tagNon-EroticMicro Wave Man Ch. 06

Micro Wave Man Ch. 06


Jul 8, 2009

MWM Chapter Six "Down and Dirty."

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Copyright protected on May 2009.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning! Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

The Cosmic Rays Incident

Book I, The Origins of Micro Wave Man and Punk Rocker

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on The Cosmic Rays Incident, Book I, The Origins of Micro Wave Man and Punk Rocker... Dr. Spy, an evil leader of a legion to take control of the world, was booting up some old files and reminiscing about how things started. On the case files Mark Surrender, an overweight accountant, was coming home from work hungry, and tried to cook some food in his microwave oven, only to have it explode on him, and when he revived after the explosion, he noticed he was now thin, and possessed new super abilities. Also on the case files, Dr. Spy was sending Tyrone Bookbagger to steal some chemicals from a group of scientists, he stopped to visit his mother in the nursing home, then headed for the theft. He is now about to commit the robbery.

Chapter Six

Down and Dirty

Tyrone and Battle Dog made their way to the back of the building they were suppose to break into for Dr. Spy. Punk Rocker thought that the back way in would be the best. They passed through a deserted construction site in the shadows of the night. The back of the intended target building was deserted, and hardly anyone was on the streets at this time of night.

As luck would have it, Tyrone passed by a few construction crates, and saw something slightly shimmering from a far away street light. It was a crowbar, probably used to open up the crates, and forgotten by the work crew. Thinking that it could be useful as a way to break into the building, and a handy weapon as well, he picked it up and brought it with him.

As he continued on through the construction site, and towards the building, he noticed that there were two doors in back, one by a huge garage door, and one by it's lonesome. Better to try the one by it's lonesome, Punk Rocker thought. The one by the loading dock might have people inside working on loading or unloading boxes for a truck that could suddenly show up at anytime. They could easily see signs of forced entry, and even cut off chances for escape. No, the lone one would probably be best, and more hidden, especially since it was behind a fence, with some form of generator or something. It might not be guarded as well there, and perhaps no alarm on the door either.

He could try scaling the walls to the second floor windows, but that would be very dangerous, with more chances of a passing police cruiser seeing him, not to mention the fact that Battle Dog, a very valuable asset to this job, would have to stay behind. No, it would be better to just storm through this door as fast as possible, and hope for the best.

They approached the fence at a quick jog. Punk Rocker quickly noticed the padlock and chain on the gate. There were now three choices he could make.

He could use his pistol to just blast his way through the gate and the door, which would get him in very quickly, but draw way to much attention to himself, so he right out threw that choice away.

He could throw Battle Dog over the fence, and scale the fence himself, but if they had to leave in a hurry, they would waste valuable time hurdling back over the fence on their way back out. He threw that choice out as well.

No, he would have to use the crowbar on the padlock, then try to hide that it had been pried open from a quick inspection, that way they could use this as their escape route, and possibly block expected pursuit.

It took a couple of tries with the crowbar, and Tyrone worried it might not work, before the padlock finally gave way. Punk Rocker also worried that someone might pull up and see him as he was working, but he managed to finally get inside and wrap the chain back around.

He was about to get to the door when he heard a car turn into the back alley. He could see headlights brightening up the black top. His heart began to pound fast, as he grabbed up Battle Dog, and ducked behind the generator.

"Uh,oh!" He muttered under his breath, as the car drew closer. The car though didn't stop or even slow down, it just kept on going through the alley, and continued on it's way.

With a sigh of relief, he got up putting Battle Dog back down, and went back to the door, and tried opening it. It was locked, which was no surprise really. He used the crowbar to pry the door open, as he more or less prayed that no alarm would go off. No alarm did, as the door swung open.

With a sigh of relief, Punk Rocker entered into what appeared to be the basement section of the building. There were heaters, hot water boilers, and even electrical panels all over down here. Punk Rocker tried to close the door behind him, but it was simply to busted up to stay completely closed, so he left it as it was.

There was a door to a hallway outside it. He looked through the glass window in the door for a long moment before going through the door itself. Even though the hallway was well lighted, there seemed to be no people around, and no cameras anywhere that he could see, so it was safe enough.

Nearby where he entered the hallway, he found a set of stairs going up. He figured up was where he needed to go, so he took them, with Battle Dog at his heels. There didn't seem to be any cameras in the stairwell either, and if anyone came along he would have to take them out quickly. Luckily, no one came out as he made his way up to the top floor.

He looked through the door's window, and to his horror, he spotted a camera mounted on the wall. Luckily, it wasn't pointed at the door, but down the hallway. If he remembered the trick he was taught right, he could get the camera to freeze on a certain frame, and no one would know it until a closer inspection took place, unless they were looking right at the monitor the exact second he did it, and knew the signs of tampering. He pulled out a switch bladed knife to use as a screwdriver, and went to work.

* * * *

Mr. Patterson was to busy eating a sub sandwich, and talking to his wife on the phone, to even worry about watching the monitors. Besides, since he had started this job five months ago, nothing ever happened. He knew his other two security guards, young recruits, were busy doing a physical walk through of the building.

