tagInterracial LoveMichelle's Story Ch. 02

Michelle's Story Ch. 02


Please email me with your comments or suggestions, as I appreciate readers when they take the time to email. This short story was written for a special person and I hope these fantasies excite and satisfy her.

I receive many requests from loyal readers to do stories for them but it takes me weeks to do a story properly. After receiving this request from Michelle, I decided to try doing a real short story for her and see if it comes off okay. See what you think.

This chapter turned out longer than I anticipated so I am making two chapters, which I will post in quick succession.


Michelle's life was in turmoil and she prayed that her husband was okay. Sarge's henchmen had taken Rodney to a hotel and he was ordered to remain there until Sarge sent for him. The officer's orders had sent a shiver of fear down Michelle's spine. "Emu! Take our beautiful guest to my compound. My wife is expecting a guest... she will take good care of her," Sarge had said over the building's intercom.

Michelle couldn't believe her husband would allow such a thing, but then she realized Rodney really didn't have any choice. Emu was ecstatic that the gorgeous, white woman was staying. "I take you to Sarge's home. You stay there... until you free to go. Sarge come soon... then we go his house. Mosi take husband to hotel... he stay there," the guard informed Michelle.

Sarge purposely left the intercom switch in the 'On' position merely to taunt his beautiful hostage. "Rodney... I send car for you tomorrow night. You come my home for dinner... a dinner party I am throwing for my superior," he said making sure his voice was loud and clear. "Your charming wife will stay in my mansion... for the next while. Until all the election details are finished... and our junta is duly elected by the people."

Michelle could hear Sarge laughing at this redundant humor, but she found nothing funny about his bold statements. The ruling junta was the only political party running in the election and it was a foregone conclusion that they would win. Just before the big, commanding Emu took her arm in an effort to get Michelle out of the offices and into the limo, she heard Sarge's gruff voice again. "Your gorgeous wife needs a holiday... and I plan to see that she gets it. Yes... she gets it good. I want my black cock in her belly so that she has my baby!"

Michelle heard her husband make some feeble excuses that she could not stay in the country. Suddenly Sarge's revelations stunned her. "I have recorded everything... everything your wife did. The international committee would not think kindly of your wife taking advantage of our hospitality," he said. "I never met white woman who fuck like that. Your wife... she squirms on big, black cocks, no? She make good Blackman whore."

Her whole body quivered at the disgusting man's revelations. "We not hurt her... just fuck her. Whore likes big, black cock," Sarge said knowing Michelle could overhear. "Sarge can hardly wait for her belly to swell; Sarge love getting white woman pregnant!"

Michelle didn't know whether to cry or laugh at the outlandish allegations. "After all, Rodney... you are a trusted government representative... and she took advantage of our trust." Sarge made it sound like everything was her fault and that Michelle had instigated the sexual affair. "I have evidence of your wife seducing my guards... also evidence of you... when you smuggle drugs into my country."

She was totally distraught, but there didn't seem to be any way out of the disparaging situation. Michelle thought back to their arrival in the airport where Sarge was the chief security officer. That seemed like eons ago and so much had happened since then. From the moment she and Rodney stepped off the airplane, they had a target on their backs. Sarge managed to use a devious scheme to gain full control over the couple. He secretly recorded everything that happened during the long, painful interrogations and then used the trumped-up incriminating evidence to blackmail the couple.

Rodney's long, spotless career would be finished if his government found out about Sarge's allegations that he tried to smuggle drugs into the country. Of course the aggregations were groundless, but they still cast suspicion on Rodney's unblemished record. Everything seemed to snowball once Michelle was taken into Sarge's interrogation room and before Rodney could put a stop to it, his innocent wife was under Sarge's complete control.

Suddenly Rodney found himself led outside by Mosi to a waiting limo and Michelle wound up in the backseat of another limousine with Sarge sitting beside her. She realized now the African trip with her husband had been a dire mistake; yet it was much too late to go back in time. Rodney was distraught with the numerous possibilities of what Michelle would be forced to endure during the next 24 hours. It would be utter misery suffering that many hours not knowing what would be happening to his wife.

