tagIncest/TabooMerry Christmas Gran

Merry Christmas Gran

byWesley Omand©

Not my Gran but our children's grandmother my mother in law but we all call her Gran. The start of our relationship was ten years ago when I was forty and she was sixty eight. I had been married to her daughter for nearly twenty years and she had been a widow for ten.

She stayed with us often this particular time was the run up to Christmas. When I got home from work, on the day before Christmas Eve, Gran was there busily wrapping the children's presents. My wife had gone to Leeds that morning with the children to visit her sister and get the last few bits and pieces for Christmas. Gran told me that she had rung a few minutes earlier to say that the weather had turned. She wasn't going to chance the M62 over the Penines in the dark with the kids and would see us tomorrow.

Gran showed me what she had bought for my wife before she wrapped it a lovely black silk nightdress. I was very impressed but asked her how she could be sure of the size. She told me that she and my wife were the same size, she had tried it on in the shop and had bought one for my wife and one for herself. My wife and her mother were very thin on my wife this was attractive but her mother, carrying the extra years, looked scraggy.

The weather was bad when I got home and over the next hour while we cleared away the debris of wrapping and hid the presents away it got much worse. Wind, sleet and snow. We were just finishing dinner when the lights went out. We live in the country and it was not unusual to lose the power in bad weather, for minutes, hours or days there was no telling. Along with the power we lost the heating and in our draughty old house that would mean a rapid fall in temperature.

I brought some wood in and lit the fire in the lounge which was very effective and we soon had a little haven of warmth and flickering light. In all my married life I can't remember a time when I had really talked to my mother in law. We'd had the odd one to one conversation but generally I was just there with my wife when we were with her mother. It may seem strange but I have never used her name when speaking to her.

She likes a drop of brandy and I got a bottle out together with a bottle of scotch for myself. Within an hour I had probably talked with her more than I ever had in the past and she was turning from her mum into a person in her own right. I had drawn the sofa up in front of the fire, her at one end and me at the other.

Within another hour we were like old friends and a bit drunk. She asked me why I never used her name and we had a laugh about it. From then on she was Joyce, someone I could have a laugh and a joke with and she was turning from a person into a woman.

She talked about when she was young, the war, the soldiers and airmen she used to date and the excitement of it all. She said that she was a bit of a looker when she was young and used to have beautiful clothes. I believed her I remember her when she was in her late forties and she was a good looking woman then. I remember her going out with her husband all dolled up.

She became a bit fidgety and started scratching her head, I asked what was wrong and she said she had been cleaning all day and needed a shower. That wasn't possible but we did have a tank full of hot water and she could have a bath if she wanted one. I offered to get it ready for her. I set up some candles and a torch in the bathroom and ran the bath. There was no telling when I could get a shower so I asked her to leave the water in and I would have a bath after her. I brought a duvet down with me and said we could use it to keep warm when we were done.

She came down wearing her nightdress and dressing gown. The nightdress came down to her ankles, I had seen it before it was typical old lady wear. Emboldened by our newfound sense of fun feigned disappointment and said. "Oh Joyce I expected the new nightdress, boy you have let me down."

She seemed momentarily confused and unsure of herself. "I didn't think…..I mean……you never said……should I?" Then got a grip on her self, understood the joke and said. "I can't wear that little thing in your freezing cold house. You're bathroom's like an ice box and you've let the fire burn down in here."

I threw a couple of logs on the fire and went up for my bath. I thought about her and had a wank thinking about peeling her nightdress from her old bones. I came down in silk pajamas (kept near the bed in case of fire). She had built the fire right up and it was roaring up the chimney. The place was hot. The duvet was spread on the sofa and she was sitting on it minus the dressing gown and wearing the little black nightdress.

"I've overdone it with the fire." She said speech impaired by all the brandy she'd drunk. "It's roasting hot in here now."

"You look pretty hot yourself." I said. "That nightdress really suits you."

"Thank you she said but I only put it on because it was too hot for the thick cotton one."

I didn't know if I believed her or not but decided to push my luck. "Come on stand up and give me a twirl, let's have a proper look at you."

"Don't be silly Wesley."

"Come on I want to have a proper look." I stood in front of her with my hands out to help her up.

"Oh alright then but I can get up on my own." She said. I moved to the side to give her space and watched as she stood twirled around 360 degrees and sat down again. The nightdress came about half way down her thigh a little longer than a miniskirt. It had thin shoulder straps and was shaped around the breasts with a deep V between them. The back was cut much lower than the front. Wrinkly, sparrow legs, bottom hanging low and nothing, as far as I could see, filling the little boob section of the nightdress but this old girl did something for me. I decided to push my luck a lot more.

"Very, very nice." I said. "But not perfect." I shook my head trying to look concerned.

She looked concerned too and said. "What's wrong?"

"Visible panty line." I said. "I can see your panty line through it. Your panties spoil the whole effect. It's a nightdress you shouldn't wear knickers with it. You should be naked underneath."

