tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMeeting a Transsexual Vampire Ch. 03

Meeting a Transsexual Vampire Ch. 03


"You're mine." Those words continued to echo in my head as I held her. This wasn't like me, I literally just met Toni the previous night, and I was willing to submit to her in any way she needed. Whether it was her fangs or her cock, I was Toni's to do with as she pleased and for some reason, that was okay with me.

I fought every urge in me to roll over and go to sleep, our encounters are "taxing" on me. But I was almost afraid that Toni would prove to be only a dream, however, I was losing that battle, and Toni could see. "Sug, it's probably been a rough few hours for you, get some rest and I'll be back tomorrow if you like?" Toni said to me, before she leaned in and lightly kissed my lips.

"Of course," I said, before stuttering out "But you don't have to leave, you can stay as long as you want."

Toni climbed on top of me, one last time and began kissing me, this time deeper than before, and when she finally broke free she said, "That's sweet, but I have to be gone by daylight and you need to get some rest. " Toni then began to smirk before drawing her fangs out and said "Besides, the longer I stay, the more tempted I get."

Every fiber of my being wanted Toni to stay, but she was right. I needed to get some rest and she needed to go.......where ever she goes during the day, so I gave in and said "Ok, but come and see me tomorrow."

She just smiled at me and said "At sun set."

And with that, Toni started getting dressed. Surprisingly she took her time and moved at a more, "human" speed, in an attempt to make this time together last as long as possible. Once fully dressed, I attempted to get up and walk her to the door, but stumbled and nearly fell getting up. Within the blink of an eye, Toni was there to catch me. "I just drained quite a bit from you, so I need you to take it easy," Toni said while moving me back in the bed.

Once I was in back in the bed, Toni said goodbye, before speeding off faster than I could watch. And almost immediately after Toni was gone I feel asleep. I was completely exhausted, from being drained of both blood and cum, and could only think to myself, 18 hours till sun set.

That night, there were no dreams, neither good nor bad, just some needed sleep. It was Saturday night, so I could afford to sleep in a bit, in the hopes that Sunday I could be ready for Toni again, but far earlier than I wanted, my phone woke me up. Part of me hoped it was her, somewhere safe from the sun, just wanting to know how I was doing, but instead it was Charles. I started to just ignore the call, but figured he'd call me all day if he had to, to find out about Friday night.

"Hey, what's up," I said probably sounding like I had a hangover.

"Wow, you're still alive?" Charles said, however I couldn't tell if he was joking or not, did he know that Toni was a vampire?

"W-What do you mean still alive?" was all I could think to say, without risking Toni's secret.

"I mean you didn't answer your phone all day after taking the slut home, figured she must've rode you till your dick broke or something," Charles said in a matter of fact tone.

His words stung, I didn't think Toni was a slut. Yes she came home with me rather easily, but she obviously didn't want just anyone, including him. "Your just jealous, don't be, it doesn't suit you well," I said trying not to let on that I cared for her.

Charles then laughed and said "Jealous! You wish; I left with this blond girl, twice as hot as that bitch."

That was twice now. I don't normally get this testy, but it was early and I was wondering did he call just to insult her. "Charles, leave her the fuck alone, it happens to the best of us, so drop it."

Charles could sense in my tone how agitated I was but continued to press, "wow, didn't know you liked her so much," he said in a condescending.

"Yea, just leave her alone, got it," I said, hoping he'd get the message.

"Fair enough" Charles said before pausing and asking "what she do to get you so whipped?"

And that was the reason for the call. He just wanted to gossip like a bunch of school girls. I truly had no further interest in discussing Toni with him, but figured the easiest way to get him to drop it was to humor him a bit.

"Full of surprises, never been with anyone like her," I said, which was absolutely true.

"You just need to get out more," Charles said, blowing off my excitement.

At this point, I was done talking to him, so I just brushed his comment off. "Whatever man, I gotta go," I said.

"Whatever," Charles said before hanging up.

Part of me couldn't believe how jealous he was, but part of me figured that Charles probably doesn't get rejected a ton. Either way I now had even less of a reason to get excited about work.

