tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMichelle's Story Ch. 01

Michelle's Story Ch. 01


Please email me with your comments or suggestions, as I appreciate readers when they take the time to email. This short story was written for a special person and I hope these fantasies excite and satisfy her.

I receive many requests from loyal readers to do stories for them but it takes me weeks to do a story properly. After receiving this request from Michelle, I decided to try doing a real short story for her and see if it comes off okay. See what you think.


Michelle looked forward to the upcoming trip with great anticipation. She never traveled with her husband when he went abroad, but this time it seemed safe. Rodney worked for a government agency and a lot of his work involved negotiating with foreign governments. He often put in an American presence so the world would know America was helping third world countries. Rodney was slated to supervise state run elections in one of South Africa's neighboring countries, but he decided to setup his home base in Cape Town.

This was the perfect opportunity for Michelle to go with Rodney. She had never been to Africa and the country of South Africa seemed like the perfect place for a vacation. She decided it was best to stay in Cape Town when Rodney ventured outside the country to carry out his international assigned duties. There was only one scary event to endure, but she overlooked the possibility of anything bad happening before their flight landed in Cape Town.

Their plane was scheduled to make a short stopover in the neighboring country where Rodney would be working. Rodney was obliged to meet with some of the ruling government's politicians to finalize his agenda so the stopover was planned ahead of time. The country was conducting state run elections and an international committee had assigned Rodney to supervise the voting in the country's capital city. Everything seemed okay to Michelle and Rodney, as they would not be required to leave the airport during the stopover.

The preliminary meeting was scheduled between Rodney and the government's military officer in-charge of election security. The two were to make all security arrangements for the upcoming visit to ensure Rodney's safety when he visited all the voting stations. Rodney assured Michelle that she had nothing to worry about so she became fairly confident the short stopover was safe. 'After all,' she reasoned, 'what can happen in a public domain like an airport?'

When the couple departed on the Africa trip, Michelle was excited. The plane landed at the airport where Rodney's meeting was to be held and Michelle took her husband's hand when they deplaned. They chatted while walking to the small terminal and everything seemed very normal. Once inside the brightly lit building, each was directed to a separate line to go through a security check. All the security guards were dressed in military uniforms; obviously that of the country's ruling junta.

Michelle thought it seemed like a silly formality for the couple to go through security. She wondered why they would have to be checked when Rodney was there merely to attend a meeting, which was to be held in the airport. They each took their place at the end of a line but luckily the lines were very short. Only about a dozen people got off the plane and the screening process moved very quickly.

All the guards were tall, extremely well built and very black. When Rodney reached the two guards at his screening station, he was immediately asked to put his briefcase on the x-ray conveyer belt. In typical airport screening fashion, he had to take everything out of his pockets and place his belongings in a container so it all could go through the x-ray machine. Suddenly one guard talked fast and with a concerned tone when Rodney's belongings went through the detector. He even pointed at Rodney's briefcase, as if there was something wrong.

Michelle shuddered when one of the guards in her line guided her to the proper position near the screening table. The man used a tight grip on her elbow and she had the feeling he did it for a reason. "Put coat and bag on table... nothing in pockets," the guard said. She looked at the guard and noticed how he looked her up and down, which gave her a creepy feeling. With a shrug of her shoulders, she obeyed the man putting everything she was carrying on the conveyer belt so it could go through screening.

There was an older lady in front of Michelle and she went through the walk-through metal detectors very quickly. Michelle was happy that the process was quick and easy. That was until she stepped between the archway of the screening detector. It started beeping like crazy and she really didn't understand how that could be. Everything except her clothing was on the conveyer belt so there should have been nothing to set off a metal detector.

The guard grinned widely when the gorgeous white woman stepped through the screeching detector. "Lady... over here. You come here. I do check... for beeping," he said in very good English for anyone in his country. Michelle never saw his thumb moving and covertly pressing a secret button on the hand wand. He wiped the wand up and down her body while actually rubbing against her body with the hand detector. Every time he innocently pressed the stick against her chest or on her legs, Michelle flinched looking at the man trying her best to give him the meanest look.

