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Meeting Nudist Keiko


Before I get into the current story, I need to explain a special relationship I have with a very dear friend.


I met Ginnie while we were working together at a shop in Southern Florida. We became best buds and as much as I often wish it was more, she always kept me at bay. But we highly respected each other and became close enough to tell each other all about our respective love interests.

Nothing was too personal to talk about and we would frequently compare notes when talking about our sex lives. This talk would get pretty intense as I would often get a noticeable hard-on and her nipples would be straining for relief. But we greatly respected each other and would never let it get physical in any way.

We joked a lot about sex and teased each other quite frequently. For instance, when I would go clothes shopping with her, she always knew what looked good on her because the bulge in my pants never lied. I noticed the same effect on her nipples that would let me know I had on a hot outfit, especially when I went suit shopping.

I would tease her by saying I would turn a lot of heads if I were either wearing a suit, or nothing at all. Anything in between just didn't get the same reaction. Ginnie always pondered this observation and I could tell she wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

In my travels across the world, I realized that America is a pretty prudish country, while the rest of the world, especially Europe, was a lot more carefree when it came to nudity. I quickly became comfortable with nudity at the public pools, saunas and parks. When I returned to the States, I actively sought out nude beaches or nudist resorts.

I truly felt comfortable in those settings and wanted to tell everybody how enlightening it was to participate in normal group activities while nude. But, the attitudes of the general population in the States would label me a pervert or freak if I spoke out. So I usually kept it to myself. Although, I would always tell Ginnie about my adventures.

She was very intrigued and wanted to know all about it, but I could never get her to go with me to either a nude beach or resort. Until a few months ago. I finally convinced her to go with me to a full-service clothing optional resort in the Tampa, Florida area. It was a tough battle that first weekend, but when we had to go home, she whined up a storm that she had to put clothes on again.

It was such a monumental achievement to finally see each other fully naked. I know she always desired to see me without clothes, but never said anything. I on the other hand, let my desires be well known. From what I could see with her clothes on, every part of her body was perfect. She had those sultry eyes, great hair, nice perky boobs and the tiniest waist that topped the best pair of legs in Florida.

I wanted to see that hot body the first time I met her, but waiting a few years was worth it. And I didn't even want to have sex with her, because I agreed that it would ruin the friendship, but I really did want to see her nude though. There's just something about seeing a good friend nude that completes the picture and strengthens the bond. I can't really describe it, but it's there and very powerful.

I finally had her hooked and she joined me at the Tampa resort a few times in the previous few months. She was getting quite comfortable at the resort, being nude all day, participating in lots of activities and forming her own group of friends.

As for our relationship, well, the sexual ribbing continued and we would often find ourselves teasing each other quite openly at the resort. It really takes those deep conversations about sex to the next level, when we can describe in detail what happened and point directly at the organ in question. It was great fun, and it would somehow be ruined if we actually did have sex with each other. So the teasing got pretty intense with no holds barred, and everything fair game.

We would sometimes freak out the other guests with our frankness, but it was all in good fun. There was a little touching between Ginnie and I, but it never went too far. We had strict boundaries. Crotches were off limits from each other and there wasn't any kind of erotic petting. We were very comfortable with each other and were constantly joking around.

On the weekend nights at this resort, there's quite a swinger scene and we play along as if we're a couple, so we can score some sex for each of our rampant sexual desires. The next day we then laugh about it and compare notes, even though we're all usually in the same room or hot tub.

So, you can see that Ginnie and I have an interesting relationship. We both admit that being nude all day in the sun with our body parts on display and a nice breeze flowing between our legs, gets us both pretty horny. Being that we can't have sex with each other, we try to partner up with other guests. We tried mutual masturbation once, but it really didn't accomplish anything. We were still horny afterwards and really just needed a warm body.

As I mentioned before, we often pair up with some swingers for a quick romp, but we really both admit that we need to build a somewhat meaningful relationship, even if just for a day, to really enjoy passionate sex that we long for. So, we each try to hook up with another guest for the weekend and often make a foursome out of it. It's a lot of fun and much more intense than a quick romp.

