As I try to believe what she had just said, she faced Trent, took his hands and led him to the middle of the room and worked on getting his pants off as she slowly lowered herself to her knees, showing me that French lace under her beautiful round ass.

She slid his pants off and suddenly his manhood came to view. He was already hard and was a little more in girth and length than me like over 9" with a large mushroom head. She looked at it while lovingly caressing it with her left hand. Then she leaned forward slowly and opened her mouth for his cock, which sent his head up in ecstasy. Her right hand then goes down to gently massage his balls while she engulfs half of his cock down her wet throat while also stroking it.

Moans escape his lips as well as muffled ones from her own because his firm hardness filled her mouth to the point where her lips were stretched. Her right hand leaves his sack and reverts back to the opening between her legs. She now speeds up her piston movements on his shaft while rubbing her pussy, which, in turn, makes them both moan louder.

She slowly slid her mouth off of his cock but continued to stroke it with her hand that was wet from her saliva and his pre cum. She told him to lie on the floor and then stood up.

Before he lay down, he removed his shirt and she slid up to him. Her palms rubbed over his sweaty, muscular pecs and then she leaned up to give him an open mouth kiss while delicately twisting his nipples.

Saliva trailed their tongues as he separated from her in a painfully erotic moan. He started to lie down without moving his eyes away from because she spread her legs shoulder width apart and slowly reached for the sash of her robe.

With a wicked smile, she started to sway in a burlesque tone, opened her robe and let it slide down her body. She then ran her shaking hands over her bra covered breasts to the center hook and opened up her bra slowly to expose her tits with nipples so hard, you could probably break them off if you weren't careful.

She then stood still, placed her hands on her hips, and erotically slid them under the band of her virgin white panties and continued the decent down to her ankles, while sashaying her hips, and stepped out of them in a manner that would put any stripper veteran to shame. She then stood there triumphantly in only her garter belt, nylons and high heeled shoes. I almost came in my pants without touching myself!

I pried my eyes away from her reluctantly to see what Trent's reaction was and he was on one elbow, eyes floating up and down her body, while a hand was stroking his cock with a face of pure awe. He saw her lowering herself so he spread his legs to accommodate her approach.

She knelt between his legs and ran her hands slowly up from his ankles to his groin and replaced his hand with both hers. Then she braced herself with one hand while the other worked in unison with her mouth in a piston motion on his pole.

Then she jutted her ass high in the air as if to invite me over. I stood up, removed my clothes and approached her in total amazement that this was really happening. I knelt behind her without taking my eyes off of that delectable ass and put both hands on each globe. From the sounds of her increased moans, it was just what she wanted. I took my steel-hard dick and entered her drenched pussy. In seconds, the three of us were in unison. I was pounding forward on my thrusts which made her mouth impale itself over his entire cock - something I didn't think she could do.

Within a minute, I hear "OH OH OH OH..." in an escalating series of pitches that could only mean one thing I knew from past experience. As I'm holding her hips, she released all of her pent up sexual energy to start crying in an orgasm like no other. Her head thrashed from side to side, her body flailing around within my grasp and she shrieked "AH AH AH AH AH" over and over in abandonment.

Trent and I didn't want this to end but we also knew she must have been spent but in another amazing shocker, Lori moves forward so I pop out of her and says "I need you both in me NOW"!!!

She moved forward, grasped his cock in determination like a possessed nymphomaniac, and aimed it between her legs. I thought his larger size would cause her to pause but after a few tries, she covered his slick cock with her drenched pussy. Her head jerked up as if in pain but then she whipped it back down and said "you're cock is SO BIG and feels SO damn good"!!

She then planted her hands on his rippled chest and started to bounce up and down on his tanned beach body recklessly. He reaches up and cups her bouncing tits and makes her moan loudly "AHHHHHH" by tweaking her stiff nipples. After a few minutes she leans forward, stops her lower body, and gives him a sweat-lathered kiss of pure animal lust. She then turned to me and said "fuck my ass dammit"!

I should have been hesitant - wondering if she really said that but we were all so caught up that it just happened. I moved forward, placed my head on her rosebud, and slid my hardness in slowly. I expected her to tell me to stop or chicken out but all I heard from the wet-haired voice under me was "OMG yeah"!

I can't explain the state at that point. It was all a blur. The air, the moment, the primal sounds coming from all of us. It was as if it were all surreal. We were as one, moving and grabbing and digging into flesh and pounding with such fervor....

You couldn't have planned the crescendo better because suddenly Trent said "I'm gonna... I'm gonna..."! And Lori's pitch gets louder and higher and I said "I'm gonna CUM"! and the room reverberates with screams and shouts that had to have been heard throughout the hotel as we all came together.

I thought I was going to pass out so I watched as my spent cock left her swollen hole and leaned to the right to lie next to them. As I went down, I looked at her and I thought she did pass out in a heap on top of Trent. Both bodies heaving up and down frantically gasping for air with spasms of ecstasy combined.

I must have gone to a place by myself because I open my eyes in alarm and turn to look at them but they weren't there! I hear the shower running so I assume she took a shower and he left.

When I stagger up and look around the room, I noticed that his clothes were still in the room.... Continued on the next entry...

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We did it in Hawaii

Met a young guy from New Zealand out by the pool. The wife got tipsy, we ended up in his room having drinks. Then the guy's wife showed up, wow.
She had it figured out in seconds, just came over andmore...

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