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Meeting Sarah Hyland


It all started on the plane flight from LA to Orlando. I always sit in 1st class, not just for the snacks, but the seat is totally worth the price. It also doesn't hurt that I charge the entire ticket to my company. As I sat in my seat a very young girl walked up and asked if I didn't mind switching seats with her. She said she has "issues" with sitting in the aisle, and needed a window seat. It made no difference to me, so we switched.

As the flight took place, I was totally amazed how fast this girl talked, and how she changed subject to subject. After a while she asked me if I liked her TV show. I told her I do not watch much TV, and to be honest, I didn't know who is. I quickly apologized, but she just laughed. She told me she was Sarah Hyland, and she was on a show called Modern Family. I actually had heard of the show, but have never watched. What a mistake this turned out to be, she gave me a full run down of the show.

Sarah then decided to start asking questions of me. I told her my name, age, where I lived, what I do for a living, and other general items. She was surprised when I told her I am 40 years old. And let me know she is 22, but an old soul. I'm not sure what that was supposed to mean.

She told me about how she was going to spend a few days at Disney, and take time to relax. In the middle of her plans, she asked if I knew any good restaurants. I told her that I live in the area, and described a great Italian restaurant. After I finished, she asked if I want to have dinner with her. It seemed real weird, but I did in fact need dinner. So, I said sure, sounds fine.

As we walked out of the airport, she was surprised that I had a car and driver waiting for me. I told her that it was actually cheaper to have the car and driver, than to drive my own car and pay to park. We got into the car, and I told the driver to take us to the restaurant. Like the flight, she didn't stop to breath in between her talking.

Once at the restaurant I ordered a bottle of my favorite wine. Sarah said she didn't drink that often, but she would have a glass. When the wine was poured, she placed a few ice cubes in the glass. Both me and the waiter just looked confused at each other. Thru dinner we ended up drinking a total of 3 bottles. I'm not sure, but I think the wine actually slowed her talking down.

As we left, Sarah stated she was staying at the Ritz- Carlton. I told her that I had never stayed at that place, but I've heard it is real nice. She told me if I wanted, I could take a look at her suite. I told her that was okay, but a suite is a suite. She laughed and said; well we could have another glass of wine and keep talking. It seemed like she just didn't want to be alone.

While she was checking into her room, I heard her tell the manager she needs the best bottle of wine they had. We went up to her room, and in just a minute or two, a knock at the door. It was the wine, and boy was it a nice bottle of wine! Sarah asked if I had ever had this kind before, and I told her I had a few bottles at my house. She poured me a glass, and then poured about half the bottle into a cup with ice. WOW! What a great way to ruin great wine.

As I sat on the couch, Sarah sat on the floor and was tossing clothes out of her suitcase. After dumping about half her clothes, so stood up and announced she was going to go change. What seemed like 20 minutes, she comes out of the bedroom. She appears in a tight white t-shirt, and a pair of very short shorts.

Walking back across the room, she spills some wine, and just laughs. She sits down almost on top of my on the couch. Giggling, she turns on the TV. Flipping through the channels, she finally turns off the TV. She tells me there is nothing ever on that she likes. Okay.

Suddenly she jumps up, and heads over to get more wine. She gives me about a sip, and pours the remaining wine into her glass. And tell me she thinks we should get another bottle. I told her I could not have anymore, that I have had my fill. She tells me she wants more and it would be rude to not drink with her.

We were about half way through the new bottle when Sarah looks like she is about to pass out. I ask here is she is okay, and she just giggles. She tells me she feels light headed, and I replied you must be drunk. Laughing, she stands up and stumbles out of the room. Next thing I hear is her vomiting. It sounded like she was having a rough time. So, I headed into the bathroom to check on her.

