tagErotic CouplingsMeeting Carol Ch. 03

Meeting Carol Ch. 03


You surprise me when you lay down on the bed on your stomach. Your head turns as you look over your shoulder at me, smiling a bewitching smile. "Well, are you coming?" you say. I slide up the bed to join you, kneeling across your legs as my hands support my weight on the bed. I lean forward to kiss you and as I do you can feel my hardness resting in the cheeks of your ass. Your hips raise up slightly to meet me and you wiggle your ass against my cock. I can feel myself slide between your soft cheeks, your skin rubbing against mine.

You feel me shift as my lips find the back of your neck. I trace my way down, planting soft kisses as I go .. my lips barely scraping your skin as my tongue traces a line down your back. I reach your lower back and stop there as you feel my knees move so they are now between your thighs. With a slight pressure from my knees, you separate your thighs for me as you feel my hands running up your legs.

My fingers find your smooth lips, free of hair and slick with your juices. My fingers slide easily between your pussy lips, spreading them and revealing you to me. My middle finger finds you open and ready and slides inside you smoothly and deeply. As I move in and out, it is joined by a second and then a third. My lips are kissing the soft cheeks of your ass as my fingers move in and out of you. Your face has lowered into the pillow and I can hear you moaning into it. As I continue, I begin to see your juices leaking onto the sheet below you.

I remove my fingers and you look over you shoulder again .. no longer smiling but questioning. "Why did you stop?" I can see in your eyes. As my hands move to your hips, you recognize the answer. You can feel my hands pulling your hips back toward me, raising your body to your knees. Your smile returns as you lower your head to the bed as you feel the tip of my cock rubbing along your juicy slit.

"Do you want me Carol? Do you really want me?" I whisper. Your body answers me as it leans backward, forcing the head of my cock into your opening. Both of our hips move, not able to be restrained any further as I quickly find myself completely inside you. I slide fully out of you, then enter you again .. more forcefully this time as you push back hard to aide me. With every stroke, I watch as you engulf my cock again and again.

We find a rhythm with each other, you moving against me as I thrust forward. You can feel the head of my cock in the deepest regions of your pussy and we grind into each other faster and faster. The sounds are erotic; the odor in the room is pure sex and desire as we continue to take each other as we have wanted for so long. Our bodies are one as we continue to make love, not just with lust but with passion.

Though your head is still down, I can see you fingers curling up as they grab the sheets of the bed. I know this means you are feeling what I am feeling . .that our orgasms are not far away. I reach up and grab at your hair, pulling your head back toward me as my speed increases.

"Cum for me baby. Cum for me Carol." I almost shout to you. I can feel your juices flowing and the walls of your pussy tightening around me as you have your orgasm.

"Oh God," you moan. It is that sound that sends me over the edge as I cum hard inside you .. spurting my own fluids into your young warm pussy. My hips are pushing forward against you as I move myself as deeply as I can inside you.

"Yes Carol," I whisper over and over as I empty myself inside you. I can feel your body shudder against my hips as you continue your own orgasm.

We are spent as you fall forward onto the bed and my body comes to rest on top of you, my cock still inside you. Our mixture leaks from your pussy and covers the sheet below us. My lips find your neck and I kiss you softly, with passion not with aggression.

"Thank you honey," I whisper into your ear. You turn your head and I can see your smile in the moonlight.

Our breathing slows .. our hearts beat together with love not with lust as I slide off of you and lay beside you. You turn to your side so you are facing me and reach for my face with your hand. Your palm is warm as it rests on my cheek. My eyes have adjusted to the light enough to see that your eyes are closed. I can't help notice the slight smile on your face. As I move forward and lay my head on your pillow as I kiss your forehead. Your soft moan is the last sound we hear as we drift off to a satisfied sleep.

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