tagNonHumanMegans Transformation Ch. 1

Megans Transformation Ch. 1


In the Beginning...

It had been over a hundred years since he had felt the presence of another of his kind. He knew in his heart that he was the last of the night breed. A vampire, a creature of the night. He could vaguely remember when he had been human. But that was before Dracula transformed him. Life was good then. The weaker humans had been easy prey for the night breed. But even then he could already see the coming of the end. So he left the breed and traveled the world. He learned many things about humans, and his own will to survive.

The night breed believed the only way to live was from the blood of their prey. Yet he had discovered another way to feed. Upon his returned to the breed, the Blood wars were just beginning. The humans multiplied too fast, their numbers growing ever larger. It was only a matter of time before the hunted became the hunters. And so the Nightbreed scattered across the world, living closed and secluded lives. He was beings hunted into extinction, until he was but a living myth.

Nearly four hundred years have passed since the end of the blood wars. He survived, but became a myth, a legend, a living shadow. It was ironic that he now lived as a shadow, stealing into a person’s shadow. Stealing a bit of their life essence. Then moving to another host shadow. Over the years he had thought to bring others into the night a mate, a friend, someone, anyone. And yet he was still alone. Moving through the world, taking people’s essences and then stealing away before the coming of the dawn.

At this moment he was hidden deep within the shadow of a lonely little man. Who was hitting on every woman sitting at the bar. He was revolted at being forced to feed from this man. But he could smell the stench of diease and rot coming from most of the people in the bar. He wondered what they would do if he simple detached himself from his prey and materialized in there midst. The panic and chaos would be only a momentary distraction to his continuously boring life.

He turned his senses toward the crowd, looking for his next meal. That’s when he noticed her walking in the door. She was of pale skin that looked so soft. Her hair flowed about her round face in a wild torrent of mystical fire. Her lips were the color of blood, full and luscious. Her eyes held the room captive in their depth. She had a commanding presence, but her slim body looked as if a strong wind would carry her away. In his long life he had never seen anyone so captivating, so beautiful. He had to have her, had to have her forever. At long last he would no longer be alone!! Silently he detached himself from his host and slipped his way from shadow to shadow. The darkened bar room made it easy for him to silently slip into her shadow, and up against her firm soft body.

* * * * *

She always had the ability to make a room stop and take notice of her. She barley noticed it anymore. But tonight something was different. There was a presence that she could feel caressing her body with his eyes. She could feel them roaming over her body, exploring every curve of her. She felt her nipples harden slightly, as a tingle crept into her pussy. Only her lover could do that to her so quickly. But that was impossible, he was two thousand miles away. But then again just thinking of him could make her feel this way. She had just gotten to her seat, when she felt a strange coldness creep over her body, slowly sinking into her, stealing her strength. As if death itself was living in her, she could barley stand, but managed to make it home and to bed with the aid of her husband.

The next morning when she awoke she felt changed, as if something the night before had changed her while she slept. She barely noticed the tingle in the pit of her stomach. A small fire burning, lusting for her to satisfy the craving that she didn’t even know she had. She quickly got up, took a shower and dressed for work. During her shower she couldn’t resist touching her self today. Running her fingers lightly over her breasts, playing with her hardening nipples. Just touching herself like that had made her think about her lover. And that had started a whole chain of thoughts in her head. Almost without wanting to she had become wet and excited. She wasn’t able to keep from touching herself. Exploring her wet sex and thinking of him. She hadn’t the time to tease herself this morning so she had pressed hard and brought herself to climax quickly. And yet she was still hungry for more, the burning in her stomach was growing, working its way up into her body, and her mind. She could have sworn that she had heard a voice telling her to touch herself. To enjoy her body, not only for herself but for him also. It all seemed like a dream to her and she left it at that.

It was a typical Monday morning at work. Busy with the usual crap that had to be done. The only thing that made Mondays a good thing was she new she would get to talk to her lover. And the fact that her roommate had called in sick. The temp that was filling in for her was a very good-looking blond woman. She was about the same age and height as she was. Slim and attractive, with what looked to be large firm breasts. She quickly decided that she liked her, for more reasons then one. She had the prettiest steal blue eyes, when she caught her looking at her, on more than one occasion. She could feel herself responding to the looks coming from the blonde.

