Memoirs of a Dreamer Ch. 01


Slipping into the room, she went to check on Nephew. He rolled over, tossed off the covers and guided her to his throbbing cock. Eagerly her lips parted and wrapped around him, her tongue flicking and teasing the head. He squirmed and groaned as her fingers lightly teased up his thigh to stroke his swollen balls. Swallowing him deep into her throat as he bucked up, she reached a finger down and teased the sensitive place under his balls. Teasing with lips and fingers while her tongue lashed and licked each pulsing inch, she reveled in the way she was able to make him move beneath her mouth and hands. His groans made the moisture between her legs seep quicker. As she moaned around his rigid shaft, he reached down and stroked the hair from her face, watching as she bobbed up and down on his aching dick. Her lips tightened as she sucked harder and deeper, tasting his pre-cum, hungry for more.

Shortly she heard the door open. Without pausing she shifted on the bed, so she could see Uncle. He took a seat at the table in the room and asked Nephew if he was enjoying his evening. They invited him to join them, but he declined, stating that he was content where he was, enjoying the view. As she continued licking and sucking, Uncle began coaching them, telling them what to do, asking what it felt like. The more he talked, encouraging, instructing, the hotter she got. Soon, unable to take the teasing any longer she slid onto the bed and straddled Nephew, driving his cock hard and fast into her dripping pussy. Gasping as he bucked up against her, forcing her to take him deeper, she struggled to hold her orgasm. Uncle continued, adding comments and questions to his instructions and encouragements.

Growing hotter she yanked her top off and heard Uncle telling her, ‘Yes, that’s it… go for it, use that hard young cock… cum babe, soak him with your juices.’ Unable to hold back any longer, hearing the command, she arched her back and drove Nephew’s cock hard into her tightening pussy, biting back a scream as she came, as commanded. Twisting and squirming she rode him hard as instructed. Aching to feel both sets of hands on her feverish body, she begged Uncle to come touch her. He walked over and ran his knuckles over the side of her breast then grasped it firmly and squeezed, kneading her flesh as she wiggled and whimpered, pleading for him to take her too. He gave her nipple one quick twist and pinch and returned to his chair. ‘ No my dear, I am enjoying the show to much… I want to watch you cum again and again as you fuck that horny young cock.’

No matter how she groaned and pleaded, he would not give in to her cries, instead instructing his nephew to grab her tits, make her scream with pleasure. She could feel his eyes burning along her heated flesh, making her burn even hotter, making her juices flow faster. ‘Take your skirt off my naughty lady, I want to see your sweet ass.’ She fumbled with the clasp, unzipped her skirt and drew it off over her head, without missing a stroke. ‘That’s better my dear… now you want that ass spanked don’t you?’

Shaking as spasms of need wracked her body, she could only whimper and nod. The feel a hand caressing her ass, made her shiver. Then without warning, smack! She gasped and bucked, juices flowing quicker as his hand stroked over her ass again then smacked her. ‘That’s right, spank that naughty ass, she loves it, make her cum hard.’ The combination of commands, comments and action just seemed to make her hotter and wilder. As her ass was spanked and her nipples twisted and pinched, she started cumming hard, over and over. ‘That’s right my naughty lady, soak that hot young stud.’ Finally, when she did not think she could take anymore, Nephew pulled her down and told her to go take care of Uncle.

Taking a moment to catch her breath, she glanced over at Uncle, a wicked gleam in her eye. She slipped off the bed and sashayed over to Uncle, kneeling down at his feet, her voice husky with pent up need, she asked if she might please him. He nodded and she reached for his shorts, opening them and sliding them down as he stood for her. Soon she had her lips wrapped around him, sucking him deep and hard. She was so hungry for him, could not get enough. He ran his finger through her hair brushing it back so he could caress her cheek and watch her mouth work on his aching cock.

Soon she felt hands on her hips lifting them. Keeping Uncle deep in her mouth she rose up, and felt a hard cock slid deep inside her tight pussy. Two cocks at once, one of her fantasies fulfilled. Sucking furiously as Nephew pounded her pussy hard, she shivered and came, again, then again until with a groan they climaxed together. Exhausted she slipped to the floor swallowing still and licking Uncle clean as Nephew smacked her one last time and moved away. Uncle sat for a moment running his fingers through her hair, waiting while she caught her breath. Curled up on her knees between his legs, she laid her head against him and just enjoyed the closeness. He continued caressing her hair and shoulders as she settled down and quit shaking and shivering. When some of her strength had returned she gently kissed his thigh and rose to feet, looking for her clothes.

After taking a bit to stretch, she dressed and kissed Nephew goodbye, he had already fallen asleep while she and Uncle were relaxing. Once her clothes were on and tidy, Uncle walked her to her car, thanking her for a wonderful evening. She kissed him softly on the cheek and told him ‘No, thank you… it was fantastic… you were amazing.’ After a quick hug, she slid into her car and headed home. She could see him in the rear view mirror watching as she left. She wondered would she ever see them again. The drive home was quiet, just the breeze blowing through the open windows. No music, she wanted to think, consider all the things she had learned tonight about herself. She knew one thing for sure, her hunt was successful, and her lord would be pleased.

