tagAnalMeeting in a Grocery Store

Meeting in a Grocery Store


I was sitting on the balcony of my condo with a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper while a steady rain provided a refreshing sound. I sipped my coffee and watched the concentric circles in the pond as the rain splattered the water. My golf day was a washout so I kicked back and relaxed. Reading the morning newspaper I came across the Daily Horoscope and read the message under my Cancer birth sign, "There are so many factors that come together to create amorous feelings and looks are not the most important. You'll experience something new igniting your heart."

I was always amused by the messages in the horoscope and although I never took them serious I was surprised how much they were on target sometimes. Little did I know that this particular message was about to come true. After downing a second cup of coffee I decided to go to the grocery store. I needed a number of things and the neighborhood store opened at 6:00 AM. Saturdays are normally very busy but not at that hour. I poured a cup of coffee in my travel cup and headed out.

As I walked around and filled my shopping cart at the store I got a number of looks from some of the female shoppers. I was surprised at the number of people shopping early in the morning and I assumed that they had the same objective as me. My cart contained healthy foods as I tried to stay in shape and watch my weight. I wasn't a health nut but I just ate the right foods and worked out to stay fit. At 40 years old I was proud of my physique at 6'2" and 190 pounds. I kept my brown hair cut short, not as short as Marine Corps days but neatly trimmed. My hazel eyes complimented my complexion nicely.

While shopping I spotted this one attractive looking woman. She had long dark brown hair and a slender figure. I got close enough to see that she was not wearing a wedding ring. She was wearing a short lightweight jacket and tight blacks pants that showed off her shapely ass. I watched as she moved about and admired her undulating buttocks. Being a leg and ass man I always sought out women with nice bottoms. It never bothered me if a woman was small breasted if she had a nice ass.

I moved closer to where she was looking at items on the shelves. She looked at me, smiled and then went back to her shopping. I noticed that she was probably in her mid to late twenties and I assumed by her reaction that she was involved with another person. I moved on passed her but I couldn't help but check out her ass several more times before I moved on.

I headed over to the produce section to pick up some fresh vegetables. While checking out the tomatoes for firmness another woman started feeling the tomatoes too. I looked at her and she smiled at me and said, "Good morning."

"Good morning," I replied.

She was not a pretty woman but she looked very fit. She had coarse blond hair tied in a pony tail and she wore glasses. Her face was thin with a sharp angular look and her nose was little bug for her face. It was cruel of me to think that she looked like a possum. I noticed that she was wearing an engagement ring when she handled a tomato. I smiled, nodded and moved away. She walked passed me and I checked her out again as she seemed somewhat interesting. That is when I saw her perfectly shaped round ass in her tight fitting jeans. I studied her closer and I assumed that she was about 5'6" and probably weighed about 130 pounds. She was flat chested or at least small breasted under her sweatshirt.

As she walked she swayed her ass and I found it very alluring. I loved anal sex and with an ass like hers I was convinced that she had to take it in the ass. I kept watching her and then I was sure that she was toying with me. When she walked her buttocks undulated sexily and when she bent over as if to read a grocery item label, she accentuated the curve of her ass. She also would stand tippy toe while reaching for something high and her buttocks would tighten. She had one of those asses that you would want to reach out and touch. It was as if her ass was begging to be grabbed. Each time she did something with her ass she looked back at me to see if I was watching.

It was difficult for me to understand the display this engaged woman was putting on for me. She was either a tease or she was looking for action. Finally she spoke to me when I was close enough to her. "Hi, I'm Diane," she said sexily introducing herself.

"Hi Diane, I'm Walt," I returned.

"I can see that you like looking at my ass," she said blatantly.

I knew that I blushed when I replied, "Guilty as charged, sorry, I couldn't help myself. You have a very hot ass."

"Thanks! Do you want to hook up somewhere?"

"Diane, you're engaged."

"Yeah but I need some action. My boyfriend wants to wait to our honeymoon and I am climbing the walls without sex."

"You're not a virgin, are you?"

"Heavens no but he is a traditionalist and he thinks we should wait. Do you live close?"

"About a 30 minute drive from here."

"What kind of a car do you have?"

"A SUV."

"Perfect, let's go to your car."

We left our partially filled grocery carts in the store out of the way and headed for the parking lot. Since it was early I had parked close to the store. Diana and I got in my SUV and I drove to the far end of the parking lot. I put the second row of seats down to make a flat bed in back and we got in the back. I locked the car and between the tinted windows and steady rain it seemed very private.