Mr. Dickerson on the bottom floor for now, and Mr. James on the middle floors. He would see them from time to time on the cameras, but no one else, as far as he knew, was in the building. He had no worries at the moment because if anything was a miss his walkie-talkie communicator would go off with them reporting it to him, so he continued on with the conversation with his wife about how the kids had acted up today, and continued eating his sandwich.

* * * *

Punk Rocker successfully pulled off the trick to the camera, and put his knife back away, as he made his way down the hallway to the lab door, with Battle Dog still by his heels. He looked through the lab door's window, and was pleasantly surprised to see the exact canister he needed sitting neatly marked in a locked cabinet door window.

"This might be way easier than we thought Battle Dog." He said, as he entered the lab, and made his way to the cabinet, unaware of the video camera inside the room.

* * * *

Mr. Patterson was still talking to his wife, though the sandwich was now gone, when his walkie-talkie went off, taking him by surprise.

"This is Mr. Dickerson in the boiler room. I think we have an intruder on the premises. The boiler room outside door has been pried open. Over."

Mr. Patterson's eyes had went straight to the video monitors, as the voice spoke to him through the walkie-talkie, to instantly find the young Mohawk haired man, and Bullmastiff dog in the lab, breaking into the chemical storage area.

"Honey, we actually have a serious situation here. I'll have to call you back when I can." Mr. Patterson said, as he hung up his cell phone, and picked up the walkie-talkie. "That is an affirmative on the intruder. He is in the lab. The intruder is a young Mohawk haired gentleman and he has a dog with him. They both look to be quite dangerous. I want to take him by surprise. Mr. Dickerson come up the right stairwell. Mr. James come up the left stairwell. I'll be coming up in the elevator as soon as I inform the police of our situation. Everyone proceed with caution, and be on the lookout for more intruders. Do you copy?"

"I copy that, going up the right stairwell!" Mr. Dickerson said, and Mr. Patterson could hear him down the hallway going through the double doors.

"I copy that too, and I'm on my way to the left stairwell!" Mr. James piped in, though he sounded like he might have been napping, and just woke up. He didn't blame Mr. James for snoozing, but it might bite them all in the ass this time around. Even Mr. Patterson himself had let his guard down though, and they all would be under stricter rules for awhile, after a severe reaming from the bosses for allowing someone on the property, that is, if they still had jobs.

"Okay, let's get him! Over and out!" Mr. Patterson said, as he sat down his walkie-talkie, and dialed the number for the police.

* * * *

Punk Rocker made his way over to the cabinet, and jimmied it open with the crowbar, and claiming his prize, took out the canister. As he turned to leave the room, he was smiling contentedly, when a small blinking red light from the corner of his eyes caught his attention. He looked closer, it was a camera. His smile turned into a frown, as he muttered, "They know we're here! Come on Battle Dog! We have to run!"

They entered the hallway, but Battle Dog silently let Punk Rocker know that people were coming up the stairs. The elevator wasn't moving yet, so he hit the button. The doors swung open, and he jumped in, Battle Dog staying close by, hitting the button for the first floor. The elevator doors closed just as the two security guards with guns drawn came out of each stairway.

* * * *

Mr. Patterson had informed the police of their situation, and even told them the front door would be unlocked, and that they should just come on inside.

He had just went and unlocked the front doors, and was making his way to the elevator when his walkie-talkie squawked again.

"Mr. Patterson, come in!"

Absently he pressed the button to the elevator, not realizing that it was already in motion, as he reached down and pulled his walkie-talkie from his belt.

"This is Mr. Patterson, over."

"The intruder is on the move! He's coming down..."

Ding! The elevator doors swung open to reveal the young Mohawk haired gentleman swinging a crowbar at his head. Mr. Patterson barely had time to raise his arms to cushion the blow, but it still sent him sprawling to the floor. The walkie-talkie still squawked, as it went sliding across the floor.

"...the elevator. We are making our way down the right stairwell in pursuit!"

"Thanks for the tip." Punk Rocker said as he continued running down the hallway towards the boiler room. He stopped at the stairwell double doors just long enough to slide the crowbar into the handles to block them.

"That crowbar came in real handy after all!" Punk Rocker said as he continued on towards the boiler room.

As he entered the boiler room, he saw the security guard he knocked down already starting to get back to his feet, and he could hear the others banging on the blocked doorway.

He made his way out the busted back door, and through the gate, trying to tie the chain back up, but it wouldn't stop them, just slow them down. In the very far distance he could hear police sirens, and knew they were coming for him, as he made his way towards the construction site. He glanced back briefly as he ran, and saw the three security guards coming through the gate already, with guns drawn. However, he was safe for the moment, because they didn't have a clear shot at him.

They were closing in on him fast though. He saw a concrete slab ahead, and ran for it, as he pulled out the 9mm pistol from his back.

One of the security guards was now close enough to take a shot, and fired. The bullet hit the canister, spraying the chemical all over Punk Rocker and Battle Dog. Punk Rocker turned to fire back, as he was still running and reached the cement slab. The cement was fresh, and still quite wet, and Punk Rocker, taken by surprise, slid uncontrollably into Battle Dog, and both of them went sliding into the middle of the slab of wet cement.