# # # #

The days flew by, but for her they seemed to be standing still. There was so much happening to her, so many changes within and without that when she looked at the calendar she was confused. How could her whole world and way of life be flipping around so quickly? Most evenings found her online talking to Him. She began to think of him as her Lord, even though she knew He was not. Not yet anyway.

As they talked and her way of thinking and reacting began to change, so too did her poetry. She read a poem one day that she knew had been written by a Master. She had read some of His earlier work, and suspected, but until that one poem, she was never sure. In the other poems He shared, they traded comments, sharing feelings, thoughts, and ideas in the magical language of poetry, it seemed as if they were feeling each other out. The new one though, reading it after her experience, after her talks with the Lord, it meant more to her, touched her deep inside. Her response to His was a poem of her own.

A Master’s Touch

As His touch brings her alive,
sends butterflies
to swirl and dance
in her bare belly,
she gazes with awe
into eyes
with understanding,
wondering how
He can see so clearly
into her soul,
the longings, cravings
which go unanswered
Her dreams
become reality
when His warmth
enfolds her
offering so much
that she has been missing.
When He fills her with His heat,
rains come
searing, soaking
freed by her submission
to His yearnings and desires.
His dominance
a sculptor’s pick
chipping away
fears and oppressions
the woman
she was meant to be.

© 2003 Dark Dreamer with Hope

Just as she knew He was a Master when she read his, He knew she was a sub when He read hers. He issued an invitation and she accepted. They met in chat and talked for a while, another man who liked questions. Having already experienced this with the Lord, she was more comfortable with answering and responding. Not all of His questions were the same as the Lord’s though; the Master wanted to know about her past.

After sharing a small part of her history, He asked if she would be willing to write something up and let Him read it. Over the course of the next couple of days, she worked on the questions about what He wanted to know and emailed them to Him. They were sent in three installments, pre turning point, post turning point, and present. The turning point was an incident that occurred during her sexual awakening. While some of the memories were painful, others were not and she learned many new things reviewing her past. The changes she was going through made a difference in how she looked at those memories now, and helped her understand things that had confused her in the past.

The next day, someone she had dated previously called her and asked to see her. His tone and the things he told her were nothing like her earlier experiences with him. He was more commanding. She agreed to meet with him. The night he called, she had just finished her last installment and mailed it to the Master, and after that, she had played online with the Lord, the call came just as she was heading to bed. The next morning as she was waking up, she remembered her date, and the wonderful time she had experienced with the Lord. She woke aroused and ready for the touch of a man, but there were none and would not be until later that day. She lay in bed thinking, feeling, remembering, until words began to spin in her head and she had to write them down. She went to the computer and soon her blank document was filled with words expressing what she had just been experiencing.

~dreamer prepares

Stretching deliciously, not quite awake
Feeling sensuously warm and fluid
Remembering, what happens today
Purring with anticipation

Today, in just a little while
He will touch her
Fill her
Accept her gift
Ease the burning in her blood

Thoughts of how he will fill her up
Sends liquid warmth
Between her legs
Clenched tight in pyretic arousal

Forcing her hands above her head
Knowing she mustn’t touch
He told her, he wants her wet
Ready for his pleasure

She groans and squirms
Trying so hard
To ease
Raging need
Without being naughty

Her back arches seductively
Aching nipples
Pressing hard
Through silky satin nightie

Thinking of how he promised to meet her
Open his door to her
Desire naked, hard, throbbing
Ready to be buried ‘tween her hungry lips

She moans, licking her lips
Fingers grasping
Aching to feel
The gift of his pleasure

She swallows hard, mouth watering
Throat tightening
Hungry for him
Needing to pleasure him so badly

Closing her eyes as thoughts of him
Fill her soul causing her passion to flare
Painting her fevered flesh rose-pink
Quivering in her need to submit

She wonders if he is the one
That she has been
So long for
The one ready to claim her

She remembers his call this morning
He told her to be
What to wear, not wear
So she would be accessible to him

His instructions upon her arrival specific
He is testing her, pushing her limits
She knows this and yearns to please him
Knowing he will reward her for being good

She prepares…

© 2003 Dark Dreamer with Hope

While her date was not with the Lord, it appeared that He was the one filling her thoughts. Bolder, more defined than the man she was to meet. Once again, she dressed in stockings and her black skirt, but this time, she chose a black chemise like top. She wanted something that would be cooler, more revealing, and easier to remove. Prepared she left home and headed out to meet him. A few blocks from his home she called to let him know she would be there in a few minutes. There was no answer, just a machine. Frustrated she left a message and went back home, hoping he had just stepped out and would call her soon.

Back home, she got online and was soon involved in several conversations with other poets. The time flew by and it was late evening before she realized her date had not called. The Lord came online and she talked with Him for a while before heading to bed. She shared her poem with Him and when he realized that she was still aroused, He took care of her needs. She went to bed satisfied and ready to sleep. The next morning dawn bright and early and as she was getting ready for work the phone rang. It was her date, he apologized and explained what happened the day before and asked if he could see her a little later that day. She explained that she had to work and told him perhaps they could get together later that evening. He told her he would call.