Sitting on the floor, straddling the toilet she was now dry heaving. I get a wash cloth, and put cold water on it, and hand it to her. She starts to lean back, and falls back and hits her head on the floor. I help her sit up, and wipe off her face. As I wipe, I notice she has red stains all over her shirt and shorts. I tell her she has wine all over her, and she just humps over the toilet again.

Not sure what to do next, I ask if she needs any help. She asks if I will get her a shirt and another pair of shorts, so she can change. I go over to her luggage, and look for a shirt and shorts. I grab a super tiny white shirt, which looked way too small for her to wear. And I grab a pair of work out shorts. As I walk back into the bathroom, I notice she is about passed out. I ask her if she is wake, and she replies she will need me to help her change.

I tell her to stand up, but I ended up having to assist her in standing. She was leaning on me, and was attempting to take off her shirt. I thought it would make it easier if she was sitting, so I took her over to the bedroom toward the bed. Once she sat down, I helped her pull off her shirt. I couldn't believe it, she didn't have a bra on, and she didn't need one either. She breasts were small and her nipples were even smaller. The minute the air hit her, her nipples tightened up. I was reaching for the clean shirt, when she started squirming to remove her shorts.

I reached down and told her to lift up her hips, and I would help. She lifted up, and I had to really struggle to remove the shorts. As I pulled down her shorts, I notice she had on white lace panties. She turned to her side, and I got a full view of her panty cover ass. And boy did she look good!

I then walked back to the bathroom to get the wash cloth. When I returned, I wiped off her mouth and face. She was just lying there and laughing. Her eyes were closed, but I could tell she was half awake. She told me to make sure I wiped off all the wine she spilled on the chest. There was no wine on her chest, but I wiped off her chest anyhow. As I wiped I rubbed her nipple and she let out a soft sigh. So, I figured I would take a chance, and I rub her nipple with only my hand. She got the biggest smile on her face and let out a bigger sigh.

She turns her face toward mine, and pushed her lips out, let she wanted to kiss. I give her a peck on the lips, but she leaned in for more. While I wanted to kiss her more, I really didn't want to taste her vomit. So, I kissed her more deeply, but without opening my mouth. As we kissed she was pulling me in toward her. I ended up lying next to her on the bed.

I decided that the best way to not have to kiss her more was to kiss her body. So, I started kissing her neck, ear lobes, and worked my way down to her nipples. Her nipples were like little BB's in my mouth. As I kissed, and bit them, she let out a moan. As she was moaning, I reached down to touch her panties.

As I am rubbing her panties, she spreads her legs, and lifts up her hips to me hand. I take this as a cue, and start kissing my way to her belly. I get to her belly button, and she goes wild! She tells be to stick my tongue in her belly button, and bite her belly ring. She demands me to pull her ring with my teeth. I pull and she lets out a deep moan. As I am playing with her belly ring, I reach down to remove her panties.

I get both hands on her panties, and she grabs and hands and tells me NO! I stop and look at her face, and she tells me we can't go any further. I ask if everything is okay, and she states she actually does have a boyfriend and she doesn't want to cheat on him. At this point I could not care less about her boyfriend; I have to see her pussy. So, I dive in a start to kiss her with open mouth. She tasted awful, but she then started to get into it again.

While I was kissing her, she was starting stick her tongue in my mouth, and bite me. So, as we kiss I start to fill her tits again. She continues to kiss me and moan. I slide my hand down to her panties, and I rub her pussy through her panties. She keeps moaning, and kissing me, and now she is spreading her legs. As she spreads her legs, she lifts her hips to meet my hand. I couldn't believe it, but her panties were getting soaked.

I start to kiss her neck, and work my way down to her nipples again. This time I bite her nipple, and she goes wild. I bite and pull and she says hell yeah! I work my way back to her belly button, and grab a hold of her belly ring with my teeth. I pull the ring as far out as I can, and she moans. At this point I will not take no for an answer, and I slide my hand inside her panties.

