tagGroup SexMemories of Harry Ch. 10

Memories of Harry Ch. 10


"Well, my love. Our horizons are certainly expanding. Are there any more secret suppressed desires you'd like to reveal?"

It was a couple of days after we'd fucked in front of our bedroom window with the shades open. There's been no calls, no summonses no policeman at the front door. Harry and I had come a long way in our exploration of his new sexual frontiers. Not that I consider myself an expert in such matters but I was still somewhat more knowledgeable than he.

We were having our noon cup of coffee. Harry's doctor had suggested strongly that he might cut down on the caffeine so I agreed to join him—makes it easier if you have a little support. We were having fewer cups and spread throughout the day. Two cups in the morning, one at noon and maybe another with dinner.

Harry smile at me. "Here's the thing. You already know I like pictures." Did I ever. Harry was amassing a fast-growing file of digital pictures. Many were just nice ordinary landscapes and a few portraits. But there were others. Mostly of me, but some of the two of us together in what are sometimes called intimate poses. Very intimate poses. Harry liked to experiment and with the tripod and remote controls and timers, he was getting some pretty interesting stuff. I was surprised to discover the kick I got out of seeing Harry and myself fucking, and doing other things. We'd just about made it through the Kama Sutra of sex positions, but we were running into limitations. Like he'd get a really nice shot set up with interesting lighting and a new angle for the camera. But then, we'd get close to the big O and the camera would jiggle, or he'd forget to trigger the shutter. Sex can be pretty distracting unless you're a really experienced porn star who fakes orgasm on cue. I assumed that, not ever having indulged in the commercial side of sex.

"I've been thinking," he said. "You remember the session with the plastic pearls?"

Did I ever. I'd never used beads anally before, or anywhere else. Sure, I read about how in the Far East, women would put a string of beads in their vagina or their anus and pull them out at the appropriate time, adding to orgasmic joy, but I'd never tried it until Harry talked me into it. I do admit some of the pictures of my face after I masturbated to a climax and yanked the beads out of my ass were pretty great. But the beads made me a little sore.

Then I had an idea. Beads in my vagina when Harry and I fucked, in the missionary or any other position where he was in me didn't work. At least we couldn't figure out a way. But then I persuaded Harry to let me stick the beads up his ass. He said it was kind of a weird feeling, but then once I yanked them out just when he was coming. That, he said, was awesome.

Of course, one of the limitations we had was that I could have more than one orgasm during our photo/sex sessions. Harry, alas, was really only able to perform a couple times of a day. I mean ejaculate. Or get a good solid erection. He could sure perform in other ways, and by now we'd both graduated from the fingers, toes and tongue school of manipulation. We went to a sex shop in the next town and bought some toys. Harry liked the butt plug, and cock rings of various kinds helped some, but they were not really comfortable. We tried as bunch of salves and lotions and rubs. Felt good, fun to apply, but they didn't keep his pecker up longer or make it any stiffer.

"I want to see more," he said. "I want to see the way my penis slides into your sex., what it looks like. Once when you were on top and feeding me in real slow, the light was just right so your cunt lips sort of embraced my penis. It was lovely and so erotic. Remember?"

I licked my lips at Harry. Of course I didn't remember. Not the exact time he was referring to. After all I couldn't count the number of times I'd spread my legs while squatting over Harry's prick and slowly let myself down on him. Keeping a count was not my thing. Besides in that position, unless I was real careful, I could come pretty quickly. Sometimes it happened before I was ready.

We'd circled around this subject before. I knew where Harry was heading. He wanted to get a third party involved. Either to take the pictures or to fuck me while Harry recorded the incident. I was more than a little reluctant. I knew some folks who'd gotten into sharing, mostly sharing the women of the pair. For a lot of them, when they told me about it, the guys were disappointed because their wives or girlfriends had finally left them, and the women who talked to me seemed to be saying they were always reluctant, like they'd been almost forced to go along, and then they'd found better lovers and left the guy who started the whole thing.

On the other hand, I knew several swinging couples who were in long-term relationships or marriages and having super times, because both people were more than okay with the sharing scene. Now Harry reached across the table and took my hand. Right away his finger was making soft little circles in my palm. He knew that drives me crazy. It's like there's a direct connection to my crotch. I started to get wet down there.

