tagNonHumanMeeting in the Mountain Ch. 01

Meeting in the Mountain Ch. 01


It had been my dream to live "off the grid" in nature. When I was offered a photography assignment in the Colorado Rockies I jumped at the opportunity. Being a black female in the photography field wasn't unusual, being a black female who loved to photograph nature was. The cabin I was to stay in for the 4 week assignment was small but all I needed.

It had been only 4 days since I arrived that I decided to walk one of the many nature trails that darted the woods behind my cabin. The park ranger that unlocked my cabin for me assured me that many where easy hikes, even for a city slicker like myself. I wasn't out of shape by any means; at 5'7 and 120 lbs,. I wear a natural 36 D and from years of walking for photo assignment (and a $50.00 membership at a gym) I have a nice toned body. I packed a small bag of items just in case it got dark before I got back; a flash light and extra batteries, 2 bottles of water, several energy bars and a small bag of trail mix, and a blanket just in case it turned cool. I hoisted the pack onto my back and was on my way.

It was a beautiful day. It was early spring so the trees were just beginning to get leaves again. All around you could smell the forest scents. Fresh pine, water mountain springs, flowers in bloom.....and there was a strange scent too. A musky odor. I figured it must also be mating season for many forest animals and a male deer in rut had been in the area. I took out my camera and begin snapping photographs. I walked down a side trail and came to a large clear lake. The reflections of the trees danced off the glistening lake. It was a breathtaking scene! I pulled my camera to my eye and begin snapping pictures. Just then in my view finder a movement to the right caught my glance. I snapped a picture and removed the camera for a better look, but there was nothing there. Just trees. I reviewed the pictures I had taken on my digital camera. There! There had been something in that frame! I marked the picture so I could go back to it once I was back at the cabin. I walked for a few more miles then glancing at my watch, figured I should start back to the main trail and the cabin before it got dark. The park ranger had been right, these trails were very easy. I could walk for hours and not realize I had even walked that far.

As I turned the final crook in the trail toward the cabin I heard a branch break behind me in the forest. Just out of curiosity I yelled, "Hello?" not expecting an answer I turned to walk away when I heard a low groan. I didn't stop to look again I ran back to my cabin. When I got in the cabin I slammed the door shut and locked it. I was out of breath and sweating. I threw the pack off my back and ran into the kitchen, to the back door. I pulled it shut quickly and locked it also. I stood in the large picture window a moment, gazing out at the blackness then closing the blinds retreated to my bedroom to shower and change clothes.

I had gotten upstairs and removed my jeans and shirt when I heard a loud bang on the front door. I heard shuffling around, like the furniture was being moved. I grabbed my short terry cloth robe and eased down the stairs. I went to the closet at the base of the stairs and took out a wooden walking cane. It was solid oak and could pack a punch. I crept my way to the picture window and slowly pulled back the blinds. There was nothing there. I flipped on the porch light and looked again, nothing. I undid the chain lock and dead bolt and opened the door. I reached to pick up a pair of sweat pants I had worn earlier that day and noticed that musky odor again. I sniffed the pants and ewwww they were wet. Something had urinated on them! I threw the pants on the wooden bench and turned to walk back in the cabin. I felt something watching me. I slowly reached into the cabin and grabbed the walking cane.

"I know you are there pervert!" I yelled trying to sound tough. "You don't scare me!" I whacked the side of the cabin with the cane, showing whatever was there I meant business. Just then I heard movement. Branches breaking and leaves crunching under the weight of footsteps. My breath got short and I begin to panic. I quickly backed into the cabin, watching in every direction. Then I heard a low grunting noise. I couldn't think! I was scared but at the same time wanted to know WHAT was out there. I reached onto the table just inside the door and grabbed a flashlight. I clicked it on and shined it into the treeline. As I panned from right to left I caught a glimpse of something. It was crouched in a half sitting position. It looked like a human in a brown furry jacket. It was holding something in its hand and grunting but its back was to me. "Hey!" I yelled before even realizing I had. I forgot I wasn't in my city apartment with neighbors everywhere, I was in the middle of the forest where the closets neighbor was 5 miles away! I wonder if you're killed in the middle of a forest do people hear you scream? "Oh my God this isn't a time for jokes Janiah" I said to myself but aloud. The thing stopped and turned its head to me, still crouched. It's face was broad and covered in the brown fur. It's black eyes stared at me. Then it turned and stood up. "Oh. My. God." I said quietly under my breath. My brain was yelling, screaming at me to run back into the cabin and bolt the door but my feet would not move. I kept the flash light on the creature. It wasn't a person in a brown furry jacket, it was a large Bigfoot!

