tagNonHumanMemories Ch. 02

Memories Ch. 02


The demon smiled into the coming clouds, feeling the heaviness of the air, the promise that had been building long before the sun had set the night before. There was electricity in the air, the scent of building rain, the morning sun overwhelmed by the approaching storm.

The potential had truly become promise near midnight, but he had still wondered if the promise were true or if it was like one of his own, seductive and alluring, but ultimately false. After his encounter with the bride-to-be, he had simply walked for awhile, basking in the energy of the people around him, their happiness, both real and faked, their sadness that was never a mask. Desperation coursed around him at the entrances to bars and he fed on it, taking a moment here and there to bring it to the forefront before rudely crushing it under his smile.

He was mildly surprised when the black haired woman from before, the friend of the bride, stepped into the bar he was sitting in at the moment. He had his eye lightly on a pair, an older woman and her husband, spicing up their love-life, he presumed, but he released them as she entered, an internal smile growing broader. The night, he realized, was full of promise after all.

The black haired woman looked about the bar, her eyes finally landing on him then skimming off to inspect the floor. “Subtle,” he mused, watching her bemusedly as she turned and headed back out the door, her pace quick and awkward. He had almost given up on the situation when the door slammed back open, a large man all in black striding in with an almost palpable air of anger and hatred. The demon sat up straighter, draining his glass.

The man was firm, muscles from high school football not yet turning to fat with every beer that passed his lips. His features were rough and uneven, his hands crossed with fine scars. He marched through the room with the grace of a steam train, his fists clenched at his side, his eyes locked on the demon, shaking his head with every step to keep his ragged brown hair out of his eyes.

The punch that came at the demon was so obvious, he simply settled slightly to one side, the glass of breaking glass and wood bringing the bar to a halt. The demon glanced lazily at the wall behind him, the jagged hole still full of mirror, reflecting him back to himself a hundred times over, then looked back at the man who was bringing his other fist back before him.

The demon stood and straightened his shirt, catching the second blow with one hand and holding it at bay, his voice soft even in the near silence.

“What is your name?”

The man was thrown off his train of emotion, derailed by the strangeness of the request, confusion eating his resolve.

“You fucker...”

“I asked a simple question,” the demon stepped in closer, the man’s fist still held tight, “what is your name?”

The man floundered, lost in the simplicity of the question, “Uh...uh...Ted. You.. fucked...”

The demon smiled, pushing on Ted’s hand until he backed up a step, stepping with him, “Ted...you must be the bridegroom, out to enjoy a final night of bachelorhood.”

Ted’s eyes darkened at the mockery, his original intentions beginning to return.

“I suggest,” the demon continued, forcing Ted back one more step before releasing the man’s hand, “we continue this outside. There are people here who wish only for a quiet drink.”

He had no compunctions about turning his back on Ted, the man was simple, easy to read. Easy to manipulate. He would follow the demon outside, still wondering what exactly had happened to his simple plan of marching in and beating the shit out of the man who had violated his bride. He would follow all the way into the darkest corner of the parking lot before he truly realized what he was doing, then he would lash out again.

Even as the demon thought all this, it was coming true, Ted’s fist travelling rapidly towards the back of his head. It was a useless gesture, the demon simply stepped aside, leaving the momentum with nowhere to go, the force with nowhere to dissipate. Instead of crunching satisfactorally into flesh, the fist slammed into brick and mortar, Ted’s howl of pain rising into the night as he whirled to try and follow his intended victem.

Again he struck, again the demon was seemingly not where he should be, always a step too far one way, a hair too far the other. Again and again they moved in a lumbering dance, the man stumbling, the demon gliding, leading him away from the safety of the parking lot.

“Goddamnit, fight, you fucker.”

The demon smiled, broad and dark, his eyes sparking in the night air.


Ted’s fist was grabbed again, his body whirled around, his face smashed into a wall, his tongue tasting blood. The demon was behind him now, his weight pushed into Ted’s back, his hands nearly crushing the man’s wrists. Ted could smell him, feel his warmth, hear his breath.

