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Melanie - Again



This is the continuing story of Melanie, an eighteen year-old who is learning to come to terms with adulthood.

In the previous tale, Melanie found out that her parents were separating. It was a shock. They told her that they needed time to work out some details and sent her to her aunt's cottage in Yorkshire. Once there, she began to learn about sex. She was still a virgin when she returned, but had experienced enough to open her eyes to a whole world of pleasure.


Chapter 1

Melanie was tired as she travelled back from Yorkshire. The events of the previous evening had been thrilling, but had left her exhausted. While on the train home she mostly slept.

Once again, the journey was a long one. She made occasional phone calls to her mother on her mobile phone – just to let her know she was OK. Nobody talked to her at all. Nobody bothered her.

Finally arriving back in Hertfordshire she was delighted to see that both her mother and father had come to meet her. Her father explained, "I wasn't going to miss the opportunity of seeing you after so long. Besides, you'll be going back off to college in a few days and I won't see you again for quite a while."

When they got back to her mother's house they talked about the trip. She hadn't thought through what she was going to say, but told them as much as possible, without reference to her sexual exploits. They asked if her Aunt Amanda had painted her (she is an accomplished artist). She felt her face flush, so turned away and mumbled, "Oh, she did some preliminary sketches. Nothing much."

It was a lie. Amanda had painted her in the nude. Worse still, she had painted her in the nude with Adam, her aunt's lover. It was however, true that she had made some sketches of her. Unfortunately, these too were posed with Adam, naked.

She managed to change the subject and asked her father where he was living now. He explained that he had taken a flat closer to where he worked. He seemed happy, although she wondered if he was merely putting a brave face on the separation. Her mother seemed the same as normal, very correct, very 'in control'.

Melanie had a few more days in which to relax before making her way back to college. She did very little except watch television, read or surf the Internet.

The next couple of months went quickly. Her studies were hard and she had to apply herself fully. It meant that very soon she managed to push the memories of her summer trip to the back of her mind. In fact, they only returned when she was in bed at night. She masturbated much more frequently nowadays, prompted by fantasies that she had developed since August.

The mid-term break came in October and Melanie returned home again. A halt to her studies for two weeks was very welcome.

It was Saturday morning when the telephone rang. Her mother answered it as Melanie was making herself a cup of coffee. "It's for you," said Joanna. "Somebody called Tim?"

Melanie looked blankly at her mother and then the light suddenly dawned, "Timothy! Wow!"

She took the receiver from her mother, covered the mouthpiece and whispered, "I'll explain later." She then spoke aloud, "Hi Timothy. What a surprise! How are you?"

Melanie had met Tim when she was travelling up to Yorkshire. They had chatted and got on well together well. Tim had asked for her phone number and had said he would call. She didn't really think he would.

"I'm fine," he answered. "How was your trip to Yorkshire?"

"It was good. The weather was OK and it was really relaxing. "What about you? How 's Sandhurst?"

"Well, that's what I was ringing about. I'm passing out next weekend. The thing is, my parents can't get there. I know this may sound preposterous, but I really wanted someone to be there and, well, I wondered if you and your parents would like to come down?"

Melanie was stunned. She had only met and talked to him for around two hours, and that was three months ago! "You want us to come down? But surely you must have some friends who you want to be there?"

"I don't really have that many friends," he said sheepishly. "And they're all busy too."

"Hold on," said Melanie. She turned to her mother. "Mummy, Timothy is passing out at Sandhurst next weekend. He's inviting us down. Can we go? Please?"

"Darling, who is Timothy? I've never even heard of him."

"Oh Mummy, I met him on the train to Yorkshire. I told you about him."

Joanna vaguely recalled Melanie mentioning a young man that she had talked to on the journey. Frankly, the idea of her daughter talking to strangers worried her. But somehow this seemed to be a bit different.

"Well. We'll have to ask Daddy if he will take us."

"That won't be a problem. We'd been planning on going out anyway. I'm sure that he'll be OK with it." She turned back to the telephone, "Yes Tim, we'd be delighted to come. What are the arrangements?"

