tagRomanceMelody's Bad Day Fairy

Melody's Bad Day Fairy


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I wrote this for another Literotica voyager who was apparently having a bad day. At least I assumed that from the tear stained Email she sent me. Mark.

* * * * *

"Oh, who the hell is that? It's ten o'clock at night...just figures, everything else has been going wrong...so why not this...shit."

Normally I don't swear.

Girls aren't supposed to swear.

But the last few days had been brutal. You know the old saying "if it can go wrong, it will"? Well, it was true. But why the ceiling was caving in on little ole' me, an innocent, okay, marginally innocent, twenty something (ah-hem) year old woman was a mystery.

At least to me.

"Just a minute," I screamed as I jumped out of bed and decided that, unless it was the Queen of England, I wasn't going to open the door to my apartment anyway and therefore it didn't matter that I was only wearing a T-shirt and a pair of red lace panties. "Okay, okay, I said just a minute, I'm coming, I'm coming. I'm coming!!"

Of course that was another problem. It had been almost six months since, well, you know, but I can't get into that here or I'll start crying again.

I squinted through the glass peephole and saw a wildly handsome man standing outside my door. He must have been at least six and a half feet tall, short hair, great smile and he was dressed in nothing but a pair of loose running shorts. And he was absolutely gorgeous. He looked like one of those guys in a TV commercial for those abdominal cruncher uppers.

"What do you want? And how did you get past the building security guy?" I shouted through the door as I suddenly became aware of a slight tingling sensation in my clitoris.

"I'm your Bad Day Fairy."

"My WHAT? Oh, look, I can't understand you, wait a minute..." I gasped as I fumbled with the locks on the apartment door and opened it a few inches, making sure that the chain lock was still securely in place.

"Melody Ryan? Are you Melody Ryan?" he asked with an a smile that was almost hypnotizing.

I leaned around the edge of the door, trying to hide my completely naked legs and then immediately realized that he smelled absolutely intoxicating, like a forest with a babbling brook running through it or something, all clean and fresh and yummy.

Very, very yummy.

"Yes, I'm Melody Ryan. Who are you? And what did you say you are?"

"I'm your Bad Day Fairy, Melody. Look, I know it sounds strange, most people think fairies are all little twinkly things that flit around and land on people's shoulders, like in Peter Pan. But that's an image problem our union has been trying to reverse for years. Anyway, I'll explain how it works. You've had a bad couple of days, right..."

I was so confused by this that I just nodded my head up and down as I absentmindedly repositioned myself so that I was standing directly in front of the open crack in the door.

"Well, that's why I'm here. To make your life better, you know, the there-there-there type of stuff. Hug you, hold you, pat you on the back and tell you everything's gonna be okay. Umm, at least for a few hours anyway. At six in the morning I have to leave. Actually, it would be more correct to say disappear. You know, poof? All gone. Bye bye. So, are you going to let me in or are we going to spend all night staring at each other through a crack in the door?"

"I'm not dressed," I stuttered, unconsciously crossing my legs because the small tingle in my clitoris had now migrated into a screaming throb.

"Oh, that's okay, Melody," he said matter-of-factly as I noticed that he was beginning to get an erection. "I'm going to take off all your clothes anyway."

I've always had a thing for tall men. And gorgeous men. And men who show up at your apartment door in nothing but a pair of loose running shorts and blithely tell you they're going to take off all your clothes. Especially since I couldn't remember the last time a tall, gorgeous man took off all my clothes. Especially one I didn't know from Adam.

So much for the screaming throb.

Now I had a full-fledge flood gurgling around down there.

But, before I could even mount a cursory objection to this whole incredible scenario, he said, "you see, I exist to make you feel better. That's my whole raison d'etre."

Okay, either fairies could speak French or this guy wanted me to eat some shriveled up grapes. I chose French, noticed that his penis was completely erect by now, and stuttered, "that's the only reason you exist? To make me feel better? How are you planning to do that?"

Well, that shows you how bad the last few days had been. There's a magnificently beautiful man standing at my door in nothing but loose running shorts, muscles are rippling all over his stomach and chest, he's telling me he's going to take off all my clothes, has what appears to be an erection that would shame a stallion, my vagina is already screaming at me to just fall over backwards and I'm actually asking him exactly how he's going to make me feel better.