Therefore, Ginnie and I are both on the constant prowl for possible dates for each other. We've been pretty successful on past weekends, but this weekend Ginnie truly outdid herself when she found a dream girl for me. Ginnie is such a good friend and always looking out for me. I love her for that.

So, on to the story about this particular weekend at the clothing-optional resort.

I guess I fell asleep in the sun, because Ginnie nudges me awake from a very peaceful afternoon nap by the pool. I'm roused awake by a very pleasant sensation on my butt as I realize Ginnie is standing over me rocking me with her hand on my ass. She seems very excited and wants my immediate attention, as I blurt out something to the effect that she shouldn't stop.

Realizing that I'm now awake, she sits down on the lounge next to me with my gaze looking right up her ever-so-slightly parted legs. I say something crude again like, "Nice view from here, I'm staying..." She realizes her seating position, closes her legs tighter, grumbles something at my comments and motions for me to sit up and listen to her.

We both really enjoy the constant banter back and forth like this. She is obviously excited to tell me something. So I rise up and swivel to sit on the lounge facing her.

In my groggy state, I don't even realize that I'm sporting a pretty good erection. Ginnie notices right away, and gestures for me to put it away because of all the people close by. In defiance, I stay put and ask her, "So, do you think I look better this way? The other women do. Maybe I should just walk around like this all the time."

She sheepishly admits, while keeping her gaze on my face, "Well, yes, I think every man looks better with an erection, and I sure wouldn't mind if all the guys around here would let it fly. It's sure better than all the shriveled nubs."

I return, "Yea, that's what I like to hear. So just let me have my erection for the moment, while you tell me what you're so excited about. I see that it's not about a guy this time."

Confused, she says, "Hey, how do you know it's not about a guy?"

I explain about my keen observations, "Because your nipples are flat now. When you're excited about a guy, the tips of your nipples stick out a little, but not all the way. When you're cold, they stick out the same amount, but the edges of your areolas get goose bumps too. And when you're ready for good fucking, they..." She stopped me mid-sentence, but not after looking down herself to see the state of her nipples before she pressed her hands hard against them into her chest.

I embarrass her further by saying with a big smile, "Oh ya baby, I really love it when you squish them into your chest like that — gets me hard."

She's practically flabbergasted now about what to do with her hands, and also embarrassed that she can't hide her mood behind a bra. And also that I can actually read her nipples like a book.

So I give her a break, and redirect back to me with another embarrassing question, "Hey, don't be afraid to look at my dick any time you want, or any other guy's around here for that matter. Why do you think we're here? You really don't look at my dick much at all. It also says a lot about my mood, ya know. So, go ahead and take a good long look right now. You're allowed."

She reluctantly looks down slowly at my hard dick, of course without looking like she is to the people on nearby lounges. In defense, she says, "I do too look at it. At least enough for me."

I don't believe her, because I never catch her sneaking a glance, ever. So I quiz her, "Well then, miss observant, which ball hangs lower? You should know that easily if you're looking enough." I cover my balls so she can't peak, although she tries.

She stumbles and stalls, because I found her out, and finally says red faced, "Well, they hang both the same... right."

Triumphant, I blurt, "Wrong-o missy. The left one always hangs just a little lower, unless they're both sucked in.... See, you don't look at me enough. ... Ok, from now on, I want to catch you once in awhile checking out my dick, from every angle too, and also asking questions."

She agrees to my request, and is also a little excited at the prospects of checking out other guys without feeling awkward for staring. Just then, the guy laying face-down on a lounge behind Ginnie pipes up, obviously overhearing us, and says, "Hey, you can look at me if you want."

A surprised Ginnie turns around quickly and catches the guy roll onto his side towards her. I peer around Ginnie to see that he's proudly showing his hard dick to her. Our conversation must have done it good for him. Ginnie says to him as she turns back around, "Thanks anyways, but I got one here to look at already."

I smile and ask, "So what are you all excited to tell me?"