"I know we're sort of talked about this, and I just want you to hear me out" he said softly. "I really want some pictures of you—of us―having sex in some of the setups we've done. But we just need another person."

"Okay, Harry, here's the deal. I love you, you know that, right? And partly because I do, and because I know you love me and wouldn't push me to do something if I didn't want to, and you have to stop playing with my hand and pushing my button." I pulled away, but he promised to be a good boy and just hold my hand. I let him. He had learned that certain caresses of my hand and fingers were really distracting made it hard for me to maintain my position toward something.

"I just think it wouldn't be such a bad thing if we could find a good photographer to help us out."

"You want to ask Leon?" That brought a long loud laugh from Harry.

"Leon would love to do it, I'm sure. But he's no photographer and I'm pretty sure his simmering lust for you would quickly get in the way of his good judgment."

"Simmering lust?" I giggled. "Leon?"

"Sure. Wife and various female, uhh, companions aside, he's been hot for you for a long time. Since even before you and I hooked up."

"Okay, never mind Leon. Look, my sweet. Since you're so set on this and I admit the voyeuristic streak in me seems to be intrigued, let's cautiously explore the possibility."

Harry smiled and said, "There's a pool party at the Harris's next Saturday. Shall we go?"

"Sure, if it's hot enough to swim. I'll call Mary and see what we should bring." Mike and Mary Harris were part of the community that hung around the edges of the college. They had money from somewhere and contributed to various building and academic foundation funds that the college used to entice donors. They didn't have their name on a building yet, but it was rumored to be in the works.

Saturday was definitely hot enough for a pool party. What's more the humidity was right up there as well. Mary Harris had asked us to bring some snacks, so I made up a big bowl of a zingy crab dip I'd learned from my aunt years ago. Harry went to the store in the morning to get some chips for the dip while I finished up and iced the bowl and ingredients. I liked to make the dip ahead of time because it tasted even better after blending for a while. But the heat and the fish and other stuff made it necessary for me to keep everything cold.

Harry came back with the chips and we set up the cooler for the dip. He was whistling softly between his teeth and seemed unusually chipper. "I'll just get our bag with our suits and sunscreen," he said and went upstairs. He handed the small gym bag to me and hauled the ice chest to the car and we were off.

Mike and Mary had laid on a couple of big kegs of cold beer and there was lots of food. My dip was a huge success and the crowd of people from the college and the community were soon in a hyper-convivial mood. Three tables had been set up under umbrellas for people who wanted to play cards, there were lots of lawn chairs scattered about and the big pool sometimes was crowded, sometimes not. There was a lot of grab-ass already and things were sliding toward an all-out drunken orgy.

"I'm gonna change and go swimming," I told Harry late in the day. He grinned, waved and went back to his conversation with a couple of the old boys. I was hot and sweaty and was going to shower before I put on my swim suit. So I went up to the sort of guest wing where we were supposed to go and looked for a shower. It wasn't exactly quiet, there were several people going back and forth and the door to the bathroom I went to was ajar. It was also occupied. I didn't hear them at first because the shower was running, but it was obvious that's what they'd been doing. I didn't recognize either the guy or the woman he was holding up by her generous fanny. They were sort of sideways to me in the shower when I barged in and the guy turned toward me, swinging the woman around. I didn't recognize the generous cock he had shoved up into her, either.

"Oops, sorry. The door was open and—" I waved my hand and started to back out.

"'S okay," muttered the guy. "We were just," and he flexed his hips so his cock slid further into the woman he was holding off the floor. She must have liked it, because the moan she issued sounded positive.

"Yeah, I can see that," I said and backed out, closing the door after me. None of the other bathrooms was open and I was just about to opt for no shower, when the couple I had interrupted came into the hall. He had a towel around his hips and the older woman was holding a towel up to her throat.

"We have to find a bedroom," the guy said smiling at my breasts. "Maybe you'd like to join us?" The woman just shook her head and started down the hall. She had a nice fanny from this angle too.