They stood there, Ted struggling for what seemed hours, his efforts rewarded with another and yet another slam into the brick wall. His head was growing woozy, his mind numbing, a distant part of him rising up in panic on a wave of adrenaline, speaking only in ancient instincts. Lie down, the voice said, belly up, show submission. You’re beaten.

“There,” the demon’s voice echoed in the hollow Ted’s mind was hiding in, luring him partway back to the surface, “There. It’s so much easier when you stop struggling, isn’t it? So much easier when you give in. When you accept.”

Part of Ted, the part of him that fled even farther into the hollow, leaving the rest of him to cope as best it could, that part of Ted was screaming with terror. He could feel the demon’s nails, too long, too sharp, biting into his wrists as they raised his hands to press against the brick wall. He could hear the unnatural tones to the demon’s voice, see the red glow that lapped about them in the alley. But the part of him that knew, or intuited, what all that meant, that part was the part that left, leaving him alone.

“Ted,” the demon let go of Ted’s hands, his body still pressed into the man’s back, his claws sliding down the man’s face as he shuddered at the sound of his name, “Ted, tell me again, why are you so mad at me?”

“You,” Ted gulped, feeling the lightness of the touch on his cheek, the warmth that surrounded him from behind. The demon’s hands almost burned as they touched him, “You fucked my...fiance. You took her...virginity.”

The demon laughed, his claws slicing into Ted’s shirt, finding the skin underneath, leaving fine cuts that welted up as they bled.

“Did I? Did I take it? Or did she give it?” His claws shrunk as his hands slid into Ted’s pants, teasing the skin that lurked just below the waistband.

“She wouldn’t...she was saving...” Ted stammered, feeling himself growing hard, his heart pounding in his chest with every touch.

“She was saving herself,” the demon’s voice dripped with contempt and sarcasm, “She gave it away, Ted, she screamed for me to take it, she begged. She took me deep into her mouth, she opened herself for me, she impaled herself on me, she cried out with me.”

Ted sobbed quietly, his hips jerking upwards, hoping for one finger, just one, to slide lower.

“Ted,” the demon’s hand slid lower, barely missing Ted’s pulsing cock, “Ted, do you want to know why she did it? Why she gave herself so willingly?”

Ted could only breathe for a moment, his eyes closed, his jaw slack. Then, barely, only barely, he nodded.

The demon spun him around again, slamming the back of the head against the bricks as their lips met, crushing together, his tongue sliding into Ted’s mouth. Ted never fought, his hips bucking against the demon’s leg, his hands still holding onto the wall. The demon stole his breath, tempted his tongue, brought him to a fever pitch that was matched only by the hardness of his cock as it pulsed and yearned for release. The man was lost in the kiss, his senses on fire, his heart racing as moments became minutes.

It ended and Ted’s moans became sobs.

“See, Ted,” the demon stepped back across the alley, “What would you do to have me?”

Ted’s eyes slitted open, his hips still twitching slightly in memory of what he had felt. The demon leaned against the wall across from him, hands partly in his pockets, his black hair cascading about his face. There was laughter in eyes as he watched Ted struggle to think, his lips curved into a gentle smile. Finally, the demon, in his own way, took pity on the man, his voice reaching across the alley.

“Crawl to me, Ted, crawl to me and show me what you would do to have me.”

Ted dropped to his knees without questions, his hands finding the ground, his eyes glazed with the lust the demon had inspired. Slowly, the ground slick and sharp beneath his hands, he crawled forward, stopping at the demon’s feet to gaze at him, wondering what to do next.

As he stared, he understood, his hands rising from the ground to find the demon’s zipper, the sound agonizingly loud in the strange silence that surrounded them. Ted’s fingers, nervous and clumsy, reached inside to fish the first cock he had touched other than his own out into the night air.

He only knew what it was he liked and so he did that, his tongue circling the head, his hand lightly caressing the shaft. The taste filled him, spreading across his tongue as the demon’s coaxing oozed into his ears.

