tagInterracial LoveMellow Yellow Ch. 22

Mellow Yellow Ch. 22


Part 1: Susan Wu discovers an eager recruit for her clinic

Cynthia-Dawn Yang had never been one of those Chinese students in your school whose homework was always prepared and perfect and went home to practise the piano for hours. She got by in life depending more on her good looks than on her abilities. It was rumoured that she had only graduated from high school because she shagged her Mandarin teacher in exchange for a passing grade in her final year. Cynthia-Dawn Yang was that rarest of creatures, a true Chinese bimbo.

Cynthia-Dawn Dawn had mid-Pacific beauty. Her almond eyes set off a nose that wasn't too flat and complemented her light golden skin. Cynthia-Dawn breasts were larger than most Chinese women were, even though they wouldn't be remarkable in North America. Fit and flat-stomached, Cynthia-Dawn Yang was proud of her body, even if she neglected her intellect. Because of her universal beauty, both the English and Chinese boys in the upper form wanted to get into her pants. Only her Mandarin teacher had succeeded.

When she left high school, it appeared as if her career had no bounds. She had risen from the office manager of a prominent Hong Kong psychiatrist to the post of executive assistant to the marketing director of her previous employer. Unfortunately, she was sacked over a minor scandal and now she was lucky she found a job as a waitress in the restaurant of the People's Fitness and Navigation Society (formerly the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club).

Cynthia-Dawn's downward spiral in her career was completely her boyfriend's fault. If he hadn't started fooling around with that slut in accounting, Cynthia-Dawn wouldn't have even thought of seducing her boss in revenge. It was just such damn bad luck that the cleaning staff caught her shagging the marketing director in the executive washroom after hours. Why was it always the woman who got the sack in these situations? Cynthia-Dawn found herself out of work, out of her boyfriend's apartment and definitely off her preferred career path. Cynthia-Dawn's thoughts on "Life isn't Fair" was interrupted by the restaurant manager's instructions:

"Here's our restaurant's uniform. You will wear it and follow my instructions to the letter. Despite the change in name of our establishment, our clientèle remains the same, namely the élite of Hong Kong's business and government. The only change is that the Communist officials no longer wear baggy suits and are completely indistinguishable from their capitalist colleagues, except in one respect. You must address our new comrades from the mainland in Mandarin. Therefore, young lady, you will treat everyone who dines in the Club's, I mean the Society's, restaurant with the utmost of respect. Can I count on you?"

Cynthia-Dawn reassured the manager that she could perform the job despite the fact that she really didn't understand Mandarin at all. Perhaps she should have paid attention in Mandarin class instead of indulging her teenage crush on her teacher. Her heart wasn't at all in her work as she went about delivering plates of hot, steaming food to the rich or powerful old geezers. What a servile position for such a beautiful woman as Cynthia-Dawn Yang. Cynthia-Dawn imagined herself as one of these businessman's or, if need be, commissar's mistress. That was her destiny, to have her tight pussy regularly shagged and to receive compensation commensurate with her skill in bed.

Her fantasy was interrupted as a woman with a familiar face entered the restaurant, accompanied by a tall foreigner who also seemed somehow familiar. She couldn't place the foreigner exactly. To Cynthia-Dawn Yang, as with many Chinese, all foreigners looked the same. There was no doubt in Cynthia-Dawn's mind about the identity of the woman. It was her former employer, Dr. Wu Sui-Beng, the eminent psychiatrist. The maître d'hôtel seated the couple and beckoned to Cynthia-Dawn to push her steam cart over. She couldn't contain her excitement.

"Dr. Wu, don't you remember me? I must humbly apologize for my behaviour six years ago. You were quite right to dismiss me but I now beg your forgiveness and ask you to take me back. Can you find it in your heart to take me back?"

Susan Wu couldn't understand what the waitress was babbling on about instead of taking their order. The lights came on in Susan's head when she realised that she had sacked this woman six years earlier for trying to seduce a patient. Of course, the patient had, by then, already been well seduced by Dr. Wu and was now seated at her table as her husband. Could it be that her former receptionist didn't recognize Charles Burnhamthorpe as the patient she had lusted after? Did Cynthia-Dawn realise that Susan's biggest fear was that it would become known that she had fooled around with a patient? Susan decided to give her former employee a little "test."

"Why Charles, it's Yang Kunyan! She used to run my office for me. Can you imagine? By the way, I am no longer just Dr. Wu but Dr. Wu-Burnhamthorpe. This is my husband, Charles. He understands Chinese so you don't need to use English on his behalf. So, how are you, Kunyan?"

