tagInterracial LoveMia Gets Her Man

Mia Gets Her Man


Mia was in the office early trying to get ready for the training that was going to take place in the conference room. She ran off copies of the agenda before heading to the employee lounge to start the coffee. The food would arrive about a quarter to nine and she wanted to make sure everything was set up and ready to receive the caterers when they arrive he was going over the events of the day in her mind and was lost in thought.

"Good morning, Miss Hawkins."

Mia jumped she thought she was the only one in this early. She turned to see Mitchell Stevenson. "Good Morning Mr. Stevenson, sorry I was startled; I thought I was the only one here."

"And what brings you to office so early?"

"Setting up for the training this morning."

"Yes, the training how's that going?"

"Well, I believe Sir."

"That's good. Glad to hear it. Are you making coffee?"

"Y-Yes I was just filling the pot up with water."

"Do you mind if I wait for it. I normally buy one before I get in but I had an early conference call with the east coast and didn't get a chance to stop and now I just really need the caffeine." he said with a sheepish grin on his face.

Mia licked her lips and watched as his mouth formed the words. Mr. Stevenson was not a pretty man in any sense of the word, but he had very strong masculine features. His chin was strong with a chiseled jawline. His clean shaven face allowed his pale ivory skin to show through. His nose was the perfect divider between his icy blue eyes that were protected by long blonde lashes and very thick eyebrows. His wavy blonde hair was slicked to the back and rested on his shirt collar.


"I-I'm sorry sir what was that."

"I hope you don't mind I am going to wait for the coffee." He repeated with a smirk.

"No Sir, it will be done shortly. However, I can make your cup and bring it to you. I am sure you have better things to do than to wait for the coffee." she said trying not to sound too nervous.

She really could not understand the flush feeling she was experiencing. Mia had not been attracted to white men before, I mean she had seen a few attractive ones in her day but actually wanting to be intimate with one, had never crossed her mind. So what was it about Mr. Stevenson?

She switches her weight from side to side, wondering if she should keep the conversation going.

On second thought, Miss Hawkins, I think I will allow you to bring it to me, if the offer still stands. I could use the time to send some emails before my next meeting."

"Sure, Mr. Stevenson, How do you take it?"

"Three sugars and one cream, please." He smiled and he turned on his heels and walked back the way he came.

For a moment, Mia felt a twinge of sadness to see him leave. She wanted him to stay. She wanted to be near him. She shook her head and thought to herself, Stick to your pay grade, girlie.

She watched as the coffee began to fill the coffee pot. Her mind thinking about how sensual Mr. Stevenson looked standing in the door, and how her body reacted to him being there. Just the thought of making coffee for him sent chills up her spine. A smile crept across her face when she thought about his smile as he left. A smile that gave a glimpse of a side of him she had never been privileged to see. She allowed herself to think about what he would look like in the morning after a great night's sleep. How that masculine face would look after a sexual encounter.

"Hey Mia"

Mia turned to see the receptionist Lucy walking into the break room.

"Hey yourself."

"You seemed to be lost in your thoughts. Everything okay?" she questioned looking slightly concerned as she placed her lunch in the refrigeration.

"Oh Yes, just dreaming." Mia smiled shyly.

"Well, a girl can dream." she said as she got some bottled water and headed back through the door.

Mia opened the cabinet, took out two mugs down, and poured coffee into them. She got three sugars and a cream for Mitchell's coffee and two sugars and two creams for hers. Carefully picking up both mugs, she headed for Mitchell's office. Her hands trembled and she slowed her pace so as not to spill the coffee. When she arrived at Mitchell's office, she sat her coffee down in the reception area outside his office and approached the door. She could hear him talking on the phone and became a bit nervous about going in. She did not want to disturb him in case his meeting had begun. However, he was waiting for his coffee she mused. She lightly knocked on his partly closed door. He looked up and waved her in with a warm smile.

As she approached his desk, she noticed that he did not take his eyes off her. She swallowed and made a concerted effort to walk slow enough to not spill the coffee and tried not to look too self-conscious. She felt her body reacting to his gaze. She felt herself becoming warm. She smiled as she placed his coffee on the desk and turned to walk out.