It was about 7 feet tall and just massive. He had broad shoulders and muscles a pro bodybuilder would die for. And he was defiantly a he, as I glanced down and notice the very large, very erect dick. I dropped the walking cane and started backing into the cabin, afraid to turn my back on it. He moved fast for his size and was at the bottom of the porch steps before I knew it. I stumbled backwards and fell over the threshold into the cabin. He was coming up the steps two at a time and made it to the top in seconds. I scrambled for the door, trying to close it but a huge hand caught it and without any effort threw the door open. He was standing in the door, practically blocking out all outside moon light. I lay on the floor in front of him, gazing up at him in awe and fear. It took one step and was standing over me looking down with its black eyes. He sniffs the air, with his mouth open, drawing the air in throughis mouth and making popping noises with his teeth.

I got to my knees and begin trying to crawl away, he grabbed at me, tugging at my robe. I snaked myself out of the robe and got to my feet frantically trying to get into the kitchen where I had hid the hunter's knife my dad gave me. I darted under the large wooden dining table between the living area and the kitchen and went for drawer. He tossed the robe aside and with one hand toppled the large wooden dining table and before I knew it was standing with his arms tightly around my waist pulling me toward him.

I screamed and beginning kicking my feet (which were dangling off the floor) and beating my fists against his large arm. With his free hand he picked the table back up, then ran his large rough hands over my stomach. Then with almost a gentleness put his hand down the front of my panties. I let out an involuntary moan as his rough fingers grazed my clitoris and was thrust deep inside me. He withdrew his hand and placed it to his nose. I could hear him sniffing and making the popping noise again. I could feel the hardest of his dick against my legs. I was strangely very turned on.

Then he laid me on the up righted dining table stomach down. No, I wouldn't let him have me like that. I turned myself over and was staring at this creature, who was staring back at me. "Please no..." I said softly, knowing he didn't understand me but trying to stop what I knew was happening. He grabbed my legs and pulled me close to him. I gasped at his strength. I could smell that musky odor as he placed his face inches from mine. With one hand he ripped at my bra, which fell onto the floor. I tried to cover myself but he pulled my arms down. He moved his face down until I could feel his breath on my chest. He was smelling me again. With one of his large hands he cupped my right breast. The roughness of the hand brushing against my nipple made me close my eyes and moan, throwing my head back. As if that was a cue he placed my breast in his mouth and begin to lick at my nipple. He nuzzled and nursed my breasts for several minutes.

I wrapped my legs around his midsection, forgetting for a moment where I was and what HE was. I could feel his thick member as it throbbed against me. He pulled away from me and with both hands removed my panties. His gentleness was astonishing for such a large being. He softly nuzzled the inside of my thigh, his long brown hair brushing against me. His hot breath moving up my leg and driving me crazy. I arched my back and raised my hips urging him on, hoping he would not stop. I couldn't stop myself from placing my leg over his huge broad shoulder and running my hands through his hair. He ran his tongue delicately over my pussy, then using his tongue licked deep inside me. He licked and teased me until I was on the verge of orgasm, then he pulled his head away and looked at me. I was gasping for breath and didn't want him to stop. I needed him to keep going. I pulled his head back down between my legs and grinding my pussy in his face moaned "Please...don't stop...please." Did he even understand what he was doing to me? He put one hand under each hip and lifting my ass off the tables buried his face between my legs and begin licking at a faster pace. He lapped at my clit until I was crying out in pure ecstasy. I tightened my thighs, trapping his head between my legs so he wouldn't dare stop, as I rode the waves of the orgasm. He licked and drank all my juices as they flowed, making soft grunting noises as he did so.

As my legs loosened their grip on him he stood in front of me, his large dick again erect and already dripping. Again he turned me onto my stomach. I was to weak to fight him. He pulled me closer to him, his large hands on either side of my waist. Slowly he glided his dick inside me. It was larger then any man I had ever been with but the pain as he fed me each inch felt so good. He pressed my body down on the table with his right hand as he put his left hand under my midsection, raising my hips off the table. I grabbed the edge of the table, my breaths coming in gasp again. As he begin to thrust into me I could feel the massiveness of his cock as it grew even while inside me. He removed his hand from my back and pulled me up, my hands on the table as it shook in rhythm with us. His thrust were coming faster and harder. I was on the verge of climax, as was he. His primal grunts and groans were making me wild. I lowered my head onto the table as the waves of pleasure started to erupt from my midsection and envelope my body. As I felt the tensing of my thighs and legs and collapsed under his weight, he made a final powerful thrust and filled me with his hot seed.

He stood there, behind me for several seconds. I could still feel his cock throbbing inside me as my pussy milked every last ounce it could from him. Then he withdrew and I felt an emptiness again. I walked to my robe on the floor, hot juices beginning to run down my leg. As I put on my robe I begin to feel embarrassed of what I had just done. As he walked pass me toward the door I said, "My name is Janai" then laughed and shook my head at myself for thinking or expecting him to reply.

He stopped and turned toward me, "Kuruk."

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