"Thanks," I said, I'm heading for the pool. I slipped around him and went into the bathroom. There was a faint lingering smell of their lust in the air that soon went away with my shower. I was toweling off when I heard a loud whoop and several whistles. I peered through the window and saw that one of the faculty wives had managed to lose her bra in the pool, to apparently universal approval.

I reached into our gym bag for my swim suit and got a surprise. I'd packed my reasonably modest blue two-piece, my favorite and most comfortable suit. It wasn't there. In it's place was a very skimpy red job. I detected the fine hand of Harry at work. I had two choices, I could dress in the stuff I'd been wearing, as damp and sweaty as it was, and forego a swim, or I could just toss it off and let Harry have his little triumph. I considered trying to locate Mary and borrowing a better suit, but considering that I hadn't seen her for a while, I had no idea where she might be or who she might be with. So I put on the red bikini. It was obviously an expensive job. The tiny red triangles just covered my areoles and the thin straps gave me enough support so I could wear the bra with comfort.

The bottom fit perfectly, although if my mons hadn't been trimmed and partly shaved, there would have been a problem. I tied the side straps on my hips and the line around my neck and looked in the mirror. Not bad. Downright sexy, in fact. I walked through the house and stopped in the kitchen for a cold soda, drawing any number of admiring glances from both men and women. Mary Harris was there, looking pink and tousled as if she'd just got out of bed. When she smiled at me, I was sure of it.

"So, I see Harry took my advice," Mary said.

"You had something to do with this?" I ran a suggestive hand over my almost naked breasts.

"Harry consulted me about a store and a brand. He wanted something sexy but good quality. I see he got it. I'm wearing the same brand." With that she opened the shortie robe she was wearing and showed me a shimmery lime green suit. Except the bra had come untied and just hung over her generous bosom. She shrugged which sent her breasts to swaying and the cups of the suit slid into her cleavage. "Oops. You wanna help me here?"

Mary turned and slid the robe off her shoulders. I reached around and captured the bra straps. But when I raised my hands, Mary took my fingers and directed them up her body and onto her breasts. She held my hands and pressed them to her bosom. "Ummm," she murmured. "Nice touch."

I stepped closer and my breasts pressed against her bare back. I could feel the heat of her body through my bra. She tilted her hips back until they brushed me. We were spooned together and it was a pleasant feeling, even standing there in her kitchen with strangers coming and going.. It had been a long time since I had been with a woman, not that I made a habit of it, but I'd had some nice experiences in the past.

"The screen door leading to the pool opened and a deep male voice said, "Lovely image ladies. Mary is there more ice in the 'fridge downstairs?'

We shifted so we could see the man who was talking to us. Since Mary hadn't reacted when he came in, I raised my hands to lift the bra off Mary's chest. The man grinned and nodded. "Oh, yes. I'd forgotten how beautifully pink your nipples are."

"More ice downstairs, Steve." Mary said. "But save the cubes for later."

He winked and turned away. I fastened Mary's bra while she slid one hand back and around my almost naked hip. When I finished, she turned so we bumped tits while she stuck her tongue in my ear and whispered. "Maybe we can get together later."

I went out to the pool to face the crowd which had grown smaller as the afternoon waned but a little rowdier at the same time.

I sauntered slowly toward the pool, switching my red-clad fanny back and forth a little more than was normal. I'd draped the towel I was holding over my shoulder so my breast and most of my tummy was covered. There were a couple of cat calls. When I got to the edge of the pool I dropped the towel on a nearby chair and dove in. I figured I might as well learn how secure the suit was right away. Nothing slipped and I discovered the refreshingly cool water invigorated me. I loved swimming, pools or lakes, didn't matter which. I began to make lazy laps up and down the length of the pool. After a while I slowed way down to make room for other people who had been taking a breather. The topless babe reappeared and when I looked at her breasts they looked a little burned to me. I swam over to her and mentioned it. She frowned and looked down at herself. Up close I recognized her. She'd been flirting outrageously with different men most of the day.

"You need some sunblock on those beauties. Waterproof if you're gonna swim some more." I had a sudden idea. "We brought some. See that blue bag under that old guy's chair? There's a big tube of it in the bag. That guy's name is Harry and if you ask, he'll help you put some on."

"Really?" she squinted at Harry. "I don't want to embarrass anybody." Yeah right.