Tim explained that they needed to make their way to the main gate, where their names would be on a list of guests. He told her that security was strict, but that it was necessary.

When Melanie ended the call she immediately rang her father to ask if he was willing to take them. He was obviously very impressed with the fact that his daughter had got to know an Officer and a Gentleman.

Melanie went back up to her room. She lay back down on her bed and thought about Tim. She recalled that they had passed each other on the train and that a bad set of points had thrown them together. A familiar warm feeling began to grow in her stomach. The thrill of his body pressing against her had made her do something incredibly naughty. She had shut herself into the toilet and masturbated. She felt her face flush at the memory.

Her eyes were closed. She undid the button on her jeans and then pulled the zip down. She pushed them down to her knees and then pushed her thong down to join them. Her left hand slipped up under her top to begin caressing her breasts through her flimsy bra. Her right hand slipped between her legs. She was already wet. Using her middle finger she began to rub her labial lips. Her thumb then began to make contact with her clitoris. She made a sharp intake of breath as the shock of her touch pulsed through her body.

Melanie pushed the trousers and panties further down her legs until they were bunched at her ankles. She spread her legs as wide as this would allow. Her hand immediately went back to her vagina, but the other one began to spread her juices further down, so that it trickled between her ass cheeks. She began to probe her anus with first one, and then two fingers. She started to finger fuck her ass as her other hand played with her pussy.

She became lost in her own ecstasy, desperately trying to muffle the sounds that she knew she was beginning to make. When she finally reached her orgasm. It was the most powerful that she had experienced for some months.

In her post-climactic state, she simply lay where she was. Knees still wide apart and sweat glistening on her stomach and legs. Moisture still beaded in her pubic hair. She brought her fingers up to her mouth to smell and taste the sweetness of her own juices.

"I need to lose my virginity," she said aloud, to nobody. "I have simply got to fuck somebody. Soon."


Chapter 2

Sandhurst wasn't really anything like Melanie had imagined. They arrived at the gate, were checked out and given visitor passes and then told where to park. They couldn't see Timothy before the ceremony, but Melanie was able to spot him as the Officer Candidates marched past. To her, he seemed to stand out head and shoulders above the others.

The ceremony itself ran with the sort of military precision you would expect. Afterwards, they went to look for Timothy. Eventually, he found them.

"Hello, Mel. It's great to see you again. How are you?" He kissed her cheek and then turned to her parents. "Thank you so much for bringing Melanie, Mr and Mrs James. It really means a lot to me."

Mr James spoke for them both, "Frankly Tim, we feel very honoured. Thank you for inviting us all." He continued, "Tell me, what happens next with your career?"

"Well sir, I have to see where I'm posted. It could be anything and usually, it's quite often the last thing that you wanted," he grinned. "But, it seems that I may have impressed a few people with some of my talents and it's likely that I might end up in, shall we say a lesser known area of the military."

Melanie's father immediately understood that further questions would be met with a blank wall. He could be wrong, but he had the impression that Tim was talking about Intelligence.

Tim showed the James family around the areas that were not out of bounds to visitors. Melanie felt very proud and she was sure that her parents approved of her friendship.

After a couple of hours they had to leave, but only after they had made Tim promise to come up and visit Melanie next weekend (provided he could get leave).


The next Saturday was a bright and surprisingly warm day. The forecast indicated that the weather was going to stay that way.

Tim arrived in his mother's car, a Ford Focus (he had passed his test not long after his 17th birthday). He asked Mrs James for permission to take Melanie out for the day. She was more than happy to agree, but told him that she would prefer her daughter to be home by 9pm.

As they set off, Tim looked at Melanie and said, "So, where would you like to go?"

"Somewhere quiet," she replied. "Somewhere that we can be alone. I'm fed up with always having people around me."

"Any ideas? I don't know this area at all."

"Well, we've got all day, why don't we head off towards the coast and see where we end up?"

The roads weren't very busy and they were able to travel at a reasonably good pace. Once they had arrived by the sea, they meandered northwards attempting to follow coast roads.