"Just a minute, Mia."

Mia's breath caught and she turned to face him again. She now realized her earlier assessment of him paled in comparison to what she was seeing now. Although he was not a pretty man like a Brad Pitt or Matt Bomer but he had the manly charm of a Kirk Russell. She exhales as he stands up to approach her. Her thighs pressed together instinctively.

"You have some fuzz in your hair." he said reaching up to pull a tiny piece of lint from her hair.

"Thanks, Mr. Stevenson." Mia said blushing. Inside she was about to die, this man was too close to her and everything in her was urging her to grab him and not let him go.

He smiled at her and said, "Now, that's better." He turned as if he was going to go back to his desk "Are you busy, this evening?"

"Pardon me Sir?" Mia said not understanding his question or if she had heard what he said.

"Do you have plans this evening?" He said turning to face Mia now.


"Are you asking me a question or are you confirming that you don't have plans?."

"No. I don't have plans." Mia said wondering where he was going with this question.

"Good. I would like to take you to dinner tonight." he said in a matter of fact tone.

"Sir?" Mia said shyly "Do you think that is a good idea?"

"Yes, Actually I do. I have noticed you around the office and because of the office gossips; I know that you are not in a relationship right now. So I would like to get to know you outside the office. Is this okay with you?"

"U-um Sir..."

"Call me Mitchell or Mitch."

"U-Um Mitchell, I would not want people to gossip about things that would not look well on my resume. I try very hard to keep my personal and professional life separate."

"I respect that, but here's the thing, you are a single woman and a very attractive one at that. I am a single man, we have to eat and why not do it together. I can tell you find me attractive and I hope you can see that I find you attractive. I want to get to know you and I don't know any better way than to have a meal and a nice conversation. Where it goes from there, well we are both adults."

"Yes Mitchell, we are but..."

"But nothing, It's just one meal."

"I guess you are right. Sure, I would like to have dinner with you."

"Good, so we are on for tonight?"

"Yes. What time?"

"Let's say I pick you up at your house around 8:30?"

"8:30 it is" Mia said as she turned to leave the office. Stepping outside of his office and walking a few steps from his door, she mouthed "Oh my God!"


Mia was sitting on her couch waiting for Mitchell to arrive. She still had 30 minutes to wait. It was an understatement to say that she was overly anxious. Mitchell was a great catch, she would not let herself think of any "what if" scenarios. This was just a dinner date and nothing more. But she could feel her body betraying her. Every time she thought of him, her insides would clench and her stomach would do a flip-flop. If the truth be known and he said he wanted to have sex, he would not get the complete sentence out of his mouth before she would be undressed and ready to go.

At 8:25, her doorbell rang. She stood and straightened her clothes, took a deep breath, and told herself to relax. Game on, she thought and walked over to the door.


The next day at work, Mia daydreamed about how well they were able to communicate on their date. A few times, she thought he might extend their date to a nightcap, but he was the perfect gentleman. That had not stopped Mia from touching herself thinking about his lips, his baritone voice, and those long slender fingers.

It was all she could do to relieve the pressure from being in his presence.

She passed his office a few times hoping to catch a glimpse of him. However, he had not been in the office for most of the day, and when he finally did come in, his door was shut. Damn, she wanted to see him, to talk to him.

At the end of the workday, she busied herself with filing invoices to pass the time and knowing that she was behind with her filing it would take a few minutes pass 5 to get them all done. Her plan was to appear busy working when he decided to leave for the day. She hoped that he would spot her and stop to chat.

At 5 minutes to five, her intercom rang. It was Mitchell's assistant.

"Mia, Mr. Stevenson would like to see you in his office."

"Oh, I was catching up on some filing. Does he need me this instant?"

"Stop by before you leave."

"Oh ok. Sure thing, do I need to bring anything with me?"

"He didn't mention anything but I would bring something to take notes with. I am sure he will give you a list of things that need to be done with some deadlines."

"Great. I will see him in a few."

Mia hung up the phone, grabbed her purse from her bottom drawer, and headed for the bathroom.


When Mia arrived at Mitchell's office, his assistant was already gone. She had her notebook and pen in her hand and quietly knocked on the door.