Ginnie then elaborated that she was too wound up from the morning rollerblading to take a nap with me, so she went for a walk around the resort. I was proud of her for venturing out on her own without me tagging along as usual to provide a security blanket. She cast off my complement so she could get on with her story.

Ginnie began to tell me that when she was walking by the tennis court, she was stopped by a nice lady, Eve, who was waiting for a court. They talked for quite awhile, but Ginnie admitted that she was distracted by a young lady that was playing a game of doubles. Eve asked Ginnie if there was something that interested her on the court and Ginnie confessed that she was mesmerized by the Asian girl on the court.

Eve said that this was the girl's first weekend at the resort and is trying her best to experience every sport and activity this resort has to offer. Eve figures it's one of those personal things to do everything she can nude while she has a chance, so as to one up her friends or something. Those Asian people sure have that determination thing down and coming from a conservative culture as she does, no doubt she's bucking plenty of taboos. It's impressive.

But Eve continued to notice Ginnie's intensive interest in watching the Asian girl bound around the court with plenty of action from a pair of large boobs not normally seen on Asian women. Eve tried to not disappoint Ginnie when she said that the girl is straight. Ginnie quipped back and excitedly said that, "Oh, she's not for me, but my guy friend that brought me here. He's really into Asian women, big time. He would totally fall for her and treat her like a queen." Eve understood and began to tell Ginnie all that she knew about the Asian beauty named Keiko.

Ginnie excitedly told me about Keiko and the ensuing conversation with her after the match. She was in her late twenties, but of course being Asian looks much younger, and that I would just adore her. It's Keiko's first time at a nudist resort, which meant they had lots to talk about. But, Keiko's reason for coming is that a very free-spirited girlfriend dared her to take off her bikini top while visiting Miami Beach, which is topless.

Keiko's upbringing in Japan and very traditional family would not approve of such heresy and just the thought ringing through her head ruined a great day at the beach. So, being the rebel that she's turned into by living in Florida for the past ten years, she had to one-up her friend and decided to not only go topless on a beach, but spend an entire weekend at a nudist resort and do as many activities as she could fully naked.

Her friend was skeptical that she'd go through with it, so promised to join her just to make sure. At the last minute, her so-called liberated friend chickened out. But Keiko was determined to overcome her fears, and came on her own. By this time, I was totally intrigued with Keiko as Ginnie told me more.

Ginnie even snapped a quick picture of Keiko by the tennis court with the camera Keiko was discreetly hiding. She wanted proof of all the things she did in the nude to finally quench her friends constant prodding that she wouldn't go through with it. Keiko even persuaded Ginnie to be in one of the pictures as Eve tried to keep the picture taking quiet. Nudist resorts have rules about having cameras around, for obvious reasons, but as long as it's kept quiet and private, people look the other way.

Ginnie added that Keiko actually enjoyed her picture being taken and was much more comfortable with her body than Ginnie, even to the point of striking a seductive pose as a couple of old men walked by with a leering eye. Ginnie admitted to wanting to curl up in a little ball when the guys walked by.

Since Ginnie and I have spent many days together as friends and tell each other in great detail about our love lives, she knows what I like in women and told me that Keiko is perfect for me. She's intelligent, witty, adventuresome and a knock out hottie. Although, I'm always suspect when a woman tells me another women is really pretty. They all have a secret understanding or something to embellish their friend's looks when describing them to a guy.

As Ginnie continued to tell me about Keiko, I muttered something like, "Gin, you're making me fall in love already. Please tell me that I'll at least get to meet her." Ginnie nodded in excitement and told me that I'll definitely fall in love alright, knowing that I've always had such a hot lust for Asian women. It's those eyes that I've always confessed to Ginnie that just drive me batty, but it's really the entire package including the culture that I desire to explore. Ginnie was always a little jealous that Asian women are so desired while her sultry Italian genes just couldn't compete. I always tried my best to console her.

Ginnie also described me to Keiko, and she's very excited to meet me. I don't know what the details were, but Ginnie said that Keiko started to unconsciously caress her body as she was being told about me. She was even beside herself with anticipation when Ginnie said that I was a pilot. Cool, a hot Asian chick that loves airplanes... I'm in heaven.