It made her blush to think that she was flirting with her coworker. Normally she didn’t flirt at the office, especially with women. But for some unknown reason today she was hot, hot for SEX! She felt her body responding to the looks the other women was casting her way. ** She looks divine. A dark and foreboding preseance whispered in her mind** Yes she answered him in her mind, she looks delicious! She could feel her mouth watering at the prospect of tasting her lips. She felt her body responding to the insidious thoughts forming in her mind. **Wouldn’t you love to feel her firm breasts in your hand my love. Or to take a hard nipple in your mouth and suck on it, to bite it, to taste her blood!!**

Slowly her tongue snaked out and ran slowly over her lips, wetting them for the blonde. She watched as the spectator’s eyes brightened, as she licked her own ruby red lips for her. She could feel her nipples getting harder in her bra, as her scent wafted up to her. She inhaled deeply tasting her own sex on the air. **MMMM yes my dear you smell so good, so ripe, so wet!** She was wet, and getting wetter as she sat there thinking of the blonde’s head between her legs, slowly teasing her pussy with her long hot tongue. She inhaled deeply again, only to discover that a new scent was quickly filling the room.

She knew instinctively that the scent belonged to the blonde, apparently she too was getting wet. She looked over to where the blonde was sitting. She could see her hard nipples pushing against her blouse. It was obvious that she was having a hard time keeping her hands on her desk. **She smells so good, wouldn’t you love to take her into your arms and kiss her my dear. The voice whispered in her ear, just a little louder.** She could no longer resist, she had to have this woman sitting across from her, at any cost. She was just too hot to settle for a trip to the bathroom.

Seductively she rose from her chair and walked over to the door, closing it and locking it tight. She walked around the room, closing all the blinds as she went. She could feel the blondes eyes travel of her body as she walked slowly. Making sure she turned every way to give her a good show of her breasts, her firm tight body and her ass. The blonde’s eyes traveled over her body roaming, tracing the curve of her hips to her swelling breasts, to the curve of her ass. Each knew that something was going to happen. Though neither knew just what. Only one presence knew exactly how far it would go, for it was all his doing. He needed her mind open to his thoughts and suggestion. If he was too truly own her body and soul. **Yes my dear, she’s so lovely, so ripe. Take her, she is my first gift to you. The first kiss to your soul**

After closing the last blind, Megan slowly turned to face the blonde. She had a hungry look in her eyes, as she crossed the floor to stand in front of her new friend. Each wanting to reach-out and touch the other, but neither daring to, for fear of breaking the spell. Slowly the blonde stood up to face Megan. Looking deeply into her emerald green eyes. She didn’t notice the red pinpricks of fire that dance about her eyes, or the way they seemed to draw her closer, wanting her to give herself over to her new lover. **Can you feel it my love, the hunger burning in you. The desire to take her and make her yours forever, the need to have her submit to you. The voice whispered in her ear.** the suggestions were getting harder to resist, but then again she didn’t want to resist, she wanted the women standing before her. Wanted to taste her, wanted to pleasure her. She was biting her lower lip, looking deep into the blonde’s eyes. She took a deep breath, smelling the sex in the room.

Both hers, and her potential lovers, and something else, something dark and sinister. Laying her hand on the blonde’s hip, she drew her close to her body. Each could feel, the excitement coming from the other. There bodies twitching at each other’s touch. The blonde was held spell bound as Megan's arm wrapped about her waist pulling her tight against the others body. They could feel their breasts pressed against each other’s. Their hard nipples rubbing each other’s through their cloth’s. The blonde closed her eyes as Megan leaned in and pressed her lips against the blonde’s, softly, but with firmness that surprised the blonde. Slowly they let their tongues explore each other.

It was a deep kiss, born of a need that neither had created, but that both craved. They savored the feel of each other’s lips as their tongues began to dance. Megan hands slowly began to roam over the blonde’s body, slowly feeling their way over her firm breasts and ass. Drawing her closer with each passing moment. Meanwhile the blonde’s hands where cupping Megan’s face, holding her still while she explored her mouth and lips with her hot wet tongue.