"It's open, please come in."

Mia opened the door walking in self-consciously. She was hoping that he was calling her to talk about the date they had the night before and how he would like to see her again. It was silly to think this way but she felt that there was a real connection between them.

Silly girl this man is your boss's boss's boss. He does not see you as a potential girlfriend. If anything, he will use you and toss you aside like an old suit. So many thoughts were racing through her mind.

"Oh great, I glad you are here Mia. How was your day?" Mitchell asked glancing up from his computer.

"Good. Thanks for asking. You wanted me to stop by?"

"Yes, I have been thinking about our dinner last night and I enjoyed your company. I was hoping we go do it again soon."

"Soon?" Mia said as she swallowed hard.

"Yes, what are your thoughts about dating someone from the office and more importantly, do you date white men?"

Mia almost fainted where she stood. Was she hearing him right? He was considering taking her out again. Even more surprising he was using the word "dating" as in having a relationship with her. She had mixed feelings. She wanted this, but she had never dated a white guy, let alone dated someone she worked with. Somehow, the idea excited but terrified her.

"Well, Mia?" Mitchell said bringing her out of her reverie.

"I never thought about dating someone I worked with, especially not someone of your status. As for a white man, no I have never dated a white man but I would assume a man is a man regardless of the color of his skin." she admitted.

"There is just something especially hot about a white man and a black woman. I would love to share that experience with you. I would like to explore and see where this will go. I must admit I have dated women of all nationalities, except a black woman but I do fantasize often about being with a black woman, well honestly, I fantasize about being with you."

Oh My, Mia thought to herself, she could feel her body heat rising. Mr. Stevenson was admitting he was attracted to her and that his attraction was a physical one among other things. Mia enjoyed the thought of exploring the unknown with him.

"Let's sit over on he couch and discuss our options." Mitchell said rising from his chair and extending his hands out in the direction of the black leather couch near the window in his office.

Mia walked over and sat on the couch, now very much aware that her panties were moist just from the thought of her being the object of his fantasy.

"I have to admit, I have had a fantasy of my own about you." Mia said breaking the silence.

"Really, you will have to tell me about it, right now, I want to know what you are thinking about what I said." Mitchell said sitting next to her but leaving a small space between them.

"Mr. Stevenson, I..."

"Mia, if we are going to be in a relationship, I would prefer you call me Mitchell or Mitch." He said interrupting her. "At the office you can still call me Mr. Stevenson, if you wish but I am hoping to make you my lover, which would mean us being intimate with her other. I hope you agree Mr. Stevenson, isn't intimate."

Mia nodded.

"I 'm sorry Mitchell, I would love to explore a relationship with you. However, I need my job." Mia said shyly, averting her eyes from his and looking down at her lap.

Mitchell leaned in and took her chin into his hands, noticing the contrast of her skin against his olive complexion. He slightly tilted her head to bring her eyes level with his. "Your job would not be in jeopardy at any time. Should we not work out, you will still have your job here and any promotions will continue to depend on the merit of your work. I can write up a contract of whatever you need to prove that what I am saying to you is true."

"That will not be necessary; I will take your word for it." Mia said softly.

"Do we have a deal? Will you be my mine?" Mitchell entreated.


Mitchell leaned in and kissed her softly on her lips. The kiss grew more and more passionate and deeper. Mia could feel his tongue seeking entry and she conceded, and his tongue explored her mouth. She could feel her blood heating and she returned his kiss with her own passion. Mai wanted him badly. She wanted Mitchell and from his kiss, he wanted her. He reluctantly pulled away from her mouth and looked her in the eyes for what seemed like an eternity before he spoke.

"Mia, it's taking all my self-control not to fuck you right here on this couch." He murmured

"Mitchell, I wouldn't mind if you did." Mia assured him.

He gazed at her, his eyes full of lust and desire. Mia could feel her nipples pressing against her blouse. She licked her lips and swallowed, his gaze was so intense. Just when she thought, he was going to kiss her again, he stood up and walked over to his desk.

Mia felt her disappointment take over from her passion. She was about to stand to leave when he turned and looked at her again.

