tagLoving WivesMeeting Mrs. Christmas

Meeting Mrs. Christmas


Another Christmas Eve. Another night alone. Tom knew he couldn't handle sitting in his apartment, watching the snow fall and feeling the cold chill of loneliness creep into his chest, so he headed out into the evening, looking for a bar, a drink, a friend. Looking for trouble. He ended up--at a hotel. Seriously, he thought, how cheesy? Downtown at the Ritz-Carlton, in the hotel bar. It seemed like a good place to find a lonely traveler.

He saw her right away, even from across the room. She was hard to miss, wearing the short red dress, with white trim, and knee-high black boots, and the cute Santa hat perched atop her head. She was just his type, too: deliciously chubby, from her thick thighs to her wide bubble butt to her curvy chest and her gorgeous, rosy, kissable cheeks. Tom was mesmerized.

"Buy a girl a candy-cane cosmo?"

The middle-aged bank manager hadn't even realized that he'd been staring until she snapped him out of it by walking up to him. "Uh..absolutely." He grinned, stupidly, he thought. "What would you like?"

She smiled at him. "A candy-cane cosmo, smart guy."

It took everything Tom had not to smack himself in the forehead. "Yeah, I caught that the first time." He grinned. Another stupid grin. He ordered her drink, and one for him. "I'm Tom," he said, extending a hand, "and you are?"

"Call me Jess." She sipped her drink with ruby lips. Tom took a good look at her. She was older than he first thought, probably in her forties, but very sexy. She was certainly dolled-up for Christmas. "I'm just in town for the night."

"What brings you here?"

She smiled. "My husband is flying around on business, and I just wanted to sit this evening out. So I'm alone, in a strange city, with a hotel room all to myself..." She winked, and reached down and sat her free hand on his knee.

Tom's heart fluttered a bit, and his mouth went dry. "Well, I'm all about filling your holiday wishes."

Jess finished her drink and grabbed his hand. "Come with me," she said. "It's time to spread some holiday cheer." Tom had no chance to argue, had he been so inclined. He followed her closely, too closely perhaps, and nearly stumbled into the elevator.

She impatiently pressed the button for the penthouse, and Tom, sliding up behind the buxom beauty, slid her golden hair to the side to nibble at her neck. He tenderly kissed at her collarbone, working his way up her neck, breathing deeply as he got to her hair. "You smell like..."

"Like what?"

"Like gingerbread." He inhaled again, enjoying her sweet aroma. He couldn't help but smile at her choice of fragrance.

"Well," she said sweetly, "tis the season, you know." She pushed backwards, pressing her ample curves against him, eliciting a groan. The elevator stopped, and the doors opened, and Jess pulled Tom out toward her room.

She slipped her key into the lock and the two fell against the door, and Tom couldn't help but kiss her. Her lips met his in a passionate kiss, tender and sweet at first, but growing in intensity, her teeth pulling on his bottom lip. Just as their lips parted, Tom thought he could taste a hint of--


"How'd you guess?"

"You're just the perfect Christmas woman, you know."

"How do you know? You haven't unwrapped me yet. I could be all coal inside pretty paper."

Tom pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her curvy figure, and let his hands wander to her plump ass. He squeezed and pulled her hard toward him. "Somehow I doubt that." He guided her backward toward the waiting bed, laying her down gently.

Carefully, he unzipped each of her boots and slipped them off her feet, leaving only her thigh-high stockings. Jess rolled over, exposing the zipper on her red holiday dress. Tom slowly pulled it down, exposing the milky white skin of her back. Tom leaned over and kissed her cool, smooth skin.

Tom started at the base of her spine and kissed his way up, slowly nibbling his way up the beautiful woman's back like a piece of Christmas candy. As he got between her shoulders, she grasped the comforter between her clenched fists. When he reached the back of her neck, he kissed it passionately, causing her to moan out loud.

She pushed herself up and slipped out of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. Tom stepped back to admire the gorgeous woman in front of him. She was impatient, though, in green and red lingerie, and motioned him forward, so he gently pushed her back. Slowly, teasingly, he slid her stockings down her chubby thighs, and started at her toes and kissed his way back up.