Rodney contemplated the possibility of Michelle's fidelity over the weekend with Sarge in control of her destiny. He slumped into the backseat, dejected and worried by the most vivid visualization of his wife being manhandled by the domineering African. Most troubling were the vivid images of her trusting back at her rapists, as if she was enjoying it. The hotel was only a short distance from the airport and it didn't take Rodney long to get settled into the plush, yet restrictive surroundings.


Emu drove the limo into Sarge's long, curved driveway and stopped in front of the sprawling residence of his superior. The house would have been considered stately even by American standards. Emu quickly got out of the driver's seat and went around the car to open the back door. Sarge exited the limo and he turned around putting his hand out to assist his beautiful guest. "Come my dear... you will meet my family."

It sounded more like an order than a request. Michelle slowly took the outstretched hand. She reluctantly got out of the car knowing the world, as she knew it, had ended. She had to force her legs to work properly and followed the uniformed officer into a large vestibule. They were met by a group of women who were of all ages and children ranging in age from early to mid teens.

"Zelda, my wife, will show you to a room. Please make yourself at home... you'll be here a few days," Sarge said. "Tonight we rest... tomorrow, we have celebration."

Before Michelle could do anything, Sarge's wife grabbed her hand. Zelda was a very strong woman and she had little difficulty coaxing Michelle to follow her. The woman led the way up a big set of stairs and into a large bedroom before Michelle knew what happened. "They bad... Sarge and his rotten men... they bad. Come! It is late. Take off... we bathe," Zelda said.

Michelle's mouth hung open. She was utterly amazed that Zelda could speak English so well, but then she assumed the woman came from nobility. Michelle looked around the vast room and she noticed the posh surroundings. There were two beds against one wall and still plenty of room for a large dresser and a couple of nightstands. The big beds were richly decorated and the furniture was of the highest quality.

Across the room was the largest bathroom she had ever seen. It was a wide-open design with plush carpet and two steps leading up to the elevated bathroom area. There was a large vanity with wall-to-wall mirrors giving the area a marvelous affect. Gleaming white tile covered the bathroom floor making the room look neat and sparkling clean. There were two marble sinks and a large walk-in tub obviously for bathing, which looked like it could hold many people. The tub was at floor level and the water had steam drifting off the surface, radiating a most welcoming appearance.

Michelle looked through an open doorway into what appeared to be a small room where a person could have privacy for those more personal, bodily functions. She was suddenly overwhelmed by the luxurious amenities and with the thought of relaxing in a hot bath, which seemed like the perfect solution to her vexing dilemma.

Zelda was extremely proud of her lavish home. Sarge's high ranking in the ruling junta afforded his family many luxuries and Zelda felt very privileged. She stood beside Michelle waiting for the woman to get familiar with the surroundings. "We bathe. You have long day... need to relax," she whispered taking Michelle's arm. "I help... I bathe with you and we relax... soak in nice hot water."

Zelda pulled Michelle across the wide room and cautioned her to remove her shoes before stepping on the slippery tile floor. Then they entered the tub area where Zelda quickly stripped off all of her brightly colored clothes. She left them crumpled on the floor and turned to face Michelle. Before Michelle could stop the woman, Zelda's hands were all over her body undoing and unfastening her clothes. Michelle felt it was better to become a welcomed guest in the woman's home and she reluctantly allowed Zelda to strip most of her clothing.

When Zelda spoke candidly and sort of matter-of-factly, Michelle felt embarrassed. "Nice... Sarge like big ones. He like titties like that," Zelda said. "Come... I wash. You relax... let me wash beautiful body."

Michelle was dumbstruck by Zelda's revelations and demands. She couldn't think of any way to avoid getting into the tub with her and halfheartedly finished removing her last garments. Then she took a closer look at the woman. Zelda was slightly taller than she was and the woman's body was slender. She appeared in great physical shape with long, muscular legs and a fairly slim waist even though she was a mother of four children.

Michelle couldn't help but glance at Zelda's chest, which was engraved with a striking tattoo. Her boobs were small with a little sag and the black tattoo seemed to be a raised etching of some African symbol. The drawing blended into Zelda's dark skin and covered the top portion of her left tit rising almost up to her shoulder. Michelle quickly diverted her eyes not wanting to give the impression she was staring at the woman.