I decided that, if this guy was a rapist, he had the best line I've ever heard so I just muttered, "oh, what the hell," and opened the door.

I figured that if he stuck a twelve inch dagger through my chest in the next eight seconds it would be the perfect ending to a really shitty two days. By the way, the following things had gone wrong (I've listed them alphabetically): EVERYTHING! I wanted some TLC and nobody in my life was giving it to me so this seemed like the next best thing.

Without saying a word, he stepped inside, locked the door, turned around and then simply took off his running shorts.

I just about swallowed my tongue. I mean, at least I would have swallowed my tongue if my lungs hadn't been in such a hurry to hurl all of the air in them out my mouth in one uncontrollable gasp.

But, before I could recover, he simply reached out and pulled my T-shirt up over my head.

Then he whispered, "okay, Melody, there are some rules I need to tell you about before we get started."

"Yeah, I bet. Like what. Like I can't make a sound or spit out the ballgag or pull off any of the electric wires attached to my body or you'll kill me," I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and suddenly felt my nipples shoot straight out into the room like two little red bullets.

Ooops, there went the panties.

"And I bet I'm not supposed to complain about the fact that my knees are tied behind my head and I have to make each of the lips of my vagina swell up independently as they sing The Star Spangled Banner in Japanese or you'll suffocate me and I can only cum when you tell me to and then I have to cum so hard that I flop around like a just caught fish while I'm hanging from the ropes that are suspending me from the ceiling and have a single orgasm that lasts for at least eleven hours and, after all that, if I don't please you I have to act like a robot and perform oral sex on a lamp or something? Those kinda rules? Help..."

While I was busy trying to scare myself half to death he simply sat down on a stool, pulled me quickly towards him and suddenly I was sitting in his lap, straddling his thighs with my arms over his shoulders.

This position was so erotic that I almost fainted when he suddenly kissed me very softly on the mouth. Little sparks started flying off my lips, bouncing across my nipples and then shooting straight down to my vagina and disappearing deep up inside it.

I swallowed twice and gasped, "umm, is that something magic, you know, fairy stuff. I've never felt anything even remotely close to that when any other man has kissed me?"

"Nah, you're probably just incredibly horny, Melody," he said with a grin. "But we'll fix that. Eventually. By the way, you're absolutely the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, do you know that?"

I started to shake my head back and forth but he just started kissing me again.

Very softly.

Incredibly softly.

Biting my lips gently and exploring my mouth with his tongue and then kissing me again. He tasted like apple pie with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate and strawberries and the more he kissed me the hungrier I got. Food sounded like a good idea, too. After about five minutes of feeling like I was in the middle of a fireworks show on the Fourth of July I was grinding my vagina down against his erection and panting and moaning so hard that I almost didn't hear him say, "now, tell me what's wrong, Melody."

"I forgot," I gasped as I tried to wrap my legs completely around his hips. "I...ummm, just a lot of general stuff. This, that and the other thing. You know. Shit happens, that sort of thing. Now, umm, what do you think about maybe, umm, going into the bedroom and making mad, passionate love to me until we both pass out."

Yeah, like any man could say 'no' to that! I'd read all the stories on Literotica. Wildly aroused and completely naked women, especially naked women who are sitting on a guy's lap, always end up in the bedroom.

Or on the floor.

Or on top of the refrigerator.

"Actually, having sex with you sounds like a great idea but I'm really more interested in how you're feeling," he said as he stared directly into my eyes. "Tell me everything that's frustrating you. All this sex stuff can wait. It's not important and I'm not in a rush and, besides, I'm really concerned about you. Now what's bothering you and how can I make it all better. Just talk to me. Take as long as you want. I'm really, really interested in how you feel."

Okay, maybe this was a strange new form of hypnosis or something. You know, instead of 'look directly at the swinging watch' it was 'just listen to the sound of my voice while I confuse the hell out of you'.

"You mean you don't want to just screw me into the floor. You don't want to jump on top of me, rush through eleven seconds of perfunctory foreplay and then just fuck me until you cum. Whether I do or not. You mean, umm, you want to listen to me instead while I tell you how my day went and what matters to me and how I feel?

Oh, yeah. Right.

This was a man and I didn't fall off a turnip truck yesterday.

