tagFetishMichelle at the Beach Ch. 03

Michelle at the Beach Ch. 03


We left Michelle heading back to the pavilion where Robert and his company are waiting. In this episode a game of Truth or Dare leads to more watersports.

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Seeing Michelle coming over the dune Robert smiled. She had pleased him this afternoon and he knew that his punishment had had its intended affect. While Michelle's bent was to be completely monogamous, and her history was one where she had practically always had only one male sexual friend at a time and, in fact she'd been married for just over 20 years and had never cheated on her husband, allowing more than one man to use her was tantamount to breaking her down completely. It went against her 'girl next door' opinion she had had of herself. And she particularly had had a difficult time with his requirement to acquiesce to men's requests, to accommodate them as it were, and to be completely submissive and then to tell him of her actions. This, it seemed, was the final frontier for her. Before Robert she'd always been in control sexually. She had been from very early on aware of her sexuality and men's desire to have her and inside of this she had also manipulated men in her life. All she had to do was not do anything and men tended to become blithering slugs wanting to mate.

I suppose it would help to describe Michelle at this point. Michelle, when you Google red-haired MILF, is the woman that shows up. A woman's body -- not that of a girl, with curves which remind one of Marilyn Monroe but not quite so exaggerated. Auburn hair bordering on red and shoulder length, her cheekbones high and her eyes not the typical blue of red haired ladies but a golden light brown giving her an exotic look that is so very rare. For those into numbers, Michelle is just under 5'4" and 115 -- a size 2 with curves, a 26 inch waist and 32 C bust with hips that round out to a beautifully shaped rear. It isn't only her stunningly good looks, but the way she carries herself. The daughter of a prominent physician and the former wife of a congressional candidate, she'd grown up inside of cotillion and junior league, and as an adult had dined at the White House as well as too many charity balls to count. She was, in everyone's estimation, quite the lady.

And then she met Robert. Robert brought out the inner slut in Michelle. The woman who actually craved submission, a certain amount of pain, and even being used... some might say abused. She couldn't put her finger on why it came out with him, but it did, and in ways she'd never have guessed. Ultimately though, she loved who Robert had allowed her to be, what he had guided her to open up to, and how he didn't judge her, but accepted who she was and opened her up to even more of it.

"You OK?" Robert queried.

"Yes, yes just fine. Thank you." Michelle smiled coquettishly and kissed Robert's cheek giving him a hug from the side as she did so.

Robert loved the way Michelle felt when she held him with her breasts on either side of his chest, her arms around him. He smiled when her left hand dropped in front of his body and into his swim trunks holding his cock lightly as she did so.

"I'd like you to attend to our guests, Michelle."

"Certainly.. Is there anything in particular you'd like me to provide?"

"No, just do what you do best. Make them feel welcome."

"Of course."

Michelle didn't call Robert 'Master' or even 'Sir when they were out socially, that was left for the fetish clubs or the times when they played at home, but the implication was there and she understood the rules and abided by them most all the time. Her disobedience had been the reason for the golden shower of earlier. Michelle had been to a function Robert held at an upscale restaurant and one of his guests had felt ignored by her in a conversation. That wouldn't have been enough for the punishment she'd just experienced but when Robert brought it to Michelle's attention she had defended her actions rather than accepting his assessment and offering to clean up the mess she'd created.

As much as they needed one another -- a master cannot be a master without someone subservient and a submissive cannot truly be submissive without a master -- and as much as Michelle loved her place in their relationship, it was the fact that she knew he would always protect her and that she was first in line in his life that allowed her to experience all the ways he created for her to give in to her innate submissive nature.

So it was that when he took her to the dune and told her to go down on him that she thought it was just an opportunity to have some public fun. She had had no idea what she was in for. To have two men, men she didn't know at that, pee on her was the ultimate humiliation. Robert had provided her with golden showers from time to time, ever since she confided in him that it was one of her fantasies. But this, this had been beyond her fantasy world. The men had just used her almost as a toilet, and then left. Just left.

So now, when he asked her to take care of the guests she knew she would do whatever showed up to please them.