Punk Rocker still managed to keep a grip on the now half empty canister, but his gun was now buried somewhere in the cement goo, and was probably useless now anyway.

The security guards now reached him, and had him surrounded. By the look of things, they pretty much knew he was more or less captured.

"Stay down, sir! The police are on their way!" Mr. Patterson said as he used his cell phone to dial the police. "Yes, this is the security officer who called just a bit ago about a break in. Well our fellow tried running, but slipped in some wet cement at the construction site in back. We have him pretty much in custody now."

Punk Rocker felt a strange tingling sensation all throughout his entire body. He didn't really know what it was from. It could be because of the chemical, from the fall, or because he was now really angry at the arrogant security officer before him. He didn't really care though what it was.

"Back off, creeps!" Punk Rocker said, jumping to his feet, and pulling out a switchblade with his free hand, and still holding the canister in the other.

"Drop the knife on the count of three, or we open fire!" Mr. Patterson said flatly.

Punk Rocker stood there, with a death grip on the knife, breathing heavy snorts of air through his nose. He was determined not to go to jail, at least, not alive.

"One...two..." Mr. Patterson started counting, but Punk Rocker and Battle Dog were already charging for them. "Three! Fire!"

Punk Rocker knew this was probably the end for him, but, at least, he had gone out fighting. Right before his very eyes, however, a miracle happened. Maybe all of his prayers were heard by God after all. His skin turned into stone right as all three security guards fired at him, and the bullets ricocheted off of him harmlessly. The security guards were taken a bit by surprise, and fired again with the same results.

"I...said...back...off...creeps!" Punk Rocker spewed through angrily gritted teeth as he pointed his arms forward. To everyone's surprise a huge cyclone gust of tornado like air shot forth from his arms, and slammed into the three stunned security guards, sending them flying back, and sprawling to the ground.

Close by was a scaffolding full of bricks to build walls with. To Punk Rocker's surprise, Battle Dog shot strange beams from his eyes, and sent the scaffolding, bricks and all, down on top of the security guards. If they weren't dead now, they were definitely stopped. Sirens were now getting really close to the building.

"Come on, Battle Dog, we got a doctor's appointment to keep!" Punk Rocker commanded.

They quickly made their way out of the construction site, and using back alleyways, and dark places, made their way back to Dr. Spy's offices.

To be continued.

Next Chapter Seven Date With Jenny. Will Mark be able to keep his cool, and his new abilities in check, while out on a date with the beautiful blond fast food worker, Jenny.

File #: 12

Character Star Power: 5

Code Name: Punk Rocker

Alter Ego: Tyrone Bookbagger

Aliases: None

Nick Names: None

Legal Status: Single, Citizen of the U.S.A., with criminal record.

Allegiance: The Evil Legion of Dr. Spy

Sub-Groups: Punk Rockers & Road Warriors

Rank: Commands the Punk Rockers

Occupation: Criminal Agent of Dr. Spy

Known Relatives: Battle Dog (Pet), Randal Bookbagger (Father, deceased), Peggy Bookbagger (Mother, In nursing home), and grandparents (deceased).

Birth Date: August 19, 1993

Birth Place: Chicago, IL.

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 203 lbs.

Eyes: Green

Hair: Really black, but wears it usually in a Mohawk & in punk rock colors usually orange, purple, red, green, or even pink.

Attitude: The basic punk attitude. Likes to steal things, intimidate people, and be a nuisance.

Known Powers: Shoots lasers from eyes, spin fast enough to cause tornadoes or make himself into one, so he can fly, can turn into a stone statue, can shoot fire or ionic beams from the palms of his hands, has sharp fingernails like claws, has super strength, & is an excellent fighter (especially since he can turn his arms into cement in half swing for extra damage).

Equipment: He carries switchblade knives, and even has two stored in his shoe toes, so he can use them when he kicks people. He also has a belt which is really a morning star (a spiked ball on a chain), & sometimes carries a gun like the 9mm he is carrying now.

Known Skills: Thieving, leadership, guns, alarm systems (only for stores and cars), weapon specialist with switchblades & the morning star, & living on the streets.

Limitations or Weaknesses: Mortal, unless using stone powers.

For More Info. See: Dr. Spy & Battle Dog.

History: So far we know that he has had a troubled youth. His mother was a hooker & drug user, and his father was a drug dealer. He believes his dad was killed in prison after his attorney (Mark Surrender) lost his case, but what really happened was that Mark had gotten his father off, and his father was killed by the brother of the one that was killed by his father. His mother so distraught lied to him about this, then fell into a deep depression and really started abusing drugs.

Attempting to take care of his mother and him, he joined a gang, but his mother was to bad off and had to go into a nursing home. Advancing in the gang he got himself a dog, Battle Dog, and trained it to do exactly what he told it to. Through this recent robbery attempt he now has super powers. How will all this work out for him, stay tuned and find out.

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