tagGroup SexMeeting Michelle Ch. 05

Meeting Michelle Ch. 05


Ch05 -- John gets surprise threesome


I wake up in the morning to a knock at the door. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and pull on a robe. I get to the door to find out that ordered breakfast cart has just arrived. I thank the waiter and wheel the cart inside the room. I notice that you haven't awaken yet, and I'm pleased. I am very quiet and go to my suitcase and bring it into the bathroom with me.

A few minutes later there is a second knock at the door, this one is very quiet and I feel a jolt of excitement go through my body. I answer the door and then go back to my dressing in the bathroom. I dress in an electric blue stretch lace short set and I put my hair up in a claw clasp.

I walk into the bedroom and shake you gently to wake you up. "Get up sleepy head. Are you ready for your surprise?" I ask. "Yes Michelle, what is it?" you ask. "John, I would love to give it to you, but you will have to put this scarf around your eyes as a blind fold," I say. You protest a little, but when you see I'm serious you agree to put it on. I make sure that it is nice and tight and that you can't possibly see a thing.

I wheel in the breakfast cart and begin to feed you your breakfast, without you seeing anything. I have you guess all the foods on the cart. You have tasted fresh melon, and sausage, a bagel with cream cheese and some cheese eggs. I love watching you taste the food like this without seeing what comes next. As soon as you have had enough, I push the cart out of the way and I lean over you and kiss your soft, sweet lips. I run my tongue around the shape of your lips. You raise your hands to caress my hair and I push them back down. "John, let me give you this present, just lie down and enjoy this. I promise it will be worth it," I whisper into your ear.

I start kissing down your neck, licking all around as I go, kissing your nipples, your chest, running my fingers over the places I have just kissed. I tongue your freshly shaven arm pits, kissing them and lapping up all around this sensitive area. I continue to kiss down your belly, putting my tongue into your belly button. You feel a hand on your cock, stroking your growing erection up and down. I am now sucking and kissing the skin on your thighs and legs, I am getting closer to your balls and I reach up to squeeze them and caress them in my hand.

I begin to kiss your balls and I take them into my mouth and I lick at them with my wet tongue, sucking on them gently. I have one finger inside my pussy and I'm rubbing my clit while I take your cock into my mouth. I am taking you all the way into my mouth not going slow this time and my cheeks are sucking around you, making a sloppy noise as I'm sucking. You feel a lick at your lips and a mouth covers your mouth finding your tongue, caressing tongues together. And you still feel my hot mouth on your cock. You are startled and sit up and pull up the blindfold. "This is Diana John, hope you don't mind," I say and I push you back down and you keep the blindfold off.

Diana moves down to me and we both take your cock in our hands, each of us licking up a side of your cock. Diana lowers her head and begins to lap at your balls and takes her finger and pushes it up your tight asshole. I take your cock back into my mouth and pump your dick with my hand while she is working on your balls. After a few minutes of this, I feel your cock harden up. Not wanting you cum yet, I take Diana and kiss her deeply in front of you sucking on her tongue and moaning with pleasure as she rubs my bare tits. This does not have the effect on you I was hoping it would. Instead of cooling you down, you begin to shoot your load of hot cum all over our tits. It's so hot and sticky, I take Diana's tits in my hand and lower my face to them and I start to lap up all the cream - your cum is so tasty. Diana wipes her fingers across my tits scooping up some of the cum and licks her fingers clean, making a "mmmmmm" sound. She licks my tits clean and then we rub what's left into each other's tits.

"John, I hope you're not done yet, we haven't even got started," I say to you with a smile.

"No, I'm far from done," you reply.

Diana lies on the bed on her back with her legs spread, and I lie on top of her on my tummy. My legs are around her waist. We are kissing each other and invite you over. "Pick a pussy," I teasingly say to you. You go for Diana first since you haven't had her pussy yet. I feel her body tense as you enter her and I pull on her nipples. You're massaging my ass as you thrust in and out of her tight hot little pussy. I get up which is easy for me to do in this position and walk behind. I bend down and start licking your balls and asshole as you are fucking my best friend. Quickly I ask you to change positions. I want you to lie on your back and her to ride you backwards so that her ass is facing you and I kneel in front of both of you.

I can see your big cock disappearing in her tight little cunt. Her little pussy is sucking you inside of her. She is so very juicy. She is laying back on you so I have a wonderful view of her cunt and your cock. I start to lick your balls in long slow licks and I put my tongue on your cock so I can lap at it before it disappears into her wet hole each time. I lick at her cunt then take her clit into my teeth and begin to nibble on it. She is screaming with pleasure. She is about to have her first orgasm. I want your cock so bad right now that I ask her to move. She is ready to cum so she lifts her self up and puts her juicy wet pussy onto your face. She starts to cum and wets your face all up as you are tongue fucking her. I am so hot I sit right down on your already wet cock facing you and Diana. When Diana begins to cum on your face she reaches for me and I kiss her deeply as you're fucking my pussy so hard. I feel you begin to cum and the feeling of that hot stuff inside of me makes me explode into orgasm. We are cumming at the same time and we are so very sticky and wet. My thighs and your thighs are covered as well as your cock and the bed is soaked. We all collapse onto the bed and nobody says a word. All that can be heard is loud rapid breathing.


I am surprised. I am shocked. I have expected anything but this. I would not think a minute you would want to share me with somebody else. After all, I came just for the week. Even that will be interrupted by my business duties. While catching my breath I am quickly thinking. Will Michelle want Diana to stay longer, or is this it? What is Diana thinking? I know about her from our online chats, but not that much.