Pat and George were chatting at the nearby picnic table with their wives Penny and Adrienne while the four of them set the tables. Pat managed the offices of firm that competed with Robert's and George was one of his most productive brokers. Pat was trying to lure Robert over to his firm and had brought some fantastic Italian wines and a trio of bottles of Veuve Clicquot, Robert and Michelle's favorite champagne. He was a tall man, around 6'3" and had the body of someone who had been athletic but now was a touch over optimum weight. His wife, like Michelle, took care of herself, was in her mid 50's and looked much younger. She was bright, pretty, and self assured. George and Adrienne were a couple that seemed a touch out of place. While George was fit, a marathon runner which happened to be a body style that Michelle didn't care for preferring her men to be bigger, more like Pat and Robert, Adrienne was chunky. An almost homely woman, coupled with a sharp tongue and a bit of a chip on her shoulder.

Michelle strolled over to where they were chatting and asked if there was anything the four of them would like. Robert cooking the steaks on the grill looked over to see the conversation.

While he couldn't hear the conversation, what Robert saw was interesting enough. He saw Michelle in her bikini top that was just a hair too large for her and allowed her breasts to bounce nicely inside of it and also allowed someone to see directly into her top from the right angle and check out her perfectly formed nipples. This is exactly what he saw Pat doing as they chatted.

Robert smiled to himself as he saw Pat, his hand on Michelle's shoulder checking Michelle out and Michelle looking up at him knowing exactly what he was doing and allowing it. He saw Michelle put her hand on Pat's chest, laugh, and then turn to George. George was on the other side of the picnic table with a beer in one hand and the other straightening out the cutlery that was laid out there.

Robert watched as Michelle leaned over the table, her breasts nearly falling out of her top, she straightened out the silverware George had been laying down and looked up at him while leaning over the table. "Can I get you anything, George?"

George, loving the view, said "No, I think you're doing a great job. Obviously I'm not great at place settings so maybe just the rest of them."

"No problem." Michelle continued to lean over the table and work on each of the place settings. When she did, her breasts wiggled lusciously almost as if she had nothing on at all but more than that, it was almost as if the bikini top were a plate holding up a gourmet meal of breasts, displaying them as a French chef would plate a fabulous entrée.

When she was done with this, she went to where Adrienne and Penny were now taking out the condiments and side dishes. "May I help you two?"

"I think we have it covered dear." Penny responded. "But I tell you what, I'd love a glass of the Veuve."

"Me too." chimed in Adrienne.

"Coming right up." Michelle chirped and left to grab the champagne.

When she turned around she saw George and Pat had sauntered over to where Robert was finishing up the steaks. Since that was where the coolers were too, she headed that direction to serve up champagne for the ladies. Robert saw Pat's eyes turn away from the conversation and knew what he was looking at instinctively. When Michelle arrived the three of them were all turned her way. She smiled at them and said "The ladies want champagne." and, as Pat lifted the lid of the cooler for her both as a gentleman, and wanting a better vantage point, she bent over to pick up the first bottle of the evening.

George watching this with Robert couldn't help but think that Pat had made the wrong choice. The thin sari-like wrap around that Michelle was wearing slipped between her cheeks and laid there giving a perfect silhouette of her fantastic behind. From the way it sat between her cheeks it was obvious that either she had on a thong, or nothing at all (which actually was the case) and George nearly choked on the beer he was sipping. "Nice." he thought. "That's nice."

"Do you think one is colder than the others, Pat?" Michelle asked.

Pat leaned over putting one hand on Michelle's hip as he reached in testing first one bottle then the other two. "No, I think they're all about the same." and as the two of them raised up his hand grazed the whole of Michelle's bottom copping a feel of that perfectly round ass for the first time tonight.

After the glasses were filled, Michelle having her own concoction of soda, cranberry juice and bitters, the group seated themselves at the picnic table that sat only six. Pat suggested that he and Penny sit across from one another since they were married longest and she smiled knowing that he was trying to entice Robert to join his firm. What she didn't know was that, right now, enticing Robert was very far from Pat's mind. What was on his mind was Michelle.