**Can you feel her fire, burning in her soul for you my dear? Can you feel her essence wanting to join with yours. Taste her my dear, and then drink of her essence and become what i am** Hearing the seductive words in her mind, and feeling the blondes tongue probe her mouth was beginning to over stimulate her. She couldn’t help but moan into her lover’s mouth. Her lover took this as a good sign as she let her hands drop to Megan’s tight ass. She cupped her ass and pulled her tight against her body, grinding in to her.

The feel of the blonde’s body grinding against her own was painful in a pleasurable way. Megan couldn’t resist reaching down and grabbing a hold of her skirt with her hands. Slowly she gathered the material in her hands as she raised the blonde’s skirt. Megan had to have her, had to have her now! With a more urgent Tug on the skirt she raised it up almost to the blondes waist.

The blonde stopped kissing her and stepped back. She pushed her skirt down until it pooled about her feet on the floor. Megan laid a hand on her chest and pushed her back until she was against her own desk. With a little push the blonde was sitting on the edge of the desk. Megan smiled a cruel smile, she had her were she wanted her now. She stood back and looked at her sitting there waiting to be taken. She was pretty, a round face, large steel blue eyes. Her lips were full and waiting to be kissed again. She had on a large dark blue sweater that didn’t hide the fact that she had large full breasts, and that her nipples were large and very hard. She looked down to her long legs, both in dark blue sheer stocking. Which lead up her legs to her dark blue silk panties that were getting noticeably darker from her need.

Megan liked this very much. Stepping in-between her legs, Megan brought her lips once again to the blondes. Their kiss was more heated and passionate this time, both wanting the other to please them. Megan’s fingers slowly traced there way up the blonde’s legs, feeling the sheer material of her stocking. Then the warmth of her flesh, as her fingers traced their way higher toward her wet dripping pussy. Megan knew she was wet as well. She could feel her own juices slowly running down her leg. She was so damn wet; she wanted her lover to be here watching her take this woman. She wanted his hot tongue running it's way up her leg, cleaning her juices from her hot body. The Very thought made her shiver in anticipation of things yet to come.

**He could feel her mind joining with his, slowly. The more he broke down her will, the faster she would be his. He could also feel the strength seeping into him from the force's being released by the two women. He was going to enjoy this almost as much as she was going to. But then again he was doing this for her. She needed to be broke. To be made over into a creature of desire, a succubus.** She could feel the evil presence pushing her to take this women, to made her a slave to her own will. She liked the idea of having a slave, someone who would make love to her where ever and when ever she said. But she didn’t want this one for a slave she wanted her lover, and she fully intended to have her wishes fulfilled.

As she felt the blonde’s tongue dance in her mouth, she tasted too good to resist. She kept her fingers slowly moving towards the blonde wet pussy. She would have to tease her soon, and then she would take her to heaven. She let one hand slowly press against the blondes wet panties. She could feel the heat and desire coming from her hot pussy. Softly the blonde moaned into her mouth, pulling her tighter to her, in hopes of forcing her hand harder against her hot sex. Megan’s fingers worked at the edges of the panties, freeing her pussy lips enough to allow her access to them.

Slowly she stroked them using her fingernails. Causing little sparks of pleasure to shoot through the blonde. She was moaning too much now to kiss Megan back. Slowly Megan kissed her neck and throat. Then whispered into her ear for to remove her sweater. The blonde crossed her arms before her and quickly took off her sweater. Her Breasts were covered with a dark blue silk and lace bra. This made Megan smile, as she lowered her mouth to one of her breasts to tease the nipple though the soft material. She could feel the hard nipple straining to be set free so she could take it in her hot mouth.

Megan worked her mouth from one hard nipple to the other, causing little moans of pleasure to escape the blondes full lips. As she teased her, she noticed that the bra clasped in the front. Using her teeth, she slowly popped loose the clasp. Causing the blondes beasts to spring forth against her face. The feeling of having the blondes firm breasts rub her face made Megan shudder with excitement. Quickly she took one of her nipples into her mouth, slowly working it with her hot wet tongue. Causing it to grow even harder and longer. Her fingers dug into the dripping wet pussy, trying to push their way through the thin material separating her from her ultimate goal.