It was still very early, when I got off the phone, so I decided to run some errands. I got out of the bed and looked at the clock, 8:30, at least nine and half hours till sun set. I began to undress so I could shower, when I decided to look in the mirror at the spots where Toni bit me. I looked at my inner thigh, remembering Toni first bit me here, while stroking my cock, but nothing was there. I turned around, to look at my neck, remembering I was bit twice here. Once while I fucked her missionary and once while she fucked me on all fours, but again nothing was there. Whatever Toni did to stop the bleeding, also seemed to get rid of any scars she otherwise would have left.

The majority of the day dragged on, horribly slow. No matter what I did, all I could think about was Toni. What does Toni do all day? Was Toni missing me, as much as I was missing her? What does she like to do, besides feed on me and fuck me? I even decided to buy her a case of the synthetic blood, just in case she wanted more than I could give her. It was definitely weird buying it. Based on the looks I got, the clerk likely wanted to jump across the counter and stake me. Had it been after sun down, he may have mistaken me for one, and attacked.

The errands if nothing else, gave me something to do while I thought about Toni. I ate a big lunch, knowing I needed the energy, so she could feed on me and decided to clean up my place, not even sure if she would notice.

After all my hard work, I again looked at the clock, 4:30. An hour or so left, till sun down. I felt like I was gonna explode with anticipation and really struggled to calm myself. I started watching TV, flipping channels, when a commercial caught my attention. It was your typical negative ad, campaigning against the law that would give Vampires the same rights as any other person.

Even before meeting Toni, I was in favor of any type of equal rights for anyone, but after meeting her, this ad plucked a nerve. I just couldn't believe how they described them all as monsters and demons, and began wishing one of these pencil necked politicians would say these things about Toni to my face, so I'd have an excuse to pound there face in.

"What's got you so worked up?" I heard coming from the window.

I lit up after turning and seeing Toni's smile by the window. I had no idea the last hour had gone by so fast, but I was glad it did. I ran to the door to open it, and before I knew it, Toni jumped up on me, wrapped her legs around my waist and began kissing me.

"I've been waiting all day to do that," she said, between kisses.

Unable to contain myself, I began walking towards my bed room and as soon as we got there, Toni, leapt from me, to the bed. Her unnatural speed was always a very vivid reminder of what she could do to me, but I was past that and no longer cared. I was addicted to her and pleasing her was what I wanted more than anything else in that moment.

I jumped on the bed, wanting nothing more than to take her right then and there, but Toni had other things in mind. As I got closer, she spun me on my back and triumphantly smiled, once again reminding me that she makes the rules, lucky for me, I like her rules.

We both began to strip, and almost as soon as I removed my pants, Toni grabbed my cock and told me, "now pay attention to what I do hon" and swallowed my already throbbing hard cock.

I couldn't believe how good she was at this, even though this was her third time blowing me. I was almost paralyzed by her, unable to do anything except occasional lift my hips towards her as she moved her mouth off of me. Toni must have been expecting that, because almost immediately, she inserted a finger inside my hole, prompting me to moan out loud.

"Are you paying attention?" Toni asked, while teasing my insides with her finger.

"Yes!" I moaned out, unable to really say anymore.

Toni began to move in and out of me, with her finger, while again working her tongue up and down my cock. Eventually she broke away, and again, I lifted my hips, trying to keep my cock as close to her mouth as possibile and again, she inserted another finger. Now with two of her fingers inside me, I let out an even louder moan. "You don't think you're the only one that likes getting their cock sucked, do you?" Toni asked, knowing that I would agree to do anything she wanted at this point.

Completely unable to put a sentence together, I yelled "no," hoping my excitement would keep her sucking on my cock.

Toni giggled at how much control she had over me at this moment, and simply said "Good, because I would really like for you to do this" and with that, she began to work her mouth up and down the head of my cock, while she continued to work her two fingers inside me.

When she finally released my cock, denying me of an orgasm, there was a very audible, wet popping sound. I was disappointed that I Toni was done before I got to cum, but that disappointment was short lived. Her next move involved her climbing up my torso, until her ass rested mere inches away from my cock.

Toni kept her ass just out of reach for a bit, teasing me with its proximity to my cock and began kissing me. Her tongue, coated in my pre cum, was exploring my mouth, almost paving the way for her cock. She was driving me crazy and I felt like I was gonna cum, just from her kissing me, so I decided to grab her by the hips and bring her down on my cock. And my attempt at aggressiveness was only met by her laughter. No matter how hard I pulled down on her, she didn't budge an inch closer to my cock.