So there they were Robert, Michelle, and Pat across from George, Penny, and Adrienne and the conversation started.

Pat started to say something and then stopped. Putting his hand on Michelle's thigh he said "Oh, we didn't set up the wine. I bought some great Italian reds. Should go fantastic with these steaks." He noticed that his hand wasn't on the wrap she was wearing, rather it was on the oh so smooth skin on the top of her thigh. What he didn't know was that one of the rules Robert had for her was that her skirt had to stay where it lay when she sat down. With this wrap dropping to the side on her right where Pat was sitting it left her nearly nude on that side. With that he gave her thigh a little squeeze and got up to gather the wine.

"Nice, I love Italian reds -- especially Barolo's with meat. You don't even need to drink them, all you need to do is stick your nose in and breathe in and you are transformed into another world." Robert's right hand was on Michelle's other thigh touching it softly as he spoke.

Adrienne "I don't know why anyone drinks anything other than champagne, or single malt. Everything else is just ... what's left after you drank something good."

George winced and touched Adrienne under the table. She looked at him with a glare and said quietly, but sternly in his ear "What?" Everyone heard her.

"Let's tone it down for tonight, please?" he whispered back.

Adrienne pinched his leg, "Sure honey, whatever you say."

With that Pat came back with bottles of Barolo, Brunello, and a Montepulciano that was to die for. He opened that one first went round the table to serve some to George and Robert, Penny and Adrienne still sipping their Veuve. Well Adrienne wasn't sipping hers she was on her second glass already and didn't have a reputation for holding her liquor well. When Pat came to Robert's side he made sure he was on Robert's right his hand on Michelle's shoulder as he poured and his eyes much lower as soon as he finished.

Sitting now Pat turned, leaned forward a touch and asked Robert "So Robert tell me something great about your lovely lady." As he did this his left hand slid over Michelle's thigh and, not noticing any resistance on her part, started to softly stroke it up and down loving the feel of her smooth skin. Michelle turned and looked at him without saying a word and then turned to Robert as he responded.

"Well, what is there to say? Michelle and I have a unique relationship and one that I cherish. Where most men seem to want something they don't have I'm quite sure that Michelle goes out of her way to please me. She goes out of her way to put a smile on my face even if it seems hard for her to begin with. She is a woman most men dream of."

"Wow! That's a pretty serious complement." George said a bit taken aback that Robert had such high praise of his lady when he was having such second thoughts about Adrienne himself.

Pat, whose hand was now nearly at the triangle of Michelle's legs, his little finger just touching the last of the bright red pubic hair that Michelle had so neatly trimmed agreed. "That sure is high praise. Penny is a great wife and she did a phenomenal job with the girls growing up... you know I'd probably have to say she really goes out of her way for me too." His finger now at the fold between Michelle's legs stroking up and down close to her wetness.

Penny responded "Pat, that's really nice. Thank you." then "A toast. To great couples." raising her glass and each of the other participants raising theirs they reached to the middle of the table to clink glasses. For those close to one another the toasting was easy but to cross the table Robert had to stand slightly and clink Adrienne's glass. When he retreated, Pat, too, rose slightly and reached across but, when he did, his left hand slipped further down and cupped Michelle's ruby triangle a finger pressing into her vagina slightly "To you, my sweet wife." tapping his glass to Penny's he blew her a kiss as he played with Michelle so surreptitiously.

When he sat, his hand still in Michelle's lap she lightly put her hand over his and then lifted it up and placed it on his lap. She started to pat it as one might to quietly say "stay put." and when she did, he slipped his hand over hers and placed it on his thigh. He 'dressed left' and this had the effect of placing her hand directly on top of his quickly growing penis.

Michelle gave him a quick squeeze and then said quietly to him "I need my hand please." He released her hand which she moved over the table and picked up her knife to cut into her steak.

As dinner went on he conversation got livelier as the bottles of champagne and wine got emptier, until finally the evening had devolved into a sort of 'Truth or dare' game. The subject quickly shifted to truth or dare about sex and the strangest things they had ever done as a couple. Penny and Pat were first and Penny divulged that Pat loved it when she dressed provocatively when they went out of town. That she felt he was a bit of a closet voyeur.