"Of course, I want to make love to you, Melody. You're gorgeous. You're aroused. You're a wildly sensual woman. I want to make love to you over and over and over until we both faint. But, first, I want to talk to you, hold you in my arms, caress every inch of your body while you're staring into my eyes and just listen. Just listen to the incredibly beautiful sound of your voice as you tell me everything that's ever gone wrong in your life. And then I want to make it all better."

Well, it worked.

My eyes were glassed over like a puppy in a steak restaurant. He could have asked me to cluck like a chicken and Colonel Sanders would have come running.

Besides, rubbing my vagina and clitoris all over that wonderful erection of his, while we were sitting here chatting, just felt so damn good.

I tried to talk but my mouth was completely dry. I figured that was because there's a delicate balance in a woman's anatomy. And right now the other end of my body was busy auditioning for the Great Rivers of The World TV series on The Discovery Channel so it was only logical that my mouth would be a bit dry.

He watched me struggling with all these conflicting emotions and desires for a few seconds and then whispered, "look, maybe this would help, Melody. I think I've gone about this wrong. The paperwork I got from the home office indicated that your LOH wouldn't be this great and that you'd be able to talk, to really open up about your troubles. Let's try a little trick I know..."

"What's LOH?" I finally managed to croak out.

"Level of hornyness," he said perfunctorily as I felt him slide both his arms down between us and then slip the palms of his hands under my thighs. "It's a technical thing, one to ten, where one is a comatose woman and ten is, well, apparently ten is you. But this should help."

Ten my ass, try six hundred and eleven!

"Ohmygod that feels so good..." I screamed as he picked me up carefully and then lowered me down slowly on top of him until the head of his erection was one or two inches inside my vagina.

Then he just held me there.


Apparently Bad Day Fairies are really really strong.

"Now just relax, Melody. Maybe this will help you concentrate. I might have been teasing you a little too much a few minutes ago. And I really don't want sex to get in the way of a meaningful discussion with you."

By now I was biting the side of his neck, gnawing at him and spiting out little chunks of flesh like a lioness at a fresh kill and then biting into him again because I could feel him lowering me down slowly until he was completely inside me. Then raising me up just as slowly and lowering me down again.

"Now, don't move. Just sit there and try to relax," he whispered after five or six repetitions. "I'll spend a few minutes tickling your back and massaging your shoulders and, when you're sufficiently under control, we can talk, okay, Melody?"

I knew I had blood all over my face but I just looked up at him and snarled as my nipples burrowed into his chest, "okay, umm, hey, what do I call you. Somehow, sitting here completely impaled on you like this, Mr. Fairy doesn't seem particularly appropriate."

"Mark. Just call me Mark," he whispered as I grunted through my two hundred and eleventh Kegel exercise.

"Well, Mark, I don't know how many classes you had in Fairy School on making love to a woman but I know you got A's in every one of them. Oh, oh, ummm, ohmygod, that feels so good!! And, by the way, so does sitting on your erection."

He had started to massage my shoulders and back. Rubbing the palms of his hands over me gently at first and then gradually harder. Until he was pressing my body against his. Kneading all the muscles along my spine. Making me shiver with pure hedonistic pleasure as much as I was shivering with arousal.

Ten minutes later I was purring and only occasionally, but very discretely, shifting my hips around slowly on top of him as I whispered, "okay, I think all that worked. I'm a little more under control. Now let's go in the bedroom. I really do want to talk to you, Mark, and, well, I want to do it while I'm laying on top of you, listening to your heart beat. Okay?"

There is absolutely no way to make what happened next look dignified. The strongest, most athletic man in the world cannot walk effectively with a woman's legs locked around his waist and his completely erect penis crammed inside her vagina.

But it was sure fun!

By the time we reached the bedroom I was gasping and giggling and hiccuping. I think the hiccups were an autonomic reaction to overstimulation. Besides, I'd finally decided how to get even with all those skinny, stuck-up women who work as high fashion models.

Make them all slither across the runway clamped onto a man exactly like I was.

"And now, wearing the hoity toity six million dollar tinfoil dress that no ordinary woman would ever even dare look at is Tofu. Tofu is impaled on the massive cock of a Scottish stud named Eric...waddle, waddle, waddle, turn, waddle, waddle, waddle..."

Yeah. Try and fucking look pouty now, Tofu!