"Only if you promise to suck me when you're done," Toni said, while occasionally lowering her ass just close enough for me to feel it rub up against me.

"I Promise" I said with the upmost sincerity.

"Beg me to allow you to suck my cock?" Toni teased, knowing full well I couldn't resist her.

Feeling almost ready to burst, I yelled out "Please Toni, let me suck your cock."

And with that, Toni sat down and allowed me to enter her. Being inside her was like my own little slice of heaven. She rode me faster than I thought I could take without exploding, and the whole time her erect cock was staring at me.

I knew I wouldn't last much longer, especially as inhumanly fast Toni was moving, but luckily for me, she began to slow down. I took my eyes off her cock just long enough Toni was now staring at me, and now with her fangs out. She slowly lowered herself down, and bit down on my chest, while slowly moving her hips and ass up and down my cock.

No one else was capable of making me feel the way Toni did. I moaned, like she was inside me and held her closer, like I didn't want her to stop feeding on me. And the moment proved too much for me to handle, because my cock started to swell up and throb inside her, which only made Toni go faster, but unlike other times I was near an orgasm, she did not release her grip on me.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, both from being fed on and the impending orgasm and exploded inside her. Once the last spurt of cum left me, Toni released her hold on me. She was careful to avoid any arteries, so the bleeding was much lighter this time and there was no pressing need to close these wounds.

I knew what Toni wanted next. She made me promise I would, and even then she insisted on making me beg for it, and if anything I was a man of my word. She simply looked me in the eyes and said "my turn" before moving further up my torso, until her cock was right in front of my lips.

"She likes to be kissed" Toni said giving me an idea of where to start, so I puckered up and gave her cock a kiss. The first thing that ran through my mind, was how much pre cum was all over the head of her cock. It had a sweet taste, but it was literally leaking out.

After that, I decided to dive right in and began to work my mouth on the entire head of her cock, while occasionally working my way down her shaft. While I have never given a blow job, I've received quite a few, and know what I like, and if her reaction was any indication, my instincts were correct.

"Ooooooooo, you're a quick learner hon," Toni said, as she began rubbing her fingers through my hair.

At this moment, I was desperate to please her, I felt like she had given me so much, and I owed her this. Even though she has fed on me and fucked me, I almost felt like I was the one benefiting from those.

I continued on, doing my best to keep my teeth away and stimulate the underside of her cock with my tongue. I even tried to deep throat her a few times, but gagged due to inexperience, but I felt like I wasn't close to making her cum. Then, I remembered and I immediately forced two fingers inside her hole. "That's it sug," Toni said after a long moan, "work in and out."

Cumming inside her definitely lubed her up enough that I could work my way, in and out. Finally Toni told me to just open my throat, keep my tongue over my teeth and relax. I did as I was instructed, anticipating her cum, but instead Toni began fucking my throat with her vampire speed.

Toni held my head still and I started to moan while she was still inside my mouth, which really caused her to giggle at me. She continued using my throat, as she was close to cumming herself. And after a few seconds of her cock throbbing in my mouth and a few moans, she did. I couldn't believe how big her load was, last night she came inside me, so I couldn't tell, but today, she came in my mouth, like it was her first orgasm ever.

Toni finally lowered herself, till she was face to face with me, and kissed me, while I sat there dumbfounded with a mouth full of cum. "Wow baby, that was so good, the way you let me go that fast, I'm so proud of you," Toni said, which was enough to make me feel like I accomplished my goal.

I was ready to go again, and it at least appeared that it doesn't take Toni long to get ready, but I wanted to take this opportunity to get to know her, instead of just fucking till I passed out.

"How old are you?" I asked, figuring that was as good a place to start as any.

Teasing me, Toni responded by saying "Hasn't anyone told you, you never ask a lady her age? But if you must know, my human life ended at age twenty five, and that was ten years ago."

Neither answer surprised me. She looked about twenty five and based on her womanly curves and possibly some plastic surgery in her past, she couldn't have been hundreds of years old.

"So, how does being a transsexual and a vampire work?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't be offended with my questions.

