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Mercurius Bellus


The commission came from the highest court; no less than that of the king himself. This naturally should have and would have impressed nearly everyone, and been obeyed without question. The warlock Aghnman, however, was not an average citizen. Little known, but highly respected (and feared), it was generally agreed that the man answered to powers other than the political.

Rather than have the dark magician summoned to the castle, a court appointed clerk was sent to the imposing stone mansion in which he resided. The warlock himself was no less imposing, and one could easily believe he too was built out of stone, such was his physical aspect. Perhaps it was only because he was unused to dealing with Moors that made the clerk additionally uneasy.

"The king has yet to recieve an heir," the court clerk explained, hiding his nervousness behind well practiced rhetoric. "There is no question that his new wife can bear a child when the time comes; that is not where the problem lies. Rather, the king, being of a certain age, appears to lack the necessary vital force to carry out the act of procreation."

Aghnman raised an eyebrow, but kept his remarks to himself. Amusing that even here, in private chambers, the poor sod was too afraid to state what was blindingly obvious; the king was impotent. All the more the shame, since, from what he'd seen, the new Queen was more than an ordinary beauty. Even those gifted with the divine right of rule are just as subject to the afflictions of everyday mortals.

"It has been charged that you, having access to arcane arts, should be able to concoct a ..."

"Enough," Aghnman said, cutting off the young man with a curt gesture. "I understand."

Here the warlock paused, his expression suggesting mild annoyance.

"What you ask can be done, but to create such a potion is not as easy as generally believed. It will take time, and considerable effort on my part. Return here after the passing of a fortnight, and I will have what you've asked for."

This, from the clerk's point of view, had to be considered good news. If he refused, that would have been extremely awkward to report to the court. But, as in all things, Aghnman warned, there would be a price. At least the clerk could console himself that he wouldn't have to pay it.

* * *

The glade was secluded and largely untravelled by the likes of man. There were still plenty of such places, despite the growing prosperity and population of the kingdom. Here, on the outskirts of a landowners crop farm, the edge of the forest had yet to be beaten into submission.

He brought out a small lantern that he had concealed under his cloak. At first glance, it appeared to be a very ordinary metal lantern, of the kind used on ships to protect the inner flame from wind and weather. Opening the shutters, Aghnman let loose a cold, pale blue light that most certainly was not from an ordinary flame. He played it against the hedge rows and grass, across the tops of flowers, their colours washed out by the dark and the blue light.

Then the eerie illumination picked out something very different, something previously invisible to the naked eye. The figure of a young woman, not much taller than the length of someone's hand, stood huddled under the cover of Dog Rose. She had a lean pale body, covered in a thin diaphanous white gown that just covered her knees. Her hair was dark, as were her hunted eyes. No doubt she was hugely surprised to be spotted this way. Unless they will themselves to appear, faeries usually can only be spotted by the genuinely innocent and young, or those with a special link to nature.

What surprised her even more was the realization that the same beam that had picked her out, also held her in thrall, unable to move. Her heart raced as the dark skinned human bent closer, peering at her from behind small round spectacles. He nodded to himself, then dug into his cloak. What he produced was nothing so dramatic as a common burlap bag, which he opened up with his free hand. Incredulous, the small faerie watched in powerless horror as the human neatly folded her up within the cloth container. A simple pull of the drawstring sealed her fate.

* * *

The faerie's secret name was Lill -mortals almost never discover a faerie's identity. Names are foisted upon them in the rare cases they are ever captured and kept. She had elegant blue-black butterfly wings, and sleek black hair. She had never known life outside of the glen of her home, and had no conception of what must lay beyond. She was deathly afraid to be sealed up in the dark as she was, and could only huddle into a ball in protection as she was carried into her captivity.

Lill found herself with at least a dozen of her own kind, all packed together in a glass terrarium not much larger than a clothes chest. The floor was covered with soft dirt, with a few sparse plants situated here and there in some attempt at recreating their natural environment. Naturally, faeries would never be packed so closely together in tight quarters. The lack of freedom they now faced was anathema to their nature. All of them looked at Lill with sad and haunted expressions.