"Wesley!" She said sharply and went all coy and embarrassed. I thought I'd gone too far.

"I'm sorry." I said. "But you did ask." I poured us both a drink, handed her a brandy and sat down. I didn't look at her for a while and we were quiet. I eventually started talking about the storm, which was getting worse. She relaxed, the moment was forgotten and we were back to chatting like friends in a few minutes.

She took the torch put her dressing gown on and made a trip to the toilet. I stoked the fire up while she was gone to keep the room hot. She came back took the dressing gown off and sat down very carefully on the sofa. As her bottom stretched the material of her nightgown I could see the reason she was being careful. No panty line. She had taken her knickers off. Her cunt was bare and uncovered beneath that thin silk.

I couldn't believe it but this old lady was doing everything I suggested and I figured that I had a chance of getting into her if I played my cards right. I had an idea of how to start. I went to the kitchen and brought the little battery powered radio cassette player. I rummaged through the old tape collection and pulled out a Glen Miller tape put it on and carried it back into the lounge. "Oh that's nice Wesley. It's one of my favourites."

"Come and dance then." I said.

"No not tonight, I've had too much to drink." I tried but couldn't persuade her. Taking her in my arms to the sound of Glen and getting my hands onto that bare arse under her nightdress was not going to be the way it would work. The brandy bottle was empty and I knew there was no more so I offered her a scotch. She didn't like scotch but said that there was a bottle of brandy under the tree in the other room and went to get it. No dressing gown and no slippers this time. As she walked away I confirmed that she really wasn't wearing panties.

She was a long time, came back in with the bottle of brandy and shivering. "Good grief it's cold out there. I couldn't find it at first." She said.

I stood took the brandy off her, picked up the duvet and said. "Get under here and warm up." She sat down and I covered her with the duvet. She was indeed cold and I noticed her nipples sticking through the thin fabric a little south of where they are on her daughter. "Put your feet up and cover them up, they must be freezing." She twisted around put her back to the arm of the sofa and her feet on the middle section, knees bent with the duvet up to her chin and over her feet. I poured us both a drink, sat down at the other end pulled the duvet over my lap.

I reached under the duvet and touched a foot it was indeed cold. "Joyce they're freezing, give them here and I'll warm them up." I tugged on her ankle and she put the soles of both feet against my thigh. Her legs were now fully stretched out and she had to slip down a little to reach me.

"That's nice." She said. "Are you sure it's Ok, not too cold."

"Anything for a lady." I said, I had a plan and handed her my glass. "Hold this and let me warm them up properly." I took her by both ankles and gently pulled her feet into my lap.

She slid down until her head was resting on the arm of the sofa and said. "Be careful Wesley." She had a glass in each hand and was able to do nothing but go with the flow. I could imagine the nightdress sliding up around her waist under the duvet as I moved her. I lifted my pajama jacket put it over her cold feet and held them against my warm belly.

"How does that feel?" I said. "Are you warming up?"

"Yes lovely. Can you take your drink now Wesley?" She too must have been aware of position of her nightdress and wanted a hand free to sort it out.

I took one of my hands off her feet, brought it out of the duvet and reached across for my drink. In the process I touched her finger and said. "Joyce your hands are cold, you must be freezing all over. Hang onto the drinks and I'll warm you up." I got up from under her feet and moved to her head end of the sofa, leaving her covered by the duvet. I gently started to lift her shoulders. "You're like a little ice box, we'll sit you up and I'll get behind you."

"No Wesley!" She said, in an alarmed voice holding the duvet to her chest with her forearms and then when I stopped lifting in a calmer voice. "I'll be Ok in a minute. Just take these glasses off me, I'm warming up already."

"Nonsense." I said and lifted her tiny frame to the vertical sitting position in a single movement. "You don't want to catch cold just before Christmas." I got a glimpse of bare hip as I moved in behind her. She made no further protest as I settled down sitting with her between my legs. I adjusted the duvet and said. "Give me my drink and lean back onto my chest." She gave me my drink. I drank it in one, dropped the glass on the carpet and put my arms around her linking my fingers together on her belly under the duvet.

She had a hand free but I was too quick for her and she couldn't get at her nightdress. She tucked the duvet in as best she could to prevent accidental exposure. We started chatting again and all the time I was thinking of her bare cunt. I was wondering to myself whether she suspected that I knew how exposed she was. I took a hand away from her belly and pulled my pajama jacket over my head then got one arm at a time out of it and snuggled back into her with my bare chest against her not so cold mostly bare back. I made the excuse of skin to skin contact being better for transferring body heat.

I was able to reach the brandy bottle and refilled her glass twice while we sat there, she seemed to relax and become quite comfortable. The conversation trailed off, her breathing slowed and she started making little snoring noises. She had fallen asleep.

I took the glass out of her hand and put it on the floor. I let the duvet fall forward off her chest and into her lap. I started to explore. The nightdress was crumpled in her lap so I had to move it a little, slowly and carefully, listening all the time for a change in her breathing. The tips of my fingers touched hair I moved around it gauging the extent. She was very hairy, unlike her daughter who kept herself neatly trimmed.