"Well, let's get you naked then." He said as he walked over to the office door and locks it.

Mia smiles not caring that she looks like a child on Christmas morning. This was her man, and she wanted to have him. She did not want to wait.

Mitchell walks back to the couch and reaches his hand out to Mia. She takes his hand and he lifts her from the couch. He stares at her searching her eyes for regret or doubt. Mia senses his hesitation and again assures him.

"I want this, I want you."

He closes his eyes, as the words seem to release him. He lets out a low growl and pulls her up against him, one hand at her back holding her to him and the other hand tilts her chin up to give his lips access to her mouth and he plants a swift rough kiss on her lips.

"Turn around," he whispers against her lips.

Mia did as he said. He steps closer to her so her body is flush against his. He undoes her ponytail so that her curly locks fall free and rest on her shoulders.

"You hair is so soft. Your brown skins is so beautiful, I can't wait to see you naked."

Mia heart begins to thump, desire coursing through her body and he has not touched her yet. There is a stirring deep down in her belly. He scoops her hair to one side and kisses her neck. He places his index finger at the nape of her neck and slowly drags it in a circular motion. He plants another kiss on her neck, trailing soft kisses up her neck to her ear.

"Unbutton your blouse," he whispers in her ear as he takes her earlobe into his mouth.

Mia starts to unbutton her blouse. She notices that he is watching her through the window and this makes her feel desirable and turns her on even more. Her breathing changes becoming shallow, rushed, full of expectation. She could see his need for her in his eyes.

She begins to remove her blouse and exposes her bare shoulders. He watches her closely as more of her red satin bra and the tops of her breasts came into view. He slowly lowers his head to kiss, lick and suck his way across her shoulder continuing across to her other shoulder. The sensation is so tantalizing to Mia. He obviously has practiced the art of seduction and does it well. Her body resonates, and she starts to squirm languidly against the touch of his lips.

He now moves his hands around and cups her breasts.

"Did you know red is my favorite color? Your skin looks so tasty underneath this bra. It's so smooth and soft."

Mia felt her nipples pucker and strain against her bra, as if they were trying to be touched. Then he traced her bra back to the hooks and she felt him undo the them. Hooking his fingers into the bra straps on each shoulder he slide it down her arms until it dropped and pooled at her feet along with her blouse.

"Hmm, so beautiful, you are going to be my favorite chocolate treat." He said as he reached around to cup her breast again. This time he tweaked her nipples.

He reached for her arms and stroked her skin softly as he raised her arms up.

"Put your arms around my head." He murmurs against her neck.

Mia did not hesitate to do what he said. Again, his hands were cupping her breasts but this time her breasts pushed into his hands and her nipples hardened even further. She weaved her fingers into his hair and leaned her head to the side, giving him full access to her neck and he wasted no time, planting soft kisses there.

"Mmm." Mia moaned as the sensation registers sharp and clear in her groin.

"You are excited, aren't you?" he asked.

He pinched her nipples harder and her body writhed against his body. He gasped at the pleasure of her sudden movements. Mia could feel his erection and that only added to her arousal. She arches her back to force her breasts into his expert hands.

"You like this don't you, baby?"

"Yes, I do."

"Mmm, so do I."

He intently kneads her breasts and pulls, twists and caresses her nipples. Mia grinds her behind against him. He grins and his hands move down to her hips. He begins to mirror her movements. Then he steadies himself, slides his hands to the back of her skirt, and unzips it slowly. He then tugs it and it too drops down to pool around her feet.

Mitchell pushed Mia back onto the large leather couch, as she fell, her legs opened, and he got a good view of her red satin panties He gasped at the contrast of her mocha skin and the material of the panties. He licked his lips. He wanted to taste her.

The evidence of her shaven pussy was still there even though there was a touch of light fur growing over her black slit. It was soft, like the wool of a baby lamb. After touching it with his hand, he moved his face down to it.

"I can smell your excitement," Mitchell told her. Then he bent down and using his tongue licked her from bottom to top. "You taste so good."

"Do you have any idea how much I have thought about this? How much I want you right now?" he whispers as he gently blows on her clit.

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