"You're evil," she panted. Tom ignored her, taking his time to lovingly caress each inch of her tender skin. As he reached the inside of her thighs, he took great delight in watching the growing wet spot in her holiday panties. He switched sides, making sure to breathe heavily on the sheer fabric separating him from her pussy, sending an electric jolt through her body.

Tom slipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them over her full hips, sliding them down her thighs and dropping them to the floor. She grabbed his head and pulled his face into her. He didn't need any further prompting. His tongue lapped at her wet folds, and Tom buried his face between Jess's creamy, large thighs, enjoying the wetness as it coated his cheeks.

Jess bucked wildly as he found her clit. He teased it with the tip of his tongue, running lazy circles around it or sucking it into his mouth. She tasted incredible, and Tom couldn't help but savor the sweet taste of her juices. "God you taste good!"

Jess moaned loudly. "Come here," she said. "Let me taste."

His lips dripping, Tom worked his way up Jess's round belly, between her large breasts, and stopped at her luscious lips. He started to kiss her, but her tongue darted between her candy-red lips and licked his cheek. "Mmm...you're right! I do taste good!"

Tom couldn't take it any more. He had to be inside this glorious, chubby, holiday present of a woman. He stood and unbuttoned his pants and slipped them off, dropping them unceremoniously beside the bed. Lifting her legs, he slid into her eliciting a groan from both of them.

Jess placed her hands behind Tom's neck, pulling him toward her as he thrust into her. He looked down and his grey eyes met her green ones, neither one willing to break their gaze as their rhythm grew faster and more eager. Tom felt her clench him each time he slid inside her, and Jess wrapped her legs around his back, urging him him deeper with every stroke.

Suddenly, the lovely stranger let out an impassioned moan and Tom felt all of her muscles squeeze him at once, as if she was willing him to be part of her. This was enough to push Tom over the edge, and he felt himself let go too. He stared deep into her eyes and pushed himself deeper as she squeezed every drop from him, and the two Christmas Eve lovers collapsed exhausted to the bed.

Tom ran his fingertips over her alabaster skin as he struggled to regain his composure. She was radiant in the Christmas lights in the hotel suite, and her green eyes twinkled like ornaments on the tree. Tom smiled, and pulled her close to him. "Merry Christmas, beautiful," he said.

"Merry Christmas to you, naughty boy," she replied with a playful smile. She leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. "I have to go--it's almost daylight." "So?" Tom didn't want the night to end. This woman was fantastic.

"So my husband will be here soon. I need to meet him." She started to get dressed. Tom watched her, fascinated by every inch of this gorgeous, plus-sized beauty.

"Can I see you again sometime, maybe New Years?" Tom only half joked.

"Sorry honey," she said, rolling her stockings up her thighs. "Christmas is the only night I get to myself."

Tom smiled weakly at her and gathered his clothes. "But what a Christmas it was!"

Jess looked at him with a twinkle in her eye. "I hope you got what you asked for," she said, running her red-manicured finger along his chin. "Because you're probably gonna be on the Naughty List for a while!"

"It's a good thing I don't believe in Santa Claus."

She paused a moment and looked at him, the twinkle in her eye twice as bright. "Oh, he sees you when you're sleeping, AND when you're not!"

Tom laughed out loud. "Santa must have gotten an eyeful tonight, then!" He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him. "Thank you. You made my night."

"Mine too, sweetie." She pushed the door open and stepped into the hall. "I have to go. He'll be waiting." She hugged him and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Tom watched as she walked down the hall. And past the elevator. And into the door marked "rooftop stairs".

"Could she be?" he thought with a grin. "Nah..."

All the way home, Tom could smell her fragrance on his clothes, the sweet smell of gingerbread, and he could taste peppermint on his lips. He was still grinning as he turned the key in the lock and walked into his apartment. He almost missed it as he walked past the kitchen and headed to the bedroom to undress. It was small, sitting on the kitchen counter. A brightly wrapped package tied with green and red ribbon that hadn't been there when he left.

With trembling hands Tom picked it up and untied the ribbon and carefully unwrapped the package and opened the box, and dropped it's contents onto the counter.

Across the granite rolled a single black lump of coal.

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