tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMichelle Meets a Transexual

Michelle Meets a Transexual


Hopping off the Harley, Michelle was taking her helmet off and dragging her fingers through her knotted hair as she spoke – "I've got to brush my hair Robert, if feels like a flock of finches has built a home in here and I'm afraid they're going to have little ones hatch any minute."

"No problem Sugarplum. I'll grab a beer and wait for you." knowing that this could be a while, Michelle was meticulous about her hair and it often took her 20 minutes or more of messing with to get it where she wanted it.

"Thanks sweetheart, I won't be long."

That was before she entered the ladies room, sat in front of the mirror and got a good look at the Gordian knot that was her current coiffure. Looking at herself she thought "This is going to take a while."

Just then one of the stalls opened up and a tall, lanky brunette emerged wearing a miniskirt that just barely reached levels of decency and a top that was unbuttoned to reveal more than ample cleavage. Michelle felt a kinship almost immediately.

"Oh honey, you are a mess..." Trish, the brunette, said to Michelle who thought the same thing. "Here, let me help you with that."

Before Michelle could protest, her brush was in Trish's hand and she was pulling at the bottom of Michelle's knotted strands. "You've got gorgeous hair Sugar, but you're treating it like a teenage boy treats his first car. It's a love/hate thing girl."

Trish's voice sounded like a girlfriend Michelle used to have when she was in high school. A cheerleader's voice, husky but sexy. "You just sit there girl. Let me work on this a bit." Michelle sat obediently in the chair provided for the ladies who came into the lounge to touch up their make up as Trish continued her tugging and stroking.

"What did you do girl?"

"I was on a bike all afternoon and we finally stopped for some lunch and a drink. I should have tucked my hair away, or at least put it in a beret, but that's water over the dam now."

"You can say that again girl. You'll be lucky if you don't have to cut these knots out."

It was a quiet day at the Kick It Inn, and the ladies room had only the two of them in it. The music from the juke box was piped in

"Can't buy me lo-ove..."

Michelle was trying to drag her fingers through the hair on the sides of her head while Trish was working and her arms were up when she bumped into Trish's crotch. "Oops, excuse me."

"No problem girl... Now, this is going to take a bit, do you want me to keep calling you 'girl' or do you have a name you'd like me to use honey?"

"Michelle, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. And, thank you for helping me." then "I don't know your name either."

"Trish... the dish." Trish laughed softly at her little joke.

"Well thank you again, Trish."

Trish worked on the strands on the other side of Michelle's head and, when she did, she pressed her body closely on Michelle.

'Something's off' Michelle thought to herself.

Trish continued to work on the other side of Michelle's head and moved back and forth as she did so and Michelle could distinctly feel a bulge where no bulge should be. Confused but enjoying the attention, she tried to think what the heck the bulge could be.

"You alright, Michelle?" Trish asked.

"Yeah." Michelle responded quizzically. "Just thinking."

"What you thinking, girl?" Trish pressed closer on Michelle's shoulder and that threw Michelle off even more. The aroma. Michelle knew that aroma anywhere. It was covered up for the most part by Trish's expensive fragrances, but it was still there, the smell of a man.

"I'm a little embarrassed." Michelle responded "You smell like you just had sex."

"Just had sex!!! Yeah, that'll be the day!" Trish laughed heartily at the comment. "So where did you get that idea?"

"Well" haltingly "I love men and the smell of a man... 'there', and you smell like you've just had sex with someone and it's making me really horny."

Trish laughed again. "So you love that smell, huh?"

"Oh yes, it does me in."

"Hang on honey, you're in for a surprise."

'Huh' Michelle thought and just as the thought went through her head, Trish stopped brushing and, with both hands, lifted the miniskirt up and pulled her white silk panties down. A beautiful, perfect, 6" cock jumped out and hit Michelle on the cheek. She was so shocked she turned her head more towards Trish and was nose to eye with Trish's one eyed lizard. "Oh my GOD!" Jumping back as far as the chair would allow, which wasn't much, Michelle stared at the dick in her face, then quickly up at Trish's face, back down, and back up again. "Holy shit!" Her mouth slightly open from the surprise, Trish's dick now slapped up against Michelle's lip.

Trish had already tucked her panties underneath her balls both freeing her hands again and holding her dick up in Michelle's face. She started to brush Michelle's hair again and as she did so she leaned in a little which had the effect of pushing the tip of her cock just inside Michelle's startled lips.


Michelle pulled back "Excuuuse me!"

"Yes" Trish responded, her dick now bobbing in front of Michelle's face as she worked.