Susan surveyed Cynthia-Dawn's face. Susan didn't detect the slightest recognition in Cynthia-Dawn's face that Charles was a former patient of Dr. Wu's psychiatric practice. No, the bimbo's face was blank and totally without intelligence, the same as it was during her employment. Cynthia-Dawn continued to babble on.

"I'm just absolutely depressed, Dr. Wu. My boyfriend threw me out on the street and I lost my job in marketing. I know we've had our differences but do you have a job for me, Dr. Wu-Burnhamthorpe? I just hate being here and the pay is terrible. I can't even afford a decent bowl of congee on what they pay me here. Can you help me? Working for you was the best job I ever had and I didn't know it."

Susan felt so ashamed as Cynthia-Dawn begged to be rehired. The woman certainly never impressed Susan as an intellectual giant and now she was showing that she had no idea how to save face. Perhaps Cynthia-Dawn had no culture but, on the other hand, she wasn't too bad looking. Cynthia-Dawn was bigger-chested than the average Chinese woman. That would certainly appeal to the foreign men who came to The Hong Kong Institute of Sex Therapy. The way Cynthia-Dawn Yang panted after Charles when he first came to Susan for help proved that Cynthia-Dawn was open to the thought of shagging a foreigner, unlike many Chinese women. If she retained that itchy slit, Cynthia-Dawn might just fit in to Susan's staff at the clinic.

"I've opened a clinic that offers hope to those who suffer from chronic penile dysfunction. I have an opening for a young talented woman like you. It's fascinating work, you'll meet many interesting people and it's very rewarding. I hope that you aren't prejudiced because 99% of my patients are foreigners. Then please report to the Hong Kong Institute of Sex Therapy at 0800 tomorrow."

"Oh, I'm so happy, Dr. Wu. Of course I want to work for you again. Oh, I almost forgot your order. May I recommend the chicken feet……"

Part 2: Cynthia-Dawn's first day of work at Susan Wu's clinic

Cynthia-Dawn Yang took the elevator to the offices of the Hong Kong Institute of Sex Therapy. Her stomach churned because of the uncertainty associated with this step in her life. There was a certain low-paid stability associated with waiting on tables. It was a big step to take on the responsibilities associated with sex therapy. What if she wasn't any good at this new job? When Cynthia-Dawn reminded herself of her destiny and how her boyfriend and manager had praised her pussy, she resolved that she would make good in her new career. The elevator rang for the 17th floor.

The glass doors of the Institute stated boldly in Reformed Characters, Classic Script and English: The Hong Kong Institute of Sexual Therapy. The receptionist directed her to the office manager. The name on the manager's door stated Yin Su-Ning in Chinese and Constantina Yin in English. The name sounded vaguely familiar but Cynthia-Dawn wasn't much better with Chinese names than she was with foreign faces. In the office manager's office, a dumpy woman with thick glasses motioned to sit down while she finished her telephone call. Cynthia-Dawn looked over the office manager and pondered why some women never took care of themselves. In Cynthia-Dawn's opinion, Ms. Yin urgently needed cosmetic surgery on her eyelids. Even her glasses couldn't hide how narrow her eyes were. Probably laser surgery could help her ditch those nerdy glasses. Cynthia-Dawn would also suggest working out and shedding a few pounds.

The only asset of Constantina Yin that Cynthia-Dawn envied was her big chest. She thought, "Wow, I've only seen tits like that on foreign women." To console herself that she didn't measure up to Constantina, Cynthia-Dawn smugly reasoned that big tits accompanied a big cunt. After all, hadn't the Chinese girls at Our Lady of the New Territories convent school taunted the white girls that "white ain't tight." No, Cynthia-Dawn's tight Chinese pussy was the reason why she was headed for a brilliant career as a therapist and Ms. Yin's pussy would keep her stuck in management.

Cynthia-Dawn's mind turned towards what kind of hair and cosmetic makeover would suit Ms. Yin when she finally realised exactly who Constantina Yin was. She was Tina Yin, Cynthia-Dawn Yang's replacement, still working as mere clerical staff to Dr. Wu. Tina Yin finished her telephone conversation and addressed Cynthia-Dawn in a pleasant and cultured voice:

"Welcome to your first day at the Hong Kong Institute of Sexual Therapy. Dr Wu-Burnhamthorpe and her staff have been expecting you, Kunyan. Before you report to Dr Wu and her Chief Therapist for training, I will issue you with a therapist's uniform. When you've successfully completed your first day of training, report back to me to fill out your personnel forms. Now, let's go to the employee locker room."