Zelda quickly jumped into the tub and put out her hand in an inviting fashion towards her guest. Michelle slowly approached the edge of the tub and she gingerly stepped into the hot water. It felt consuming and Michelle immediately sensed the weight of despair leave her entire body, as she sat down. She couldn't do a thing and Zelda insisted on washing and cleansing her all over. It was a strange feeling to have someone touch her in places that had sexual connotations, but Zelda didn't seem to have any intention of starting any lovemaking.

Zelda scrubbed Michelle's chest and upper body including her breasts. When the woman scrubbed her boobs and nipples, Michelle felt embarrassed when they stiffened, but Zelda didn't seem to pay attention to the hardened buds. It was strange for Michelle to have someone touch and fondle her without it becoming sexual or erotic.

Suddenly the woman waved her hand at Michelle's shaved pelvis. She marveled at how beautiful it looked for a woman to do such an uncommon thing. "Pussy look very attractive. You do it for husband?" Zelda asked.

Michelle didn't know what to say so she merely nodded her head while giving a swift response. "Yes. Rodney likes me clean... and shaven."

"I do it... surprise Sarge," Zelda said cheerfully. Her bush rivaled a dense forest and she vowed to try shaving it so she could see the surprised look on her husband's face. "Tomorrow... you help?"

All of a sudden Michelle was immensely mortified when Zelda's children rushed into the room. Although it was not common for parents in America to let their children see them naked, the custom was obviously different here. Michelle tried in vain to cover herself with her hands, as the giggling kids peeked at her. Zelda was holding the only washcloth and all the towels were ten feet away so Michelle tried to stay under the water.

There were three girls and one boy in the group and they kept staring at the naked white woman. It was not only because of her unusual beauty, but also the kids had only seen black men and women naked. They giggled and whispered to each other, but never took their eyes from Michelle's suggestive body, which was only slightly concealed by the bath water.

Being naked never bothered Zelda. She merely yelled at the kids to be quiet and stop acting so childish. Michelle didn't know what to do and she waited for the woman to give her something to wear. Suddenly one of the girls who appeared to be in her early teens came right up to Michelle. She spoke in her native tongue; yet it was obvious the girl wanted Michelle to get out of the tub.

There was a soft, padded stool beside the tub and the girl pointed to it. Then her mother spoke. "Ayira will put lotion on... sit. She make body nice and soft... smooth with cream," Zelda said confirming her daughter's wishes. "Ayira good with hands. She massage... make muscles feel much better."

Zelda got out of the tub with a splash. She grabbed Michelle by the arm and although she tried to resist, Michelle was coerced onto her feet. Putting her hands up to shield her bare breasts seemed like the silliest thing to do, but Michelle couldn't think of anything else. She never acted brazenly at any time in her past and suddenly realized her face was turning beat-red with embarrassment.

Michelle looked around at all the excited faces and her face got even redder. She noticed that the boy's eyes were big and round, and they never left her alluring chest. Suddenly Zelda took charge. She shouted orders to her children and had everything organized before Michelle realized what was going on. Another stool was brought over to the tub for Zelda and suddenly both women had something to sit on.

Zelda ordered one of her daughters to apply lotion to her body while instructing Ayira to do the same to Michelle. Totally embarrassed by her childish cover-up, Michelle sat motionless on the stool. She reluctantly let her arms dangle at her sides, the same as Zelda was doing, and both girls went to work. The girls started applying lotion to shoulders, and then all over each woman's back. Ayira's expert application had a massaging affect, which immediately brought relief to Michelle's tired muscles.

Suddenly Ayira rolled around Michelle's body and began applying lotion to her front. Michelle desperately wanted to put her hands up to stop the girl, but knew it would be perceived the wrong way. She glanced over at Zelda and noticed her other daughter was carefully coating her dark skin with plenty of the special massaging oil.

Ayira purposely saved the best for last and it was the most fascinating procedure when the girl massaged Michelle's big breasts. Zelda even voiced her displeasure when her daughter wiped the oily cream all over both of Michelle's tits and then pulled on the enlarged nipples. The girl squeezed both nipples at the same time and pulled outward until they each slipped out of her greased fingertips. Ayira did this several times, laughing each time, until her mother ordered her to stop.