Toni thought for a moment, maybe thinking how much she was willing to divulge to me, but after a long pause she began to speak. "For starters, we are, as we are, when we are turned. If I attempted to cut my hair, the next day it would grow back, and if I attempted to have any surgeries, my body would reject them while I sleep, so this is how I looked when I was turned."

I thought about what Toni was saying, and how it would be to go through life, unchanged, when she continued. "During my human life, early on, I knew that I was meant to be a girl. I never liked sports and preferred dolls, always had soft features and preferred dresses. So at an early age, I began taking blockers, which delay male puberty. As I got older, I began taking female hormones, which is why I have the shape of a woman, despite never having any surgery. A matter of fact, during my human life, I never once topped anyone and never had any desire to, I was a 100% bottom girl. Hormones tend to have that effect, in time I wanted to have sexual reassignment surgery, meet a nice guy who loved me, and be his wife, but then" and Toni stopped there, almost angry.

"What happened," I asked, wondering what could get her that upset.

Toni continued, "I got drunk one night. Back then, I avoided straight guys, but for some reason.....I just really liked this one guy. We started dancing and he had no idea I was a trans girl and I wanted to tell him, but I wanted him to like me and I didn't say anything. When we got to my place, he was all over me. I knew I needed to tell him before things got too far, but when I finally did, he snapped. He didn't believe me at first, but when he saw, he just started hitting me. I begged him to stop, pleaded with him and cried, but he wouldn't."

I looked at Toni, and saw what looked like a tear form around her eye, but it resembled blood. Upset she continued, "I was dying. He didn't mean to, but he did, and once he realized it, he panicked. I don't know what he was thinking, but lucky for me, he dragged me out in the woods and left me there, hoping someone would assume I was attacked there. Pretty stupid considering all the blood in my house, but I guess he didn't know what to do. Soon after he left, I just remember someone coming up to me, asking me if I wanted to live and of course, I said yes."

Knowing the answer, I asked anyway "Was that your maker?"

For the first time since beginning her story, Toni smiled and said "yes, Lady Anne. The rest was a real blur, but when I woke up, everything was different. The way you see, hear and smell are totally different, but the biggest difference for me was down there. I had been taking blockers and hormones for so long, in an attempt to keep my feminine looks, but now I would keep my looks no matter what and for the first time I could remember, I was hard, throbbing and wanting to fuck.

"Just like that," I asked

And Toni responded, "Just like that. Young vampires struggle controlling our desires. I can even hear Lady Anne now, reminding me that Vampires always control their emotions, and never allow their emotions to control them."

Curious, I asked "Your maker, how old is she"

Toni's answer was a bit surprising, "I honestly don't know. She's never told me, but she's very powerful and very beautiful. Her human life probably ended in her late thirties, but she could make you believe she was any age, if it served her purpose. Anyway, that night she took me hunting for the first time. It was a different club than the one I was in the previous night, but almost immediately I was drawn to the guy that beat me and thought he killed me. I immediately wanted to pounce on him, and drain him in front of everyone. But that was before we revealed ourselves to the world, so Anne told me to just watch from a distance. She, similar to me when I met you, grabbed his attention from across the room and teased him with her thoughts. I was envious; she could get any man she wanted and I watched, hoping to learn her ways. Soon enough, he was following her out, almost like he was on a leash. He drove back to her place, while I followed, out of sight. But once inside, he was mine."

Toni's story took a darker turn, but definitely a turn I saw coming. She continued "once inside, I entered through the back door and met them in the living room. " Toni allowed herself to smile again "You should've seen his face. He recognized me instantly and was confused as hell as to how it was possible. I had no words for him, I didn't want to hear how sorry he was or how it was my fault for tricking him. For the first time, I drew my fangs. Looking back, the fear I inflicted on him was something I never wanted to do again. And for a long time, I battled with my nature, but at that moment, I accepted it. He tried to run and before he could turn around, I was behind him, blocking the door. He stumbled back and before he could blink, I was on top of him. He begged me not to kill him, but I told him he would only be so lucky, and he knew exactly what I meant. Again, I had sex before, but I never did "that" to a guy, I was always on the receiving in. But ever since I woke that night, I had a stiff cock that way dying to be inside someone. I don't want to go into any further details about what I did, but suffice to say I slept that day without a hard on. When I was done having my way with him, I bit into him and at that moment, I found the one thing greater than sex.

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