It had been years since I had last seen Ellen and I was a bit afraid it might be awkward first seeing her again, but I took a chance and came. Ideally, we'd have gotten together in a smaller, more private setting but these sudden, last minute things can never be properly planned. When I first saw her that evening there was a crowd massed around her and yes, of course she was the obvious center of attention. I stayed in the background, watching her from afar, hoping sometime during the evening we could be alone, if only for a few moments.

Even from a distance her beauty was radiant, her casual smile so strangely warm. She always had a sharp wit and piercing sense of humor and I could see that in her expression as I looked at her. Of course what I remembered even more was her outright perverse, passionate love of sex. No, this was no ordinary sexy woman simply looking for a romantic evening, a nice room and good sex, no, she wanted to rewrite the book. No place, no time and no position was too kinky for her.

At times I actually feared her, like the time we had been to a picnic near a playground. As late afternoon passed and the sun was beginning to set the park had cleared out, everyone except Ellen and I. While sitting on a park bench I told her how I loved swinging when I was a child, how I swung the highest and the longest of anyone I knew. She merely smiled and then jumped up running to the swings.

By the time I caught up to her she was in a swing, so I sat in the one next to her, just easily moving from side to side, lightly bumping into her. On one of the bumps she suddenly grabbed the chain to my swing and held it as she swung her head around. She kissed me hard on the lips and got that look in her eyes so I immediately knew what she wanted. I knew what she wanted but I still had to ask, "Where?"

"Right here," she answered, standing up and pulling off her shorts and panties.


"Yes," she demanded, unbuttoning my shorts.

I quickly stepped out of them and then slipped off my jockeys. My cock was hard by then so I stood in front of the swing, my cock basically swinging in the wind as I wondered what she wanted next.

"Well, sit down silly," she said, and after I sat down, she slipped one leg between the chain on the swing and my right hip and then slipped her right leg on the other side. Reaching down she guided my cock as she lowered herself into my lap.

We sat there for a moment, my cock buried to the hilt inside her sitting on the swing, motionless. She slowly began to rock back and forth a bit, grinding herself against me as the swing began to move a bit. My hands her locked firmly on the chain and I was listening for any strange sounds that might signal that the chain was about to snap.

"Come on, let's swing," she said, kicking her legs out as I felt the swing move backwards some.

"But the swing, it's not built for our weight," I replied nervously.

"Oh come one, these are chains," she said, continuing to lean and sway with the swing.

Leaving my fate to the swing designers I lifted my feet off the ground and began to lean and kick, driving the swing in the ever increasing arc as I drove my cock in and out of Ellen's pussy. The motion of our bodies on the swing, combined with the sensations of my cock easing in and out of her wet pussy was exhilarating. By the time we got about halfway up the height of the swing, she came, her juices soaking me, actually wetting the seat of the swing.

As we continued I had to hold on tight to keep from sliding off the swing altogether, but I didn't stop. We kept going higher and higher and by the time we were about three fourths of the maximum height, she came again, screaming loudly as we moved up and down while soaring in the magnificent arc of the swing. As we approached full height the swing could reach I felt the pleasure building inside me and with one final thrust forward, the swing soared up, up, up and then suddenly fell back just a bit as I came. The swing arced back downward as my cock spurted again and again, filling her with my cum.

We remained tightly embraced, my cock slowly shrinking inside her as the swing moved back and forth in its shrinking arc. By the time we came to a stop my cock slipped out of her and she was ready to head out for another adventure. I followed her with a sense of excitement tempered with some dread.

Moving a bit closer to her but realizing my memories had inspired an erection, I held back some trying to conceal my untimely excitement at seeing her again. Funny, most of the time I was with her I was either erect or I was just recovering from an improbable sexual escapade. One particular nightmare I had when I was dating her was the one I called the "Thelma and Louise" as Ellen and I are riding in the car, locked in our passionate, sexual embrace as we plunge into the Grand Canyon with the song "Born to Be Wild" blaring on the radio.

Finally close enough to see her face to face, one on one, I am suddenly mesmerized, standing in complete silence, lost in the memories.

"The flowers are so beautiful," I hear.

"Yes, so many of them."

"I just love flowers,"

"I know," I replied, pausing, "they are so nice."


"How did she die?"

"It was such a surprise, her heater had a problem and leaked carbon monoxide. She was on her back in bed and simply didn't wake up."

"So calm and peaceful," I replied, feeling my heart breaking at the sheer injustice of it all. My erection immediately began to subside as I felt the tears running down my cheek. Of all the times Ellen and I had made love I couldn't remember a single time she remained on her back and here she dies, in bed asleep.

My erection completely gone I walked to the back of the chapel, signed my name to the guest list and walked out to my car. There were storm clouds in the distance, but I took the top down, searched through my CDs for the perfect one and pulled out of the parking lot. It didn't start raining until I was well into New Mexico, but I didn't care, I was singing

"Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way"

and I wasn't stopping until I made the Grand Canyon. It was the least I could do for Ellen, for the memories.


(Note: lyrics from Born to Be Wild by Mars Bonfire, MCA Music (BMI))

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