tagBDSMMeeting Ch. 05

Meeting Ch. 05


Author's note: Thank you to my good friends, BaileyL and Squarey, for reading, correcting, suggesting, pushing, and encouraging me.


April slipped quietly from the bed, trying not to awaken Evan. She returned from the bathroom and climbed back into the bed, sitting cross-legged for several minutes, watching him sleep. He was lying on his back with one arm stretched out over her pillow and the other above his head. She had a sudden rush of sorrow at the thought that they only had one more morning together, but she pushed it down even as she blinked back the unexpected tears that burned her eyes. She told herself she was not going to think that way.

She had known before she agreed to meet this weekend that it was a one-shot occurrence, unlikely to be repeated. Evan had never made any promises to her about any kind of future together. She was free to see other men, although she didn't, and she assumed he saw other women. In fact, she suspected, though he had never discussed it with her, that she was not his only sub. This had never been about a relationship any deeper than the physical. No...that wasn't quite true. A D/s relationship was about more than sex. Evan wasn't the type to demand strict adherence to their roles twenty-four hours a day; she did not have to ask his permission to speak or to touch him when they weren't playing, he hadn't spent the weekend making her wait on him. They enjoyed a real friendship when they were not in session; talking about subjects from the mundane to the profound.

But when they were playing...ahh...when they were playing! Then he demanded everything from her. He demanded that she relinquish her body, her emotions, her arousal, her orgasms...everything. And she willingly gave control of them to him, finding incredible freedom in her surrender. Freedom to release the expectations and the image that the world, that she herself, had created. Freedom to simply experience and feel. For that she was grateful and would be grateful no matter how long or how brief the time that this relationship lasted.

She felt a little frisson of fear clutch her heart at the thought that this weekend could be the end. Her insecurities about her looks and her ability to please him resurfaced and for a moment she allowed them to whisper in her ear that Evan was too kind and decent to simply tell her outright that he didn't find her attractive. She frowned in thought as her gaze moved from his face down his body, trying to commit every inch of him to memory, coming to rest on his penis, lying small and limp between his legs. His reactions were certainly genuine enough. Those were real erections and real ejaculations he had each time he took her. She allowed the thought to form that perhaps it was all just a physiological response to stimuli and had nothing to do with her. She also permitted the next thought...that once he got on the plane for New York, she would never hear from him again.

Firmly pushing those thoughts away, April leaned forward and lightly rested her palm against his beard, amazed at how quickly she had come to love the feel of it against her skin. Now that she had touched him, she wanted more and ran her fingers through the short, curly whiskers. One finger traced his lips and he shifted and sighed in his sleep. Her hand moved to the curls on top of his head and let them spring against and through her fingers. She wanted to feel them against her face, so she leaned over him and softly rested her cheek against his hair as her fingers explored his face. She pressed her lips to his scalp, then they followed her fingers' path across his face, feathering kisses over his forehead, his eyes, his nose, his lips, rubbing against his beard.

Straddling his body on her hands and knees, she leaned up to kiss the palm that was above his head, leaving a trail of gentle kisses down that arm to his shoulder. She pressed her lips against the pulse on each side of his throat and moved down to his chest. Nuzzling her cheek against his chest, she wondered what it was that she found so erotic about the touch of a man's chest hair on her face or hands. She kissed along his pectoral muscles, feeling them jump and quiver beneath her lips. He wasn't asleep any longer; she could sense the tension in his body below her. But he wasn't moving, wasn't interfering with her exploration. He shivered almost imperceptibly when she thrust her tongue into his navel and she could feel him tense as she moved lower. Putting her hands on the insides of his thighs, she gently spread his legs further apart and licked and kissed along the junction of his thigh and torso on each side. She kissed one thigh, down to his knee, then moved to the other knee and kissed her way back up.