"No, it's okay," I said. "Ask Harry to help you put it on. He'll like that." I figured confronted by a pair of naked boobs asking for his help, Harry, always the gentleman, wouldn't refuse. So she got out of the water and sort or sauntered around the pool to where Harry was sitting, kind of watching me out of one eye. The girl's request, posed to Harry while Leon and a couple other cronies were right there, couldn't be avoided. When he leaned over to get the bag his head brushed the woman's naked boob. She leaned back and Harry sort of flinched. When he raised up after getting the tube of crème, our eyes met and he realized what had happened. I grinned and gave him the finger.

The day wore on and got a little drunker. Some of us started keeping an eye on the people in the pool to be sure we weren't about to witness a drowning. Mike Harris, after watching his wife sashay around the patio in her lime green next-to-nothing suit, disappeared for a few minutes only to reappear in his own version of a bikini. His was electric blue and barely contained his generous package. There was a lot of laughter, drinking and extracurricular grabbing going on. Nobody seemed to mind. I did notice a few couples occasionally disappearing into the house and then reappearing a little later.

Then I had another idea. I talked Harry back into the pool about midway down so we were between the lights and the water was just below my breasts. We'd been chatting aimlessly for a minute. He wanted me to forgive him for switching the swim suits. I acted reluctant, but I reached up and kissed his damp cheek. Then I struck. When I kissed him, I stuck my hand inside his baggy swim trunks and grabbed his cock. He pulled back but I didn't let go. Smiling evilly at him, I started working his cock to an erection, pulling down on his trunks at the same time. Harry was a little drunk so his efforts to avoid or stop me were not effective.

As I jacked him, I kept maneuvering us closer to the steps and the shallow end. His erection was going to rise above the water any minute.

"Alice! Stop. I can't get out like this? I'm sorry for switching suits, okay? Now cut it out."

"C'mon, Harry, love. Turnabout is fair play. You wanted to show me off to your friends. Now I want to show you off too." Okay, I admit to being a little drunk myself. I kept my hand moving on his now rigid cock. With my other hand I reached behind my head and yanked the bow that kept my bra up. The bra fell and there was a chorus of hoots and whistles. I grinned and snaked one leg around Harry's thighs. At the same time I pulled down on the waistband of his trunks and his erection with my fingers wrapped around it popped into view. More hoots. Harry bent his knees to conceal himself and I sank below the surface just enough so I could curl forward and get my mouth on the tip of his cock. More hoots and the crowd of onlookers was getting closer, hanging over the edge of the pool watching us.

"No coming in the pool unless she swallows," cried Mike. There was a roar of laughter, more intense than before. I let go of Harry's cock and slid his trunks back up to cover him. For a moment we just gazed at each other. Harry had a kind of chagrined smirk on his face. I realized that after the initial discomfort, it was like our reaction when we were posing nude for the drawing class. It titillated, excited, and pleased both of us to be the center of erotic attention, although this time it was more intense. I was discovering that I liked it, particularly the eroticism. I was a latent exhibitionist. I wondered if this feeling was what drew some women to be strippers. There was a sense of power, of control. Hmmm. I was going to have to think about this some more.

I took Harry's hand and we waded out of the pool. I had neglected to retie my bra so it just hung around my waist and my bare tits jiggled nicely as we climbed the steps. My nipples were hard. A few people applauded. "How 'bout that, Harry? I can tell you're surprised by your reaction. You wanna grab me and stick it in me right now? You thinking what it might be like to fuck me in front of these people? Huh?"

"Not exactly." Harry grinned and picked up a glass of ale. He took a big swig and held it so I could drink too. "But I did wonder what you taste like in the pool. Underwater. And yes, I guess I'd like to poke you right now, run my cock into you right up to the very end."

We didn't usually talk rough to each other. But sometimes it fit our mood. Now we were both a little drunk and a little randy. Somebody offered me another glass of ale. I took a long cooling swig and leaned over and kissed Harry. Then I poured a little on his crotch. He yelped and people around us laughed. Still holding hands we sat side by side in some lawn chairs and thought about what had just happened. It was like we'd surmounted some social or psychological barrier. We'd discovered that maybe there was a different kind of pleasure on this side of a fence. Something to think about.

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