It is a little known fact, that the faerie kind do not communicate in the way humans do, with spoken language. Instead, they are aware of themselves and their environment in the manner of the animals they live with; through scent, expression, and movement. Lill could tell right away the state of her fellow captives; their fear, despair and something else Lill couldn't immediately identify.

The variety of faeries the warlock had captured is best described by the sort of wings they possessed. In addition to different shades of skin and hair colour, one of the most important features for the faerie kind are their wings. Some have wings like butterflies or moths, with the same texture and rich patterns. Others have long translucent insect wings, shaped like that of dragonflies or wasps. A special few have feathered wings, like birds, which give the faerie a very angelic appearance. It seems that Aghnman had even captured one of those as well.

There was one additional disturbing detail. The thing that most obviously set Lill apart from her fellow captives, was that she was the only one wearing clothes. Granted, not all faeries chose to wear clothing, but those were typically found in the deeper, primordial forests. Lill was quite certain that no more than one or two of their group fell into that category, which meant they had all been stripped naked by the warlock himself -at fate that Lill was certain must befall her eventually. Humans could be very strange, incomprehensible creatures.

Enclosed in glass, only the wire mesh at the top promised any hope of escape. On occasion, in a burst of hope or simply desperation, one of the faeries would flit to the top and try to force themselves free. Sadly, the wire mesh proved every bit as firm as the clear glass on all sides. Even when they could work their tiny fingers between the fine wires, they didn't possess enough strength to slide the entire barrier back.

* * *

Lill's time came sometime in the mid morning. She had been trying in some futile manner to gain some sleep, when the terrible human that had captured her return to the terrarium. Using the same blue beam of magickal light to immobilize them all, he was able to pluck the slender faerie up from the dirt and carry her to another part of his lab. Outside of the influence of the blue light, Lill was immediately free to move, but the way Aghnman held her in his hands, escape was just as impossible.

Pressing her wings between two fingers, he fixed them together with a thin wooden clip. It was slender and light enough to leave her wings undamaged, but was too strong for Lill to be able to pry her wings apart, rendering her flightless.

Holding her firmly in one hand, Aghnman took up a small, sharp blade and brought it up to her torso. For a heart stopping second, Lill thought her life might be over. Instead, the warlock deftly slid the flat of the blade under her right shoulder strap and neatly severed it. This was repeated for the other, and then, in an even greater act of vandalism, cut a neat line through the entire back of her dress. The gown was left to slide down her body, leaving her completely bare. Compared to human standards, Lill would be considered skinny and frail, with narrow hips and small breasts. Her pubis was devoid of hair, though her cunt was otherwise exactly like that of an adult woman. This fact was observed as he forcibly lifted one of Lill's legs to the side, forcing her to expose her most private parts to his gaze.

"You'll do," Aghnman pronounced, letting her leg drop.

He had his apparatus already prepared. The centre piece was a foot wide wooden disc. Two sturdy wooden dowells were driven into that base, each identical in thickness and height. There were other things crowding near as well, but Lill didn't have time to take it all in, as it was to this little platform that she was thrust towards.

Aghnman strapped the faerie's arms to the top end of the wooden posts, using ringlets of leather that pulled tight over each forearm. Hanging helpless, her legs were drawn apart, and her ankles were strapped near the bottom end of the same posts in a similar manner. Lill found it impossible to escape in this position, and her limbs strained against the pressure of holding up her weight. In the end, she could only slump forward, letting the bonds hold her in place.

For a while, Lill was left alone while the warlock attended to his instruments. Thinking of the knife he had used to strip off her clothes, she was afraid once more at the prospect of dissection. The thought of her tiny organs spilling out her open gut left her shaking in abject fear. No, it couldn't be that, she reminded herself. All of the other faeries in the terrarium, while naked, appeared to have come away from their encounters otherwise unharmed, at least in any obvious way. Her anticipation and worry resolved when he returned, something long and shiny in his hand.