Pausing for a moment, she contemplated where to start. She wanted to begin with licking and sucking on his balls. But he was still flaccid and she very much wanted to feel him harden and grow inside the warmth of her mouth. She breathed her hot, moist breath on him without touching, and then reached her tongue out to swipe it along his slit. Now he was definitely awake and his breathing quickened as she engulfed his shrunken, limp penis with her mouth. She cupped his balls in her hand, running her fingers over the wrinkled sacs, finding the firm testicles within and rolling first one, and then the other, between her thumb and forefinger. His cock was beginning to grow and she sucked tenderly, closing her eyes in pleasure and humming softly. He was gently thrusting against her and his cock was firm and getting firmer. She loved having him in her mouth, loved the way the ridge around the head scraped softly along her tongue and the roof of her mouth as she pulled away, loved the way it made her gag as it pushed against the back of her throat, loved salty precum that dripped onto her tongue, loved the slippery sound her saliva made as he slipped in and out.

She opened her eyes and looked up at Evan. He was watching her, eyes half-closed. He reached down brushed her cheek with his fingers, moaning softly, "Fuck, baby!" She opened her mouth and released him. Leaning over, she held his cock in on one hand as she rubbed her breasts against it. She rubbed them up and down the length of him, then rubbed the head around her areola. Holding his cock in one hand and her breast in the other, she rubbed his slit over her nipple and then tried to push her nipple inside, eliciting another, "Fuck!" She closed her eyes again and lowered her head, sucking him back into her warm, wet mouth. Twice this weekend he had forced her to do this, and she had loved it both times. But this time she was initiating it...he wasn't ordering her or even asking her...she was doing it out of sheer adoration of his cock. She knew he wouldn't be able to remain passive for long and she was right. His hands cupped her face, just holding her for a moment before his fingers gripped her hair and he began to move her head up and down on his cock faster. She gagged slightly each time he hit the back of her throat and she moved one hand to grasp the base of his cock, leaving less for her to take into her mouth.

His prick was red and hard, throbbing and leaking precum almost continuously, and she knew he was getting close. He suddenly pulled her mouth off of him, wrapped his hand around hers, and used her hand to beat off. He was wet and slick and he squeezed her hand tighter around him, pumping it faster and faster.

"Baby, I'm coming!"

She felt his body stiffen beneath her, his cock pulse in her hand, and saw the thick, white cum begin to spurt. She leaned down and took him back into her mouth. He gave a strangled cry as she sucked his cum into her mouth. His hand released hers and she felt his fingers trying to grab her hair, but he seemed to have lost coordination and his fingers brushed through her hair but couldn't close on it as he thrust into her mouth. She continued sucking until his cum stopped squirting, and even then she sucked a bit longer, feeling him begin to shrink. Licking him clean, she kissed his once again flaccid penis and crawled up to kiss his mouth. He pulled her down on top of him and held her closely, kissing her gently while his hand caressed her hair.

Resting her cheek on his chest, she could hear and feel his breathing slow from gasping to ragged, and then to deep, satisfied sighs. He kissed the top of her head and ran his hands over her bare back and butt. Her nipples were hard as they pressed against his chest and her pussy was sopping. But when he tried to slip his fingers into her swampy sex, she shook her head and pulled away.

"I don't need that," she said, looking down at him. "This is all I wanted and now I just want to hold you and go to sleep."

He looked up at her, reaching up to trace a finger over her lips.

"Oh my beautiful slut...what a wonder you are."

He pulled her back down and tucked her head under his chin. With his arms wrapped around her, she felt his breath ruffling her hair as it slowed and finally became the deep, even breathing of sleep. She snuggled against him and let sleep overtake her as well.

April awakened slowly to the sensation of whiskers against her skin, a warm mouth on her nipple. She shivered and tried to move, but her hands were above her head, held firmly in place by Evan's large hand, one of his legs thrown across hers. Morning...early morning, she could tell. There was light coming in the windows, but it was muted by fog. She shifted and moaned as the suction on her nipple increased and his fingers played with the other one.

"Evan, I need to go to the bathroom."

He raised his head and looked down at her. "Just a minute," he said. "There's something we need to do first."

