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Men's Pleasure Club


The magistrate, sat alone in his office, at his desk, the outline of his hard cock showing obviously through his Pierre Cardin trousers. He was thinking about the previous night, at the Exclusive Gentleman's Club, in particular the tall, blonde woman, whom he had watched masturbate while she reclined on the antique chase lounge.

The club Plaisir de Mens, translated means "Men's Pleasure" is in the centre of the business district, with membership restricted to men aged 45 years and over.The annual fee of €3,000, ensures a certain class of clientele.

The men like the solitude and quiet ambience, a place where a man can go after a hard day at the office, law court, board room etc, simply read the newspapers, have a drink at 1 of the 3 bars, a meal in the restaurant, coffee in the café, play some pool or just relax in the well stocked library or catch up on the daily current events in the Television room.

Women partners, girlfriends, lovers are not allowed and there is no exceptions-not that any man has ever queried this rule; as this is a part of the Plaisir de Mens that the men pay the big bucks for.

Let's go back to the magistrate, and the woman he was remembering.

If the club could have had an alternative name it could be

Femmes Jouant Avec le Chat (Women playing with pussy)

To put it bluntly, women are employed to masturbate in front of the men. There are no physical or verbal interactions between the men and the women; it is a very simple concept. The men continue to read, eat, watch TV, play pool, chat with each other, while women, all well dressed, classy, attractive, over 45 years of age, of all shapes and sizes, saunter around, settle on one of the many velvet covered, antique chase lounges or arm chairs and masturbate.

Penny, was the newest employee of the club, she was the tall blonde, responsible for the magistrates erection.....Penny loved sex, and loved having orgasms, the thought of dressing up nightly, and masturbating for an audience absolutely thrilled her, and made her very wet.....

Penny first heard about the Plaisir de Mens from a client at her PR firm. After a few secret emails, Penny was finally dressing for the face to face interview.

Penny's black, pure silk half cup bra, pushed her breasts up, and allowed her large nipples to proudly show over the top, her matching French knickers were crutchless. Penny slipped her finger in between her smooth, freshly waxed lips-she felt the wetness, and her clit started to throb.

Penny rolled her black silk stay up stockings carefully up her long legs; she stood in front of the mirror, and liked what she saw. At 48 years old, Penny looked every inch a natural woman. Her breasts were round and full, her belly had a soft womanly roundness to it, and her long legs, were shapely. She thought of herself as Rubenesque-a real woman, not skinny and scrawny, but full, round, healthy and soft.

Penny sprayed her favorite scent, Dolce and Gabana "The One", on the nape of her neck and her cleavage. She chose a conservative, cream silk organza, blouse and black, ankle length, straight, wrap around skirt, 4 inch, black stiletto heels, and a black long line tailored jacket.

Her long ,sleek hair, was swept up in a loose chignon, with wisps,strategicaly framing her face.

Not sure exactly what to expect, she wanted to be well prepared for anything, her Chanel hand bag, held her wallet, makeup, and her 2 best performing vibrators. One, she, affectionately called her 'silver bullet'; a sleek, hard, six inch, silver shaft. The other, was an 8 inch erect penis, with 16 vibration settings.

Penny's driver opened the door of the black Hummer. He thought he caught a glimpse of her nipples through the blouse, his cock instantly hardening. He had been in Penny's employ for 3 years, he had always admired her, and often masturbated, and imagining he was sucking her pussy.She was one sexy, powerful woman.

Head of her own PR firm, with an impressive list of well known clients, he was very loyal to Penny, and took his job very seriously; Penny and her clients knew they could trust him.

As the Hummer came to a stop outside the Plaisir de Mens, Penny's clit was throbbing madly; her nipples hard, she took some slow, deep, breaths to calm herself. The driver opened the door, his cock still hard as he noticed Penny's wrap-around skirt split slightly as she stepped out onto the footpath.

A well dressed mature woman, seemingly appeared from nowhere and greeted Penny warmly "welcome, we are looking forward to meeting you" she paused and her eyes made contact with the outline of Penny's erect nipples, "in the flesh" she added, with a twinkle in her eye. She introduced herself as Frederica.

The sexual tension between Penny and Frederica during the elevator ride up to the 10th floor was palpable. Penny was about to live her fantasy, she had never done anything like this before, she was horny as hell, and she sensed that Frederica was going to somehow be involved in her fantasy.

