tagGroup SexMenage au Trois

Menage au Trois


Debbie's plane lands with a screech as the tires hit the concrete runway and slowly taxi towards the terminal. She begins thinking of Leigh,

"How long has it been?" she asks herself.

The plane stops at the terminal and people begin to file out. Leigh spots Debbie and calls out her name giving the other a big smile and bigger hug.

"I'm so excited. This is going to be great. I just wish I had more then the couple of days here," Debbie says.

"That's okay," Leigh replies, "I'm only here for a couple of days myself."

Debbie gathers her things and heads towards the baggage claim, while she and Leigh make plans what sights to see first. Their taxi whisks them towards their hotel, down motorway A1 to Port De Rucey and continuing until they arrive at The Villa Lutece Port Royal, a quaint boutique hotel on the preferred left bank.

Wasting little time checking in, they both drop off their luggage and begin an adventure in and around the streets of Paris. Taking advantage of her flights early arrival, Debbie decides to venture the Louvre to view the Monet's, Renoir's, and Matisse and of course, the most popular painting in the world, The Mona Lisa.

While wondering around the art, she notices a rakish looking man. Broad shouldered, salt and pepper hair, goatee, handsome in his own way. She nudges Leigh pointing in his direction and whispers,

"I think I've seen him before."

Strangely enough, she whispers back,

"Yes, he does have a familiar look."

They both laugh as thoughts pervade their minds of seeing him naked. Their attention returns to the paintings on the wall when Debbie feels a slight chill. Her skin tingles and goose bumps appear. It's as if she can feel his eyes penetrating the back of her head. She can't resist another quick glimpse and peeks over her shoulder, but he's gone nowhere to be seen. Slightly disappointed, she turns back to look at the art.

Spending the majority of the day at the Louvre, they both decide that their hungry and talk about where to go for dinner. It's too far to walk back to the hotel, so they find a little cafe off a side street, and settle down for a drink and a light dinner.

The waiter seats them next to the railing along the curb and waits impatiently for their orders, then whisks the menus away after they've each ordered a lobster salad and a glass of red wine. Taking a moment to relax, Debbie rubs her feet to relieve the stress from all the walking. Her senses notice a shadow move off to her left. Again, her skin tingles and more goose bumps appear. She turns her head slowly and sees him being seated only a couple of tables away.

Wondering if he's following her or if it's just fate, she coughs lightly, clearing her throat, in a subtle attempt to get Leigh's attention.


Leigh looks at Debbie, who gestures with a nod towards the rakish stranger. Leigh's eyes stare briefly, before looking back at Debbie smiling, whose eyes are glossy and distant. Leigh can tell she's lost in her own thoughts of lust and passion. She gives her a knowing smile while thoughts of nakedness run wild in her own head.

After they eat, Debbie and Leigh take the metro that's closest to their hotel so each can change clothes for an evening out. Having heard that you're just not a real tourist until you've seen the Moulin Rouge, the two women have the hotel concierge make the necessary arrangements to see that evening's performance.

Debbie takes a quick shower and wraps herself in a towel. Leigh knocks on the door asking if she can come in.

"Yeah, sure," Debbie replies and returns to applying her eye liner.

Assuming that she's looking at herself in the mirror, Leigh turns on the water, tests it with her hand for the right temperature and then removes her robe.

Debbie's eyes are drawn to her nakedness, the broad shoulders, the narrow waist and the heart shape of her ass. She had always thought Leigh was beautiful, but seeing her this way brought feelings of sexual desire for her. Debbie's gaze lingers longer than expected.

Leigh notices Debbie looking at her in the mirror and smiles just before she goes into the shower. Feeling a little embarrassed, Debbie returns to her cosmetics, but Leigh's image lingers in her mind. She can feel herself become wet as she thinks of Leigh's naked body behind the thin fabric that blocks her view from the shower. Debbie smiles at herself thinking about the possibilities.

Complimenting each other on how the other one looks, they make their way down to the hotel lobby where the taxi waits. The cabbie quickly drives to the show and tells them to be weary of pick pockets, then darts off to his next fare.

The show proves to be everything advertised, mostly men and tourists, lots of smoke and of course, topless women. Wondering exactly why they choose to see this show, they leave prematurely and walk to the nearest metro.

Leigh heard of a really popular night club and felt like seeing how the real Parisians party. The metro makes two stops, one at Faubourg St. Honore and the other at Avenue Montaigne, where unbelievingly, the same handsome stranger boards. He looks left then right, making eye contact with Debbie and then smiles. The same smile that she saw earlier that day at the Louvre. Smiling back, Debbie looks down feeling somewhat embarrassed and at Leigh, who looks at Debbie and then up at the stranger approaching.

"Pardon moi. Parlez vous, englais?" he asks.

"Oui," Debbie replies somewhat surprised.

"Oh great," he says, "My name is Kaz," as he extends his hand.

