tagErotic CouplingsMeeting Michelle Ch. 09

Meeting Michelle Ch. 09


Ch09 –John goes to work and comes back early


I am returning to bed to find you still sleeping. I have to leave about 7am for my meetings and am thinking if I should wake you up or not. I decide not to, yet. Slowly I lower myself under the blanket and start to suck lightly on your toe. Your nerve signals start to work and soon I can hear your breath getting quicker, but you still seem to be asleep. I am getting hornier and while licking your feet I make my dick rock hard. I decide to move up slowly and as I am working through your ankle towards your calf, you wake up.

"John, that's gorgeous. I love that," you murmur and your breath signals growing excitement. I move higher and higher. When I reach your pussy, it's already wet with juices. I lick hungrily around, lapping every drop of that nectar you provide. I wish I did not have to go for meetings and could spend the whole day fucking with you again. But I have my duties... With my tongue teasing your clit, my hands move to your tits to find your hard nipples. I pull on them and pinch them to get deep moan in response. Your crotch pushes against my mouth. However, I move higher, across your belly and now my lips are tightly around your left nipple. I suck first and then bite lightly. You body shakes in coming ecstasy. I move little bit higher and with deep tongue kiss my dick touches your cunt for the first time today.

Your tongue responds to my kiss and at that moment I ram my thick and full dick deep into your cunt. It is a surprisingly rough move for you. You sigh with surprise and then start to go with your cunt against my dick. Now we fuck really hard, slamming against each other without anything else, just concentrating on it. After all that suffering last night, I just want to fuck you hard and you seem to like it. At the moment I feel my coming orgasm you suddenly come in very violent orgasm as well and I fill your cunt with my entire hot sticky load.

Having quick look at the clock, I see I have to hurry now. I run to the bathroom to get ready. After while I return to the bedroom to find out that you already ordered breakfast. I eat it in hurry and kissing you goodbye I leave in another ten minutes.

I wonder how are you doing for the whole morning. The schedule is so busy I don't have even time to ring you. I hope you're doing well... Another three hours and I'll be with you again.


I'm all sticky and hot from this morning's wonderful wake up. I'm thinking about how I'm missing you already, but I know that your work is very important. I decide that a nice hot soak in the tub sounds nice. So I walk into the bathroom, and turn on the hot water. Adding just a touch of cold. I pour in a lot of bubble bath.

I step into the tub and the water is so hot and relaxing that I turn a nice colour of red. I lay back in the tub and think of all the sexy things that we have done this week so far. I'm thinking of your touch and the way your strong hands feel on my body. Without realising it, my hands are stroking my legs and running up and down my body. I'm thinking of your special kiss this morning on my pussy and my fingers slowly find my pussy nice and warm under the water. My eyes are closed and I'm thinking of you being my slave and how sexy the look in your eyes was as you obeyed my commands. Gently circling my clit, trying not to touch. The picture of you fucking Diana is so very sexy. Picturing this I begin to rub my clit and take my other hand and cup my tit, pinching my nipples and thinking they are your soft fingers caressing my tits. I'm imagining our dinner and that naughty dress and panties you bought for me, and the look on that old man's face. I'm really getting hot now and I'm moaning softly to myself and stroking my cunt so fast I'm arching my back up and as I cum I scream your name "John"

"Yes baby." you answer and I am stunned. I turn around quickly and splash as I move. "How long have you been here watching me, you are early," I demand.


Only then you realise that I am naked and am stroking my dick in long steady strokes. There are already drops of the pre-cum visible on top of it.

"I have just arrived and was going to have a shower when I saw you", I reply, still stroking my dick and starting moan. As I slowly walk towards you I continue. "Now, it looks that you will get the shower first and then we will have to wash each other."

I step into the tub and your mouth hungrily reaches my dick. I do not let you do it and ask you to relax in bath. After couple of more strokes I feel I am going to cum, so I point my dick against your face and shoot my load towards you... It splashes all over your face and breasts. I love seeing drops of it falling down of your chin and your tongue licking your lips and around your mouth trying to get something to taste.

"You've surprised me really nicely, John," you say. "But now, you will have to wash me."

I do not hesitate and start to clean you - with my tongue.


You are licking my lips and your tongue enters my mouth and my tongue eagerly finds yours. We are kissing deeply and I feel your hands running down my body towards my pussy. I moan softly as your fingers tease my clit. I reach down to find your cock and I'm pleasantly surprised to see it is getting hard again for me. "John, what are we going to do about this?" I ask, patting your erection. My other hand is massaging your sticky cum into my tits.

