Megan & Bill


He wasn't listening to her questions. I was stunned when she had said ‘cheated on my husband again.' Did that mean that this was not the first time they had fucked? I saw that she was talking again. Now he was going to offer her to others too?

‘No! No one else Greg, just you. I shouldn't even be fucking you. I-I-I . . . '

‘You, are a slut. MY slut. You will fuck anyone and everyone I tell you to slut. Understand me?'

‘Yes . . . no . . . I-I . . . can't we just fuck and call that good Greg? Please?'

‘Are you my slut Megan?'

‘Yes, I am your slut Greg.'

‘You will fuck whoever I tell you to then right slut? Or do I have to go out there and announce to everyone within earshot what we were just doing in here? If I do, I will drag you out there naked so there is no doubt either. Now, if you don't want that, if you don't want your hubby to see you naked and just fucked, what will you do for me slut?'

‘I will fuck you . . . and anyone you tell me to Greg. I am your slut.'

She said that softly and in a defeated tone. I could see that he had just won a victory over her and that she was aware that things had gone much farther than she had probably ever thought they would.

‘A good slut. You are a good slut. I am going to love watching you fuck other men for me. One day, I will even watch as you fuck other men in front of your hubby too. Why? Because you are my slut! What's more, once you get used to many men at once, you will come to love it too.'

‘Please, not that Greg. Not in front of Bill. That would kill him.'

‘You are my slut. You will fuck whoever and however I tell you to, even if it is in front of your husband's whole family. Or, I can just walk you out there right now. ‘What's it going to be . . . slut?'

‘You win Greg. I'm your slut. I will fuck whoever you tell me to, whenever you tell me to.'

‘Good. Now, if you can get me up again, I will give you one more taste of my cock in your hungry pussy. Hurry up though, the hubby is right outside working away.'

As I watched, Megan began to lick and suck on Greg's cock. He even turned around and bent over so she could lick his asshole for a bit too. She had gone totally out of her mind for his cock. My only caveat was the fact that she had told him that she loved me still. That and the fact that he had trapped her into this somehow. Not much, but something.

I had hopes that we could work this out. It seemed that she had been forced into this. I would probably have to quit my job, and we would have to move . . . but I could still see a small way to stay with her. She was the love of my life still.

I watched several more tapes and soon realized that Megan had learned about the camera man. She would make faces into the camera and lick her lips just like a porn star. She even went down on the camera man as he filmed his blowjob.

It seemed that the more Greg had her do, the more she began to love doing it for him. I could tell that she had begun to change at one point when I noticed her eyes had a sparkle in them that wasn't in the first four or five movies. It was as if she was actually looking forward to fucking other men for Greg.

I slept roughly and tossed and turned all night. Megan didn't get home until late in the afternoon the next day. She got out of Greg's car with just a large towel wrapped around her. No clothes or shoes, just the towel. Broad daylight, my wife gets out of another man's car in just a towel.

Greg came around and right there in our front yard, he slipped his hands up under the towel and ran them all over her body. Then pulled the towel off of her body. She stood there naked, in our front yard in full view of our neighbors, as Greg felt her up and then sucked on her nipples.

Then with a last little slap on her ass as he threw the towel over his shoulder he pointed to our house telling her to go in and see the hubby. Naked she walked toward me, walking slowly with tears falling down her cheeks.

Walking into the house she couldn't look me in the eyes and I couldn't look at her. I turned and walked away going to the kitchen. I heard the shower turn on and a while later Megan came out, dressed in blue jeans and a blouse. Her hair was wet, and she looked fresh. A person wouldn't have been able to tell she had spent the night fucking a bunch of men.

‘Bill, don't hate me please. I still love you and want you. I don't know how this all started. I can't think straight anymore. Just don't hate me please.'

"Hate you? Tell me why I shouldn't hate you Megan. You have been a slut for my boss for over a year. You have been fucking other men, giving them what you refused me. You have been lying, running around behind my back to fuck Greg. Probably laughing at stupid old Bill, who doesn't have a clue. Some kind of strange way to show your love for me isn't it?'