I was way too excited now, and begged to know if Ginnie had coordinated a rendezvous so I could meet Keiko. An excited Ginnie said that, yes, Keiko agreed to meet me later, but in a very special way. Curious and excited, I begged that Ginnie tell me, but she said that Keiko is going to plan something special and memorable that she still needs to formulate.

Ginnie sported an evil grin while mumbling, "I also got Keiko all excited when I told her about your body and smooth prowess. I got ya covered. You'll be fine."

I was a little frustrated but excited at the same time, as Ginnie pointed to my now almost fully erect dick and said, "It looks like Keiko's doing a number on you already. Maybe you should save that for later tonight."

I replied, "Oh hey, thanks for noticing. I didn't even feel it myself yet."

Yup, maybe I finally got her comfortable at this resort now. Well at least over the embarrassment of staring at my dick. I commented to Ginnie, "I like this already, you kinda keeping tabs on my dick now. Remember, survey all angles and states, like I've done with half of your indicators. There'll be a quiz at the end of the weekend."

She questioned, "Half... indicators.... What do you mean by that?"

I explained, "Ya know, your boobs sure indicate your mood, but your 'lips' also tell a good story. Especially where you've been recently. But alas, you've kept them pretty well hidden from me and any daylight. I know you keep them shaved clean, so they'd be easy to read, but you never give me a chance."

Visibly offended, she snapped back at me, "Oh ya, well they're staying hidden. A girl's got to keep at least something private. You get to see everything else I got. Just be satisfied at that.... I'm taking a nap." Which she then turned onto her stomach in a huff.

I mumbled something about the other women don't seem to mind and I'm not hiding anything. I let her sleep.

While she was sleeping, Ginnie got lots of admiring glances of her naked ass from passing men, so I woke her in the same way she did me earlier; grabbed a cheek and rocked her awake. It worked, but made her a little uneasy to be groped in public from a friend that wasn't a lover. I told her to get over it and join me to get something to eat.

She followed me through the sea of lounge chairs still not totally awake yet. I seemed to be waiting forever for her to decide what to order, when out the window of the Tiki bar I spied a young lady with long dark hair on rollerblades coming towards the pool complex.

Even from a distance, and my chlorine-blurred eyes, I could easily see a beautifully-sculptured young woman gracefully gliding my way. I was transfixed and couldn't move, when just then I felt a pair of hands envelope my face from behind and cover my eyes tightly to prevent me from wiggling free.

Ginnie said sharply, "No peeking just yet. You'll ruin the surprise." I tried unsuccessfully to break free and whined, "Oh, so that's Keiko, huh?" Ginnie confirmed that it was her, but that I'd have to wait until later.

I was totally disappointed that I missed her, but what I did save to my photographic memory was enough to distract me for the rest of the day. I was so excited to meet Keiko and as frustrating as it was, I was actually enjoying the ultimate tease and build-up to the big moment.

Although, in that brief second, I did notice a couple of things about Keiko that I really liked... ok, lusted for. First, she looked taller than the average Japanese girl. Even being on rollerblades, I estimate that she was about 5'6." I just love those tall Asian women. She also had long dark hair that glistened in the sun and flowed beautifully behind her as she glided gracefully on those blades. And then I noticed the parts that were usually hidden, but the sole reason for her being here.

She had beautifully-shaped boobs that were much bigger than the typical Asian. Even at that distance, I estimate that they were a full C-cup and quite firm, but they complemented her tall frame perfectly. I wasn't sure, but I thought I caught the sight of something shiny on her left nipple.

I asked Ginnie later and she confirmed that Keiko did have a gold piercing on her left nipple. This was getting better by the moment. I also noticed that she didn't have a lot of hair between her legs, but I didn't get a good look, being that I was transfixed on those gorgeous boobs. God, I hope she has that type of pubic hair that is naturally just enough to announce its presence, but not too much of a forest.

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