tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMichelle's Capture

Michelle's Capture


I saw her at Casey’s getting gas for a Ford Tempo that had seen better days. From what I could tell she was about 5'5', olive complexion, curly hair is just past the shoulders, glasses that she hid behind and seductively pull down to peer over. I went in to pay for my gas when she was doing the same. She had intense green eyes and large ample breasts must be over 40Ds. I heard her voice as she spoke to the cashier...British? Whatever it was it suited her to a T. Very sexy, the kind of voice that hits a chord with most men. I watched to see where she went and followed a short distance behind over to a Gerbes grocery store.

I went inside to get some bottled water, then came back out, and waited. Then she came out with an arm full of groceries and loaded them into the back seat of the car. I let her pull out and go down the road before I followed. After about five minutes there was a cloud of blue smoke up ahead. I turned off the main road and waited. On a hot day like this a person can get thirsty.

I pulled back out on to the main road and drove for about a mile when I saw a car off to the side with the hood up on the Tempo. I pulled over behind it and got out. She turned and saw me coming around the car.

I said, 'Hi need a hand?' Yes, she said, 'I knew my car was going to leave me stranded someday.' I said 'I don’t know much about cars but I could give you a ride to where you want to go.' She said, 'That would be great.' I smiled.

We got into my car and the AC hit us full force ahhh. That is when I noticed her nipples standing out. A beautiful sight for sure. I said 'would you like some bottled water?' It’s cold. Oh yes that would be nice and by the way my name is Michelle. Hi I am Randy. We opened the water and took a long drink.

I pulled out on to the road and said, 'where are we going?' Michelle said to her house, down the road a ways. Before long she had finished her water and said she didn’t feel well. I said it was from the heat, just close your eyes for a minute and you will be all right. She was all right, sound a sleep. She didn’t notice the seal of the bottle water was already broken. I just added a little of the right stuff and she was going to sleep for hours.

It was nighttime before Michelle woke. She could barely move. Its not that her body wouldn’t respond, it’s that she was bound by her wrists and ankles, spread eagle. She was blindfolded and couldn’t hear anything. There was a gag in her mouth as well. Fear raced through her mind...what had happened? How did she get here? Oh the guy that helped me with my car. Michelle pulled at her restraints...very solid. Time passed very slowly or did it? There was no way to tell. No sound or light, just the thoughts that filled her mind.

Maybe an hour maybe longer a voice whispers into Michelle’s ear. Hi gorgeous. I think its time for some fun and games.

The feel and sound of cloth being torn and the air hitting her chest, she wiggles to free herself with no success. I placed my hand on her cheek and say 'be still and relax babe, you will love the fun we are going to have tonight or is it today?'

The knife cut between the cups of her bra. Her breasts spilling out, such a beautiful sight. I proceeded to cut off her shorts and panties revealing the soft dark love nest. I put my face near her mound and inhaled mmmm a light hint of musk. Soon she will be dripping non-stop.

For a while I used different items to stimulate her senses. Ice made Michelle’s nipples stand so tall, I had to suck them and rake my teeth across them. Then I dripped water on her lips and at first she tried to avoid the drops, but then started opening her mouth eagerly for the tasty liquid. Next I dripped wine over her breasts and into her mouth. Again I licked and suck the large nipples of Michelle. I didn’t need to go to her mound to smell her musk now; it was easily detectable in the air. I could sense a bit of frustration when I stop for a few minutes. She was breathing deep, her chest moving up and down. When she thought I was finished I dripped candle wax over her breasts and down the middle to her mound and stopped. The sensation of hot to a quick cooling caused goose bumps across her body.

Michelle’s legs were spread and I could see her juices dripping on to the bed. There had been a few minutes when I had not touched her. I could tell she wondered if I had left. Then she felt my mouth on her mound, sucking and biting. I heard her gasp and her hips rise for more. As I licked and suck Michelle’s soft wet pussy lips, I inserted two fingers into her wetness. I finger fucked her as I ate her, curling my fingers to the top of her pussy. I watched as Michelle’s body flexed and tensed. Small noises were coming from under her gag. I stopped to tease her, to watch her try and move her body to continue. I resumed my tender licking and fingering of her. I spread her lips and tongued her clit. Licking her hard clit many times then quickly sucking it into my mouth. The shudder of her body told me of her orgasm.

Removing her gag, I mounted her chest and placed my cock between her beautiful breasts. Using both of my hands I squeezed them together making a tight fit around my cock. I told her to prepare to receive my hot cum. To my surprise Michelle opened her mouth waiting to taste me. This made me buck my hips. My hands ached as I applied more pressure to fuck her breasts harder. I moaned and shot my load of hot cum on her face. Her tongue tried to catch my cum as it hit her face. I stuck the head of my cock into her mouth and told her to suck every drop out. With that Michelle sucked my cock as if she was getting food. Where she couldn’t reach the cum its laid in globs on her face.

I moved Michelle so that her hips were tilted up causing her ass to be exposed. She was so wet...I knew I wanted to lick her clit and rake my teeth over it as I sucked it into my mouth. As I did this, I fingered her causing her juices to flow down to her ass. With my fingers coated with her slippery wetness I inserted first one finger into her ass and began to move it in and out. Soon I added a second finger moving deeper into her. Michelle was making low moaning sounds from having her cunt licked and her ass fingered. I stopped and moved up to kiss her deep so she could taste herself as I had. After coating my cock with lubrication, I knelt between her legs, put the head of my cock against her ass, and pushed. Her juices and my fingers stretching her ass allowed the head of my cock to spread her open and slide into her ass.

There was a mixture of fear and pleasure on her face. I reached down and started to move my thumb in a circular motion around her clit. My hips gently moving slowly forward sinking my cock deeper into her ass. I could feel the muscles of her ass grabbing my cock and squeezing it. Finally I was as far in as I could go. I stopped moving for a moment only to have Michelle to start bucking her hips wanting it to keep moving. 'Please don’t stop,' she said in a low voice. My thumb moved over her clit in long slow strokes 'Like this I said' Yesss was her reply. I could feel Michelle’s body quiver. I could see her body flex and shake. Her breathing faster, almost panting. She threw her head back and had a long and deep orgasm. I started pumping her ass as she tried to watch me go in and out of her however the blindfold covered too well. I heard Michelle say cum in my ass, shoot your load in me. I was so close when she tightened her ass and I could not hold back any longer. My cum flowed deep in her ass as my body pumped it into hers. I lay on Michelle and rested, both of us covered in sweat and cum.

I got up and started moving some things around the room. She tried to look in that direction. She heard water splashing, and then all of a sudden warm water was flowing over Michelle’s body. I took some body wash and started washing her body from head to toe. I made sure every inch of her was clean. My hands caressed massaged her breasts. Then down between her thighs, her pussy and ass my hands travel. I took a very soft towel and begin to dry her body that I had used for my pleasures. Once in a while licking or sucking the water from her skin in choice areas. I still could smell her musk anew mmmmm such a sweet smell.

Once dry I started dressing Michelle. I could see a look of consternation on her face. I said don’t worry. I am going to take you back and release you unharmed. I am going to have to give you something to sleep again. She said 'ok... but' But what I said as I put the bottle to her lips. And finally she said...please take me again, anytime...anywhere bring me back and use me more...I want it again and then she took a long drink. Later she woke up near her home wondering if he would find her again.

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