"Excuse me."

"Yessss, what would you like to be excused for?" her dick now tapped Michelle in the eye and Trish dragged it across Michelle's face.

"I... um... I ..."


Trish shifted to the left and then quickly to the right again, her dick slapped Michelle on the nose.


"Yes?" She did it again, more forcefully.

Michelle was gone. She loved dicks, loved the smell of a man, loved to be slapped by a cock on her face and here she was with this perfect one now slapping her in the face.

"I, uh..."

"Let me help you..." Trish said as she turned Michelle's head toward her crotch parting her lips with the tip of her dick, resting it on Michelle's lower lip.

"Uh..." as Michelle started to speak Trish pushed forward entering Michelle's nearly perfect mouth. She watched as her tool entered and loved seeing half its length disappearing underneath Michelle's nose and upper lip.

"Like that?"

Michelle couldn't respond verbally and just nodded her head quickly, tentatively.

"I thought you would. I like it too. When a man puts his dick in my mouth, it just does something to me."

Michelle nodded again.

Sitting there, Trish's dick halfway in her mouth, Michelle thought 'Why not?' and just sat there as Trish continued to brush her hair and pushed her dick ever so slightly in and out of Michelle's mouth as she did so.

Michelle then felt a shift, Trish, instead of holding her hair with one hand and brushing with the other, took both hands on the other side of Michelle's head and pulled her face toward Trish's tummy. Michelle's mouth opened with this motion and she felt her face stuffed in Trish's bundled up miniskirt. Trish's dick tickled the back of her mouth.

"Oh yes... you feel good, Sugar. Just like that." Trish pressed Michelle's face into her. "Yeah, that's it."

Before Michelle knew it she was responding herself, her mouth opened wide enough for her to play with Trish's dick with her tongue, coaxing it, tasting it while her lips circled its base. She could feel the tip just pressing against the back of her throat and felt herself deny the gag reflex that was so involuntary. She opened her mouth wide and forced her face into Trish's belly and tongued Trish's immaculately smooth shaved balls.

"Oh my God." she thought. "Oh my God." Michelle had thought she'd experienced almost everything with Robert as her mentor, but this was something that had never crossed her mind even obliquely.

Trish was now pumping into Michelle's gorgeous mouth, holding her head steady in her hands as she pumped back and forth. "Yes! Oh you are good." She slowed pressed as deeply as she could into Michelle's open maw and demanded "Hold my balls, Sugarplum."

Michelle's first reaction was to do just that. She reached up with her right hand and held Trish's balls lightly in it rolling them around then squeezing them lightly as Trish rocked back and forth. Her second reaction was the real shocker for her, her thought 'Sugarplum???'

Sugarplum was Robert's pet name for Michelle and she loved it when he used the word when he whispered to her. No one else had ever called her that, nor had she ever heard any of the girlfriends called that. How did Trish know?

The though was quickly replaced when she felt Trish's balls tighten up against her body and she felt the pulses of cum as they streamed from the sac through Trish's perfectly shaped dick and into her waiting mouth.

Trish at first pressed hard into Michelle's mouth but as her spasms subsided she backed away to where the tip of her dick was just inside of Michelle's lips. Michelle held it with her hand and stroked it heartily wanting every drop of the sweet fluid and then softly coaxing out the last drops before leaning back just a touch allowing its exit and rubbing the softening dick on her face. Michelle was in a trance as she did this rubbing it first on her eyes, cheeks, and forehead then breathing in deeply, smelling the scent of Trish's crotch between her dick and balls nuzzling them with her nose. She sucked those perfect nuggets in her mouth and wiped her face again and again mesmerized with the smell and feel of it all.

Kissing Trish's balls and then cleaning Trish's dick with her mouth, Michelle felt she'd done something wonderful. She looked up at Trish as if to ask "Are you done with me?" She wiped Trish's dick on her face one more time and then sweetly tucked it back into her silk panties and straightened out Trish's miniskirt.

"Thank you." Michelle almost whispered.

"My pleasure." Trish brushed the last knots out of Michelle's hair, and said "There you go. You look great now."

"Thank you, again. You are just amazing."

"You're very welcome."

The two of them straightened up their faces, put on lipstick and left the ladies room arm in arm.

Robert was waiting, a frosted mug of beer sweating on the counter as he stood up and headed their direction. Michelle couldn't help but smile knowing something he didn't know and excited about the opportunity to tell him her experience when, as he reached the two of them he hugged her firmly and then gave Trish a similar hug and asked quietly, "Did you enjoy my Sugarplum?"

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