He straddled her body and reached for the clamps he had lying ready on the bedside table. Leaning down, he sucked and licked one nipple until it was hard and April was moaning. He slid the clamp onto her nipple and she whimpered, writhing under him with the pressure on her already aching nipple. He repeated his actions on the other nipple and let the delicate silver chain connecting them puddle in the valley between her breasts. She watched him through half-closed eyes, her breasts rising and falling with her rapid breathing. He picked up the leather collar and fastened it around her neck. She hadn't realized that the nipple clamps had two chains, one attaching the two clamps and the second one he now clipped to the ring in her collar. He leaned down and licked her clamped nipples, leaving gentle bites on the tops and undersides of her breasts until she was squirming. Finally, he released her and stood up.

"Alright," he told her. "You can go to the bathroom now. And when you finish, put on the stockings, garter, and heels. Then I want you to lie back down on the bed with your arms and legs spread."

She sat up carefully, feeling the tug on her nipples with every move. Evan seemed to be ignoring her, sitting down on the sofa and opening the newspaper. She walked slowly to the bathroom, trying not to move her head. The chain had some slack in it, but still she felt every movement of her body in her throbbing nipples. Back in the room, she pulled out the stockings, garter, and heels. Sitting on the side of the bed, she slowly pulled the stockings up each leg and attached them to the garter. She could feel him watching her as she slipped the heels on. Scooting more fully onto the bed, she stretched out, spread her arms and legs, and waited.

She could hear the rattling of the newspaper as he slowly turned the pages. It seemed an eternity that he left her there, wondering what he was going to do with her, as he read the paper. She could just barely see him by turning her head, but he seemed not to notice the nude woman lying on his bed. She sighed with relief when he finally folded the newspaper and stood up. He stood next to the bed and looked down at her. She could see the excitement in his eyes and his cock was already erect, curving against his stomach.

He knelt on the bed and leaned down to kiss her softly, his tongue teasing her before letting her suck it into her mouth. He kissed her face, her throat, running his tongue over the sensitive hollow. He licked and bit her breasts, licking around the clamps, buried his face between them, kissed down to her belly. April was moaning and squirming and she gasped out his name as he knelt between her outspread legs. His thumbs opened her outer lips and she felt his hot breath on her wet folds before his tongue parted her inner lips.

"Oh, oh, oh! Evan!"

She ground her hips and pushed against his invading tongue. She wanted to grab his hair and pull him closer, but she knew better than to touch him without permission, so she fisted her hands in the blankets, pumping her hips as his tongue pushed into her opening. He bit her clit, and then licked it. His tongue, his lips, his teeth continued torturing her until her juices were dripping, wetting his beard. The bottoms of her feet were tingling and she began to pant softly. Just as she was on the verge of climax, he suddenly pulled away and sat up.

"No," she cried softly, her hips still pumping.

He grinned down at her and opened the drawer in the bedside table. Her eyes widened when she saw the small black vibrator he had tortured her with at dinner the night before. He slipped it inside her and her hips arched when he turned it on. But this time the vibrations were low, enough to make her tense and aching, but not enough to make her come. He held up a short leash for a moment before clipping it to her collar. He tugged gently to indicate she should sit up.

"Let's take a little walk, shall we," he asked, pulling her to her feet. "And April...don't let that vibe fall out."

He led her around the suite by the leash. Keeping up with him, walking in three inch heels, and keeping her pelvic muscles tight to keep the vibe inside took all her concentration. The constant tugging on her nipples as she moved and the low vibrations rumbling through her pussy made her pant. Once, twice, three times he led her around the suite. Finally he stopped and pulled her into his arms, kissing her hungrily. His hard cock pushed against her belly, increasing the tremors. She kept her arms at her sides, but melted against him, kissing him frantically.

"Such a hot little bitch," he murmured against her lips.

Straightening and pulling away from her, he dropped the leash.

"Go into the bathroom and fill the bathtub," he ordered. "Make sure the temperature is just right. You're going to give your Master a bath."