"I have got to see this ass," I told her and I had her kneel on all fours as I unfastened her jeans and pulled them with her panties down to her knees.

It was like unveiling a masterpiece. Her ass was perfect in every regard. It was beautifully shaped and her skin was smooth and flawless. I caress her bottom and teased her anus.

"Take care of my pussy first and then I you can fuck me in the ass," she said excitedly.

Diane rolled over on her back but she didn't want to take her jeans all the way off. I lifted her legs as I knelt close to her unfastening my belt and pants. My cock was rock hard and it jumped out when I pushed my pants and underwear down to my knees. I pushed my cock into her and it went in easily as she was sopping wet.

"Oh my, you have a big one," she gasped.

"I'm not that big," I replied although I was very satisfied with my 7+ inch thick cock.

I fucked Diane slowly keeping my cock in constant contact with her clit. She was incredibly turned on and she kept imploring me to fuck her. "Oh shit this is going to be a quick one," she said as she felt her orgasm building.

"Oh, oh, oh," she kept repeating as I fucked her.

"Here it comes, oh it's a big one, hold me, oh hold me!" she screamed.

I leaned over and held her to me as her body was rocked with an intense orgasm. She trembled in my arms as she seemed to cum for minutes. Her body then went limp and I lowered her back down. I moved in her and I felt her respond. "Fuck me again," she whispered harshly.

I fucked her again and she closed her eyes as I moved within her. I rubbed her clit with my thumb as my cock slid around in her pussy. Diane was sopping wet and my cock was swimming in her juices. It took a little longer the second time for her to orgasm but it was just as intense as the first climax. Her body shook and she cried out in ecstasy when she came. I held her to me until she calmed down and then I pulled out of her as she lay back. Then it was time for my prize.

I rolled Diane over and pulled her up on all fours. Once again I admired her perfect ass. She grabbed her purse, located her hand lotion and handed it to me. "Here use this," she rasped.

I took the lotion and poured some in my hand. I rubbed it into her anus and began to finger her lovely asshole. My finger went in easy which confirmed my suspicion that she was experienced with anal sex. I added a second finger and played with her ass for several minutes. Not able to wait any longer, I lube my cock with lotion and saliva and eased it into her asshole. She gasped as my cock entered her but it went in smoothly and did not cause her any discomfort.

I fucked her with long and deliberate strokes until my cock was sliding easily in and out of her ass. I caressed her shapely buttocks as I watched my cock move in and out of her rectum worming around inside of her curvy ass and whispered in her ear, "Diane you have one hot ass, I love fucking you in your hot ass."

My hands freely roamed over her body and I pulled on her hips drawing her backwards impaling her on my inflated member. I reached for her pussy but I found Diane's hand already buried in her womb. She was frigging herself frantically working herself toward an orgasm. Suddenly I felt my cock inside her ass swell up and I started pumping faster. Within minutes I knew that Diane felt the warm fluid being squirted inside her rectum and she immediately started to cum herself. Her cunt walls convulsed around her own hand as her anal muscles squeezed every drop from my spurting cock. I grunted as my whole body became stiff and I slammed my cock harder into her. Diane writhed around and her body arched as another climax of massive proportion tore through her loins.

We both collapsed on the folded down seats of my SUV and remained motionless fro several minutes. Eventually we composed ourselves and redressed. Diane scrambled into the passenger seat and I got into the driver's seat. The cars windows were steamed so we sat in the car until they were clear enough to drive. While we were waiting for the car windows to clear, Diane and I agreed to hook up again. I gave her my address and telephone number.

It had started to rain heavy again so I dropped Diane off under the canopy of the grocery store. I parked the car and returned to the store. When I located my grocery cart, I noticed that Diane's was gone. I finished shopping and I did not see any sign of Diane in the store. I checked out and loaded the groceries in my car and drove home. Later that day while watching a golf tournament on TV I thought of the morning encounter with Diane. Then I thought of the Daily Horoscope I had read earlier. It was Diane's looks but her perfect ass that ignited feelings in my heart, well at least my cock if not my heart.

Over the next four months I received occasional calls and visits from Diane. Our ritual was always the same. I would take could care of her pussy and then she would reward me with her marvelous ass. She even came to my place for a finale one week before her wedding. I never saw her again but it was great sex for those four months. I usually go for lookers with nice asses but Diane's ass was very special and just as the horoscope said, her looks didn't matter.

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