastic weekend but I was sore from all the sex. I asked about meeting again the next weekend but they did not agree. They apparently had other plans. I realised after that they only needed a dick and were not interested in the person driving it. Still I had a grin on my face for a week and the rest of the team thought it was from the success we made, little did they know.

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