‘Bill, please, I know this is hard for you to understand, but I love you. I don't want to lose you. Please . . . please try to understand. At first I did it to help you, then . . . I . . . I don't know what happened or when, but I grew to like it. Please try to understand.'

‘Understand what Megan? That you like fucking other men more than your own husband? That you let Greg and my co-workers and clients' fuck you in ways you won't let me? Understand that my prim and proper wife has become a slut? Jesus Christ! Don't come near me slut. Stay the fuck away. I need space right now after all that I have learned about you and my boss.'

Megan had started to come in close to me, trying to hug me. I stepped back and then put the kitchen table between us. I was so angry I was afraid I would do something really stupid. I was busy trying to calm myself down. The last thing I wanted to do was be close to her because I was wanting to hit her, to hurt her like she had hurt me.

Megan had tears flowing now. That just made me angrier. Did she think that her tears now would fix everything? Tears fix the pain, the shock, the visions of last night in my head? Or worse yet, make me feel sorry for her acting like a slut?

‘Bill, please . . . I love only you. Greg and the others . . . it has all been just sex. Can't you see that I still love you? I only fucked Greg so you would get promoted and rise up in the company.'

‘Megan try to fool someone else. I watched you on tape last night, when you and Greg did it that first time. I heard you discussing with Greg about my position. He told you he could help me rise in the company while he knew that he couldn't. I know that I told you once how the promotions and raises were handed out. That the audit committee is the only ones who can do those things. Greg can't, he can only recommend, he can't even fire me.'

‘What are you talking about? What tape of me and Greg? I don't know what you are talking about Bill'

‘Tape's Megan. Greg has lots of tapes, probably every time he has fucked you or had his buddy's gangbang you, he has had them recorded. He even has a guy hired just for that purpose. This guy gets to fuck Greg's sluts too, so he has lots of incentive to get every thing on film.'

‘Oh God. He has taped me fucking all those men? Oh Bill . . . I didn't know.'

‘Megan, don't lie more now. You did know. You looked into the camera several times in quite a few of the films I have seen so far. You even smiled, opening your mouth to show you eating cum just for the camera several times. I imagine that you have been photographed too. I saw flashes at different times in some of the films. If you want to stay married to me there is going to be a huge change right away. It's up to you Megan. I am not too sure we will be able to salvage our marriage as it is, but I am still willing to try.'

‘Oh Bill, anything. I will do anything to keep you. I am so sorry about all of this. I never meant to hurt you. I love you so much.'

‘Ok, then first of all, you have to quit fucking around on me and I am going to have to quit my job. Then we will have to move, probably out of town, if not the state. You will have an awful lot of work to do to show me before I will ever be able to trust you again too. Then there is the sex. I will expect the same sex you have given these other men, always, with no argument. Ever. I am your husband after all. I should have been at least getting the sex you gave these other men.'

‘Quit your job? Move? Oh Bill, you can't quit. What will we do? I did all of this just so you could move up in the company and you want to quit now? That will just make me a cheap whore.' ‘What are you saying Megan? That you aren't a cheap whore? That you aren't a slut for Greg? You can't surely expect me to stay working for this place still. Not after all my co-workers have fucked you and enjoyed your body, willingly given by you. Get a grip. You have to quit being a slut. I have to quit this job. There is no choice in that matter.'

‘But you can't quit yet Bill. You don't have anything lined up. We could starve or get kicked out of our home. You have to have a job first. Besides, I promised Greg that I would be available for him next week. One last thing to do. Then that will be it. NO more fucking others. I will be your faithful and devoted wife from then on. If I don't work for Greg next week I am afraid of what he may do.'

‘Perhaps you didn't hear me Megan. You have to stop fucking around NOW. Not next week, NOW. Christ, I can see that you actually love fucking him and those men. Maybe there isn't a chance for us after all.'

‘Look Bill, I promised Greg that I would go with him to Jamaica, we will be gone only one week, or eight days, then I will be done being his slut. I will be your slut from then on. Yours and only yours. Whatever you want of me from then on. I have to go to Jamaica though Bill. I promised Greg I would and since he has these tapes of me . . . you know he will use them against us if I back out now. Besides, what's a few more men now?'

