tagLoving WivesMeeting Bob Ch. 01

Meeting Bob Ch. 01


HI Bob

This is john by the way. I really like where your head is at. I have used a very similar scenario in our fantasies especially when we were dating long distance. Any way I thought I might just jump into this story telling also.

So here goes

Lisa and I have decided to go to Bend this weekend to meet with our on-line friend Bob and possibly get in some cross-country skiing. Knowing we are meeting you for some possible fun, so we have been denying Lisa's orgasms all week long. This doesn't mean no sex it just means that we have ramped up our play and not let her go over the edge. On Thursday morning, we hold off my orgasms also. We have sex even more that usual today and Friday, so we will both be on nerve and heightened.

On the drive over Friday afternoon, both Lisa and I play with her pussy, keeping her at the breaking point but not letting her explode. As we walk into the River house lounge, we find you near the back in a dimly lit semi secluded, half round booth. Lisa is dressed in one of her short black dresses. The dress covers her legs to mid calf; it has a low cut v-neck and with her little white push up on, Lisa is displaying some nice deep cleavage. She has a pair of shear black stockings on with a pair of lacy white boy briefs on under it, but you will have to wait a little before you find this out.

You stand up to greet us hugging Lisa like she is a long time lover, you whisper something in her ear, Lisa blushes. We all sat down with Lisa between you and me. We order our drinks and some appetizers as we start to chat. We seem to be hitting it off nicely, I can tell Lisa is liking the chemistry because she starts touching your hands as she is talking almost as soon as we started talking. We just make small talk getting to feel and know one another a little for the first round.

You excuse yourself going to the restroom and to get a second round of drinks for us. As you leave, I ask Lisa what you had whispered to her when we first meet. She answers that you were commenting on how lovely her tits and cleavage were, and how much better she looked in person and that if the tame ones looked that much better than he couldn't wait to see the other areas of interest. We spot you with our drinks as Lisa finishes telling me this.

As we start on our second drink, I announce to you that we haven't let Lisa cum for a week. Lisa blushes at the statement as she playfully slaps my arm stating that she hasn't let me cum either, since Thursday morning. We explain to you that I/we wanted Lisa to be as hot and horny as she could for this meeting tonight. That if anything was going to happen that we wanted her as primed, as she could be to go off and have more than one orgasm. We also feel that I seem to cum a lot harder when I have had to hold back a day or two. Tonight, if things go anywhere closed to how we hope they will, we just wanted Lisa to take as much filling as possible from both of us. (And if it didn't I wanted to be able to fill her as deep as I could.

You look to Lisa asking how she feels about this. She says that she is so fucking Horney and in need of cumming, that she just needs someone to touch her and to not back off when she needs it the most. I nod to you Bob and ask if you're ready to help a woman out. You say yes, as you reach your left hand out to cradle her check as you tilt Lisa's head into your kiss. As Lisa melts into the kiss, you let your hand wonder down to her breast.

As you massage her breast, she starts to rub your thighs working her way towards your cock. As Lisa starts rubbing your stiffing cock, you let your hands roam lower exploring her body. Feeling her stocking clad legs you move your hands up Lisa's thighs. Lisa is opening her legs wider, to give you better access, with each of your hands strokes. When your fingers finally reach her panties, you gasp "Oh my gawd you're soaked". I moan telling you I think she likes you, now let's give Lisa the release she so desperately needs. Looking to Lisa I say to know one in particular that Lisa needs to lose her panties if they are so wet. I reach over lifting her dress up her thighs; you follow my lead putting your fingers into the elastic band of Lisa's panties. You whisper into her ear, but loud enough that I can hear what you say. You tell Lisa that you love her choice in under garments and that you would be honored if she would take them off for you right now. Lisa doesn't say a word, she just roles her hips, letting us remove the panties.

You start fingering Lisa's wet pussy, hooking your fingers back to get maximum contact with her sweet spot, her G-spot. Lisa starts moaning that if you keep this up you are going to make her squirt. You look at me as kingly as you hear this. I smile and nod yes, saying we should make her squirt all over the floor before we move this party. Lisa moans not don't make her do this, you double your efforts on her clit and G-spot, as I lean into Lisa's chest taking her nipple into my mouth and suckle on it like a new born baby.

Lisa cries out to move your hand, as you pull your fingers from Lisa she lets loose squirting your hand and flooding the floor below her seat. As Lisa, all of us start to breathe again and come back to our surroundings, we look up seeing a man in a suit standing there just watching us. He is a larger black man, a bald black man.

Continued? Oh yes and changing all the time.

Well Bob¸ I hope this works as a start we will chat soon. Oh, and as for crossing lines or offending us, just stay away from pain, potty, or any kind of degradation and humiliation and you would be hard put to cross any line I haven't already.


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