The interview panel was made up of 3 men, and 2 women (including Frederica) around 50 years old. The 5 of them were seated in a sitting room, on comfortable lounge chairs. Penny was ushered towards a soft velour chase lounge, where she removed her jacket, and sat down.

A waiter entered the room with a polite cough, and served champagne and strawberries.

The other woman ,introduced herself as Francis, and , explained to Penny, that the panel were very keen on watching her masturbate in front of them, and encouraged her to indulge in the champagne, to "loosen up" They explained that she could, be as wild and uninhibited as she liked. Then to Penny's surprise the men began to read the papers, the women, started to masturbate.

Penny watched intrigued, as Frederica lifted her dress, to expose her white, large thighs and hairy pussy. Frederica's fingers disappeared into her flesh, her large breasts heaving as she began to rub her clit harder and harder.

Penny was feeling giddy from the champagne when Francis, lifted her skirt, to reveal her firm, tanned arse and legs, she wore no knickers and her pussy was clean shaven. Her clit was quite large, her lips were hardly covering it. She bent over and playfully waggled her arse over one of the gentleman's armchair, he put down his paper, and watched intently.

Penny's pussy was wet, her clit throbbing, her nipples hard, her face flushed in anticipation.

She noticed all eyes were upon her, the men's cocks were obviously hard, and Francis and Frederica were both playing with each others bare breasts.

Penny, stood slowly, unbuttoning her skirt and letting it drop to the ground. she bent over with her arse in the air, so her audience could see her glistening pussy from behind.

She reached into her handbag and withdrew her silver bullet, she took off her blouse. There she stood, half naked in front of people she had only just met, she was incredibly turned on.

She lay down again on the lounge, she opened her legs and pushed her pussy into the air, she then began the vibrator, rubbing it on her clit,harder and harder, she really wanted a cock inside her cunt now, but she wanted to make this experience last.

She stopped the silver bullet,slowly removed her knickers, took off her bra .She walked over to Frederica, and lent over, dangling her soft, round breasts in Frederica's face, she hoped she would touch her, she had never been touched a woman before, Frederica gently caressed Pennys breasts, licking and sucking them.

Francis then approached, and ran her fingers along Penny's arse, and then slowly and gently, slipped her fingers into Penny's cunt. Penny pushed down, urging Francis to go deeper.

The 3 men were very interested, they were not shy about their obvious erections. One was even masturbating in full view; he didn't stop when the waiter returned, again with a polite cough and began setting the dinner table. The meal was served ,and, as the 3 men ate, they kept their eyes on the women. The waiter knew he had the best job in the world.....

Penny, while enjoying the sex with Francis and Frederica, wanted to do more. She gently unwound herself from their caresses, her hair now messed up,pussy swollen and throbbing, her knees trembling, she reached into her handbag and removed the number 2 vibrator, she sexily wandered over to the dining table ,she knew the men were gazing intently,wondering what she was going to do with the monstrous vibrating cock. Penny placed one of her feet on the table, opening her legs to expose her cunt as much as she could; she took great care not to engage in eye contact with any of the men. She opened her lips again, and then, began sucking and licking the vibrator, moaning as she did it, with her spare hand, she caressed her breasts, she then took the vibrator and began rubbing it around her cunt. With her legs wide opened she plunged it into her cunt,and fucked herself madly, thrusting her hips in the men's direction, her breasts bouncing.

Frederica came up behind her and began rubbing the silver bullet on Penny's clit, Francis joined in, kissing Penny's neck, reaching over pulling and squeezing her breasts.

Up and down Penny went, up and down on the cock, faster and faster, her tits bouncing.

When she came, she exploded, she felt the heat, the spasm rising and she knew it was going to be incapacitating. She managed to take her foot from the table, and stand up elegantly in her high heels. As she came, she bent over, her tits on the dining table, pushing her arse on Frederica's round soft belly. She moaned quietly, as to not disturb the men's dining experience.

The men, stopped eating, dabbed their lips with the white table napkins, looked at each other then at Penny, "well, well" they said in unison, "you will do very nicely".

Part 1 in the series, "Penny at the Plaisir de Mens"

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by JulianWinslow09/19/17

Men's Pleasure Club

An elegant piece if erotic fiction. Imaginative with the exquisite writing of a professional. Well Done!

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