I notice that my little big fella is getting alive again. That's good sign after last night. I have been sleeping long ten hours without any interruption. Michelle managed to organise all this without me knowing. I wonder how long Diana was in the room, how much she knows... "Shit, Michelle you don't make peoples life easy," I think for myself.

Then I hear Diana. "Look Michelle, he is getting ready again, what are we going to do with him now?"

"What about dick and balls with chocolate and cream?" you reply. And before I manage to say anything you close my mouth with your hand.

"Shut up baby, you teased me yesterday, it's my time today, don't you think?" you continue and I have to agree.

Diana comes with bag that she probably brought with her and takes some stuff out. I am not sure what it is because you quickly cover my eyes. However, I am going to learn it quickly. You straddle my chest and hold me down, while DIana quickly ties my hands to the corners of the bed. I try to free myself while she goes to tie my legs too, but you are surprisingly strong and skilful in holding me down and Diana has me tied eagle spread on the bed in no time. Then you release your hold and turning to my dick, slap it little with your hand.

"Don't you try to struggle with us boy, or we will make it even worse for you. If you won't be good boy, we will have to put blindfold and gag on you. Understand?"

"Yes, madam", I try to make a joke...

"Hmm, this sounds interesting. This big strong man with his big sticking dick is calling you Madam? Didn't you say you're going to be his sex slave?" asks Diana and you both giggle. Diana then takes bottle with cream from her bag and soon my dick, balls and whole pubic area are covered in the cream. Then Diana takes bottle of chocolate sauce and starts to pour it over. I can see you to take another can of cream and you start to decorate my chest. I can only think about the mess my chest hair together with sweet cream will do. Then you take bottle of chocolate sauce and decorate my nipples.

"Diana, this looks pretty boring, doesn't it," I hear you to asking.

"Hmm, I like cream and chocolate, but if you insist, there are some strawberries left on the tray," answers Diana and I can see you walking there. Soon you're back, cut one strawberry in half and put each half on my nipples. Looks good even to me... I am trying to stay cool, but I am hard and I am ticklish too, so I have rough time right now.

"Let's start the feast," you both say nearly at the same moment. You start licking around my nipples, purposely making noise why lapping on cream and chocolate. When you reach the nipple, you take the strawberry and like by an accident, you bite me to the nipple... It hurts a bit, but it also send signal to the dick that pops up a bit. At the same moment Diana is licking down the cream off the shaft and as the dick pops, it enters her mouth and she bites it too. I bet it was both on purpose and I let small "ouch" leave my mouth.

"Oh, our boy doesn't like it, Michelle," remarks Diana to my moan.

"I am sure he does like it Di, don't worry and continue with your feast," you reply and you both continue. Your tongues on my body make me really hot and hard. My dick is aching for relief. Diana has cleaned all the stuff around the dick and on it, and right now, she is cleaning my balls. She licks everywhere, close to my asshole even sticking her tongue little bit in. I am so hard and I would love to cum.

"Come on you two sluts, let me cum. Take that dick and make it cum," I hear myself moan in incoming ecstasy. And then, the worst ever-possible outcome comes.

"Jesus, Michelle, it's nearly ten. I will be late. I have to go now. Can you finish it by yourself?" jumps Diana out of the bed.

"Well, hmm, I don't know Diana. Maybe I will have to wait for you. Can you come back later?" you reply.

"Well, do you think this naughty boy would like me to come back?" continues Diana running to the bathroom to have a quick shower.

"Well, John, would you like to have Diana back?" you ask me.

"Michelle, if you want her back, I want her back too. You know that threesome was always my biggest fantasy, so I can't say no, unless you want me to. But promise me, you won't let me like this until she arrives," is my answer.

You smile at me and say "OK John," and then yell to bathroom, "Diana, he wants you to come back." And from the shower I hear her to reply, "Well, I can't today, but I promise I will come on Sunday evening. What about having dinner all three of us together and then having some fun?"

"Sounds lot's of fun" both of us yell back to her.

Diana leaves in several minutes and I am still tied, with my hard dick ready to burst. What are you going to do next my Michelle, I ask myself and hope you won't let me suffer for too long.


We hear the door close behind Diana. I look back on you and giggle out loud. You look so delicious, tied there with little bits of chocolate and cream still sticking to you. Your cock is so hard, its standing straight up and it looks like it will burst at any moment. "John, I don't know if I should let this dick cum or not?" I tease and look into your eyes smiling. "You have left me in some pretty horny situations yesterday, you know," I continue. I stand up and resituate myself on top of you. I sit on your legs just below your cock and I stroke your dick a few quick times. "Nope John, I'm not going to help you this time." I say. "If you want to cum you're going to have to do it your self." I finish the sentence while I'm untying one of your hands. I bend down on you so that my pussy is touching your cock, but you can't enter my slit. I watch, so turned on as you pump your cock just a few short times before it explodes all over my pussy. The feeling is amazing. Your spunk is so hot, that it is burning my pussy lips. It is so smooth and sticky. I rub it into my pussy and then I take a finger and rub it all around your lips, and you suck on my fingers.

"If you promise to be a good boy, I'll untie you John," I say teasingly to you. "I'll be good Michelle," you say. But I can tell from your sly smile and the tone of your voice that you don't really mean it. I decide its time to untie you anyway, and I untie your remaining hand and both of your legs. You immediately throw me onto the bed and begin tickling me until I start to scream for you to stop. "John, stop we have to get dressed and get out, we can't just lie in bed ALL day," I say.

"You're right, let's get to it," you say.

I decide to pull on a pair of tight jeans shorts and a pink little t-shirt and sandals. You dress in some shorts and a t-shirt also and we are ready for the new day. "John, where should we go first?" I turn to you and ask.

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