"Hi!" is all she can get out.

"I noticed you today at the Louvre. I was going to say hello then, but my tour group was leaving and I didn't wanna get left behind," he explains. I was hoping that perhaps you two would care to join me tonight. I'm heading out to a club that's supposed to be very popular. Royals Bar, perhaps you've heard of it?"

"Yes, we were just going there ourselves," Debbie says, turning her head to look at Leigh for approval.

Upon entering the club, everyone feels like they've returned to the 70's, as European "dance" music plays and strobe lights flash. The club is crowded, but the two women are in the mood to let loose.

Each has a few drinks and the alcohol begins to take effect. An exotic beat begins to play and Debbie grabs Leigh's hand and heads towards the dance floor, giving Kaz a nod to follow. He grabs a drink for each and meets them out on the dance floor.

Leigh faces Debbie, staring into her eyes, her body moving with the beat. Kaz slides up behind Debbie, pressing against her. She smiles, and moves closer to Leigh, making a human sandwich. Debbie can feel his cock against her ass while Leigh presses her breasts against Debbie's body.

Debbie has always felt a certain attraction to Leigh, but now, she wants more. Thoughts of seeing her naked pervade Debbie's mind. She leans forward and kisses Leigh on the lips softly, passionately. Leigh returns the kiss with more fervor than Debbie could imagine.

Debbie can feel Kaz' cock growing and reaches behind, stroking him through his pants, making him grow bigger, harder. His mouth kisses her neck as Leigh watches and then leans forward and kissing him.

Tongues twirl and the kiss turns from two to three people. The music is still playing loudly, but everyone is lost in the moment, hearing nothing but the beating of their own heart. Debbie's desire to have them both is becoming overwhelming.

Leigh's every bit as excited, her hands moving up and down her body as she grinds to the beat, her eyes moving back and forth between Debbie and Kaz, making every effort to excite them with her gyrations. She licks her lips seductively, making Debbie want to taste them again.

The night continues with more seductive teasing, groping, kissing, fondling, until they can't take anymore. Kaz suggests a return to his hotel room, saying that he has a suite at the De La Tremoille, formally a private mansion but recently converted into a luxury hotel.

The metro ride is short, only a block or two to the hotel. They hold hands while walking down the narrow side street, Debbie in the middle with Leigh on her left and Kaz on the right. Debbie is feeling so sexual, so sensual, the anticipation of a night filled with lust almost unbearable.

Taking the elevator the 6th floor, he opens the door, allowing them both to enter first. Debbie impressed by the size of the suite, its large king size poster bed draws her attention. She walks towards it and flops down, arms spread wide, secretly wishing to be tied up and blindfolded.

"More wine?" he asks, pouring 3 glasses.

The lights are dimmed and the curtains on the windows are open offering a glimmering view of the city below.

"They call Paris, 'The City of Lights.' It's truly beautiful," he exclaims.

Leigh walks over to the window to look out and Kaz walks up behind her, putting his arms around her waist. She turns and kisses him, at first softly, then with more vigor. Eye's closed, tongues darting, hands fondling. Debbie watches with fascination as his hands move across her breasts, under her shirt, unhooking her front hook bra.

He pushes her against the window, his hands playing with her nipples, making little circles on them before he leans down to take one into his mouth. The scene makes Debbie crave to be a part of it. She removes her clothes, no fears; no inhibitions can stop her now. Debbie touches her breasts before moving downward. Leigh watches with great interest, lost in her own world of sensuousness.

Debbie's eyes make contact with Leigh who watches Debbie watching her with Kaz. Debbie knows how good she must feel and wants to feel it herself. She licks her lips seductively, speaking volumes without actually saying a word. Leigh whispers in his ear, motioning towards the bed. He turns, sees Debbie's naked body and smiles, before looking back at Leigh.

Debbie crooks a finger, wanting each of them to come to her now. They approach and Leigh removes her top showing off her luscious breasts that Debbie only glimpsed in the mirror earlier. Leigh stops at the bed, takes off her shoes and skirt. Her lace thong shows off her perfect ass. She climbs on the bed, leans forward and presses her lips with Debbie. Their naked breasts touching one another's.

His breath feels cool on Leigh's cheek. She reaches up to him, grasping the back of his head and pulls him towards her. They kiss again, right in front of Debbie who leans up to join in their passion. Three tongues swirling back and forth. Debbie has never felt a kiss like this, its fiery intensity penetrating her deepest regions. Her pussy juices flow down her inner thighs. She's never felt so excited before.

Debbie's pussy aches and needs attention, not caring who goes down, but desperately wanting someone's tongue on her pussy, she says,

"Lick me."

Each looks at the other momentarily, before Kaz kisses his way down to her stomach, her inner thighs and then places his tongue on her clit. He starts slow but quickens his pace almost immediately. As he looks up to watch Debbie's reaction, he sees Debbie sucking on Leigh's breasts. Debbie's mouth takes in one nipple, then the other. Leigh's moans letting Debbie know how much she likes it.