He grinned at her while acting in an extremely confident manner. "You have something... you hide something?"

Michelle shook her head vehemently. Suddenly a small commotion broke out in the line her husband was in. Everyone's attention was diverted to two of the big, burly guards physically handcuffing Rodney even though he struggled madly. She stared at her husband when he was led away to an interrogation room with another guard carrying his open briefcase. Michelle almost fainted when she saw some small white, plastic packets openly displayed in the case.

The guard using the wand on Michelle suddenly got her attention. "Husband get caught. He smuggle drugs... white powder into country... he big trouble," the man whispered making Michelle cry out to Rodney.

Rodney heard his wife shout and he tried to calm her down. "Don't worry, Honey! Someone must have planted it. On the plane... someone must have planted drugs in my briefcase."

Michelle watched her husband, as he was led into an adjourning room. The door slammed shut. Her last vision was Rodney being shoved hard so that he fell into a chair and there was a guard standing on each side of him.

Before Michelle had a chance to move, a guard put his big, strong hand on her arm. She was led across the large waiting area to another interrogation room and a second guard took her other arm. She felt dwarfed between two big men. The door opened and all she saw was a big desk with a royally dressed man in uniform sitting behind it. Michelle faced the rugged man who stared at her with the most demoralizing glare. Her heart beat so fast that she was positive her chest was going to explode.

The man didn't say a word, but merely held the stare for an eternity. He was the obvious leader of the guards and gave off an aura of power and control. "Come in. Please sit. Sit down... we go over options. Maybe... maybe you can save your husband," he said with his voice steady and confident. "You do want to save your husband... don't you?"

Sarge looked at the frightened woman seeing a gorgeous white woman who emitted a most desirable sexual ambiance. It had taken much conniving and scheming, but he eventually set up the meeting with Rodney for one purpose. Sarge had assured the president of the country's corrupt junta that he could influence Rodney's report about the upcoming election. They needed Rodney's certification that everything about the election was on the up and up, and Sarge's fake drug bust would ensure they got a favorable report.

Suddenly his plan was not only working perfectly, it was working even better than he ever imagined. Standing in sheer shock and disbelieve in front of him was a golden goddess; a golden goddess to do with as he pleased. His threat to throw her husband in jail for a long, long time was the perfect blackmail to gain control over Michelle. Sarge loved fucking white women, especially the ones who had no choice but to fall under his devious control.

He looked at Michelle noticing the succulent soft curves of her hips and how her legs stretched long and slender. His eyes paused on her chest, which was heaving like mad. He could hardly wait to see her breasts knowing they were ripe and luscious. Michelle was one refined, well-dressed woman, he deduced. Sarge had fucked many white women, but never one as beautiful and his charcoal cock stirred when he contemplated the prospect.

Some people in Western society may call his rape and seduction of innocent women wrong and disgusting. Sarge thought and acted like most men in his country. Men in his third world country were considered supreme and Sarge believed he could do anything without repercussions. He had everything going for himself. He was the head military officer in charge of not only airport security, but also security in the country's capital city. If all went as planned, soon he would be in charge of all security forces in the county.

Sarge's obsession for sex with white women began when he visited American. He went there to visit some of his countrymen who had moved to New York and they bragged to him about how some white women loved fucking black men. They told Sarge that it was a taboo that some women found too enticing to resist. From then on, all Sarge dreamed about was screwing prominent white women of foreign dignitaries who visited his country.

Being in charge of airport security, it afforded Sarge the perfect opportunity to screen women so he could pick the ones he most desired. Sarge took his job, as head of security, very seriously, and he viewed the escapades with white visitors as merely a perk of his job. Many of the women he approached started out horrified, even hating him, but that changed after he gained control over them.