"I'm sure we'll think of something," you answer smiling.

You climb into the tub and relax a bit and I sit behind you on the edge of the tub. I have wrapped my legs around you and you're massaging my sensitive feet. "John, that feels wonderful." I whisper in your ear as I'm massaging and washing your back. I start kissing the back of your neck and your shoulders and work my way down your back, kissing and licking you, tickling your back with my nails.

After a few minutes I get up and change position and lower my self into your lap. I'm not facing you my back is to you and you have found my most sensitive spot right between my shoulder blades and your kissing me there is driving me crazy. You begin kissing and sucking my neck and I am so excited by this. I rise up a little and sit back on you again this time your cock is right on the edge of my opening and I scoot against you. Your dick is pushing against my pussy lips and it feels wonderful to have this pressure against me as you're kissing my back. I push down on your cock with my hips and I moan loudly as your dick fills up my pussy. There is more friction this time since we're under water. I can feel your hot breath on my neck and its making the little hairs stand up and giving me goose bumps. I'm gyrating my hips, grinding into your lap. I can feel your fingers massaging my clit and I don't know how much more of this I can take without cumming. I am arching my back my head is turned and my tongue is finding yours again. This feeling is too much for me and I instantly start shaking. My breathing is very hard and I'm cumming, Grinding harder against you as I cum.

"Baby, you have such a good dick," I whisper in your ear. But you haven't cum yet. "John, baby I want you to cum for me," I plead. It's so sexy when you cum for me. With this I rise back up and turn around. I sit back in your lap but I'm facing you this time, my hands are around your neck and our bodies are pressed against each other. I take one hand from around your neck and put it under the water. I take your hard, throbbing cock into my hand and put it against my ass hole rubbing it up and down my slit and ass. I put your dick against my tight little ass hole and start pushing down against it. Its hurting, because we are under water and the water isn't much for lubrication, but I want you to enter me like this and I'm sure it wont hurt after a minute or two.


We stay motionless for a while. Well, only my dick stays motionless. My hands are wandering all over your body, taking particular care of your breasts and nipples. I know you like me doing that. I am kneading your tits as well as I am pinching and pulling your nipples. You sigh and I am not sure if it is the pain or pleasure... I pull on your left nipple again, very hard this time and you moan. Wow, my little bitch likes that, I think.

You muscles in your anus relax too and I feel that my dick is becoming more comfortable inside of your bum. You obviously feel that too and start to pump on it. You move up and down, very skilfully. My dick is massaged over its full length. Luckily I have been cumming just a while ago, so I can stand this for a while. My left hand is still playing with your nipples while my right hand is pinching your bottom as you pump on my dick.

You're moaning more and more and I feel another orgasm building in our bodies... It doesn't take long and you are again experiencing orgasm... You hold me closer to you and bite my sensitive nipples yelling on me "Fuck my asshole, fill it with you load..."

As you do that, my dick explodes and waves of hot load are filling your asshole... You collapse on me and we stay in tight embrace for a while.


After we have been here embracing for so long, I look up at you and smile. "John, this week is going by too quickly," I say. "I'm going to hate it when this week is over and you have to go back home," I say looking up at you with big, sad eyes.

"Yes Michelle, but there is always next time, and lets not think about it. Let's just enjoy the time we have left...ok?" you ask.

"You're right John, lets just enjoy," with that out of the way I grab the bath puff and put some scented body wash into the puff and lather it up. I start to bath you slowly taking my time washing every part of your delicious body.

After I'm through, you do the same for me and then we step out of the tub and wrap ourselves in the thick bath towels and head for the bedroom. I step out on the balcony and sit on the patio furniture that is out there and motion for you to join me. It is the perfect day outside. It's warm with a gentle breeze. We sit out there in our robes for a while. We are high up enough that I don't think anyone could notice. It's so relaxing just sitting here and talking to you. "John, I think we are being a bit too lazy, wanna go for a walk in the park?' I ask you.

"Sure let's go. It's the perfect day for it," you add and we walk back into our room to dress for our walk. I decide to surprise you and dress in the leather skirt you bought for me the other day. I put on a pair of black cotton panties underneath my little skirt and pull on a white sheer blouse that buttons up in the front and tie the ends together around my waist. I pull on some black sandals and put my hair up in a claw clip. Taking one final look in the mirror, I turn and walk back into the bedroom

"John, I'm ready to go," I call to you.

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