Then the girl applied the lotion to Michelle's lower extremities. Ayira coated her legs, hips and all of the bare skin that she could reach. When the girl looked her straight in the eyes, and said something, Michelle perceived what she wanted. She reluctantly spread her legs just enough for Ayira's dainty hand to slip between her milky thighs. It took the girl no time to coat every inch of Michelle's crotch with oil.

Michelle thought the meaningful massage would never end. Her breathing was testament of the affect the girl's caresses were having on her resolve and Michelle swore for acting like such a fool. Suddenly Zelda was standing next to her holding out a long dressing gown. Michelle jumped up from the stool and she grabbed the garment out of Zelda's hands. She immediately donned the gown with a wonderful feeling that her nudity was finally covered.

Zelda told Michelle that the one bed was for her and she would sleep in the other. Then the woman gave instructions to her children that it was time for bed. Michelle could see the great displeasure on their faces from what their mother told them. They hesitated and seemed overly reluctant to leave the room. Suddenly the oldest was arguing with her mother and it didn't take long before Michelle saw Zelda's shoulders shrug, as if conceiting to her daughter's wishes.

That brought a quick response from her son. After a fleeting argument, he too smiled with triumph when his mother relented. Michelle looked questioningly at the Zelda. "I tell them to sleep in other bedrooms... but they want stay with us," she said. "They sleep on floor... not be problem."

Michelle was overly apprehensive at sleeping in a strange bed and with a room full of strangers. Zelda handed her a stylish pair of silk pajamas and the woman immediately changed into a similar pair. Michelle held the PJ's wondering how she would change into them with the children looking on.

There was a bustle of activity, as Zelda's children got ready for bed. They quickly found numerous blankets and pillows and made beds to sleep on. Then it was time to change. Michelle tried to divert her eyes, but it was hard not to notice their uninhibited actions. They were not the least bit ashamed to change into sleeping attire in front of anyone and they casually undressed not hiding a thing. Even Zelda's son changed, which brought giggles from his sisters when he removed all of his clothes.

Michelle almost fainted when she got a quick glimpse of the flaccid meat hanging between the boy's legs. It was obvious that the boy was not circumcised and she got mad at herself for noticing such a thing. The boy caught her looking and he made her break out in a shameful blush when he gave her a knowing smile. He faced the pretty, white woman and let her have an unabashed look at his body.

Although the boy was not yet old enough to become a tribal warrior, he was a teenager and certainly old enough to have sexual desires. He was well aware that his penis was almost as big as his father's and Sarge had shared some of his intimate fantasies with his son. The boy's confidence swelled when he noticed the timid, shy woman act like she was afraid of him. He stared into Michelle's eyes and his glare sent a shiver up her spine. She could see the power and desire of a man in the boy's eyes and his stare seemed to emanate sexual desire.

Michelle felt like a little girl caught with her fingers in the cookie jar and she swiftly turned around so he couldn't see her flushed face. Her fingers shook, as she tried to don the pajamas Zelda had given her. Reaching under the gown, it was easy to slip on the bottoms, but she wondered about the top. Then she remembered the sly way women changed at a public beach and her arms were in and out of the gown enabling her to get dressed in the pajama top.

She was standing between the two beds pondering the next move when Zelda came up to her. "Children! They always so nosy," she whispered. "Especially Kato... he just like his father."

Both women looked across the room. Kato was facing them and there was a large teepee in the front of his pajamas. His mother merely smiled, relishing the fact her dear son was maturing into a real man. Michelle's eyes opened with sheer shock when she noticed the obvious aroused state of the boy and she expected Zelda to scold her son. The front of her entire body was covered with goose bumps when Kato slowly walked over to give his mother a goodnight kiss on the cheek.

With a mad rush, all the girls ran up to their mother, also saying goodnight with a peck on the cheek. The kids did not speak much English, but they did have some understanding of the language. "Say goodnight to Michelle... she is a welcomed guest in our house," Zelda said. "You girls be quiet... don't make all that silly noise and keep us awake. You too Kato! You kids can stay in the room, but if you don't go to sleep... I'll send you to another room."

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