Melody's First Trick


Before it was too late I arched my back and strained forward enough to wrap my tits around him. I leaned my head back so that he could better see and felt him jerking up and down as he tried to tit-fuck me. His dick began to slide easier and easier as he started to mutter incoherently.

I quickly released him from between my warm pillows and again slid him into my mouth. 'What to do' I thought as his precum began to turn watery to announce his orgasm.

I normally finished boyfriends with a hand job or, if I was feeling particularly generous, let them cum between my boobs and over my chin, as I didn't like the slippery texture of cum in my mouth. But I could smell his cum in the back of my sinuses and begin to taste it as he moaned louder and louder, one hand finding its way to the back of my head as his fingers tangled in my hair and his legs began to tense and quiver.

'Hold it and then swallow' I thought as I remembered a Cosmo article on 'giving a thoroughly sexy blowjob your man will never forget'. It supposedly wasn't enough just to swallow; you had to do it with a flourish as well. I was amused that I never gave this much thought to my boyfriends' pleasure.

I slowed my pace and increased the suction as his hand became more insistent and held my head so that he remained mostly buried down my throat, my nose nuzzling his pubic hair as I felt the muscles of his dick begin to spasm rhythmically. And then he came.

He roared as his fist clutched the hair on the back of my head and his other hand squeezed one of my boobs in similar rough fashion. He held himself impaled in my throat as I felt several warm gushes of cum squirting onto the back of my tongue, the familiar scent of his desire overwhelming my senses as the last of his seed drained from him. He held me firmly until he was wholly spent, and slowly I felt his grip relax and release me.

Holding what cum I could on the back of my tongue—some of it having run down my throat far in the back--and feeling as slutty as I have ever felt, as my lips maintained a firm seal, I glided off of his engorged cock, finally reaching the tip and gently sucking at what remained in his little hole.

He writhed and jumped from the sensitivity as I tickled the underside of his head with my tongue. I could see it in my mind's eye floating in couple of tablespoons of spit and bubbly white cum.

Closing my lips and sensing the spunk pooling in the center of my tongue I made eye contact with him and treated him to the sight of me swallowing his load as I made an exaggerated gulping sound, as if to say 'that was so much I could hardly get it down.' And in good porn star fashion I licked my lips to show him my empty mouth.

His eyes became big as saucers as he watched me finish, and for the first time in the back seat, I settled my wet ass cheeks on his creamy leather seats, my legs spread wide and my hand finding its way to my soaked thong in the pitch darkness. I so wanted to cum and I didn't know whether I should or not. But he never took his eyes off of me as I reclined, one hand brushing over and over my nipples and the other circling but not yet touching my crotch.

I looked behind the car more out of habit than out of fear of being caught, and seeing no one, turned on a miniature overhead reading light on my side of the car so that he could see me clearly. I put my knees together and raising my ass from the seat peeled off my damp panties. With faux modesty as I kept my legs together, I leaned forward and placed my thong in his hand: "now how is Melody's kitty?"

He took my thong and with a silly flourish draped them over his deflating equipment. I spread my legs as far as I could, the short hairs of my trimmed muff framing a dark, wet center, my lips engorged from my desire. I slipped a finger into my pussy and fingered myself as his eyes widened. With the fingers of my other hand I spread my lips further and begin to massage my exposed clit.

It didn't take long. Two fingers held me open as the reading light allowed him to see me getting busy in my glistening pink rosebud. I bit into my lower lip and my head recoiled backward as the familiar coursing electric sensations rushed outward from my clit and rocked every fiber of my body.

I roughly palmed myself hard with four fingers as I tried at the same time to jam several inside of me, crying out and moaning and wishing I had my dildo, my hips and legs writhing as warm fluid bubbled over and around my fingers, ran onto the leather seats and down the crack of my ass and behind me. Finally spent, I pulled my hands from my pussy and with wet hands almost absent-mindedly massaged my boobs against my chest. The scent of pussy mingled with cum as I finally remembered I was not alone and opened my eyes to see Rob staring dumbstruck from what he had just witnessed.

I switched off the reading light, sighed and smiled and said "well" as my hand played in the wetness on my belly.

"Well indeed" he said; "you're, you're fucking incredible. You could be a porn star." Then he thought for a second and said, "what I meant to say was, that I, I mean that you, you. . ."

"I know what you meant, and it was sweet. Thank you" I said, not sure what to say now that our business arrangement was finished. As gracefully as I could I climbed over his seats, smearing my juices on the passenger-side headrest as I tumbled into the front seat, oddly excited that his eyes no doubt were glued to my the split of my backside all the while.

"I'm sorry about your seats" I said as I grabbed my nylons and shoved them into my blazer pocket as he clumsily followed me into the front seat. I made a mental note that if I ever did this again, that I begin in the back seat so I wouldn't have to make such an awkward climb.

"Don't worry about it" he said, "I'll have it gone over tomorrow."

Donning my bra, blouse, blazer, skirt and heels I grabbed my purse and asked him if he could take me to my car, which he gladly did.

Finding my car keys, he asked if he could have a regular appointment, "maybe every two weeks at this time?"

I said "sure" even though I didn't know if we would, and that I had a really busy schedule coming up (though I didn't explain all of that to him), but accounting and working late to clean up others' messes suddenly seemed not only an inconvenience, but somehow mundane when compared to tonight.

"Maybe you could wear hot jeans and a sexy top next time, like Diane. . ." he said and then stopped, as if I would consider the suggestion to be rude.

"I love sexy tops and jeans, Rob" I said, "I'd love to."

He gave me a curiously platonic peck on the cheek before I jumped from his car to mine. It was only when I was driving home that I realized I had left my thong somewhere in his car; I guessed in the back seat. I smiled and hoped for his sake his wife didn't find it. And as well I wondered where Diane—whoever she was—happened to be tonight.

When I got home I ravenously devoured a cup of yogurt, and then realized that I first should have brushed my teeth, which I did immediately after I thought of it. Then I showered and went to bed, drifting off to sleep and wondering what it would be like just to take over for Diane if she had retired or left town. I wondered as well if she was merely on vacation or ill. And I also speculated about who were her other clients as I fell into blissfully sated unconsciousness.

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