“That’s right, lick it all, from tip to base. Nuzzle it, flick it, that’s right. Now take it deep into your mouth,” his moans served only to excite Ted more, his motions growing quicker and more sure, the demon’s cock sliding farther and farther into his mouth until it pressed against his throat, finally sliding past that as well. He could feel the pulse in it as it slid across his tongue and down his throat, his hands clenching the demon’s hips, pulling it farther and farther into him.

“Get it nice and wet, you’ll want that,” the demon’s tone was breathier now, his words growing ragged as he clenched Ted’s head between his hands, fucking his face with slow, even strokes.

“Take yourself out, Ted, touch yourself, too,” Ted was only too eager to comply, his hands flying to his zipper, bringing his torturously erect cock into the open and abusing it with strokes made rough by his excitement. He finally matched the pace of his hands with the pace of his mouth, his moans serving only to arouse the demon farther, to cause his eyes to flash red in the darkness.

“Stand up,” Ted froze at the words, fear filling him again. The demon sighed, pulling the man’s head back away from him, “If you want, I can leave now.”

Ted shook his head, but remained still.

“Stand up, Ted, and bend over,” the demon’s claws grew again, slicing into Ted’s scalp, his smile disappearing, “I am not a patient being.”

Ted rose slowly, looking for approval, looking for that smile. There was none, the demon frowned. Scarred hands, the recipients of countless footballs, pressed against the brick, his legs spreading, his waist bent.

Denim ripped, shredded before the demon’s claws and Ted screamed, his ass ripping open only a second later, the demon slamming inside him in one excruciating push. The demon’s hands wove into his hair again, pulling him back, forcing him into a kiss. Only their lips moved, then the demon’s hand began to lightly brush Ted’s chest, his cock pulsing deep inside him, the pain subsiding into a dull ache that filled the man’s being.

Ted found himself pulled into the kiss again, the fullness in his ass becoming pleasurable, the soft stroking of his chest somehow bringing him to hardness again. The demon was patient this time, waiting, building, teasing with his stillness, until he felt Ted’s hips move slightly against his own, the tight asshole twitching deliciously around him.

Ted found himself doing the moving, easing slowly forward and back, the sliding friciton building waves of pleasure inside him, wiping away the last bits of the pain until he was slamming his hips against the demon’s, his own hands holding the demon’s to his head, his own tongue dancing in the demon’s mouth, delighting in the smile he could feel there.

Ted had never felt himself so hard, had never felt so much pleasure. All of him was involved in one thing, fucking the cock inside him, forcing it as deep into him as he could, writhing on it, feeling it touch every part of him. Each thrust brought forth a moan from the man, until he could bear it no longer, his cock seeming to explode even though he hadn’t touched it, his movements becoming disjointed as his orgasm racked his frame. The demon threw back his head and joined him in his pleasure, holding him tight onto him, erupting deep inside.

The stood there, Ted’s breath coming in hics and gasps, his head falling forward again to rest against the brick, his hands sliding down by his cheeks. The demon shoved him forward then, his cock sliding out, leaving cum to trickle down Ted’s legs. His laughter echoed in the alley as he straightened himself up, staring at the former high school football star, his pants torn and shredded, his ass stretched, cum smearing his thighs.

“Why were you so mad at me, Ted? Oh, yes,” the demon walked away, never once looking behind him, “Because I fucked your bride. I guess you have something in common after all.”

The falling rain brought the demon back to the present, his memories of Ted’s final sob fading with the cool water. He had left the man there, crying, knowing that the three men who were headed drunkenly down the alley towards Ted weren’t going to leave him alone, not in the state he was in. Ted would get plenty of experience then and he, though he would always hate himself for it, would love every second of it. An unusual marriage was waiting for him. In fact, the demon, realized as he stopped and raised his face to the rain, he might have to break his own rule and look in on the couple in a year or two. See how they were managing.

****to be continued and finished in part three

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