George and Adrienne were next and George deferred to his now somewhat acerbic wife. Adrienne said she thought it was a pretty intrusive question "You answer it, George."

George, not wanting to upset Adrienne any more than she already was said "We're pretty vanilla but I think I'd have to say that she's ... Owww!" Adrienne pinched him hard on his leg.

Michelle piped up "It's ok... it's just a game. You don't have to tell. But then you might just lose."

So it came to Robert and Michelle. Robert smiled. "Michelle enjoys holding me when I relieve myself."

Michelle startled, winced, but then smiled. Knowing her place she said "I do. It was a fantasy of mine for some time and one day he just brought me into the bathroom and let me hold him while he peed. It was the greatest thing ever."

Penny laughed "I could never do that with Pat, but I know he'd love it." "I think I'd do it wrong and get piss all over the bathroom."

"I almost did myself." Michelle responded "but Robert was patient with me and let me learn." then... "Would you like me to show you?" and the gauntlet was laid.

Pat spoke up quickly "Well, I need to go now so there's no better time."

Looking at each other they all silently stood, then started laughing as they, all six of them, walked to the men's room.

Once inside Michelle looked at Robert who, rather than come forward for her to take him into her hand said "You'll have to give them the whole experience." and she nodded acceding to his quiet demand. Pat started to move toward the urinal and pull his zipper down when Michelle put her hand over his stopping him. She kneeled down, and raised her hands one holding the top of his pants and the other pulling down his zipper.

Michelle reached into his shorts, pulled down his boxers in front and gently unfolded his dick from its enclosure. She held it softly in her hand, not squeezing as Robert had taught her. Penny was watching her closely now, surprised with all that was happening but also a bit tipsy and curious. "So now what?" she asked.

"Now we wait for him."

Pat, though he really needed to go, was so shocked by what was happening that he didn't know whether to pee, or jam his semi-erect penis into those gorgeous lips that were so close. Knowing in the back of his mind that the latter would certainly be the cause for a quick, but extremely expensive divorce, he closed his eyes and relaxed. A stream of golden urine came gushing out of him and Michelle aimed it purposely at the urinal making sure that as little as possible splashed out though some of it at first did and she felt the droplets hit her on her face, chest and thighs. It seemed like he peed forever and the girls both Adrienne and Penny watched intensely. George was mesmerized by what was going on and Robert just smiled.

When Pat was finally done he started to reach down to tap the end of his dick as was his habit but Michelle stopped him "No, getting the last drops off is my job." and, to his amazement she leaned forward and put her lips around the end of his cock sucking it in her beautiful mouth and twirling he tongue around the head and the slit where his pee had just finished coming from. Michelle, on her own, took him deeply into her mouth once and pulled his length with her lips as she retreated kissing the tip of his cock before tucking it in his shorts.

Adrienne, visibly upset and with more than a little anger at this display shoved George forward. "You want her to do you too?!" "Go ahead, Michelle, do him too. It's the last time it'll ever happen for him."

Michelle looked at Robert who wasn't watching her, rather he was looking outside for the moment. Not sure of what to do next she reached up and asked George "Do you want me to do you too?"

"Oh... yes, yes I do."

You could hear a pin drop.

George was wearing swim trunks so Michelle pulled them down over his hips and buttocks freeing his dick which was much smaller than Pat or Robert's. Flaccid it was only perhaps a couple of inches long and she wasn't sure how to hold it. But she reached up and took him in her hand palm down and aimed him. Her holding him had the effect of exciting him and he started to grow before her eyes and his smell was one which she breathed in and loved. Holding him with her thumb and two fingers she aimed him toward the urinal and he started to pee. Just as his flow was unleashing, something bumped into Michelle and she slipped forward her face now in the direct stream of George's piss. Adrienne jumped and laughed. Michelle quickly righted herself but was soaked now with George's piss. Still she finished her job. She nuzzled her face on George's thigh moving the wet hair out of her face and then leaned forward as she had done for Pat and pulled his now semi-erect penis into her mouth.

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