He moved away and left her standing in the middle of the room dazed and hungry for more. She walked unsteadily to the bathroom, the leash swaying and slapping gently against her belly as she focused on not letting the vibe slip from her. She knelt carefully on the step to the bathtub and turned the water on. Adjusting the temperature, she rocked her hips as she watched the tub fill with water, aching for some friction to her clit. By squeezing her legs together as she rocked, she was able to find enough...maybe just enough, together with the vibrations that continued to hum inside her. Gripping the side of the tub, head down and eyes closed, she was almost there....almost.....

"Is it ready?"

She gasped and jumped guiltily at his voice, hastily turning off the water that threatened to overflow the tub. She shifted over a little so that he could step into the tub, licking her lips unconsciously as his rampant cock came within inches of her face. She could see a drop of precum glistening on the head and she wanted more than anything to lick it, but she didn't have permission. He lowered himself into the warm water and handed her a cloth. She was trembling as she soaped the cloth and rubbed it slowly over his chest and arms, moving down to his belly. He spread his arms out along the sides of the tub and laid his head back as he lifted first one and then the other leg for her to wash.

She rinsed the soap out of the cloth and used it to pour water over his chest, watching the suds stream over his muscles. The hand resting nearest to her reached out and cupped a breast, his thumb rubbing little circles on the nipple where the clamp squeezed it. She sighed and closed her eyes, pushing her breast against his fingers. His other hand picked up the leash and pulled on it until she was leaning over the tub, one hand braced on the opposite wall and the other on the wall behind his head. This brought her breasts just in front of his face and he leaned forward to lick her nipples. She couldn't let go or she would fall into the water, so all she could do was moan as he licked and bit her breasts, sucked on her nipples.

"Oh god, Evan! Please! Please make love to me!"

"No," he said gruffly, lifting his head and pulling her leash so that her face was almost touching his. "The words, April. Say the words."

She stared into his angry eyes and opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Her breasts heaving with her panting, her throbbing pussy slick with her juices, she knew what he wanted to hear but the words would not form. They stared at one another for long minutes before he pushed her back onto her knees and stood up, water sluicing off his hard body. He pulled on the leash and she stood shakily to her feet. He led her across the bathroom to the mirror over the long counter.

Pushing her down so that her face was on the cool marble counter, her arms spread out to the side, and her ass sticking up in the air, Evan held the leash against the counter with one hand. She yelped as his other hand came down on her left butt cheek, and again on the right. She tried to push herself up, to stand, but his grip on the leash kept her firmly against the counter as the blows continued to rain down. Even as she rebelled at the indignity of being spanked, the stinging blows began to melt into the humming vibrations inside her and the tension on her aching nipples until she was groaning and crying out incoherently. She rolled her hips, thrusting back at the hand slapping her cheeks over and over.

Finally he stopped and pulled her upright. Stepping behind her and wrapping an arm around her waist to hold her tightly against him, he grabbed her jaw with the other hand and forced her to look in the mirror. She was shocked at the image there. Her short hair was mussed and standing up in places, her face and chest flushed with desire. Her nipples squeezed by silver clamps, a dog leash hanging from the collar around her throat. Her chest and breasts were covered with bite marks and scratches from his whiskers. From the front she could just see the bruises that she knew covered her buttocks and thighs. Who was that woman?

"What do you see, April," he asked softly, his face buried in her hair, his lips against her ear.

He was breathing hard and his erection was lying like a steel rod against her red and tingling ass. When he moved his face next to hers, she could see his eyes dark with...anger? desire? both? His hands, his whole body, was trembling with wanting her, and maybe, she thought, the effort of restraining himself from pushing her onto the floor and taking her immediately. She felt a sudden surge of pride that she had this effect on him. He ached for her so much that he was shaking. That cock pressed against her was hard for her, because of her.

"What do you see," he repeated. "Do you see what everyone at home sees? A respectable business woman, a responsible mother, dependable grandmother? That's what they all see, isn't it? You in your conservative little suits and jackets and sensible shoes. But you and I know what's underneath all that, don't we?"

The hand around her waist moved down and slid into her juicy pussy, withdrawing to hold wet fingers in front of her face.

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