The elegant thin metal rod featured a smooth rounded tip at one end, and a wire trailing away from the other. It definitely wasn't a needle, but it looked nearly as ominous as Aghnman brought it into the light. He opened a small round jar and dipped the smooth end into it. It came away covered in a thin oil, a kind of translucent gelatine. Coming forward, the warlock brazenly opened the faerie's cuntal lips with his fingers while he aimed the rod. Her eyes closed in anticipation of the horrid moment.

Lill felt the cold metal tip of the probe enter her vagina, the slick substance that covered it making the penetration sickeningly easy. It was cold, and though not terribly large even by her scale, still distended her vagina in a way that was impossible to ignore. She opened her eyes, looking down at the long shaft of metal that now protruded from inside her. Aghnman fixed the opposite end of the probe to the wooden base, drawing the wire forward.

As if things couldn't get any worse, the warlock took up an identical probe and, smearing the end in the same oily goo, proceeded to push it up inside her tiny anus. Lill let out another futile cry, her thighs tightening in some hope of pushing out the offending instruments. It was no use. Her legs were fixed too far apart to do any good. Both of the thin metal rods were now set on the base, and the thin copper wires that connected them were screwed into place on a squat little device next to her stand. Lill couldn't tell from looking just what it was meant to do, but it looked mechanical despite it's lack of moving parts. She had the uncomfortable feeling she would find out it's purpose soon enough.

With Lill now set, Aghnman took up a clear crystal bell jar and lowered it over her, the open circular end fitting exactly over the wooden base. Now the only opening was through a small teat at the top end of the jar, to which the warlock fitted a rubber tube, the other end of which was set into yet another contraption. Unlike the one where the wires were attached, this looked very different. Glass vials and tubes intersected each other in interesting and visually confusing ways, while a small bladder breathed gasses into a liquid mix. It was with slow realization that Lill came to determine what it all meant. The air in the jar was being filled with that invisible gas. Everything she breathed in or out was going to go through the device.

With the bell jar closed and sealed, and everything else in place, Aghnman sat at his chair and closed a metal switch into place on the wired machine.

Lill felt a twinge inside her, a sharp contraction in her privates. At first it was subtle, but after the third, it began to feel very powerful. It was impossible to describe exactly, but to Lill, it was like everything got warm and hot. Each deliberately timed pulse tugged at her from within in a way that almost but not quite painful. She tried to close her eyes, to ignore or suffer through this bizarre form of torture, but in fact this proved impossible. If it had actually hurt, this might be easier, but rather it was provoking feelings in her she'd never experienced before.

The warlock watched with satisfaction as the faerie's genitals became red from the rush of blood of her forced arousal. Her tiny body was practically quivering, each jolt taking her that much closer to the edge of orgasm. In response to this energy, the rarefied air in the belljar began to glow a faint green colour, which in turn transferred through the tube to the waiting vialat the other end.

Lill's breathing had quickened, and her limbs stiffened in response to unconscious desires. It was like her body was swelling up from inside, ready to burst. Each spasm, each contraction was causing her to gasp, inflamed with the shameful pleasure of it. Green tinged ribbons of steam were visibly pouring off her. Another jolt, and she cried out as her climax overcome her. Lill's vagina rhythmically clenched on the violating metallic probe.

After her orgasm, Lill prayed her ordeal might be over, but it was a false hope. The warlock did nothing, continuing to sit and watch as the next electric shock arced inside her privates. Lill strained in a last futile effort against her bonds, beads of sweat collecting on her bright skin. Those insidious, pleasurable sensations hadn't gone away, and were once again being teased forth and brought to bear by the merciless machine. Not too far away, the essence of her sexual energies were being collected as a single green coloured mass in the warlock's crystal.

By the end, Lill had been brought to the point of physical exhaustion. Even as he delicately removed the probes, and the clip from her wings, she was far too weak to even think of taking flight. She was left to pant and sweat on the dirt floor of the terrarium, trying to make sense of what she'd experienced. Some of the other faeries offered comfort in the form of touching hands and sympathetic looks, but there was little else they could do.