Cynthia-Dawn ventured into the locker room with Tina Yin, expecting something similar to what she had seen during her brief tenure at the Number 2 Peoples' Fitness and Navigation Society. Instead of sweaty socks and liniment, Cynthia-Dawn's nose was assaulted by a strange combination of expensive perfumes and FDS. Tina Yin rummaged through her inventory of uniforms and extracted exactly the right size for the new recruit. One glance at Cynthia-Dawn and Tina Yin knew exactly her brassiere size, height and weight.

What a strange uniform this institution required. Cynthia-Dawn discarded her underwear and donned the lingerie provided by the clinic. The black panties were next to non-existent and the black brassiere pulled her modest boobies together into a respectable cleavage. Cynthia-Dawn put the British-style sister's hat on her head and pulled on the dress. The dress was short and exposed the entire length of Cynthia-Dawn's shapely legs from her ankles to just below the muffie. The Institute's shoes hinted at institutional sensibility but, in reality, they were high-heeled platforms. What sort of job was this?

Cynthia-Dawn proceeded to Dr. Wu's office. Dr. Wu greeted her warmly and introduced her to an older woman. The other woman was dressed in exactly the same uniform as Cynthia-Dawn.

"Come in Kunyan. This is Tang Fang, our senior therapist. She will introduce you to our methods and procedures and monitor your first day's performance. This clinic is dedicated to curing male sexual dysfunction through direct means. Most of our patients come from Europe and North America and most of their dysfunction is as a result of psychological trauma caused by their sex partners. My research has shown that white females are totally unsuitable as girlfriends and wives. I suppose that our lack of Chinese patients is because we Chinese women know how to treat our men properly in bed. So, in your work, you need only use your Chinese female skills in 99% of the cases. Now, we have a busy day ahead of us."

As they walked down the hall, Fang Tang chattered on and on concerning how the Institute was such a good place to work. The pay was excellent and Dr. Wu seemed to have an abundant supply of white willie, the very thing Faye Tang desired most in life. There was no trick to curing a white guy's limp willie. All Faye needed to do was act her own Chinese self. Easy, fun work and there's a paycheque at the end of a week. What more could a nymphomaniac such as Faye Tang desire?

Faye interrupted her non-stop lecture on job satisfaction as they entered Room 1727. In the dark light, Cynthia-Dawn discerned a wrinkled old white man with grey hair and stubble on his cheeks. His willie lay between his legs. The sight of the old fart made Cynthia-Dawn shudder, to think that she needed to touch creatures as this in search of a $HK. Faye handed Cynthia-Dawn a file folder.

"Read this while I get to work here. All the details are inside."

Cynthia-Dawn read all the details about Patient 1846. He was 84 years old, looked it and hadn't been laid for 20 years. To a young woman such as Cynthia-Dawn, old men were dead meat. Nothing would ever cause Patient 1846 to respond. Without asking for an opinion, Faye started to work. She unzipped her nurse's uniform and dropped it to the floor, revealing a distinct lack of underwear. Patient 1846 looked up and stared at the nude Faye. Before he could say anything, Faye grabbed his limp willie and stuck it in her mouth. Cynthia-Dawn was triply amazed. The old geezer's willie rose to the occasion as Faye's head bobbed up and down. This was the first white willie and the first blowjob she had ever seen. Who would have thought that there was life in such an old man?

Faye's head stopped bobbing. She tossed her hair back, mounted the old man's willie and squatted down. Cynthia-Dawn caught a glimpse of Patient 1846's willie as it disappeared into Faye's pussy. It was a respectable size and quite firm. Instead of disgust, Cynthia-Dawn's feelings transformed into lust. She wished it were her riding the ancient willie. After an eternity of Faye's jumping and humping, Patient 1846 emitted a noise that sounded like part cough, part rattle, part fart and part groan. Faye quickly dismounted and dressed. Patient 1846 smiled, obviously comparing Faye's therapy to memories of shaggings past.

Faye and Cynthia-Dawn left Patient 1846 groaning on the bed in Room 1727. Faye's face betrayed a slight smirk, the self-satisfied smile of a job well done. As they left Room 1727, Faye resumed her monologue. "I hope there aren't any Chinese grandmothers in his nursing home. He'll be chasing their wheelchairs down the hall. That old fart won't die happy unless he sticks his willie into some yellow pussy again. Now, the blowjob is only one of the many techniques we use in our clinic. In 1706, Peng Kunzhen will demonstrate more ancient techniques."