She could feel the blondes hips begin to jump forward with each thrust of her fingers. But the thin material of her panties still offered stiff resistance against her intrusion. Reaching over to the edge of the desk Megan grabbed the blonde’s scissors. Stepping back she knelt in front of the blonde. She watched her close, not wanting to miss a thing. Megan grabbed the blonde’s panties in her hand, letting her fingers rub over her wet pussy. Then quickly sliced the panties in two. Before the blonde could object to the ruining of such a lovely pair of panties. Megan had dropped the scissors and was running two of her fingers up and down the blonde’s wet dripping slit. Causing her to shudder with excitement. ** Yes my dear, bring her to the point of excitement and then draw her life’s blood. Join with me!! The evil voice whispered in her ear.** Megan looked into the blonde’s face, then let her eyes drop to her wet pussy. It had a small neatly trimmed blonde bush.

The lips were red and swollen with excitement. Slowly, teasingly she worked two fingers into her hot wet pussy. Drawing a loud low moan from her new lover. Leaning forward, Megan let her soft warm tongue lick the insides of the blonde’s thigh, getting her first taste of her hot sex. She felt a sexual thrill run through her body to her dripping wet pussy. She tasted so rich and full of life. She let her tongue move slowly over her hot flesh; while using her fingers in a rolling rocking motion deep in the blonde’s hot pussy. The blonde was on the verge of her first orgasm, her body slowly rocking to the rhythm of Megan's fingers deep in her sex. Her moaning was getting louder and louder, but no one seemed to be able to hear them as they played in their room. Megan suddenly moved her mouth to the blonde’s pussy, sucking her clit into her hot mouth. The blonde instantly came, her whole body stiffening and the spasming around her fingers.

Slowly she pulled her fingers from the blonde’s hot body, only to put them in her hot mouth to suck them off. She tasted so good! She had to have more of her. She watched as the blonde calmed a little, only to start playing with her large stiff nipples. Megan moved her mouth over the other women’s hot pussy. Sucking on her whole dripping pussy. Using her tongue to lightly tease the liquid love from her hot hole. Reaching around she grabbed her ass and pulled the blonde tight against her face, shoving her tongue deep into the blonde. She almost lost it then; grabbing two fistful's of Megan's long red hair. Pulling her even deeper into her dripping wet pussy. Megan let one hand slide down her ass, until she could slip a finger inside of the blonde’s ass hole. Causing her to scream out this time, as she came violently against Megan’s waiting mouth. Lapping at her pussy, She ate all she could, and still she could feel it running down her face, dripping off her chin. She tasted so good to Megan that she wanted more! Wanted to make her bleed, to make her a slave to her new life.

Megan stood up and looked deep into the blonde’s eyes. There was a strange fire burning in Megan’s eyes. It scared and excited the blonde in strange ways that she found pleasurable. "Now slave, you will please me", Megan told her with a cruel smile on her lips. Quickly Megan stripped her cloths off her firm body. **Take her my dear, tear her throat out, drink her blood, and join me! Become my mate!!** She listened to the voice, but she wanted to feel the pleasure that her new slave could give her first. She would not be a slave to this strange voice; she had her own plans for this new found power that burned within her breast.

On shaky legs the blonde stood and stepped real close to her, Megan kissed her hard and forceful. Taking her body and pressing it against the blondes. Rubbing along her body, feeling their hard nipples pressing together. Little fires burning from the flesh on flesh contact of their bodes. Passion burned throughout Megan’s mind and body. The blonde loved the taste of her own sex on her mistress’s lips, and greedily sucked at her tongue. Megan could feel the blonde’s hands roaming over her soft ass cheeks. Probing, looking for her swollen rosebud.

Suddenly Megan's phone rang, she didn’t know why but something from deep within her mind forced her to break the kiss and step over to her desk to answer the phone. Hello love. Her lover’s voice called to her. Just the sound of his voice sent a wild shiver of lust and desire through her body. "Oh god John, you will never believe what I am doing"! She said to him. Well now love, knowing you and by the sound of your voice, I would have to say that you’re playing at work. As they were talking the blonde had come up behind Megan; she started to run her hands over her smooth soft ass. Megan bent over her desk, thrusting her ass out to her slave.

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