‘Megan, you are not listening to me. You will either quit now and be my wife, or we are done. I happen to know that Greg is taking six of the salesmen with him. You will not go with him if you expect us to stay together. That is final.'

‘Please Bill, try to understand. I have to go. I have no choice.'

‘Megan, if you go with Greg tomorrow, we are finished. That is my final word. That is the only choice you have at this moment. Me, or them.'

I turned and stomped out. What the hell was she thinking? Did she really want to stay married to me or was she just using me for a place to spend her time living while she wasn't fucking Greg and his buddies? I had figured that if she loved me like she claimed, she would have jumped at the second chance I had just given her and firmly agreed that she was done fucking around. What the hell kind of hold did Greg have on her anyway?

I slept in the spare bedroom that night, with the door locked. I heard Megan try to open the door at one point, then give up. I could also hear her on the phone later. I think she was talking to Greg, but I couldn't hear the conversation.

The next morning, I left for work before Megan got up. I left a note reaffirming my demands that she not go on the trip and quit fucking around immediately. I fully expected that she had enough time to realize that I was serious about this and would stay home and be there waiting for me when I got there.

I was at work for about an hour when in walked Megan. Considering it was cold, I was a bit surprised that she was wearing high heels. Her long winter coat reached her ankles so I could not see how she was dressed. My secretary glared at her the whole time Megan waited for me. As I came up to her, I saw Greg walking up to her as well. I knew that she hadn't come in to see me.

‘Megan, you are early. My, my, my, can't wait to go to Jamaica huh?'

Megan turned and forced a smile at Greg as he stepped in and gave her a hot French kiss. His tongue was out before he got to her lips and was still out a few minutes later when they broke apart. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew what she was going to do. How they would rub it in my face I was unaware of at the second, but that very quickly changed.

Greg's hand went inside her coat as he kissed her and I could tell he was feeling her breasts and then her pussy as you could see her coat move outward from his hand traveling down. I stood there, my co-workers watching out of the corners of their eyes as my boss treated himself to my wife's body.

‘Let me take your coat and see your decision Megan.'

Megan undid the buttons on her coat and opening it I saw she was wearing things I had never seen before. She had on a skin tight halter-type bikini top that was just string on the sides and over the shoulders. The cups were so small that all they really covered were her nipples. The red color of it made her skin seem paler than it actually was. It was smaller than a few of her bikini tops I had seen her wear.

Her dress, if you could call it that, was a very thin black leather skirt. It was so short and tight, as she turned to hand Greg her coat I could see the curve of each of her ass cheeks. Her crotch could have only been a half an inch from being exposed as she stood straight upright.

A small crowd of people from the office had gathered now. Greg had her turn around and raise her arms high over her head.. This caused her skirt to ride up, revealing that she was wearing red thong lace panties that hardly covered anything. Her nipples popped out of her cups on her top too.

I could see a wet spot on her crotch and it looked like Greg had pushed his finger into her pussy through the cloth of her panties since I could see that they were pressed deep inside of her. She looked into my eyes and then gave me a fearful smile.

Greg stepped in close to her and put his arm around her waist. Looking at me with a triumphant glare, he reached down and pulled Megan's dress up high over her waist, exposing her lower body. He then tugged on her panties and pulled them down her long shapely legs.

Her pussy was clean shaven and wet. As I watched, Greg ran his hand over her pussy and then stuck three fingers into her. His other hand went to her butt and he jammed two fingers into her asshole. He smiled at me as he did this.

He fingered her for a bit, her face showing pleasure that he gave her. Her tongue came out and licked her lips as he stroked in and out of her holes. His tongue licked across hers several times and then he kissed her hard.

They broke apart and he removed his fingers from her. His hands traveled up her body, and caressed her breast through her top. His fingers worked on her nipples making them hard little buttons.

Greg then undid Megan's top and pulled it off of her. She kept her arms down at her sides, letting her body be exposed fully. Greg stepped back in front of her and sucked on her very erect nipples for a second or two before pulling away.