Peng Kunzhen's therapy session was underway when they opened the door to Room 1706. A heavy-looking middle-aged man was lying naked on the bed. Peng Kunzhen placed a series of needles at various points on the man's soft body. Cynthia-Dawn thought the man looked like a football with nails hammered in it. Faye waved to the patient and therapist, signalling that they should just ignore the Senior Therapist and her intern. Faye picked up the chart and began to read aloud Dr. Wu's diagnosis.

"'Patient 3593 is a typical overweight American white male. His poor diet of American processed cheese, slathered over burned chopped beef on a doughy fiberless bun have left his Yin and Yang in a state of complete unbalance. I recommend acupuncture, a horny Chinese woman and a few good meals consisting of bok choy, star anise and dried fish served with steamed rice in order to restore his sexual vigour.' I don't know how Dr. Wu does it but she's always right. See how Peng Kunzhen carefully picks Patient 3593's most erogenous zones to place each needle. Now, here's the interesting part. As Patient 3593's masculine life forces regain their balance, his willie slowly rises, imperceptibly at first but higher and harder as Kunzhen places more and more needles. Fascinating, isn't it?"

Cynthia-Dawn was indeed fascinated as Patient 3593's willie began to swell and stiffen with each needle until it became a thick erect pole, shiny enough to reflect in the dimmed lights. By now, Patient 3593 resembled a human porcupine with an impressive woody. Kunzhen turned to Faye Tang: "Do you want to show our intern what to do now?" "No, he's all yours, Nurse Peng."

Kunzhen then pulled up her dress, dropped her pair of very sensible drawers on the floor and carefully straddled Patient 3593, taking care not to drive any needles further into his body. Cynthia-Dawn's panties became wet again as Patient 3593's thick member disappeared into Peng Kunzhen's pussy. Like most Chinese women, Kunzhen had a thin tuft of hair that passed for bush and bald pussy lips. The view of thick willie spreading stiff, bald pussy lips apart to their limit was awesome. Cynthia-Dawn wondered if all foreigners had big willies. How could these therapists could take such big willies? She was absolutely sure that her tight pussy would never accommodate any of the patients she had seen so far.

As Faye led Cynthia-Dawn down the hall, she wondered if the horsie position was all that was practised here in the clinic. That was quickly answered by their next session. Faye Tang returned to the Institute locker room changed into a leather brassiere and miniskirt. As she tied her hair back, Faye discussed their next case:

"This is a follow-up session for Patient 2971. I must now be a submissive to 2971's dominant. Some would call the interest that he developed in sexual domination unhealthy. However, we here at the Institute consider a limp willie to be the only sign of ill-health. So, to ensure that Patient 2971's willie continues to perform well after he leaves our care, we will indulge his unusual tastes."

Patient 2971 appeared to be eager and ready for Faye. As Faye changed into a short leather skirt, Cynthia-Dawn checked out Patient 2971. He was a powerful-looking Sikh with a thick beard and a turban made of leather. He was wearing a cricketeer's outfit also made completely of leather except for the metal catcher's mask. He proudly exposed his bare, brown, hairy chest through a leather vest. In one hand, he brandished a flat cricket bat. In the clipped accents typical of the Punjab, he ordered Faye Tang to "Please bend over in order that I may pleasure you." Faye obediently bent over.

Patient 2971 placed several whacks with a cricket bat on Faye's bum. Faye then knelt and pulled Patient 2971's willie from its leathery hiding place. Cynthia-Dawn assumed that Faye was about to give Patient 2971 another one of her famous blowjobs. Instead, he roughly grabbed Faye's hair and pulled back her head. His huge brown willie glistened from Faye's saliva. Patient 2791 pushed Faye roughly to the floor, grabbed her by the hips and pulled down her leather drawers. Cynthia-dawn was shocked to see Patient 2971jam his willie completely into Faye's bum. Faye screamed with pain at the intrusion but patient 2971 was relentless as he alternately thrust and withdrew his willie from her bum. Finally, Patient 2971 screamed "God damn the Kama Sutra, this is real sex!"

On their way to the next patient, Faye Tang admitted that she really didn't enjoy big willies up the arsehole but a job was a job and she was a dedicated employee. Hadn't Patient 2971 performed admirably in his own perverted manner? Dr. Wu would be so pleased at another successful cure. While they were walking, Tina Yin accosted the pair.

"Fang, can you come to my office right away? The lubricant salesman is here today and he has a new and improved product. We need you to provide us with your valued experience."

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