Sarge was a master at knowing how to coerce and blackmail a woman until she was completely under his control. He knew how to get a woman fully aroused and loved seeing the looks on their faces when they had sex with their first black man. He treated them like pieces of meat and enjoyed their horrified expressions when he filled them with his Blackman cum. Sarge hoped Michelle was not taking any birth control, as the absolute best scenario was when the woman feared getting pregnant.

Sarge stared at the gorgeous Michelle noting her frightened appearance. "Please... don't be afraid. I'm here to help you," he said. Although he smiled at Michelle, she knew he was deadly serious. She felt totally alone with no friends or anyone around to help her out of the growing despair she felt.

The man glared at her without blinking or turning away. "Did you know that smuggling drugs into our country can put a man in jail for life?" Sarge held out his hand indicating that Michelle should sit down. Slowly and on legs that could barely move, Michelle walked to the only chair in front of his desk.

Sarge stared at the shivering woman testing her patience. "But you don't have to worry... it can all be forgotten," he whispered, as Michelle shook in fear. "I can forget all about the white powder in your husband's briefcase..."

He stopped mid sentence making Michelle hold her breath waiting for his demands. She knew it was futile to protest or tell the man that it was a setup. Michelle realized that Sarge was the mastermind and it would do no good to plead with him. All the guards were probably in on the ruse so she waited for the price that she would have to pay for Rodney's freedom.

"I will forget all about the smuggling... if we fuck. We have sex... and your husband will be set free," he said with an evil grin. "I have power to free husband."

Michelle's heart stopped and she stared wide-eyed at the chief of security. She suspected something dreadful but this was the absolute worst. Michelle imagined that Sarge might want to see her naked or even feel her up. Suddenly she realized the price of freeing Rodney was extremely high. She felt totally lost and a tear came to her eye when she thought of being forced into having sex with the evil bastard.

All of a sudden Sarge stood up. He slowly walked around the desk until he stood directly behind Michelle's chair. She dared not look at the man and knew he was looking her up and down. Her heart raced madly while she waited for him to say something. Suddenly she could not resist putting her hand on the top button of her blouse ensuring he could not look down her chest. Sarge stood at her shoulder and she felt his prying eyes trying to look at her boobs.

Suddenly his fingers were on her shoulder and Michelle thought she would die. He lightly ran his fingers down her shoulder and then moved to the other shoulder doing the same thing. "Yes... you can make me forget all about what happened," he whispered, giving her hand a sudden push away from her chest. She sat perfectly still when he grabbed the top button of her blouse and pulled the material away from her chest. He held the blouse open enough to see the wonderful cleavage and the pretty lace trim of her fancy bra.

Michelle dearly wanted to vanish. She trembled, as the man ogled her womanly treasures, but realized she had to say something. "It's wrong. Rodney would never smuggle anything... certainly not drugs. Please... you have to believe me," she said, hoping to convince Sarge. "Please... please let us go."

She realized her pleas sounded stupid but it was all she managed to say. Sarge grinned watching the gorgeous woman squirm in the chair knowing she would eventually be his willing servant. He loved nothing more than to control a white woman and he always made sure that they knew he was their master. "I gave you a choice," he said, keeping his voice low but very stern sounding. "You know what you have to do! It's all up to you. But if you don't want to do it... to save your husband... then go! You're free to go," Sarge said with the devilish grin.

Michelle quickly stood up. She wheeled heading for the door in a rush. Suddenly she stopped, frozen to the spot. 'It was too easy. This evil man wouldn't try to blackmail her and just let her leave,' she reasoned. Michelle stood motionless with her hand on the doorknob and she closed her eyes trying to think.

Time seemed to stand still while her imagination ran wild. Michelle imagined Sarge's control. He threatened to throw her husband in jail, but he would relent if she had sex with him. Michelle could not think of any other way to save Rodney and she dreaded the thought of letting the evil man have his way with her. She stood paralyzed with her hand gripping the door handle.

Michelle's eyes remained tightly closed. She dreamed that the horrifying ordeal was over and everything had been a hoax. All of a sudden she sensed movement right behind her. Suddenly she felt something hot, like burning breath on the side of her face. She couldn't look but her imagination pictured the tall, black man standing just beside her. There was no doubt that the imaginary figure was Sarge and he merely stood still waiting for her to make a decision.