* * *

A few days later found Lill and the others in much the same condition as before. Although Lill had been let alone since her first orgasmic trials, others of their group were selected and removed from the terrarium. From their exhausted and pathetic state on returning, it was clear that they underwent the same terrible process.

There didn't seem to be any long term harm done to the faeries as a result of this torture, at least not physically. The only exception was a frail, red-headed faerie with pale skin and thin dragonfly wings. Curled up on her own, she appeared to be in great discomfort, cupping her mons in a futile effort to quench her pain. Others gathered around her, which inevitably caused the warlock to take notice.

The affected faerie's name was Anfi, and she had been captured only a short time before Lill.

Aghnman lifted Anfi free of the terrarium, turning her over in his hands as if inspecting a potentially broken toy. To his eyes, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but he wanted to inspect to be sure.

Anfi's arms were bound behind her back with a simple strip of white cloth, which ended up covering most of her torso. This also restricted her wings into a useless range of movement. He then laid her on a short wooden stand,

Aghnman parted her labial lips with the metal tweezers, peering through the lens into her exposed vagina. He gently maneuvered the tips of the metal instrument inside her, dilating her widely as he released the pressure. He brought the light closer to make his inspection easier. For Anfi, the ordeal was near maddening. Even the torment of the warlock's electric probes were preferable to this painful humiliation.

"It's only a bit of irritation, barely a burn," he noted coldly. "Hard to see what the fuss is about, but I'll give you a salve to speed the healing."

Taking a small jar from his shelf, he dabbed some of it's thick white contents onto a thin metal trowel. Using the tweezers to once again open Anfi's cunt, he thrust the trowel inside, smearing her tender insides with the salve. Finally, with the chilly goo making her quiver, Anfi was released from her bonds and returned to the terrarium.

* * *

Transformation is a key component to any magic. It is impossible for anyone or anything that has been subjected to a magickal process to remain unchanged. The warlock's alchemy, and his repeated trials to extract the faeries' untapped sexual potential, had eventual consequences.

Lill was one of the first to detect the change. Where before had only been bare skin, small silky dark hairs had begun to grow around her pubis. Her chest, which had always been slender with almost pubescent breasts, had begun to fill out. She could even believe her hips had begun to widen, as well as her buttocks. She wasn't the only one to have undergone this subtle change.

Anfi was trying to hide it, but Lill could see how the hand she had clasped close to her pubis was actually massaging the area in a slow fashion. She even had a finger lodged deep inside, pumping in and out as she rubbed. Lill did her best not to stare, but the actions of this red headed faerie were deceptively impossible to ignore, as the more she watched, the more her own privates began to demand some attention of their own. Anfi was the first of their group to discover what they all eventually would; their own true sexual awakening. Later that evening, Lill would curl up on her own, and in a similar fashion to Anfi, rub and stroke herself to her own orgasm.

Aghnman wasn't ignorant of what was taking place. Even while his extractions had ended, he observed the tiny creatures with some interest, noting their daily behaviour. Having been spared the ordeal of forced orgasms, one could sense a degree of restlessness in them, a longing for something other than pure freedom.

Aghnman decided to see for himself how they had fared in the time of their captivity. Opening the terrarium, he pulled Lill free and took her to his wide desk. Lill's heart was beating fast in his palm, no doubt fearful of what he might have next in store for her. In fact, he only wanted to study and observe. Still, this meant a shameful and degrading examination that revealed all of her secrets. Her breasts became the playthings of his fingertips, and he was especially interested in the newly grown patch of pubic hair between her legs. As terrible as this treatment was, the warlock's gentle probing stimulated her senses in a way that made her body flushed and excited. She closed her eyes, waiting for her examination to end, fighting to retain control of herself.

"You're becoming something other than a faerie," Aghnman observed. "It was bound to happen. I wasn't entirely certain how long I could keep you this way and not have you transform."

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