‘Bill, thanks for letting your wife come on this eight-day trip to Jamaica with me and be my slut.. I am sure she will keep us entertained while we are there too. I think she will sway those clients to do business with us in a big way. All eight of them. They have had a taste of her, now they get her for a few days to play with. Not to worry, I will film everything for you.'

I turned to Megan. The last shot at saving our marriage was here and now. I had to try. I could see she had a doubtful look on her face. It was like she was being brave for Greg or something.

‘Megan, don't go. I want you to stay here with me. Be my wife. Please. Don't go with Greg. I have already told you what to expect if you leave with him. I meant every word of that.'

‘Oh Bill, come on. I have to go you know that. Besides, those Jamaicans' have a lot of business that can come your way if I am along to convince them. When I get back, we'll talk. Then we can make those changes you need me to make. But I am going with Greg. We will straighten this all out when I get back'

‘When you get back, it will be too late, Megan. If you go with Greg, we are finished forever. I mean that.'

Megan gave me a haunted look, then I saw it change ever so slightly. I could see she thought I was being too harsh about this. She evidently thought that she would be able to talk me out of leaving her. Greg had brainwashed her very well it seemed.

As Greg took her coat and threw it around her, I could see that her nipples were still hard. She also had her juices running down her legs too. I looked around and saw sympathetic faces looking at me. Humiliated as I was, I stood fast and hard. My mind had been spoken on the matter and I would be gone before Megan got back from Jamaica.

‘Oh yeah, before I forget Bill, here is a bonus for you. You're . . . 'services' have paid off very handsomely for you. You are lucky to have such a great slu . . . I mean wife who is interested in your well-being at work. Congratulations.'

He handed an envelope to Megan who handed it to me with a smile. She stepped close to me as Greg walked to the front door. She leaned in to kiss me and I stepped back and turned to walk away.

‘Bill, aren't you going to kiss me goodbye?'

‘I just did Megan. I am kissing you goodbye. Have a nice life.'

I had my back to her, I just couldn't stay there as she walked out of my life.

She gave me a stricken look then Greg came back in and took her hand pulling her out the door. I will say that her eyes never left mine until they were out of sight. She knew now that I would be as good as my word. I would be gone and the divorce filed for before she got back.

I walked the long way down the hall to my new office. The envelope I tossed on my desk as I sat down. I heard a knock and looking up I saw Albert standing there with several of my people.

‘Bill, can we talk please?'

‘Albert, I really don't feel like talking right now.'

‘Bill. We really need to talk. It's about Greg and Megan and everyone else too.'

Resigned, I motioned them in. Eight people trailed in after Albert and got situated. I was looking at my secretary Jan, and three other women from the office under my supervision. The others I had seen around, but they were under other people's supervision so I didn't really know them well.

They were silent and I realized the were waiting for me to say something. Not having much choice it seemed, I began to state the obvious.

‘As you all know, my wife has become Greg's . . . slut. They just left for Jamaica, and they are going to be there for eight days as far as I know. I plan on quitting today. At least I am turning in my resignation today. You have all seen my wife with Greg and how she has acted, so as you can guess, I will also be filing for a divorce too. What else is there to talk about?'

‘Don't act too hastily Bill. You can save your marriage and get even with Greg with our help. That is, if you want to save your marriage with Megan now. You have a power over Greg now though. Your promotion was given to you because of your hard work and also because you saved those contracts that Greg had mishandled to the point of losing.'

‘Why would I want to work for the company that hired that son of a bitch in the first place? How could I face everyone here knowing that they had either fucked my wife or seen her being fucked or even just knew about what has gone on? This morning I was very sure that I had a small chance of saving my marriage. Right now I am very sure that it is over between Megan and I. She went with that bastard even after I asked her in front of everyone here to not go. Do you have any idea how humiliating that was? To beg your wife to stay with you as she lets another man, not her husband, feel her naked body, finger her, and then take her away? Hell, she even argued with me about this trip too.'

I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears began to fall down my cheeks. I didn't care. These people knew what had been done to me by my wife and supervisor. They knew my pain. I put my hands over my face and tried to get control back. I was unsuccessful.

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