They stopped for lunch at a small restaurant overlooking a sandy beach. They each had a glass of wine, but Tim said that as he was driving he couldn't have any more. Melanie on the other hand wasn't, and she had two more glasses. When they left she appeared sober, but her libido had been let loose.

The couple drove for another couple of miles before Mel suggested that they stop at an almost deserted car park adjacent to a sandy beach that they could walk along. They set off hand in hand.

Behind the beach was a small woodland copse. The trees were not very big but they created a nice diversion from the seemingly endless sand and the rather over-warm sun. Melanie steered them towards a path that led into the woods.

They had walked a couple of hundred metres into the shade and could no longer see the sea. It was wonderfully quiet, except for the distant sound of the waves, the birds in the trees and the leaves rustling.

Melanie caught hold of Timothy's hand and turned him to face her. "Do you know Tim, you've never even tried to kiss me yet? Don't you fancy me?"

He was clearly at a loss for words. He took hold of her hand in both of his and, refusing to look at her face mumbled, "Look, I'm not sure how to say this, but I'm not very experienced. I've never actually kissed a woman. Well, not properly, other than on the cheek. Please don't laugh, but I'm still a virgin."

"I should be insulted," said Melanie. "It sounds as if you think I'm not." She smiled.

"Oh my God. No, that wasn't what I meant! I mean that… well I'm not sure what I mean now. Now you know how useless I am with women."

"It's all right Tim. I don't mind that you're a virgin. In fact I think it's wonderful that you had the guts to tell me." She went on, "And yes, I am a virgin. But that doesn't stop me from fancying someone, or wanting to kiss them."

She moved closer, stood on tiptoe and turned her face up to him, closing her eyes. Tim looked down and tentatively pursed his lips. He moved closer until their mouths touched, then pulled away again. But Melanie wanted more. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him again, but with a lot more passion. She kept this up until she felt dizzy and then broke away.

"Wow," said Tim.

"Gosh," said Mel. "Let's try that again, only this time try putting your arms around me."

Tim got the message and pulled her into his arms. He was quite strong and she felt him almost crushing her as he pressed his lips against hers. He partially opened his mouth to help breathe. Melanie sensed this and, without thinking, opened hers and forced her tongue into his mouth, where she began to taste him.

Melanie's arms had moved from around Tim's neck and were now stroking his back. She slipped them further down and began to feel his bottom. It was firm and sexy. She knew that she wanted more than just a kiss.

They broke apart and Melanie looked up into Tim's eyes. She slipped one of her hands round to the front of his trousers, to rest upon the bulge that had appeared. She squeezed a little and then rubbed a little. It responded as she had expected and began to harden.

Mel looked down at the now very pronounced lump and chuckled. "Very nice," she said. "Would you like me to do something about that?"

"Melanie, I told you, I've never done anything like this before. I'm worried that I'll disappoint you. I don't want to let you down."

"Tim, shut up. Let's just accept that we're both inexperienced and that we're bound to make mistakes. Tell me what I'm doing right or wrong and I'll learn. Obviously, I'll tell you what I like as well. OK?"

"Yes, OK Mel." He gave a weak smile, which vanished when Melanie brought her other hand around to the front of his trousers and unfastened his belt. "What are you doing?"

"I'm undoing your trousers. I think you have a nasty swelling down there that may need attention."

Tim gulped as she unzipped his flies and pushed the trousers down his legs. She was kneeling in front of him, her head level with the very evident erection that was pushing out the front of his boxer shorts.

"You know, I've never really thought that boxer shorts were all that sexy. But I think I may be changing my mind. We'll have to find something different for you to wear sometime, so that I can compare."

She couldn't wait to see his manhood any longer and, grabbing the waistband of his shorts she swiftly dragged them down to his ankles. His dick sprang out and bounced a little. It remained erect, pointing upwards and twitched as the blood continued to pump into it. Melanie remained kneeling and watched, fascinated. It wasn't as big as Adam's (the only other erect penis that she had ever seen), but it too looked beautiful. The head was smooth and shiny, the shaft lined with powerful veins.