Suddenly she felt his arm reach in front of her shivering body. She did not move a muscle when his strong fingers closed on her hand, which was still locked on the door handle. Michelle didn't dare open her eyes when her hand was tugged off the handle. Her whole body trembled wildly, as she was swiftly turned around, and pushed hard against the door. With her back flat against the door, the dark, imposing figure moved in front of her.

Michelle felt totally helpless. Slowly and almost too afraid, she opened her eyes. Sarge's face beamed and he seemed to give orders even without speaking. She whimpered and dropped her arms letting them dangle at her sides because that was what she thought he demanded. She merely uttered another pitiful whimper, as Sarge stood inches in front of her bewildered eyes.

Sarge seemed so tall and powerful, and she tilted her head back to look up at him. Her body shivered, as his fingers touched her blouse, and began unbuttoning the front until it fell wide open. She did her utmost to beg with her eyes pleading for him to leave her alone. Michelle did not try to stop Sarge when he grabbed the two bra cups pulling the flimsy material apart until it ripped. Her eyes fluttered and she could barely look down at her suddenly bare chest. Sarge's big, black hands cupped her boobs pushing them upward, pretending like he was assessing their rare beauty.

Sarge stared at the luscious breasts marveling at their ripe beauty. "We go... my office is very private. We have sex and I'll forget your husband tried to smuggle drugs," he whispered, giving Michelle's swollen nipple a little squeeze. "You wise... smart. Your husband not like prison in my country!"

He didn't allow Michelle to button her blouse. He merely took her right hand leading her out of the interrogation room. She desperately used her free hand to hold the front of her blouse closed so nobody could see her nudity. Michelle frantically glanced around the room at all the leering faces. Most were black and all had knowing smiles.

Michelle suddenly saw her husband standing by two guards. His arms were handcuffed and he had a pleading look on his frightened face. Her torn bra cups dangled in her armpits but she managed to prevent anyone from seeing her bare flesh. Michelle had to look away from Rodney because she was too embarrassed and she hoped he wouldn't notice her helter-skelter attire.

Rodney's mouth gaped open in dismay. One of the guards beside him chuckled and could not resist adding to Rodney's anguish. "White sluts... all the same. Can't resist black cock... but you no worry," the guard told Rodney. "Sarge no hurt... only fuck wife. He black stud... you watch slut climax with big, black cock in belly," he said letting out a big laugh.

Rodney felt like hitting the man but resisted knowing it would only make matters worse. "Michelle would never do that... never," he said feeling a sudden wave of doubt flow through his mind. With horror, he watched Sarge and Michelle followed by two large, black guards, Emu and Mosi, walk to the far side of the waiting room.

Sarge pulled the hesitant woman down a long hallway to a big office with large double doors. They entered what appeared to be a richly decorated office for a king. The room was huge with big, stuffed sofas around the largest desk Michelle had ever seen. Sarge waved his hand indicating he wanted her to sit on one of the sofas while he proceeded into an adjourning bathroom.

The two guards knew what their leader wanted. They each grabbed one of Michelle's arms escorting her to a sofa where she was ordered to wait while Sarge got changed into something more comfortable. She wound up sitting on overly stuffed, sofa cushions and the guards obediently stood at attention waiting for Sarge's return.

Sarge came out of the bathroom wearing a velvet robe, which was loosely tied at the waist, and he slowly walked towards the frightened woman. Michelle stood up before Sarge reached her. She desperately wanted to run and escape any dreaded affair with such a devious man. Her legs vibrated so viciously that it was very hard to remain standing. She stared up at the big man and into his dark, mystic eyes, which seemed to stop her protests.

When his hand came up and reached for her blouse, she merely stopped breathing. Sarge slowly and purposely took his time unbuttoning the garment enjoying the way her body shivered. He thought it was quite amusing that Michelle had re-buttoned the blouse even though her plight was hopeless.

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