I slide my hand down, and finally touch her bare pussy. She had no hair, but it was obvious she has not shaved in a few days. As I try to slide a finger into her, she tells me to go slow. It was hard to get my finger in, as she was so tight. I try my best to get another finger in her, when she tells me to take off her panties.

I reach over and help her slide off her panties. As she lowered her hips, I slide down so I could taste her. I licked her and she was so wet! She lifted up her hips and I tried to insert my tongue. It only took about 5 minutes and she had her first orgasm. Her entire body was shivering, and she had tears in her eyes. I stop licking her and work my way back up to my mouth, she needed to taste her cum.

As I start to kiss her, she tells me she has never tasted herself. So, I reach down and wipe my hand and fingers over her pussy, and place my hand on her lips. She starts to lick and suck my fingers. So, I take advantage and start to remove my shirt with my free hand.

I get my shirt off, and attempt to work on my pants. As I struggle with my pants, I am trying to kiss her and keep her busy. She notices I have my shirt off, and leans forward and bites my nipple. Oh my God, that hurt! But, I am not going to complain. I finally get my pants down, and I am sliding off my underwear, when Sarah pushs me on my back.

Sarah starts kissing my chest and she assists me in removing my underwear. Once off, she reaches down, and grabs a hold of my cock. She is sliding her hand up and down, but it hurt. She didn't know what she was doing. So, I slowly push the top of her head, and encourage her to move down. She slides down and licks my cock. She is now licking it like candy, and does the same with my balls. After about 2 minutes, she slides back up and starts kissing me again.

I slowly turn her to her back and position myself so I get on top of her. As I move above her, she spreads her legs. Once I'm in between her legs, I reach down to guide my cock into her. I can only get my head in her, because she is so tight. I try and I slowly get more and more into her. After about 5 minutes, I finally get all the way into her. I take a minute for her to get used to me being in her. Then I slowly start to move in and out of her.

As we start to move she is moaning, and biting me. As we are moving I wanted to change positions, and so I try to turn us over. She takes my cue, and we roll over. She is now on top, and is moving faster and faster. All of a sudden she looks me eye to eye, and says, I'm cumming. I feel a great deal of moisture all over us, kind of like she squirted. Is Sarah a squirter?

I ask if we can try doggie, and she tells me she loves that one. So, she jumps off me, and gets on all fours. I take this time to once again lick her pussy. She is totally soaked. I position myself behind her, and slide into her. She starts to buck back and forth. I grab her hips, and pump away. I slap her ass, and she yells, do it again!

I slap her ass about 6 more times, and notice I am leaving red marks. But, she seems to like it, so I smack her as hard as I can. She jumps forward, right off my cock, and says, "God yeah." I grab her hips and jam myself back in her, and pump some more. She turns her face toward, me and says," smack me again, and hard!"

I smack her, a few more times, and all of a sudden it happens. She starts to shack a little, and she squirts. She squirts out a hug amount, and we both feel it. As she is shivering, she tells me this has never happened before.

Now that I have made her cum a couple of times, I want to cum. So, I pull out, and flip her over. I slide between her legs, and she reaches down to guide me into her. We start a good pace, and we look eye to eye, and kiss. As we are kissing I can feel myself building.

I'm not sure if she wants me to not, but I plan on cumming in her. I guess she can tell what I was thinking, and she tells me not to cum in her. She says she is not on the pill. She tells me to cum on her if I want.

At this point I don't care what she wants, and I let go. As I am pumping cum deep into her, so starts moaning. Once I am completely empty, I start to roll over. She looks at me and asks if I came in her. I told her I did, but not to worry, I am disease free.

We lay next to each other for a few minutes, and I notice she has fallen asleep. So, I get my phone out; take a few nude pics of her. Take a pick of my cock by her mouth, and one with my part of the way in her. I take a final pic of the cream pie I gave her, get dressed and leave.

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What the hell?

How the hell is this hot? Its rape. Nothing else. Nothing more. Simply rape

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