Debbie reaches down, wondering if she's as wet as she. Not surprisingly, Leigh's soaked and Debbie tells her she wants to taste her pussy. Leigh moves over on top of Debbie, her neatly trimmed pussy only inches from her face. Debbie grabs her ass and pulls her close, her clit rising above her mouth, just before settling down on Debbie's tongue. Debbie thinks Leigh tastes better than she ever imagined and she's even wetter now.

Lost in a sexual frenzy, Debbie feels the beginnings of her orgasm building. She continues to lick Leigh harder, faster, wanting her to cum at the same time as she. Kaz' mouth sucks on Debbie's pussy, while his tongue licks her clit. The sensations take her higher. She's so close,

"Oh God that feels so good," she tells him.

Debbie can't to hear Leigh's moans of ecstasy either, and she doubles her efforts on Leigh's pussy. Leigh begins to grind and gyrate against Debbie's face, helping rub her clit on her tongue and lips.

Leigh's hands caress her breasts, pulling on her nipples, increasing the stimulation, bringing her to the brink of her own orgasm. Leigh begins to moan loudly with each lick of Debbie's tongue, making her squirm. Each lick from Kaz makes it harder for Debbie to concentrate on Leigh. Her moans no longer soft, but rather deep groans of sexual satisfaction.

"Oh, Yes," Leigh says, "Don't stop, hmm, yes, Oh God, yes. I'm going to cum," she cries out!

All Debbie can do is moan her own satisfaction as her own orgasm begins to take control. Debbie's hips raise off the bed, grinding her into his face while Debbie's face buries itself into Leigh, sucking her juices as if nectar from the Gods.

"Oh yes. That's it, right there. Oh, ohhhh, yessss."

Leigh groans out another orgasm. Her words, her voice, deep throaty groans put Debbie over the edge as she can concentrate on her own orgasm now.

"Oh yeah, Lick me, Lick my pussy," she hears herself say.

"I want to kiss you as you cum," Leigh tells her.

"I want to feel your orgasm with you," Leigh continues and then slides her mouth over Debbie's.

Their tongues dancing the way their bodies danced at the club.

"Hmmm, hmm..." is all Debbie can get out, before she breaks the kiss.

"Oh, ohhhh Goddddd, that feels so good. Oh yes, that's it. Right thereeeeeee. I'm cummming," she screams.

His tongue doesn't stop as Debbie has orgasm after orgasm, each one as intense as the previous one.

"God, I just love it when you lick my pussy," Leigh tells her.

"And I just love licking your pussy." Debbie retorts, herself never knowing just how much she would enjoy it.

With another kiss on her lips, they both look at Kaz and say,

"Your turn."

He smiles and leans back, directing Debbie on his face and Leigh on his throbbing member, who reaches around to cup Debbie breasts as she slides up and down on his cock.

Leigh's mouth hungrily kisses the nape of Debbie's neck and earlobes. Her soft moans sound like wave after wave of pleasure in Debbie's ear.

Debbie reaches up to hold Leigh's hands on her breasts and begins to grind her pussy against his face, moving in rhythm to Leigh's movements. His fingers slide inside Debbie's pussy as he continues to lick her. Debbie loves the sensations as he probes deeper into her. He reaches deep inside her and finds the mysterious G spot bringing a new, never before felt sensation. Her body writhes in orgasmic pleasure as his fingers rub back and forth. She can feel herself become wetter still.

Leigh picks up her pace and whispers in Debbie's ear,

"I'm so close. His cock feels so good inside me. Cum with me."

"Oh, yes. I wanna cum with you. I'm so close." Debbie grunts as Kaz' fingers are bringing her to new heights in orgasmic pleasure.

"Oh yessssss! That's it. Right therrrrrrrrrreee," unable to hold out any longer, Debbie screams out in orgasm. Leigh cries out her own joy of pleasure in time with Debbie.

Having brought two women to sexual delight, their screams of pleasure still ringing in his ears, Kaz concentrates ever more on his own orgasm and cums deep inside Leigh in a great groan of sexual bliss.

The threesome spends the rest of the evening exploring and enjoying each other the rest of the evening.

Debbie and Leigh wake up at about the same time, leaving Kaz alone in his big four poster king size bed. They reapply their makeup and write a note before sealing it with the lip marks.

Kaz wakes up an hour later and looks at the big empty bed, wondering if it was a fantastic dream. One that left him physically drained. He gets up out of bed, looks out the window onto the city streets of Paris, his brain still trying to figure things out. When he turns he sees an envelope with kiss marks on. He picks up the note and reads it, his face breaking into a wide grin as he walks into the bathroom and starts his shower. He looks in the mirror hanging on the wall and says to his reflection,

"Ah, Paris!"

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