I let my hand rest on the bare flesh at the top of her thigh and let my other hand explore in the other direction. I brought it up slowly from its position on her belly, barely touching the fabric of her nightdress. It touched the little lump of her nipple and I felt around for the fleshiness of her tit there was very little. The nipple seemed to be attached to very small scraggy sack that used to be a breast. I now had a raging hard on.

I brought the hand on her thigh up under her nightdress, my arm lifted the nightdress but it snagged. I took it away and sat up straighter so that I was able to hold her in position with one hand and lift the back of the nightdress with the other. No good this was not going to do the job. I was concerned with the amount of movement I was causing but her breathing stayed steady.

I slipped both straps off her shoulders and they slipped easily down her arms. By just moving each of her arms a little I was able, one at a time, to get the straps over her arms and hands. The nightdress now sat around her waist. I could see her little bare breasts in the flickering light from the fire and candles.

With her being so thin there was a gap at the top of her legs even with her legs together I gently rested a hand on her pubic mound a couple of fingers going between her legs and onto he cunt. With the other hand I cupped a little wizened tit. It was time to wake her up.

I started gently massaging her tit and squeezing her nipple at the same time rubbing her cunt. She started to stir. "Joyce darling are you asleep?" She mumbled something. "Joyce are you asleep?" I pushed my hand further down between her legs and worked a finger through the folds and got the tip in her. She was certainly no dried up prune. She wasn't dripping wet but there was enough lubrication to start rubbing her entrance back up to her clit and back down inside her cunt easily and smoothly. She brought her feet up bending her knees and she opened them as wide as my legs would allow. I started rubbing and probing with two fingers.

She couldn't be asleep now but I didn't say anything as I didn't want to break the spell. I managed to hook one of my feet behind her ankle and straighten it so that her foot was on the outside of my leg, I didn't have to do it with the other one as she lifted that over herself giving me better access and I started frigging her with a bit more energy.

Joyce came alive turned over and our lips met in a long wet kiss. There were no words as she positioned herself over my cock, adjusted it with one hand and l was in. She stayed relatively still as I started to fuck her in slow easy strokes, quickening the pace until I shot my wad into her.

There followed a night of passion she was a dirty bitch and had me enter each of her orifices. This was the first anal sex that I had ever enjoyed. I had done it but not liked it. Joyce showed how it could be dirty, unashamed and pleasurable.

She told me she was going to give me a treat, went to the fridge and brought a slab of butter on a plate with a knife. She cut a slice rolled it so in was a rough cylinder about an inch long and half an inch diameter and pushed it up her anus. "Here's the butter, here's my bum, now you do it Wesley." I put another three similar butter cylinders in her, the most sensual and intimate thing I have ever done. There wasn't a trace of it on the outside every bit had been swallowed by her anus. We kissed, cuddled, licked and petted each other until about fifteen minuets later she cut some more butter, put it in her mouth and took my hard penis between her lips.

When she finished my cock was covered in a film of butter and saliva. She stood, neatly spat a small knob of melting butter and liquid melted butter into her hand and said. "Nearly ready Wesley." She placed her feet apart squatted and rubbed the handful of mush up and down her arse crack. She lay on her back on the carpet lifted her legs into the air and with a big smile said. "Ready."

The feeling as I slipped into her back passage was incredible. The lubrication meant there was little resistance yet it was tight and seemed to go on for ever. My cock felt about three feet long. My initial entry was slow, deliberate and careful, finally bottoming out buried as deep as I could go. She was still smiling seemingly without discomfort and said. "How does that feel Wesley? Is it the best ever? My husband used to love this."

I agreed that it was indeed the best ever and proceeded to fuck her royally in the bottom.

On Christmas morning I got up early to find Gran preparing the turkey in the kitchen. I fucked her from behind while everyone else was in bed. I fingered her cunt during Christmas dinner and she had my cock out. I fucked her in the bathroom while everyone watched the Queen's speech and she gave me a blow job in the car when we went to deliver presents to friends across town.

Gran had a very happy Christmas.

We have had sex many times since. My wife is so proud of me when I volunteer to do jobs around my mother in law's house not many husbands are so keen. When she stays at our house I love the danger of squeezing her little tits as she makes breakfast. Once she was standing at the bottom of the loft ladder and my wife was passing things down to her. I had my hand up the back of her dress inside her panties with four fingers up her cunt and my thumb in her arsehole while she scolded my wife about the amount of junk we stored.

Gran is seventy eight now and can't get around like she used to, her hips are bad and she doesn't function too well in any department. She's not yet wheelchair bound but she does use one when we go out for the day. I still visit her, do odd jobs and am rewarded with a blow job or a fuck.

I'm at her house now writing this on my laptop. I read it to her a little while ago just the part about our first session all those years ago. She struggled out to the kitchen, came back and is now sitting in her chair slicing a pat of butter onto a plate.

It feels like Christmas again.

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