It was a long day and she was more then ready to get home and relax. As she turned on her computer, the Lord came online and greeted her. Smiling she replied and they talked for a long time. When He signed off, she was too wound up to sleep. Words kept playing through her head so once again, she opened a blank document, and words flowed, telling of her experience that evening.

A Gift is Offered

“Good Evening My Lady”, greeted her
as she sat down to check her email and posts.
Grinning broadly she replied “Good Evening M’Lord.”
He inquired about her day, and how she was doing.
Fingers flicking, mouse clicking she answered
without hesitation, she told Him her day went well,
but she was tired. His queries continued
as her answers revealed that she had been up late
working on her computer, on her poetry site.

After several minutes of conversation,
discussing work and what they had done that day,
He asked her a question, which sent a rush
of warmth from her belly down to her hidden valley.
Her answer came quick and sure,
and as her finger tapped the enter key,
He fired another question at her, again
sending heat flowing with a shiver this time.

‘Her Lord seemed in a playful mood tonight,’
she thought as her responses flew
along with teasing comments about how
His questions were affecting her.
Used to the way He moved from question
to comment, from personal to general,
she relaxed and enjoyed his company.

His teasing, provocative questions and remarks
bestowed two gifts upon her from her Lord.
Then He asked what she was prepared to offer in return,
and her reply of ‘anything her Lord wanted’
was met with ‘what was she willing to give?’
She began one reply, only to erase it and begin again,
after the third attempt, she sat back to think.

She knew what she wanted to give Him,
but He had told her from the beginning,
that He was not for her, He would only teach.
Struggle between mind and heart raged
for several long minutes while He patiently waited.
Finally with trepidation she made her offer,
“I can only offer the most precious thing I have,
myself, my submission and desire to please you.”

Trembling, with bated breath she waited His response.
Instead of the rejection she feared she would receive,
He asked her another question, then another, and again.
Her answers came quick and sure without hesitation,
each the same, “Yes M’Lord.”
Hope and joy bloomed within her heart and soul
as He accepted her replies for what they were,
and honest and true submission to His will.

Without warning, He sent her a command,
permission to touch, He knew she was aroused,
but knew also that she was not ready for release.
He continued His questioning, changing tack
suddenly, without warning with each new one.
Inserting randomly, permission, instructions,
on how to touch, allowing only enough
to make her squirm and whimper for more.

The heat between her legs grew unbearable
and she pleaded desperately for release,
but His questions and instructions continued.
As her pleas grew more strident, her blood boiled,
He suggested they stop, forcing a frantic cry
from her stumbling fingers,
“No… M’Lord, please… please don’t stop,
I need to cum so badly, please M’Lord, don’t!”

After long minutes, during which time
she trembled, quivered with pent up need,
He bade her get her toy and only slide it in.
Exhilarated she complied, sliding her toy
deep, penetrating her soaking inner heat,
struggling to do as He instructed,
“insert… but do not cum.”

Again, the questions came, and her fingers
fumbled upon the keys answering
as tears formed within her eyes
and fear grew inside her chest;
dreading that He would ask a question
that she would have to answer ‘No’
and He would turn and leave her alone.

Then it happened; tears streaming down
her cheeks she replied “No, M’Lord,”
and another to which she replied
blinded by tears, “No, M’Lord.”
Her arousal still burning intensely, warring
with her mind and soul, she waited.

“Good… now we know your limits.”
Stunned, her fingers flew over the keys
composing her reply, “Thank you M’Lord.”
Her heart soaring as she realized He was only
testing her, and was pleased with her response.
He praised her for her honesty and told her
that was the answer that He was looking for.

His questions changed tack again
making her head spin as she struggled
to master her arousal and concentrate;
His commands to touch, to lick
almost sent her spinning out of control.
As her body quivered and shook
with uncontrollable passions,
He told her “Be right back.”

Minutes passed, an eternity,
while her fevered flesh shivered
in the cool night air, and her legs
quaked and tingled from muscles
tensing and relaxing as spasms
of insane lust ran rampant thru
her trembling sweating body,
and she waited with control
she never before knew she possessed.

He returned with a question,
“How bad do you need release?”
She quivered with anticipation
as her fingers formed the response
she had been aching to send
“Badly M’Lord, so very badly, please...”
and her heart flew as He told her
“You may seek your release.”

Her fingers stroked a quick “Thank you…
M’Lord, thank you”,
before dipping
into the moist heat between her legs,
while her other hand grasped and employed
the toy He had allowed for her use.
Within seconds, and very few strokes,
her muscles tensed, back arched, and
a cry erupted from tightened throat
heralding her strong, hard, release.

When she stopped shaking somewhat
and was able to breath again, her fingertips
sent Him the message that she had complied.
He asked if she felt better now, and
with satiated spirit, soul and body she
sent her joyful thanks and contented yes.
She knew from His continuing remarks
that He had accepted her gift,
and her heart soared and sang,
but this was only the beginning…

© 2003 Dark Dreamer with Hope

# # # #

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