"Did you say something, Melody?" he asked as he sat down on the bed, carefully brought his feet up and slowly laid down on his back.

I straightened my legs out and nuzzled my head in against his shoulder. Then I began to very delicately rock my hips up and down, only and inch or two at a time, sliding my vagina and clitoris up and down over the magnificent lover inside me as I groaned, "stick thin women with attitudes. That's Gripe Number One. Hmmm, you feel wonderful, Mark. Wow, too bad Macy's doesn't have a complaint department like this. Ohhh, that feels good. Now, ummm, you said something earlier about some rules?"

"Well, they're not actually rules," he said as he began to match my delicate motions with small, very controlled, thrusts of his own.

Which, of course, started to seriously complicate things because I immediately lost my ability to see.

"Hmmm, you feel wonderful, Melody, I love touching you like this," he groaned as I suddenly became aware of his erection literally throbbing inside me. "Anyway, they're not rules, they're more like suggestions, things you should know. Like, for instance, I can read your mind. That's one."

"Huh?" I barely managed to gasp out as the tiny little muscles around my anus began to spasm uncontrollably.

"I can read your mind when we're making love so you have to be careful about..."

Too late.

Suddenly he flipped me over and began to thrust his massive erection up and down into me almost uncontrollably as I screamed, bucked up against him, wrapped my legs around his waist and dug my fingernails into his back.

Five minutes later I exploded.

An orgasm that felt like a wildfire raging out of control began in my toes and raced up the center of my spine. Exactly one second after I started to cum, I felt his entire body shutter like we were in an earthquake from the intensity of his orgasm. I was screaming and flailing my head back and forth from side to side when I suddenly realized I couldn't catch my breath because he was kissing me so furiously.

And then it was over.

Two bodies. Together. Breathing as one.

"So, umm, okay, wow, let's see, I think I understand what happened," I whispered when I could finally talk about eight minutes later. "One minute I'm laying on top of you, rocking my hips slowly up and down and that gets me so aroused that I start to fantasize about what it would be like to feel you slamming your rockhard erection into my vagina while I'm underneath you and, voila, just because I thought about it, it happened."

"Yeah," he said, still breathless, "you, umm, you have to be careful what you wish for around a Bad Day Fairy, Melody."

"What's that smell?" I said quietly, sniffing at the air and realizing I smelled chocolate.

"Oh, that's probably you. While my semen is inside you it's an inert lubricant, like KY Jelly. But as it seeps out it turns into anything you want, your favorite perfume, whipped creme, it's up to you. Since you didn't specify anything, I took a guess and chose chocolate syrup."

I knew I shouldn't ask him what I was about to ask him but I couldn't resist.

"Ummm, then what happens, Mark."

"I get to lick it all off."

All I could do was gasp as I felt him sliding across my body until his mouth was directly over my vagina.

Oh God, this was going to be fun!!

"How does that feel, Melody?"

"You mean how does it feel to have your tongue sliding softly across the lips of my vagina, licking, flicking, biting, taunting, teasing, caressing and generally driving me crazy? Ummm, oh, well, pretty good."

Before I could catch myself I started thinking about what it would feel like to have him slide the tip of his tongue around the base of my clitoris and then suck it slowly up into his mouth, flicking his tongue across it wildly.



Orgasms Number Two thru Six hit me like locomotives. An hour and a half later, after I'd stopped screaming, he simply moved back up on top of me and delicately slid his erection back into my vagina.

"You're still hard? I don't understand...how do you...I mean, how long can..."

"As long as you want, Melody," he whispered softly as he began to nibble on the side of my neck. "As long as you want..."

Okay. If I didn't start telling this guy about my problems pretty soon I was really going to forget what they were so I closed my eyes, wiggled my nose and told him to flip us over.

Ten seconds later I was on top.

Over the next half hour he rubbed my shoulders and back, kissed me softly on the side of the face, caressed by thighs, tickled my butt, nodded his head in agreement and stared directly into my eyes as I unloaded all the cares of the world on him. This guy was absolutely fantastic. He listened to everything I said, hung on every word and even kissed my tears away during that one five minute period when I was talking about my, well, oh, I guess there's no reason to depress you. After all, you're reading this for the sex. Not to hear some neurotic woman rattle on about this and that.

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