Melanie knew what she was going to do next. Tim didn't, but he soon guessed as he watched Mel bend her head forward towards his cock. "You're going to suck me!" he gasped.

"You bet."

Those were Melanie's last words for a while, as she began to use her tongue and lips on him. First she ran the tip of her tongue around his helmet and then she moved to the base of his penis and began to lick slowly up the shaft.

Tim though his head was going to explode. He had fantasised about something like this, but never in his wildest imagination had he considered how wonderful it would feel. And when Mel opened her mouth wide and began to swallow his dick, he almost fainted. He didn't know what to do with his hands now that she was kneeling in front of him, so he contented himself with gently moving her hair away from her eyes.

The sight of her head bobbing up and down and his penis disappearing deep into her mouth was too much for Tim. He realised that he was about to ejaculate.

"I'm coming!" he told Melanie. But to his amazement she didn't stop, she seemed to work even faster, hardly withdrawing at all. He wondered if she had heard him. "I'm going to shoot Mel. If you don't stop now I'll come in your mouth."

Melanie paused only momentarily, in order to look up at him and wink. She kept rubbing his shaft as the semen spurted into her mouth. Once again she experienced that salty but rather enjoyable taste. She swallowed it all and then licked Tim's dick clean before standing back up.

"I hope you liked that? Was it as good as you expected it would be?"

"I… I had no idea. It… you were wonderful Mel. I can't believe that you just did that for me."

"Good. I'm pleased. But right now I need to come myself and you're going to help me aren't you?"

"Yes," he answered.

She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. "You can do whatever you like Tim. Almost anything at all." 'Except take my virginity' she left unsaid.

He almost froze. Melanie understood he was scared and wasn't sure what to do. She told him, "Squeeze my breasts. Feel where the nipples are. They're very hard right now and I've only got a very thin bra on. That's it. Now use your thumbs to rub them"

His touch made Melanie gasp. "Now slide you hands up under my top and do the same thing again," she instructed.

Tim did as he was told. Her breasts felt amazing and the bra was indeed, very thin.

"Would you like to see them Tim? Would you like to see my tits?"

Her directness thrilled him and although he had only just ejaculated, he could feel his penis stirring again.

Melanie held her arms above her head. Tim got the message and taking hold of the bottom of her sweater, he lifted it up over her head and off of her arms. He stood gazing at her breasts and wondered how much more he would see without the bra – it was almost transparent. Naturally, he struggled with the fastening at the back, but Mel reached behind her and quickly undid it. She let Tim remove the garment. The cool air on her naked flesh made her feel even more aroused (if that was possible).

Tim hesitantly moved his hands back to Melanie's breasts. They were the most perfect objects he had ever held.

Melanie's mouth was feeling too dry to talk. She took Tim's head in her hands and pulled it down to her chest. He was left in doubt as to what she wanted, when she centred his mouth upon one nipple. Her groans told him that what he was doing was right. After a while he made an executive decision and without being asked moved across to the other one.

Tim was getting the hang of this now and was enjoying himself so much that he didn't notice Mel unfastening her jeans. She pushed them down over her hips along with her panties. "Tim," she gasped. "I need your tongue down here now. Please!"

He detached from her breast and as he did so, she pushed down on his shoulders making him kneel. He sat back on his haunches and stared at Melanie's pussy. Neatly trimmed brown hair surrounded her very obvious slit. He could now smell her arousal. He didn't know if he could do this. What if he didn't like the taste? What if it made him feel sick? What if he didn't do it right and she got upset with him?

These questions were excised as she pulled his head to her. He poked out his tongue to lick the pink folds. As soon as he made contact she gasped. He tried again and gained the same reaction. He then licked from the bottom of her labial lips to the top. The taste aroused him even more.

"A bit higher now Tim. There that's it. Lick just there."

He concentrated on swirling his tongue around her clitoris, occasionally slipping it down along her lips.

"That's it Tim. Keep doing it like that. You're going to make me come you dirty bugger."

She said no more. The build up to her climax was accompanied by small noises, little grunts mostly, until the waves finally broke across her body and she panted and called out his name.

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